Putin Warns America "Has A False Sense That It Can Do Anything Without Consequences"

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In the first episode of Stone’s hugely anticipated Showtime series, which aired Monday night, Russian President Vladimir Putin pulled no punches claiming US is to blame for the rise of Al-Qaeda and its late mastermind Osama bin Laden, which it empowered to fight Soviet troops in Afghanistan, adding that there is proof the CIA supported terrorists in Russia’s Chechnya.

Al-Qaeda is not the result of our activities. This is the result of activities of our US friends. This all started in the times of the Soviet war in Afghanistan, when the US security services supported different movements of Islamic fundamentalism in their struggle against the Soviet troops in Afghanistan,” Putin told Stone, adding that the “US side has nurtured both Al-Qaeda and [Osama] bin Laden.”


“It always happens like this. Our US partners should have been aware of it. It is their fault,” Putin said.

Putin also had plenty to say about his rise to power and his relationship with "our American friends..." (as Axios reports)

His rise

On his career choice: "By job distribution I was obliged to go" into the KGB, "but I wanted to go there."


On his rise to power: Declined P.M. role when Yeltsin first offered it. "I told him that it was a great responsibility and that meant I would have to change my life, and I wasn't sure I wanted to do that." When he accepted, first thought was, "where to hide my children."

Life and death

On bad days: "I'm not a woman so I don't have bad days.... I'm not trying insult anyone, that's just the nature of things.... There are certain natural cycles, which men probably have as well, just less manifested...but you should never lose control."


On sleep: Putin says he always slept 6-7 hours a night, even in times of crisis, and doesn't have nightmares.


On death: "One day this will happen to each and every one of us. The question is, what we will have accomplished by then in this transient world, and whether we'll have enjoyed our life."

His interactions with the U.S.

On calling Bush after 9/11: "I certainly understood that heads of state need moral support at such times."


On anti-Russia rhetoric in U.S. presidential campaigns: After the election they tell Russia "don't pay too much attention to that," just posturing.

Russia before Putin

On Mikhail Gorbachev: He "didn't understand what changes were necessary and how to achieve them."


On Boris Yeltsin: "Just like any of us he had his problems, but he also had his strengths," including the ability to accept responsibility.


On the end of World War II: The Soviets gave the U.S. the excuse to create NATO and start the Cold War by acting "primitively."


On the collapse of the Soviet Union: "25 million Russians found themselves abroad in one night, and that was one of the greatest catastrophes of the 20th century."

Finally, the Russian president argued that the US has “got a false sense that it is able to do everything without any consequences,” in particular after the Soviet Union’s collapse.

“In such a situation, a man or a country begins to make mistakes… The state begins to function ineffectively. One mistake follows another. That is the trap in which, as I believe, the United States got caught into,” Putin reflected.


"I believe that if you think you are the only world power, trying to impose on the whole nation the idea of their exclusiveness, this creates an imperialistic mentality in society, which in turn requires an adequate foreign policy expected by society. And the country's leaders are forced to follow this logic. And in practice this might go contrary to the interest of the Americans.... It demonstrates it's impossible to control everything."

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MFL5591's picture

The slob from Hollywood should take a lesson on grooming!

Dutti's picture

Putin is a statesman!

I wished we had somebody of that stature in the US or in western Europe.

Thank you Oliver Stone for making it possible for a wider audience to see this.

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Reminds me of Cool Hand Luke.

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I could use the "extra money"...

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"Do unto yourself as you do unto others"


7thGenMO's picture

"creates an imperialist mentality" - all due to propaganda initiated psychological control assisted by opium-based drugs (legal and illegal) from Afghanistan.  The oligarchs that control the USA want it all - including Mother Russia.  Please don't let them have it Vlad, or all of humanity is doomed such that people will start selling their kids like cheap #PIZZA.

However, as a typical American, I find Vlad to be too intellectual.  So, I'm going back to my idiot-Phone to check how big Kim's ass is, the latest baseball scores, and, have you seen Reality's latest soft-political-porn?  ///

ClickNLook's picture

Putin used Oliver in the useful idiot capacity to promote and popularize his policies and agenda.

It looks like Russian propaganda war machine had a huge headstart over childishly naive US/EU propaganda bicycle.

thisandthat's picture

You're an idiot.

"It is their fault"

Assuming it's a fault...

Lurk Skywatcher's picture

There are always 3 sides to every story, and quite frankly only retards at this point think that US propaganda is closer to the truth than Russian propaganda.

And whooo boy, are there ever some fucking retards in the USA... as ably demonstrated by CuckNLook.


yogibear's picture

Kill the currency and you kill the county.

Troy Ounce's picture

Putin is talking about the anaesthetization of consequences due the availability of infinite money which  process started August 15, 1971.

It's almost over now. America will be a hell hole after that. 

francis scott falseflag's picture


childishly naive US/EU propaganda bicycle.


Oh, stop the bullshit

MalteseFalcon's picture

The "American moment", the "end of history", the "unitary hyper-power" phase of international relations lasted 27 years and now it's over.

Trillions in debt and millions dead.

American infrastructure collapsing.

Did you get what you wanted?

Did anyone foresee the next 27 years back in 1990?

Does anyone believe that the American public could have been sold this future back in 1990?

Anyone up for swimming against the tide and pointlessly attempting to prolong this phase?

Uchtdorf's picture

Why is 1990 your starting year?

froze25's picture

Well shit was much cooler pre 9/11 so why not 1990

oncemore's picture

Well Gorbatchev.

I gues you have read the article, so why do you ask the question?

Troy Ounce's picture


Starting year mid 1971.

Uchtdorf's picture

Nixon closing the gold window, right? 

Troy Ounce's picture


The psychological consequences for 2 generations due to infinite money have been mind blowing devastating

Anything is possible as there is always more than enough freshly printed money.

Hence snow flakes, a war machine of historical note, infinite wars, an out of this world costly space program, total industries that get bail-outs and subsidies, over the top pension fund promises, 1/2 the population on government grants, a financial industry that thrives on bull shit and politicians which do not give a fuck.

Reality has been lost. It is now religion or war. War it will be. 

Maxter's picture

NASA budget is really nothing terrible if you look at it in constant dollar ou % of GDP:


francis scott falseflag's picture



The world coming to the realization of the eventuality of Peak Oil.

Justin Case's picture

Putin is a statesman!

I like this Guy. I magine if a few of the bigger nations had leaders like this sitting at the round table discussing the economies, international law, currencies, trade, human rights etc. We can only imagine how we would look at each other, as brothers all pulling in the same direction. We went off course over the years.

Chupacabra-322's picture

“Al-Qaeda is not the result of our activities. This is the result of activities of our US friends. This all started in the times of the Soviet war in Afghanistan, when the US security services supported different movements of Islamic fundamentalism in their struggle against the Soviet troops in Afghanistan,” Putin told Stone, adding that the “US side has nurtured both Al-Qaeda and [Osama] bin Laden.”

“It always happens like this. Our US partners should have been aware of it. It is their fault,” Putin said.

Arming, funding & training I CIA SIS / Al CIA duh terror organizations since the days of the Mujahideen.

Justin Case's picture

Bin Laden is a product of the U.S. spy agencies, according to an article in the Tribune de Genve by Richard Labvire, writer of the book Les dollars de la terreur, les tats Unis et les islamistes.

The first contact with Bin Laden was in 1979, when the new graduate from the Univ. of Jedah got in touch with the U.S. embassy in Ankara, Turkey. With the help of the CIA and the U.S. Armed Forces intelligence services he began to organize in the early 1980s and network to raise money and to recruit fighters for the Afghan mujahidins that were fighting the Soviets. He did this from the city of Peshawar in Pakistan, bordering Afghanistan.

Part of these activities were financed with the production and sale of morphine, the base of heroin. This was the beginning of today Al Qaida (the base) network led by Bin Laden. Indeed the chickens are coming home to roost for the CIA and U.S. bosses.

Bin Laden is a product of the U.S. spy agencies, according to an article in the Tribune de Genve by Richard Labvire, writer of the book Les dollars de la terreur, les tats Unis et les islamistes.

The US trained members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIS, in 2012 at a secret base in Jordan.

Jordanian officials state that the training was to aid insurgents fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime and wasn’t intended for current campaign in Iraq.

Gee, we certainly do have a habit of training and providing arms to terrorists that turn around and cause problems don’t we? Bin Laden, Syrian rebels, ISIS, etc.
The Jordanian officials said all ISIS members who received U.S. training to fight in Syria were first vetted for any links to extremist groups like al-Qaida.

In February 2012, WND was first to report the U.S., Turkey and Jordan were running a training base for the Syrian rebels in the Jordanian town of Safawi in the country’s northern desert region.
That report has since been corroborated by numerous other media accounts.

The German weekly Der Spiegel reported Americans were training Syrian rebels in Jordan.


Gab Timov's picture

1. What me worry.

2. All your country are belong to us, Little Vladie.

silverer's picture

Once again, Vlad calls it like it is. This is getting downright depressing.

Robert Trip's picture

Putin Groupie Alert.

Code Red.

finametrics's picture

Run along now little zio- creature.

Consuelo's picture



No, it's more like:


Scared litte papoose-wearing, co-parentiing, equal-partner metrosexual alert...

business as stusual's picture

Having respect for a world leader who acts and speaks like a world leader is not being a "groupie". If you spent a little time listening, you might come to the inescapable conclusion that President Putin is one of the world leaders who is actually trying to save the world for the people. I see my mistake, asking you to listen.

espirit's picture

Well you have to admit our CONgressCritters put on a pretty good Dog and Donkey show.

...as depressing as could be into the scale of negative numbers.

I say we should just burn their house down, eh NSA?

0valueleft's picture

Want to save future generations from servitude, turn every ivy league shadow curriculum institution to ash and rubbel. Until then nothing changes.


AlexCharting's picture

Vlad is one of the most beautiful ducks in the ugly duck pageant called politics. 

The Grim Teacher's picture

Of course, even if one was to read contemporary history badly one can see his perspective very clearly, as long as one has not been emotionally infected by propaganda. The US are NOT the good guys on the world stage.

To parapahrse the historian William Blum; people often make the fatal mistake of thinking that US foreign policy has good intentions at heart and makes blunders, whilst trying to do the right thing. This is entirely false, US foreign policy is not pleasantly disposed towards other nations, it means to do them harm, the results you see are by design, this is the intention. US Foreign policy is not about freedom, spread of democracy it is pure hegemony. 

shovelhead's picture

Hey Kids, look...!!

It's Captain Obvious!!

FoggyWorld's picture

Putin is slightly wrong.   It's only TPTB and their followers who think they can do just about anything without facing consequences.

And many of us do understand and frankly are at our wits end at the moment.



Justin Case's picture

It's only TPTB

True, but they control everything within merica and don't act as individuals. There are other people supporting all aspects of operations. FBI,CIA,NSA, military, navy, NASA etc,etc. The country acts as one unit.

shovelhead's picture

You really think so?

Really just that simple?

Bay of Pigs's picture

And the MSM will continue to lie, twist, distort and mislead most Americans about all of these remarks. Putin and Russia will still be their target.

Justin Case's picture

Russia and China are the countries the NWO has a problem conquering, pacifying or regime change. So the play book is, demonize to get public support. Fund terrorists, NGOs, false falg operations, accusations of political and voting interference, impose sanctions on false narratives. You get the picture. Well all those initiatives failed miserably. Many people are awake now with internet and pushed fake news out of their diet. It's getting harder and harder for the TPTB to get support for their game. Even other countries don't wanna play the game for empire building.

Respect for the once great nation is eroding very quickly around the globe. Imagine the Chinese didn't even roll out the stairs for deplaning when Obama visited. Deturte had the red carpet and the military band on his arrival. So sad merica has chosen the path of self destruction and no one will sympathize when the SHTF.

Zorba's idea's picture

Longterm NeoCon plan in the ME has been to distabalize all muslim & "stan" nations until they all erupt creating tons of inconvenient distractions for China/Russia as they become encircled by enth degree chaos...meanwhile the unowho's will expand their global extraction campaign. fun,fun,fun for the ILLuminati and their co-opted rosenfields.

Justin Case's picture

China has a different plan that will avert conflict in the region. It's called OBOR.

wisefool's picture

Chernobyl was the cause of the break up of the communist soviet union. Not the USA and its war time (fascist) tax code. Not the super secret spies. Not american "exceptiopnalism."

I hope the USA does not not suffer the same self-fulfilling fate.

ClickNLook's picture

You are as clueless as they come.

Gorbachev was led to Soviet Union breakup by US and UK economical advisors, which were prizing Gorby for his "revolutionary policies", sweet talking him and giving him Nobel Prize. He fell for that CIA plot and world became different almost overnight.

At first it appeared done deal and Russia out of the way, but with the Putin's popularity raise and Russa sustaining economically somehow, despite low oil prices and global political pressure, Russia managed to improve their position by aligning themself with other unhappy campers with nukes.

So, the war for the earth resources is still on the table as a main dish.

Our lives are mere garnish.

wisefool's picture

Chernobyl is also a monument to the extinction of Soviet civilisation. As Mikhail Gorbachev, the last Soviet leader, reflected years later, the meltdown, “even more than my launch of perestroika, was perhaps the real cause of the collapse of the Soviet Union five years later.” It was a catalyst for glasnost, the opening-up of the Soviet media, which exposed the flaws of the Soviet system and set off the chain reaction that led to its ultimate destruction.


Gorbachev. As quoted and reported in the Econmist Magazine. April 26th. 2016. A nuclear disaster that brought down an empire 


He also wrote in much more detail in his memiors.

Clueless? I got 50 I.Q. points on you Mr. 18 weeks 5 days. Welcome to fight club anyway. :)

Justin Case's picture

What's yoar take on 3 mile island?

How merica prospered during a nuclear disaster?

Gorbi is a credible source for yoar convenience. RIGHT buddy, cherry pick much?