25% Of Americans Admit Partisan Politics Drove Them To Boycott Brands

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Amid the increasingly divided electorate, it appears the most important part of America - the consumer - is now caught up in the political partisanship like never before.

Think there's more hoopla about brand boycotts than actual boycotting? Maybe not. As Adage.com reports, a new Ipsos survey found that 25% of Americans said they had stopped using a brand's goods or services in the previous three months because of protests, boycotts or the brand's perceived political leanings.

A quarter of the U.S. population amounts to around 80 million people according to US Census data.

"That's a lot of people that are saying politics are driving their purchasing behavior," said Chris Jackson, VP and strategic communication research lead at Ipsos Public Affairs.


"Socially conscientious consumerism has been on the rise for years," said Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5W Public Relations.


"Given the combination of that trend and the current politically charged climate, it's not surprising to see that such a significant number of Americans have changed their shopping habits due to politics."

The big takeaway according to Ipsos: Marketers can't always avoid the political fray any more, and are well-advised to at least know their consumers' political leanings.

"It's really important to understand are your customers liberal or conservative, or do they cross the line or are they both," Jackson said.

Daniel O'Connell, managing director and Brand Definition, a agency that works primarily with tech clients including Hitachi and Philips, was not convinced, arguing that brands shouldn't worry about political biases of consumers and should refrain from getting caught up in politics.

"Swaying one way versus another to mollify or pander maybe to one part of the group -- that makes no sense whatsoever," he said.


"As a brand, you've got to stand for something yourselves and it's got to be your values."

Just ask Starbucks, Nordstrom, or Uber...

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silverer's picture

Time to put signs in the windows?

hedgeless_horseman's picture


I'll never again own a GM.

I'll never again own a television.

I'll never again purchase fuel from Valero.

I'll never again eat at McDonalds.

I'll never again post on Facebook.


I simply cannot support socialism voluntarily.

HRH Feant2's picture

I hate communists and communism. It is the big lie that they will steal from you to help you. Run. Run away. Run fast.

Keyser's picture

Time to put signs in the windows?

Some would prefer that a yellow star is sewed onto your tunic...  I admit to boycotting products, companies and individuals whose politics are somewhere left of Hillary Clinton and I will continue to do so... 

Drop-Hammer's picture

The yellow stars worked for the National Socialists.  Quite practical.  Can we make them popular again.  Be quite helpful.

All Risk No Reward's picture

News flash...  the Debt-Money Monopolists own/control all mega-corps, regardless of whether you think they are democrat or republican.

Just like corporate fronts, politicial fronts serve the Debt-Money Sith very well.

The one ring to rule them all - The Debt-Money Power!

"The true equation is 'democracy' = government by world financiers...The main mark of modern governments is that we do not know who governs, de facto any more than de jure. We see the politician and not his backer; still less the backer of the backer; or what is most important of all, the banker of the backer. Enthroned above all, in a manner without parallel in all past, is the veiled prophet of finance, swaying all men living by a sort of magic, and delivering oracles in a language not understanded [sic] of the people."
J.R.R. Tolkien,
Candour Magazine, 13 July 1956, p. 12

SWRichmond's picture

GM, McDonalds, Starbucks, Ben and Jerry's, Target, Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo...


True Blue's picture

Partly -also, the Gov't screwed the shareholders; then turned around and sold the (major) stake the Gov't held in GM to the UAW in a sweetheart deal that made the United Auto Workers the largest single shareholder of GM stawks (40% or therabouts wasn't it?) This of course gives GM leverage over every other unionized manufacturer because when the UAW calls a strike -it ain't goin' to be agin' GM now is it?

Keyser's picture

Whoosh, right over your head...

Amazon = Jeff Besos = WaPo propaganda... I hope that clears things up for you and BTW, I boycott Amazon too... 

Spine of Ruprecht's picture

I love it when ZH calls the WPo "Jeff Bezos' Blog".

WestVillageIdiot's picture

I think you may have missed that I was actually asking why Amazon wasn't on his list.  Sorry.  I should have been more clear. 

Twee Surgeon's picture

ABC,CBS,NBC,CBS,NETFLIX,Cable TV (We have not watched TV for at least a decade, neither have most of our friends.) Fast Food because of an obvious burger molesting incident at a drive through near Bakersfield around 7AM (Just off Interstate 10) 10 + years ago.

We can not afford to catch Aids or Hep because the 'Crew' hates 'Whitey' (We are not rude or offensive people to anyone in any line of work.) but if someone with a tude is spitting on my Burger, the Contract of trust is Void.

The last movie we went to the Theater for was Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy' complete shit, but not the reason we quit going, we just Puke at the Hollywood Propaganda and have said fuck all that. Not on our fucking Dime are you pushing your shit !

Starbucks, just for being Tedious Douchy snots, we make our own coffefe. No Foam or Egg Noodles or names on cups. It's 6AM, here is a fucking Dollar. give me a big cup of nice coffee and we will put our own cream in and suck it down with some lovely Nicotine fumes in good company. Fuck shopping Malls and Football teams and...Choose life. Junkies are retarded in my humble opinion but I thought the opening to Train Spotting was Poetic and describes the turning of the pendulum of the world of horseshit we abide in from the same year as Strauss and Howes Fourth Turning.



GoldRulesPaperDrools's picture

I'm with you save the TV part ... I need a monitor for my computer and for my XBox One/PS4 ... :)

Though I will say my computer NEVER gets pointed at Zuckerkike's website.

Twee Surgeon's picture

A Computer Monitor is not the same thing as a Television that is hooked up to Cable to fund the Scumbag Media.

There are Millions of alternate options for Entertainment and News. Nobody is required to watch NBC, CBS or ABC or CNN.

Do not pay the Advertisers who are Funding the Scumbags that want you Dead ! It's not complicated. Turn off the Cable and find your own News and entertainment.

Will you 'Feel lefy out bt the Watercooler if you cannot critique Dancing with the Stars' or some shit ? Fuck the Mainstream Media. Hollywood, New York and wherever.

And "Journalists".

83_vf_1100_c's picture

I miss something on Valero?

  25% of Americans are bored/lonely enough to take a telephone poll. The other 75% hang up. 

What I really want is for my entertainers to entertain me and keep their politics and beliefs to themselves. Start running your mouth about your politics and you just generate empty seats at your venue. I don't need a singer to tell me how Trump sucks, a football player to show me how he disrespects the country who puts gas in his Bentley, or an actor to tell me he thinks it is acceptable to take a man's dick up the ass. As to brands, no, it is decidedly unnecessary to advertise your company's political/social/sexual stance. Build a better product. If you sell in America, build it in America and put some of us niggers to work. Fucking companies building products on the backs of Chinese slave labor have no room to go preaching about a damn thing. Yes, I am only too happy to vote with my wallet.

Deplorable's picture

add to that:

No Starbucks

No Apple products


Spine of Ruprecht's picture

Valero?  Bummer.  I don't watch TV.  Was it their commercials?

Bwana's picture

Valero is Venezuela. Buying their gas supports a socialist dictator. I think these comments above are Johnny come latelies. I have boycotted AT&T since the 60s for giving money to anti-gun factions, the same with Gillette and later Jack-In-The-Box. I have not eaten (knowingly) Tyson chicken since they bankrolled Clinton into the White House. I don't patronize businesses that serve Tyson products. And Campbell's Soup is forever banned in my home for the massive support for Obama. One of my sons was in Iraq when the asshole running Starbucks insulted every soldier in all of the Armed services. I won't drink Starbuck's coffee and I don't associate with those who do but I do make it a point to tell them what I think of their support for that creep that runs it.

SilverRoofer's picture

Agree to all

Plus I boycott movies concerts sporting events all sorts of things

It's Called Voting with Your Wallet and I have practiced it for many many years

TheStressMan's picture

I GARUNTEE at least 90% of you commenting on this article have a FaceFuck account, Amazon account, and gmail.  Instead of boo hooing here, why don't you actually get rid of it!  And at the same time, try getting off your ass and buying something from a mom and pop store instead of Amazon.  And change your defaut browser to DuckDuckGo instead of Google.  These are very easy things you can do go get back at these douchbags.  But ohhh no.  I might not know what my old high school girlfriend is having for dinner tonight!

However... I'm very inspired and heart warmed about the business guy who use to have meetings and spent ~$200/mo at Starbucks boycotting therm.  If you all would just follow his and this example, and get a couple of your friends (if you have em) to do it, some real change can start to be made. 

PPS...no duckduckgo is not owned/run by google.  Great article about them here: https://www.fastcompany.com/3026698/inside-duckduckgo-googles-tiniest-fi...


IcarusOnFire's picture

Stress man,

I for one, do not have a facebook account.  I do not have an Amazon account. I do not have a gmail account.  And I already have duckduckgo!

Any other questions?


TheStressMan's picture

Icarus...Just gave you an up arrow!

greenskeeper carl's picture

"As a brand, you've got to stand for something yourselves and it's got to be your values."


Or, you could just make a product people like and shut the fuck up about your personal politics. I, for one, most definitely fall into the 25%. Im sick and tired of the same leftist nonsense being pushed at me and mine from every direction. White, middle class people are the most important demographic for most large companies, we are the ones with the money to spend. Companies pushing this tripe that actively undermines the future of this country are telling me not to buy their products in a far more effective way than any advertising campaign could ever overcome.

Spine of Ruprecht's picture

Spot on.  Forgive me, I wasn't plagiarizing when I uttered a sentence similar to yours.  Gawd, I just want to tell them to STFU!!!!!!!!!!

knukles's picture

               The sign:

             If you're Not
              Best have a

xtremers9's picture

It's sad how a lot of consumers AND businesses feel as if they must get into politics nowadays (I'm looking at you Starbucks).

Tugg McFancy's picture

You know what's even better? Not being a consumer in the first place.

HRH Feant2's picture

No one is an island. Unless you live in a shack, use rags to wipe your ass, eat canned food and ride a bicycle.

Not my idea of the good life.

Try the middle path. We all need to buy some things. I can't make toilet paper. I like using it. Thus I consume. So what?

Twee Surgeon's picture

No one is suggesting that you wipe your ass with rags, just Voting with your Dollar.

If Brand X is supporting Facebook through advertising, switch to brand Z. They will get the message by way of Numbers, Math. Accounting.

Just say no to Companies that back Political Shyster Damaging Douche bag devilry. Do not let Your Dime support Agendas that are Cancerous in so many ways.

True Blue's picture

Problem is, as someone else stated: when you do not consume the programming that contains advertising, don't watch TV or listen to radio or buy fish-wrap with cheap ink splashed all over it -the only time their politics come up is when they do something so spectacularly stupid that it rises above the sea of other distractions. I wouldn't know if brand X,Y, or Z was advertising on Facecrook or the local Exxon station's urinal cakes; because I don't use either (and for the same reason -eww.)

HRH Feant2's picture

When was the last time I shopped at Target? Years.

Last visit to Macy's? Years.

Nordstroms? Paid off most recent bill and haven't been back.

Kellogg's can fuck off.

Pure Evil's picture

Speaking of Kellogg's, has anyone seen their latest Special K cereal commercial?

The whole thing is a feminists dream where womyn are shown being strong, assertive and powerful, but at the end it shows a black female breast feeding. Its not a direct on shot, but one off to the side. You can still tell what's going on though as you see the childs head hanging around her breast.

It seemed to show for a few weeks, then they cut it back. They showed the woman but cut it off right before they unblock the view showing the child breastfeeding.

Must have been some backlash as I haven't seen it for a short while now.

Dilluminati's picture

Starbucks, Kellogs, Lowes, and the others that tride to play cute during the election. 

Ban KKiller's picture

Nestle, fuck off. Your brand is in the shitter...

Twee Surgeon's picture

Nestle, Buying up Water Rights Globally. Fuck them.

Spine of Ruprecht's picture

Well, there was that time Nestle got busted watering down the 3rd world's baby formula.... That kinda did it for me, ohhh 'bout 30 years ago?

foodstampbarry's picture

Capital One - Alec Baldwin - Fuck off
Starbucks - CEO - Fuck Off
Kellogg's, Target, Macy's, JC Penney - Can't remember the reason but they are liberal jackasses - Fuck off
GE - CEO Obama ass kisser - Fuck Off

WestVillageIdiot's picture

Something tells me you don't really have to worry about JC Penney.  Or Sears, for that matter.  Those brands are dying on their own.  They are just waiting for the coroner to fill out the forms.  The only thing those companies are now good for are the occasional short squeeze.  Other than that, they are dead.  There is just the matter of picking the bones. 

Donald J. Trump's picture

I think it was an '80's TV show about the future in space.

Twee Surgeon's picture

It's a chain of Cofefe shops that thinks it is something more than that. It is clean, pleasant and just annoying.

Spine of Ruprecht's picture

Educateed people know she's a character in Moby Cunt.

nati's picture

Anybody else avoid brands from corporations run by Jews? Like Starbucks, Disney, etc.?

All these corporations want our money. Not giving it to them is the only way to weild power over them.

Spine of Ruprecht's picture

'Long time since Levis made an American garment.  They tried Vietnam, Mexico....

And they still scratch their asses and ask where their customers went.........