Tracking Hacking: Visualizing The World's Biggest Data Breaches

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The graphic below shows a timeline of some of the biggest data breaches on record. As Visual Capitalist's Chris Matei notes, each bubble represents the number of records lost in any given breach, with the most sensitive data clustered toward the right side.

This data visualization comes to us from Information is Beautiful. Go to their site to see the highly-recommended interactive format that visualizes the same data, while providing additional details on each specific hack.

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist


Before 2009, the majority of data breaches were the fault of human errors like misplaced hard drives and stolen laptops, or the efforts of “inside men” looking to make a profit by selling data to the highest bidder. Since then, the volume of malicious hacking (shown in purple) has exploded relative to other forms of data loss.


Increasingly sophisticated hacking has altered the scale of data loss by orders of magnitude. For example, an “inside job” breach at data broker Court Ventures was once one of the world’s largest single losses of records at 200 million.

However, it was eclipsed in size shortly thereafter by malicious hacks at Yahoo in 2013 and 2014 that compromised over 1.5 billion records, and now larger hacks are increasingly becoming the norm.


The problems caused by hacks, leaks and other data breaches are not just ones of scale. For example, the accidental 2016 leak of information from spam/email marketing service River City Media stands out at an alarming 1.37 billion records lost. However, sorting by data sensitivity paints a different picture. The River City leak – represented by the larger blue dot below – is surpassed in severity by hacks at Yahoo, at web design platform Weebly, and even at adult video provider Brazzers.

Much of the data lost in the River City hack was made up of long lists of consumer email addresses to be used for spam email distribution, while the other hacks listed compromised items like account passwords, banking information, addresses, phone numbers, or health records. While having your email address become the target for spam exploitation is a serious annoyance, the hacking of much more sensitive personal data has quickly become the norm.

The fact that more and more of our data is being stored “in the cloud” and among devices on the Internet of Things means that increasingly sensitive types of data are now more vulnerable than ever to being hacked. This looks to be even more cause for concern than the rapidly rising volume of records that have been exposed, whether intentionally or by accident.

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Bitcoin is next.

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Can't happen.  There are guys with really good beards who say it's safe.

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As long as no one hacks my emails, it's all good.

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These hacks pale in comparison to Kathy Griffin

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Thsese are only the admitted hacks. Many not admitting they've been hacked.

Plenty more are unaware they've been hacked.

If its online, in the cloud, its hackable.

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Retard, you clearly don't know what you just read or how Bitcoin works.

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Yahoo's is the biggest hack. So, what? Marissa Meyer pocketed huge amount in her tenure and on exit. This is without any positive impact on the company.

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This is when you know they were never hired to make things profitable.  Their purpose, their mission, was to bring that firm to its knees.  And in that regard they were successful.  

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Garbage article and the list is shit..where's the banks and CC data ?

FO with ya BS ZH

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Garbage comment by a dummy who doesn't know there hasn't been a public breach of a bank let alone one whose number would qualify it for this list. Fuck are there some stupid cunts here. Why are you even here? You don't own anything let alone any equities, just poor as shit Americunt whose going to die broke.

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"Since then, the volume of malicious hacking (shown in purple) has exploded relative to other forms of data loss."

And you were expecting... less??

Just wait 'til the drones start getting hacked. Gonna' be a brand new renaissance, that will.

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i've always thought about plugging in a double-back routine.  have it in effect reverse every command it was given.  won't the ground crew be surprised.

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This is awesome. As prevalent as the John Gnagy sketching outfit was years ago. It's like a fun hobby for the whole family.

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During a breach or AMP attack I would recommend the 'French Onion Soup' ;)

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Russian hackers ... Russian hackers ... Russian hackers ...

dat's whut dey keeps tellin me

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Try breaches are correlated to mass of identity data collected.

Stop collecting identifying data.

Anonymize data before storage.

Or accept that just as everyone can see your twits, they can see everything else about you.

The true high cost of the Uber app? Before you sign up they tell you that your phone number will be used for marketing purposes as Uber sees fit.

It is good on Uber's part the policy is upfront on the current page and clearly stated, not a check box that says you clicked on a link to over-sized T&C document and that you understand and agree with the T&C.

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