Putin Critic Detained Hours Before Unsanctioned Protest

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In a development that will likely grab media attention in the US, Russian police detained Kremlin opposition leader Alexei Navalny, according to his Twitter feed on Monday, hours before he called on supporters to mount an unsanctioned protest against corruption near the Kremlin. Navalny’s wife wrote on his Twitter account that he had been detained near the entrance of his home but that plans for the protest in central Moscow hadn’t changed.

An image shared on Twitter appears to show Alexei Navalny (in the pale blue shirt)

being detained by the authorities

Earlier in the day, the presidential hopeful had announced rallies against official corruption Monday, the Russia Day holiday, and protesters gathered in numerous other cities. Similar protests led by Navalny drew thousands in March in Moscow and several other cities across Russia, in what the WSJ dubbed "a rare challenge to the rule of President Vladimir Putin." Photos from cities around the country on Monday, an official holiday known as Russia Day, showed thousands of protesters at fresh rallies. Vladimir Putin vowed to punish people who broke the law after the March protests at anti-corruption rallies organized by Navalny that were mostly unsanctioned in 80 cities across Russia, the biggest unrest in five years. Police arrested 1,500 people nationwide, including more than 1,000 in Moscow, and a handful are being prosecuted for attacking police.

Navalny hopes to take on Putin in presidential elections next year, although an earlier conviction may prevent him from taking part and opinion polls show overwhelming support for the current 17-year Kremlin leader.

While Navalny had received permission from the authorities to stage Monday’s rally in Moscow, on Sunday he said he was switching the venue to the capital’s main street near the Kremlin, Tverskaya Street, blaming authorities for pressuring companies into not providing sound equipment. The Moscow prosecutor’s office said the planned rally is illegal and that police will “be forced to take all necessary measures to prevent provocations, mass unrest,” according to a website statement.

There was no immediate police comment on his detention. The studio for his YouTube channel also suffered a power outage around the same time, his staff wrote in Twitter.

According to Bloomberg, at the same time, police wouldn’t interfere with participants marching down Tverskaya without placards and slogans, Ekho Moskvy radio station cited a Moscow security official as saying. Navalny’s Twitter account later carried similar information. TV Rain quoted the same city official as denying any effort to sabotage the sanctioned protest. Downtown is already full of people celebrating the holiday, accompanied by a large police presence.

On June 12, Russia celebrates Russia Day – the national holiday dedicated to the 1990 declaration of sovereignty. Millions of people are expected to attend celebrations with over 200 public events scheduled to take place in Moscow alone. Some 10,000 police officers and National Guard servicemen will be deployed to ensure law and order in the capital. The Tverskaya Street venue has been reserved by city authorities for the ‘Times and Epochs’ historical festival, which brings together in one venue the best performances, reenactments and expositions that have been performed and displayed across Moscow since June 1. Some 6,000 reenactors have already immersed numerous citizens and tourists in history, and is expected to attract hundreds of thousands during the grand finale on June 12.

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Iconoclast421's picture

Polonium incoming.

07564111's picture

nope ... :D

Administrative Code, Article 20.2. Violation of the established order of organizing or holding meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches or pickets

2. Organization or holding a public event without applying in the prescribed manner the notice of the public event , I, except as provided for in part 7 of this Article, -
shall entail the imposition of an administrative fine on citizens at the rate from twenty thousand to thirty thousand rubles, or community service for up to fifty hours, or administrative arrest for up to ten days; on officials - from twenty thousand to forty thousand rubles; for legal entities - from seventy thousand to two hundred thousand.

It look like he will miss the 2018 election for sure now :D :D :D

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

That's a nice juicy headline. A couple i'd like to see:

Clinton Critics' Life Ends by Barbellicide Hours Before Scheduled Testimony


Clinton Critic Murdered After Wiki-Leaks Revelation

All in all, looks like Putin critics fare far better than Clinton critics

open calender's picture

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HowdyDoody's picture

He is a CIA-run drama queen. He is fully aware of the laws relating to demonstrations. This is an attempt to distract from Russia's trouncing of the US/ISIS tag team in Syria.

Oh look, the evil Russians are detaining a poor innocent anticorruption fight (aka a CIA asset and agent of a foreign power) because they willfully violate Russian law. Oh the humanity.

Edit: a few weeks back, the Russian police arrested a mayor of one city who was accused of taking 1 million rubles in property as a backhander from a property developer. Where was Mr. 'Anti-Corruption' Navalny over this? Nowhere.

fx's picture

So he gets permission to hold his nonsensical rally. But then he just changes the venue to a place that he knows full well is already reserved for a national festival. he insists on disturbing the festival rather than stick to what was agreed upon earlier. And now the MSM media will be full with coverage of "suppression" of a "hero" for democracy.
That bastard virtually begs for being sent to Siberia - and if you ask me, he would fully deserve it. What a lame, disgusting clown and C!A-puppet!

stoneworker's picture

The laws are unjust and contradict the constitution and common sense. He may very well be and agent, but he has published thorough and concrete videos on the corruption at the highest level of the Russian government. FYI 1 millions rubles is peanuts so while their effort is admirable, but it is nothing compared to what needs to be done.

HowdyDoody's picture

Kodorkhovsky, one of the likely backers, has admitted the event was a provocation, to create a clash with the police and the opportunity for new photographs of 'opposition' members (New Russia in this case) being arrested.


stoneworker's picture

And I would take Khodorkhovsky at his word because.... Or are you telling me that he paid all the tens of thousands of protesters?

silvermail's picture

Why do you always lie ?!
Where did you see "the tens of thousands of protesters?"

thisandthat's picture

There you have it: he's one of those penguins that patsy Nemtsov was so frustrated about...

Did you count them all by yourself or can't you count to 6 millions?

stoneworker's picture

Penguins? Wtf are you talking about? Were you there or not? I can tell the difference between 10 of thousands and a million.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


I can tell the difference between 10 of thousands and a million.

...but not so good at discerning 8000 and "tens of thousands".

"Police detained some 500 people during the protest, which involved some 8,000 people, according to police estimates."


stoneworker's picture

Ok fine lets even take your estimate which is lower than reality. It was a country wide protest and if you combine the 10 largest cities you will get 10s of thousands.

thisandthat's picture

For someone desperately trying to portrait himself as an expert source about russian society/politics, you're as much of a clueless fraud as any western politician/journalist.

Here, educate yourself, durak: https://www.rt.com/politics/nemtsov-phone-leak-opposition-223/

You missed the reference, btw...

stoneworker's picture

Ok so you send me to an article that says that an assassinated politician apologizes for calling protesters which were mainly white collar workers hamsters and penguins and then you call me a penguin...so what you are saying is that I am a white color worker....yeah ok I am fine with that.

thisandthat's picture

No, idiot, what I'm saying, since you can't figure it out for yourself, is that you're proving to be so ignorant about Russian politics and the very frauds you're siding with, no wonder no one in Russia gives a fuck about any of you...

stoneworker's picture

Lol here come the insults the bold text and may be try SOME OF THIS type of text I hear its great for proving your point. I am not siding with anyone just trying to stand up for the right to protest. Just so we are on the same page are you in Russia?

thisandthat's picture

I've only bolded it because you seem to be having so much trouble getting the point of what people are trying to say to you...

And if you're not siding with anyone, you might as well, giving how you're defending this poor sap, even though it's more than clear he's nothing but a fraud; ergo, his "movement" you've just sided with...

I'm a fucking awesome freedom-imparting westerner, so bow to me and my freaking awesome model-society, or you may just be "lucky" enough to get a sample of it deliverd to you free of charge (ok, on credit, but freedom doesn't come free, right?)...

Btw, you may not know that, living in your oh so terrible gulag of a North Korea 2.0 country, and all, but in some oh so aclaimed "free" world countries, you can go to jail just for filming the police, specially during rallies... how about that for citizen's rights? So cherish what you've got, rather than envy what you don't have a fucking clue about.

Anyway, I'm done.

stoneworker's picture

Hopefully you will realize this one day. You were not debating me here thats for sure. None of what you said is an arguement just a bunch of noice.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Oh, poor mistreated and victimized Navalny. The terrible, unjust, draconian laws have brutalized him by giving him a five-year suspended sentence for his embezzlement conviction.


stoneworker's picture

Did I say anything about Navlny? Do you live in Russia? I am sure where you live you care about your individual right to protest as well. Oh and btw the conviction was ruled unlawful by the european court. As you may or may not know the courts in Russia are not and independent branch of power and they have a 99% conviction rate or something close to that so their rulings are not something that should be taken seriously in such matters.

silvermail's picture

Well, try to challenge exactly the same slogan, but regarding the US:

As you may or may not know the courts in USA are not and independent branch of power and they have a 99% conviction rate or something close to that so their rulings are not something that should be taken seriously in such matters.

stoneworker's picture

Why am I supposed to argue about the US justice system? The conviction rate is lower than Russia's and heavily dependent on the state. To argue that the judges are not their own branch of government in the US is simply ridiculous...just look at the article about the 9th district court and Trump. Are you trying to tell me that the EU courts the US courts and the Russian courts are all equally fair or unfair?

thisandthat's picture

Oh, look, guise: teh Yourpeon Court haz rulez; it's forealz...

Go away, Alex!...


fx's picture

Sure, the legal system In russia is plain awful, in many aspects. Even Putin has openly complained about that several times. It takes time to reform it. Same with corruption. A country as vast as russia, spanning virtually two continents needs a ton of bureaucrats to administer - with plenty of room to abuse those powers. No easy task to fight that !

As for medvedew: I have no idea, whether navalny's accusations are true or not. His track record in telling the truth isn't exactly clean. That said, it may well be possible, that all or some of his claims are correct. then again, medvedew rather belongs to the West's fifth column in the kremlin. People who would rather immediately bow to the Western empire if it were not for Putin and his supporters to prevent them from doing it. So maybe navalny is doing something here, that the Western governments would love to exploit but which threatens one of their topmost "assets"

stoneworker's picture

Wow finally a sane comment about the actual state of things in Russia. I do not agree about the bureaucrats. If anything you need even more self government to administer such a country. The accusations are concrete and to disprove them Medvedev would need to say that he was never in such and such Italian villa and that he agrees that this "charity organization" should be investigated. If Medvedev belongs to the fifth column there would be no better time to fire him since this is a protest by the 'fifth column liberals" against him. I am not going to specualte on what the "western empire" is doing since I think most of that stuff is conspiracy theories that have no proof behind them.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


Oh and btw the conviction was ruled unlawful by the european court.

And yet Navalny still stands convicted of embezzling and is still under the terms of a 5-year suspended sentence. Because the terms of this sentence will not yet have expired before the presidential election, he is ineligible to be a candidate according to the law.

their rulings are not something that should be taken seriously in such matters.

What you are saying now is just an echo of someone else's fart in a puddle, adequacy of zero level. Instead, try to perform more useful task, community service, sweep the driveway (the neighbors will be pleased). From curator nothing you will get paid for what you do badly.

stoneworker's picture

Lol then I don't know what you are so worried about if you believe that the law is on your side. Don't tell me what do and I wont tell you where to go...???? ??????? ?? ???????.

silvermail's picture

You just do not understand the difference between such concepts as "evidence" and "artistic fiction of the author."

stoneworker's picture

I do. Are you going to tell me where exactly he used artistic fiction?

A. Boaty's picture

Protesters get treated the same way in the USSA.

veritas semper vinces's picture

No,Russian police does not use tear gas,rubber bullets,water jets

stoneworker's picture

Article 31 of the Russian constitution....people have a right to meet and protest without weapons.... For anyone that loves freedom the words "unsanctioned protest" should be a serious red flag.

silvermail's picture

Your rights (according to any constitution) end where and when the rights of other citizens start.
I do not want any assholes to gather in crowds on the road that I use to travel to and from work.

If you are so fond of the rule of law, then try to gather any "meet and protest without weapons...." on the territory of Fort Knox military base and make online reporting about your rights and freedoms, according to the US Constitution.

stoneworker's picture

If you don't want something I guess that means we should all just throw out the constitution the rule of law and common sense. The protesters are not blocking streets or doing anything that would be illegal for any individual person. Its really simple if you think about it if 1 person has the right to do something then many have exactly the same right. 

silvermail's picture

First, you are lying. Because the so-called "protesters of the Naval", ALWAYS block the possibility of free movement of pedestrians and transport. This is their policy and an indispensable attribute for attracting attention.

Secondly, you can throw in the US Constitution along with all US dollars, which according to the US Constitution are not money.

You can also throw out the US Constitution because the Fed is a private structure that is not a substitute for the US Congress and therefore does not have the right to issue US national currency.

And you can also try to express your peaceful protest on each of these issues, in the center of Washington - anywhere and contrary to the authorities' opinion.

I just know exactly how this will end. At best, you will find yourself in a police station without physical violence.
In a worse case, your internal organs and your health will be brought into full compliance with the US Constitution.

This means that your internal organs will not work just as it does not work right now, the US Constitution.

stoneworker's picture

Why did you put quotes are the word protesters? Show me a video where they are organizing and blocking traffic...you see man I was actually there so I know what I am talking about. Show me where Navalny urged to block traffic....you wont fin anything like this since this is all a figment of your wild imagination. Are you even in Russia? I know all about the fed and the US constitution. What does this have to do with our debate about the freedom to protest at the moment? Have many anti Trump protesters been beaten or detained?

fx's picture

The right to demonstrate to express opinion wasn't taken away from him and his supporters - so you are making things up here. Even in the most democratic country on earth there are rules to follow. That means that everywhere, topic, time and place of any public rally will have to be announced and permitted in advance which happened in that case.
Unilaterally shifting the venue is illegal in any country , disrupts public life and endangers traffic and people's health. Such an illegal gathering would be blocked in the US, in Germany, Italy, Russia - well, everywhere.
You are putting up a strawman's argument here.

stoneworker's picture

This is really simple logic. If one man can walk on the street with a sign that say that Medvedev is a thief why cannot many do this at the same time. I understand that there are rules, but this is clearly an infringement on the right to protest. What country are you from exactly? How many anti Trump protesters have been arrested and detained? 

fx's picture

They ought to have arrested hundreds of the highly violent anti-Trump protestors, for sure. buth these cities are mostly governed by retarded democrat mayors who care most for illegal immigrants and violent libtards instead of protecting democracy and ALL the people.

Anyway. The moment a crowd with political slogans is sufficiently large to disrupt public traffic , it becomes an issue that the police and the authorities have to tackle and to take care of. What is so hard to understand about that?

The demonstration had been allowed - at prospekt sacharowa. But navalny, knowing he can only mobilize a mediocre handful of people compared to the millions that live in Moscow wanted to hijack the festival at twerskaja. Both to later claim that hundreds of thousands were protesting alongside him and to hide from police in the crowd of dancing and singing people. Most of whom, btw, regard navalny as the piece of shit that he definitely is.

The anti corruption protests are legitimate and for a good cause. just that a person like navalny isn't genuinely interested in that topic. it's nothing but a tool for him to gain public attention. I bet you the turnout would be way higher with a credible leader - which navalny isn't.

His credibility has died decades ago under the drunkard Yeltsin (who sold out russia to the West but at least did one superb act by appointing Putin as his successor)

stoneworker's picture

A sitting president that has been in power for 17 years and wants to go for 6 more should also be another red flag.

silvermail's picture

Whether you like it or not, but Putin - it is a democratic choice of the people of Russia.
Or are you opposed to democracy?
Or do you think that Russia should have the supremacy of US democracy?

stoneworker's picture

All I am saying is that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Changing political leaders is essential for lowering corruption.  Btw I am not a Navalny supporter, but he does have some good points on the corruption that is going on in Russia. Imho he is not bright enough to be an independent leader and even with the best intentions would end up being a puppet.

HowdyDoody's picture

The US changes leader every 4 years and the corruption not only persists but gets worse.

stoneworker's picture

So you are against elections? Its a chance to take the corrupt leaders out there are no guarantees in life.