Gallup Finds Stunning Decline In Americans' Respect For US Government

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Authored by Eric Zuesse via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

On June 9th, Gallup’s Editor-In-Chief, Frank Newport, headlined «Americans Want More Than Just Budget Cuts» and reported that, «Gallup's latest update shows that 28% of Americans have a favorable opinion of the federal government, while 55% have an unfavorable opinion. That's the lowest rating for any business or industry sector we tested». Here are the details on that net minus 27% (55% minus 28%) favorability-rating for «The federal government»:

Dr. Newport then points out that, the last time when Gallup had reported about Americans’ opinions of Congress, which was on 28 September 2015, «The More Americans Know Congress, the Worse They Rate It»; and, specifically, that, whereas only 7% of Americans who answered either 4 or 5 out of five questions about Congress correctly were rating Congress either «Excellent» or «Good», a far higher 27% of Americans who had answered none of the five questions correctly were rating Congress either «Excellent» or «Good».  29% of Americans who had answered zero questions correctly were rating Congress as either «Poor» or «Bad», but a far higher 66% of Americans who had answered either 4 or 5 of the questions correctly were rating Congress as «Poor» or «Bad». Consequently, «The Knowledgeable Are the Most Negative About Congress» according to Gallup’s latest available information, published there.

The basic point in Dr. Newport’s June 9th article is that the reason why Americans dislike «The federal government» isn’t that it’s ‘too big’ or ‘spends too much money’ or any of the other excuses that the (widely despised) Republican Party claims, but is instead that, «Americans think that Congress is corrupt and not focused on the interests of the people. They want their representatives to compromise rather than rigidly stick to principles».

By «principles» there, might be meant such things as ‘a balanced budget’ or ‘cutting spending’ (as Republicans would like to be hearing), but it might also mean ‘consideration and decent treatment of the poor’ (as Democrats would like to be hearing); and, so, in a survey such as this, it is really meaningless overall.

What is far more meaningful was Gallup’s survey about Americans’ perceptions about corruption in Congress: 52 % thought that «Most members» of Congress are corrupt, but only 32 % thought that their own particular member of Congress is corrupt. Obviously, if the perceptions on that matter had been correct nationwide, and 52% of Congress is corrupt, then 52% of the survey’s respondents should have been saying that their own Representative in Congress is corrupt. In other words: the U.S. public are widely deceived to believe that their own Representative is not corrupt but that a substantial majority (52% saying that Congress is «Corrupt», versus only 42 % saying it’s «Not corrupt») believe that «Congress» is corrupt.

Gallup’s 28 September 2015 report about perceptions of Congress made note, also, that there was an extraordinary jump in 2006 in the percentage saying that «Most members are corrupt», from 38 % saying that in 2005, up to 47 % saying that in 2006. After 2006, the percentages saying that, rose only slightly. Perhaps 2006 was a post-Iraq-invasion syndrome, in which increasing numbers of Americans came to distrust the U.S. government that had clearly lied and invaded Iraq under false pretenses. The Gallup Poll’s findings about Americans’ perceptions regarding the question »In general, are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the way things are going in the United States at this time?» first peaked at 61% right before the invasion, in the poll taken on «3/3-5/03» or March 3-5 of 2003, then subsided a bit but finally rose even higher, to 62%, in the poll taken during «8/22-25/05» or August 22-15 of 2005, and then it stayed generally above that and briefly soared into the 80s during 2011, but is now in the high 60s, still slightly higher than the post-Iraq-invasion disillusionment period.

In any case, what seems clear is that Americans now strongly dislike ‘our’ federal government and generally consider it to be «corrupt» or not really «our» government, but instead to be somehow «their» government of »us». And, also obviously, if this long-term trend continues, then the American public will be heading into a pre-revolutionary condition, and, beyond that, into a revolutionary one. If the existing long-term trend continues, then the result will be either the overthrow of the U.S. federal government, or else a lock-down of first the Internet and then the public, at a time of already overcrowded prisons. Of course, when there is not space to accommodate additional prisoners, then military compounds become resorted to — and martial law.

No longer is it at all reasonable to characterize the United States as a stable democracy. It’s certainly not stable now; and, also, it’s certainly not a democracy. And the present long-term trend is in the wrong direction.

The United States is certainly a country that is currently heading into some kind of convulsive transition — but, certainly, also, an extremely unpleasant transition, even if, somehow, one that can reach a stability which is better, not worse, than that of the earlier post-WW-II era. And, of course, if it turns out to be a pre-WW-III transition, then the result will be catastrophic for the entire world.

The way that the U.S. federal government has responded to the current transition, up till now, is to continue the lies. But there is no certainty that that will continue to work, even for the people at the very top.

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NurseRatched's picture

All of it self-induced by the ruling class.

erkme73's picture

Isn't it funny how with even the most common pleeb, what used to be conspiracy talk is suddenly normalized?   More and more people are waking up to the fact that government's motives are not pure, altruistic, or self-less.   I just wonder how much longer before we hit critical mass.

chunga's picture

The long standing pattern of extreme fraud from the political class has blown huge holes in the theoretical benefits of a republic vs. democracy.

There isn't anything funny about it. It will take mob rule to straighten this out.

RumCurrency's picture

It's not even a question of republic vs. democracy anymore.  It's a question of country vs. empire.  USA is not a country by any stretch.

chunga's picture

Tomorrow will be a perfect example. The "Intelligence Committee" will be "grilling" the boss of the "Justice Department" over Russian election tampering while the crux of the matter, the murdered DNC staffer and blatant cover-up are entirely ignored by all.

NidStyles's picture

Well when the Jews write the agenda, the Jews won't investigate themselves.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Democracy is an illusion.  It is there to make us think we have a choice, when in fact national governments are nothing but middle-management.  

Accept this as fact, and lots of the little political crap will mean a lot less to you. 

open calender's picture

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doctor10's picture

The USA is an oligarchy-a high percentage of which are un-indicted criminals.

Their open criminality dates to 11/22/63. Much of the nonsense since then is consequent to needing keep a lid on that hot mess.

Just for starters-in any functional country, a special prosecutor would have been on Hillary's ass years ago-instead of on the president-who is guilty only of "obstruction of nonsense"

JRobby's picture

Lawyers, Healthcare and Big Pharma make BIG $$$$$ Because of GOVT & ITS ENDLESS LAWS. So throw them out of the sample as biased outliers.

"They" have tried to get gun laws passed by using false flags which have all failed (thank God) to change the attitudes of a steadily arming society.

It is not going to work. People are fed up. People are believing MSM less and less. We are approaching a flash point.

Jewboy's picture

Simple answers for simple minds. 

DelusionsCrowded's picture

True , the Shadow Gov is pumping out Fake News to fill the vacume otherwise truth would take its place and truth like a river wind to the sea justice .

Freddie's picture

The USA is totally corrupt from top to bottom.   The govt is pure evil.

Giant Meteor's picture

Cannot see how one could come away with any other conclusion in light of the accelerating time frame for the controlled demolition .. ..


RightLineBacker's picture

Absolutely Correct!

Only solution is a complete clear and reset.

Start over with the Constitution plus term limits and zero outside special interests money.

And public hangings for elected violators.

DelusionsCrowded's picture

Decentralization is the key , and the internet and blockchain creates an oppertunity to move the power closer to where it is felt . Perhaps compulsory voting in State elections might be a way of ligitimizing the State's power whilst Fedral DC rots .

Treason Season's picture

No, it's not funny. It's simply self-interest. As along as they can feed at the trough, no prob but when their special interest gets squeezed out they're all indignant and self-righteous. 

Barney Fife's picture

I was a conspiracy theorist before conspiracy was cool. 

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

...and brought to light by the internet, and ZH et al.

Don't let them turn off this light.

drendebe10's picture

Govt isn't the solution to the problem.  Govt is the problem. R Reagan

JustPrintMoreDuh's picture

Oh yeah?  Well just what the fuck are you going to do about it!?  I own you bithces!  - Uncle Sam.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

"No longer is it at all reasonable to characterize the United States as a stable democracy. It’s certainly not stable now; and, also, it’s certainly not a democracy. And the present long-term trend is in the wrong direction."

My response: America is a Constitutional Republic. There is no such a thing as a "STABLE DEMOCRACY".

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

"America is a Constitutional Republic"

I think you meant 'was.'

Billy the Poet's picture

There is no such a thing as a "STABLE DEMOCRACY".


What, you don't belive in one horse, one vote?

veritas semper vinces's picture

How about a stable Constitutional Republic? Does it exist? We would not be where we are if it did.

JuicedGamma's picture

Headline should have been "Banking and lawyers 90% more popular than government"

Memedada's picture

Tells more about the ”knowledge” of the people surveyed.

Banking is the “government” (or the “government” is an extension of the banksters power = the government is created by and for the banksters).

Second, what laws do the lawyers practice? What courts do they practice in? What agencies do they represent and how many of them are public employees?

As I see it: USA Inc.’s government is nothing but a middle management team put in place by the real rulers (the banksters).

Soul Glow's picture

I mean...stunning?  Who does value the federal government?  Obama killed respect from the right - if Bill Clinton hadn't already.  Trump is killing it from the left - if Bush hadn't already.  Our government has been in steady decline for decades and decades.  We could even say we were just lucky, in the right place at the right time when it came to making money and the government never had anything to do with it.

Manifest Destiny meant resources were aquired in masse.  The government did learn in maybe the only wise thing it ever did, not to print money and let the mexican silver peso circulate freely in the West, keeping US bonds strong throughout the 19th century.  Gold mining, oil coal, and timber made america an industrial powerhouse  Then came an influx of labor in the early 20th century.  AFter that America declined as the government taxed and spent it's way into oblivion.  The only thing that saved it were world wars that decimated our only rival Europe and the technical revolton that meant people could spend their hours working instead of washing clothes.  

So it was just luck pretty much, and not anything the government actually did.  

Freddie's picture

o further back.  The Rothschild bankers Civil War had compulsory draft and draft dodgers went to prison or were executed.  It was about looting the South and stealing the wealth.  They had practice in doing that in pther countries.

Things were shit potentially even further back as Ben Franklin and Alexander Hamilton were Rothschild agents,

2banana's picture

Fundamentally transform America...

Schmuck Raker's picture


or 'belated'?

VWAndy's picture

 Its hard to earn and all to easy to lose.  Getting it back?  psh thats really hard to do.

MuffDiver69's picture

Homelessness is making a stunning rise since November 9 at 3 am....Government hasn't been popular since George Washington and that's only because he was a living fucking legend...

Any poll or Fake News past eight years was a fabricated lie and even if this poll was accurate it means nothing. I don't need Reality polled ....

thisguyoverhere's picture

Polling shows effectiveness of propaganda.

Truth is not a democracy nor a republic.

This train we've been on had the support timbers pulled from the bridge crossing back in The Treaty of Ghent days. Always been a matter of time before this Masonic monstrosity wrecks. America has always been a government ruled for and by the secret societies, its core leadership at the deep state level is about as Christian as Charlie Manson.

TalkToLind's picture

What we need are MOAR primetime TEEVEE shows featuring brilliant and sexy government agents performing their jobs flawlessly. The goyim LOVE these types of shows and it makes them respect THEIR government. 

MadHatt's picture

The US is a Republic, its not democratic. 


Phillyguy's picture

People in Congress sell themselves to the highest bidder. Hint- this is not working Americans! 

pparalegal's picture

Well lets face it, it has turned predatory on its most productive.

gold rubeberg's picture

A huge part of it is the Fed. People know something is deeply wrong but because the financial system is so poorly understood they have a hard time putting their finger on it. So there is a lot of vaguely directed frustration and mistrust. But this is the wealth extraction machine that is raping the middle class. End the Fed.

RightLineBacker's picture

The entire US Federal Government has been totally corrupted by the massive bribes, donations, Clintons, Lolita Express, pizzagate, etc.

Trump may be the only person in the US Federal Government that has the best interests of the American Citizens even remotely in mind.

I see no other option than the complete purging of the current US Federal Government and a clean restart with safeguards in place to avoid the corruption and decay that has destroyed our once great Republic.

I love America.

I hate the cesspool that our current US Federal Government has become.

FlKeysFisherman's picture

When you look at Europe and see how their speech is restricted it makes you appreciate the 1st Amendment.

Now we have Merkel claiming we need a Global set of internet rules. The above statistic is why they want that. They are losing control and need to put the brakes on this great awakening. They want to stifle Americans free speech online because we are actually leading the way in this fight.

Not going to happen in my opinion as we've already crossed the point of no return.

Memedada's picture

I live in Europe. How is my speech restricted (more than in US Inc.)?

+ the whole “freedom of speech” is another smoke and mirror debate. It doesn’t make any practical sense to fight for “de jure” freedoms if you don’t at the same time fight for “de facto” freedoms. In other words de jure ‘freedom of speech’-rights are less important than the de facto possibilities of being heard/read/seen.

Robert Murdoch’s “freedom of speech” is more “free” than yours…;-)

And no, US doesn’t lead in “internet freedom”. US Inc. is the prime contributor of corporate propaganda on the net – most ZH’ers are obvious victims of these corporate versions of “alternative medias” plaguing the net...

The corporate created oxymoron of “right-wing libertarianism” is the most illustrious example of the power of corporate propaganda in US. They have the power to turn language up-side down and making the plebs believe it…



HK21E's picture

We don't get thrown in jail for criticizing Muslims in the US like is now happening in Europe. Yet. 

DelusionsCrowded's picture

or Jews or Gays or Women . Racial and sexual quota's on every tier of Gov and Industry and eductaion , rendering the word Democracy meaningless . Anyway in most Western 'Democracies' , the two party state puts its members up for election , thus this Shadow State just elects more and more 'minorities' into parliement or congress via their preselection process .

I exagerate (as it is still possible to overturn the system)  , but after 4 years of WW3 and 4 years of plagues such thing will be total and final . Big brother will brainwash children to believe Democracy was evil and started WW3 . When we look at state history of the 20th century such an idea is quite real and should worry We the People .

DelusionsCrowded's picture

Good point . Nearly all , if not all Real News sites are in the USA . Other Western states are far more bueracratic and socialist

At the same time due to the USA MIC most of the worlds trouble is coming from the American Shadow Gov policies , which are really just the NWO program of one world gov which the the US is the point man in the project , but all the other Western Democratic states (including Japan and Korea ) are in on the game . We only needed to see how 'offended' the "German" gov was after the Snowden Revelations to know that all the politicians take their orders from the same Secret Society . And the politians are  mostly actors (and beuracrates ) playing the part either willingly or by blackmail  either way  duress is there to keep then on message . Thought it hasn't stopped their judgement being flawed .

DelusionsCrowded's picture

This is also one of the reasons our rulers have been trying to start WW 3 , since Eukraine . To ditch  Real Democracy and I think move to a Military 'Democracy' style Gov , perhaps run by AI , that crosses every t and dots all i's .

DarthVaderMentor's picture

Pretty soon they'll be asking how many are willing to take up arms against the growing yet continually failing bankrupt central government

Megaton Jim's picture
Gallup Finds Stunning Decline In Americans' Respect For Jew-S Government. They're waking up and smelling the kike!