Iran Sends 2 Warships To Oman, Flies Food To Qatar

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If there was any confusion on which side of the Qatar crisis Iran found itself, it was swept away today after Iran's Tasnim news, cited by Turkey's Anadolu Agency, reported that Iran plans to send two warships to Oman on Sunday. The two ships will depart using Iran's southern waters off the port city of Bandar Abbas for an overseas mission to the Arab Peninsula state and then on to international waters.

On Sunday, the 47th flotilla, comprised of an Alborz destroyer and Bushehr logistic warship, set sail from the southern port city of Bandar Abbas, Tasnim reported. From Oman, the ships will then head to the Gulf of Aden and international waters north of the Indian Ocean. At the same time, Iran's 46th flotilla consisting of a Sabalan destroyer and Lavan logistic warship, is due to return to Iran on Sunday after completing a two-month mission to secure naval routes and protect merchant vessels and oil tankers in the Gulf of Aden.

Separately, Reuters reported that amid food shortages after Qatar's biggest suppliers severed ties with the import-dependent country, Iran has dispatched four cargo planes of food to Qatar and plans to provide 100 tonnes of fruit and vegetable every day. Qatar has been holding talks with Iran and Turkey to secure food and water supplies after Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain cut links, accusing Doha of supporting terrorism. Qatar, which has claimed the terrorism-funding allegations are lies, on Friday hired John Ashcroft to serve as a PR crisis mediator in the US and to defend against terrorism accusations, for which he will be paid $2.5 million for 90 days of his time.

"Following the sanctions ... on Qatar, IranAir has so far transported food and vegetables to this country by four flights," Shahrokh Noushabadi, head of public relations at Iran's national airline, was quoted as saying by Fars news agency. The head of the industries, business and trade organization in the Fars province was also quoted by the Tasnim news agency as saying on Sunday the first planes carrying food to Qatar had flown from the southern city of Shiraz.

"Every day we will export 100 tonnes of fruits and vegetables to Qatar," Ali Hemmati said, with Reuters providing more details:

An Iranian diplomat in Doha said three cargo planes from Iran were landing in Qatar each day, bringing mostly fruit and vegetables. The diplomat also said small boats were bringing some less perishable produce.


"Dozens of Iranian businesses are ready to help Qatar with more goods if they are needed," the diplomat said.The head of Iran's livestock exporters said on Sunday they had exported 66 tonnes of meat to Qatar in the last two days.


"We will also be sending 90 tonnes of meat in the coming week," Fars quoted Mansour Pourian as saying.

Why the push by Iran and Turkey to prop up Qatar in the ongoing spat? According to Lebanon’s ex-parliamentary speaker Ili al Farzali, "If Qatar loses its influence in the Middle East, so will Turkey."

Interviewed by Sputnik, Farzali said that Tte current crisis over Qatar is just the tip of the iceberg of the ongoing struggle for influence in the Sunni world.

“I see this conflict around Qatar also as a war against Turkey in the Sunni world. Assuming that Qatar is indeed a sponsor of terrorism, namely the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the most influential Sunni party both in and outside the Arab world. If Qatar stops supporting it, this would also have a negative impact on Turkey, which has until now been building up its influence in the Arab world,” Ili al Farzali said.

“The Americans want oil and money and they just don’t care about what is going on there. Trump has made this perfectly clear,” Ili al Farzali noted. Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan promised to expand his country’s cooperation with Qatar and pledged every effort to seek a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

Also commenting on the situation, Turkish ex-ambassador to the United States Faruk Logoglu said that Ankara should be careful not to take sides in the ongoing crisis.

Turkey has found itself in a very difficult situation as it maintains close ties with the countries, which have broken off diplomatic relations with Doha. Moreover, we have signed a defense pact with Qatar and are going to open our first overseas military base there. This means that much now depends on the policies Turkey is going to pursue under the circumstances,” Logoglu told Sputnik Turkey.

He said that Ankara should watch its step in this conflict because everything is it says or does could eventually backfire. “Despite its close ties to Qatar, Turkey should avoid taking sides and do what it needs to do if this crisis continues,” Faruk Logoglu noted.

So far the diplomatic fallout from the initial crisis has been contained, although with both Turkey and Iran taking hardline positions against the Saudi alliance by siding with Qatar, this may change quickly (and perhaps violently) in the coming days.

Finally, to avoid confusion, here is a map of the "complicated" relationship among the key players in the ongoing crisis, courtesy of BofA.

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Mango327's picture

New Roman Empire, same as the old Roman Empire. 'Fuck their tribal shit. Take the oil and the gold and GTFO.'


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I call BS.

No Israel and no NATO in the graph.

ISISrael should be right in the center alongside Saudi Arabia 

Why Saudi Arabia ‘Punishes’ Qatar and the Possible Outcome

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All your terrorist groups are belong to us !

The kikesters have always been good at hiding themselves in plain sight.


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Only in a US citizen world could being a good neighbor and acting to prevent a food crisis, as Iran is doing, be described as taking a hardline position against the Saudi alliance.

francis scott falseflag's picture

Five million children under five years of age die every year of starvation, disease, warfare.


What is God waiting for?

jeff montanye's picture

while it appears that israel and the u.s. want to reduce the power of iran, they keep giving iran these precious opportunities to expand its influence beyond the shia to the secular (syria) and the sunni (qatar).  

considering the best ideas the boys of the deep state could come with in the '50's and 60's were the bay of pigs and the war in vietnam, it seems they are keeping to a steady course.

Winston Churchill's picture

Did you Know Fidel Castro attended most of the CFR meetings for deades as a member ?

harrybrown's picture

do you have any source to back this up?, i dont doubt it but some legit proof would be handy plz

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Our turn to send assholes in tiny boats with guns to mess with their warships while we paint them with radar from 400 miles away, maybe drag some Soros refugee rafts in too

earleflorida's picture

those were al qaeda, sponsored by ?

the yemeni hub was obl's calling int'l ctr. for the uss cole (10/12/00) bombing and 911 which came eleven months later.

the fbi's o'neill was denied his investigation because of a bush ?special? amb. barbara bodine, that scotched the investigation. 

note: obl recycled some of these operatives/organizers for the 911 ploy.

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Someone is missing from that chart but I just can't seem to put my finger on who it is...

ClickNLook's picture

It is probably merged with the US circle.

jeff montanye's picture

as to your ?, i'm going with cia and mossad.

these guys weren't arab americans:

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would you like your prize in cash [ussa]--- [2 oz.] gold--- or, bitcoin?

no guessing here:)

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Qatar is hiring?!


I promise to write positive comments on ZH about Qatar for $1 per comment!


I am willing to sell myself cheap. Am I bad?

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No worse than a US CONgress stuffed shirt

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That's where I got the idea. In China USA calls bribery but here they call it 'lobbying.' No diff, right.

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Quick , change your avatar to the Qatari flag .

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I feel a USS Liberty coming

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10 or 15 years ago I'd never have thought of rooting for Iran on anything.

peddling-fiction's picture

Do you want to taste a steak again?

<puts blue pill on the table>

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These days it's probably best to take one of each because following current events is an unhealthy pursuit that I wish I had the discipline to ignore.

Just taking a break for snack period and then I'm going back outside.

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yeah, ... mahmoud ahmadinejada was tough to listen to... he is no longer a threat to the iranian pop. being his radical anti ayatollah speeches, scared the shit out of the average iranian that didn't want ussa turning on iran after iraq!

peopledontwanttruth's picture

The majority of the world is going to say that too. Soon

sinbad2's picture

Yes but even back then it was all propaganda, whilst they were fighting for democracy, the US was imposing a King on Iran.

It's the US that is the ultimate evil.

grasha87's picture

Jim Rickards is good on monetary policy, central banking, and geopolitics, but is seriously mistaken on free trade and comparative advantage. Free trade to him is like GOLD to Keynes: a barbarous relic. Here's why he is wrong:

ClickNLook's picture

Turkey, a NATO member, is going against US?!

I bet it is a part of some Putin's sick game.

HenryHall's picture

>> Turkey, a NATO member, is going against US?!

Heck no.

Turkey, a NATO ally is sending troops and tanks to Qatar to guard the US air base in Qatar to prevent any terrorist attacks against it. They are NATO allies after all.

beijing expat's picture

Possible. Could also be they want to guarantee their proposed base there.

beijing expat's picture

Putin has been running circles around you Burgers for years.

He won the Syrian gambit and did in 6 months what the empire couldn't do in 15 years.

He got bad press but as usual secured his objective.

Just watch as Iraq falls into Russian orbit and why shouldent it?

The whole 6 trillion war will be for naught but you will still have Israel and KSA as "allies".

Putin will have Syria, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, and now Qatar will become friendly.

Think another 6 trillion will improve the American position?

Maybe Trump is right. Maybe it's time to call it a day.

arby63's picture

All you "expats" somehow thinking the world and everyone's foreign policy is so singular and transparent. Funny really.

Benito_Camela's picture

Yeah, what's your answer? More of the same game, MIC bullshit? At this point you neocon coldwarriors have lost all credibility, so it's time to sit down, shut your mouths and listen. 

beijing expat's picture

Everyone's FP is easy to understand. They will pursue their national interests while avoiding major wars. They achieve this by having a single policy.

America is also easy to predict. They can be trusted to make the worst possible choice at every turn as they try to bamboozle their way to global empire. I think it's a NeoCon (Jewish) thing where they tell the goyims they don't have to play the game like everyone else cause they can get them a deal on the cheap. So you have a Whitehouse policy, A Langley policy, a foggy bottom policy, and a pentagon policy. Total clusterfuck. Some deal you got there.

Great Deceivah's picture

Actually it is.. foreign politicians are either puppets of the Jew World Order / Deep State or they are not. Anyone who refuses to be a member of that club, will be targeted for replacement or worse, for regime change.. like in Egypt, Libya, Ukraine, Venezuela

Wishy-washy leaders who are not clear on whether they belong or not, will have coup attemps, like Erdogan in Turkey.

peopledontwanttruth's picture

Turkey will align itself with Iran so will parts of Europe especially the Germanic tribes

blue51's picture

I wouldn't trust the Turks setting up ANYTHING military in Qatar . The old switch- aroo , for the right price . Something about not letting a camels nose under the tent ....

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People of Iran may not like US policies, but they looove American cars:

SmittyinLA's picture

Map seems to be missing a party, Israel

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The Tribe - the Original Dindu-nuffins

blue51's picture

They get homeschooled for a degree in Scimming .

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Not it isn't, it is the country with the flag with the stripes and the stars...

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Perfect time for Trump to instruct "Operation Quietly Step Away". 

Oh, off topic but has anyone else noticed that Rush is not on the air? MD, PA and other online sites suddenly have other offerings or a "Week in Review" show. Very strange...

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He's probably poppin' pills somewhere