Citigroup Stumbles As CFO Warns Of Second Quarter Slump In Trading Revenues

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Confirming earlier concerns over performance, Citigroup CFO John Gerspach warned investors at a Morgan Stanley Conference this morning that Citi's second quarter trading revenues would be down 12-13%.


Of course, none of that has anything to do with the stock price's performance...

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The stock market is going up up and up!  and they are down in trading??



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so citi stock price split adjusted from 15 years ago is like .25 cents

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How can their trading revenue be down when these big banks never have a losing trade?

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and they have unlimited access to free Fed Preserve Bunk money.

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Sheesh, I am sure they have the Discount Window to get things moving since they own kneee pads and wear a bib . 

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Hey, kind of like all the Libtard fuks around here, huh?

venturen's picture mean printing money and giving to yourself doesn't rescue economies? Who knew.