Video Emerges Of US Allowing ISIS Fighters To Escape Safely In Syria

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Authored by Darius Shahtamasebi via,

With numerous distractions unfolding on the newly released reality TV show that is “Keeping Up with the Trump Administration,” it may surprise readers to learn that the U.S. is using the terror group ISIS as a pawn in its depraved foreign policy.

Video footage obtained by Al-Masdar appears to show convoys of ISIS fighters fleeing the Syrian city of Raqqa untouched by the U.S. military, which is currently bombing that exact location. As Al-Masdar notes, despite having Kurdish and American drones hovering around the city of Raqqa, U.S. bombs are nowhere to be seen as hundreds of fighters pass safely. The release of this footage comes on the heels of accusations from both Russia and Iran that the U.S. is colluding with ISIS to allow the group’s safe passage into areas controlled by the Syrian government.

Iran claims to have direct proof but thus far has not released it. Even if Russia and Iran don’t have any secret documents that directly expose this collusion, the fact remains that we don’t necessarily need them.

After all, this is exactly how ISIS grew exponentially in Syria in the first instance – as a direct result of U.S. foreign policy strategy. In 2012, a classified Defense Intelligence Agency report predicted the rise of ISIS, something actively encouraged by the U.S. establishment. The report stated:

“If the situation unravels, there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in eastern Syria… and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime.”

Further, leaked audio of former Secretary of State John Kerry shows he knew ISIS was gaining momentum in Syria, and that in turn, the U.S. hoped this would bring Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to the negotiating table.

In recent times, the safe passage of ISIS fighters to areas under the control of the Syrian government has been an unspoken but official strategy and has been the reality on the ground in Iraq and Syria.

Late last year, Anti-Media reported on an anonymous military-diplomatic official’s claims that the United States was allowing safe passage to Syria for ISIS fighters exiting Mosul, Iraq – even though the U.S. was supposedly waging an offensive to defeat ISIS in the area. As we noted, acknowledging the admittedly undesirable, questionable nature of the anonymous source:

An anonymous source claiming to a Russian newspaper something as conspiratorial as the U.S. directly aiding ISIS militants may seem a bit dubious, but since the offensive was launched on Monday of this week, this has been the reality on the ground.


According to Army Lieutenant General Talib Shaghati, as reported by anti-Russian newspaper, the Guardian, ISIS militants are already fleeing Mosul to Syria. This was further confirmed by the Saudi foreign minister, Adel al-Jubeir, who said that if ISIS were forced out of Mosul, they would likely go on to Syria.”

Not long after, ISIS launched an offensive into a very strategic area in Syria called Deir ez-Zor, battling through Syrian government defenses. The most horrifying part of this offensive was the fact that, asnoted by the Guardian, the ISIS fighters who successfully broke through government defense lines in Syria were “primarily reinforcements coming over the border from Iraq’s Anbar province.”

Deir ez-Zor is not outside the U.S. military’s strike range capacity. This is the same city that was attacked by the American-led coalition in September of last year – an attack that targeted Syrian troops for over an hour, paving the way for a timely ISIS offensive. Yet when it comes to hundreds of reinforcements raging through the Iraqi border into Syria, the U.S. military is on a brief vacation.

We were told Raqqa was to be ISIS’ last stronghold in Syria, but this is clearly not true. In order for the U.S. to ultimately put pressure on the Syrian government, the real prize is not Raqqa but a combination of two very strategic locations that are very heavily interlinked.

As explained by Gulf News:

“There, a complex confrontation is unfolding, with far more geopolitical import and risk. Daesh [ISIS] is expected to make its last stand not in Raqqa but in an area that encompasses the borders with Iraq and Jordan and much of Syria’s modest oil reserves, making it important in stabilising Syria and influencing its neighbouring countries.


“Whoever lays claim to the sparsely populated area in this 21st-century version of the Great Game not only will take credit for seizing what is likely to be Daesh’s last patch of a territorial caliphate in Syria, but also will play an important role in determining Syria’s future and the post-war dynamics of the region.”

And this is ultimately the problem for the U.S.-led coalition of anti-Assad (and anti-Iranian) nations. The behind-closed-doors official rationale for targeting Syria’s government for regime change was to undermine Iranian influence in the region, according to Hillary Clinton’s email archive. Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and the other Gulf States have long feared that a fully dominated Shia-led bloc of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon could completely overthrow the regional balance of power. They have opposed such a development at all costs.

As Gulf News explains, the Iranians are in the process of fully implementing this Shia bridge, known as the “Shia Crescent”:

“The contested area also includes desert regions farther south with several border crossings, among them the critical highway connecting Damascus and Baghdad — coveted by Iran as a land route to Lebanon and its ally, the Hezbollah militia.

This is why the U.S. military has set up a training base at the Aal-Tanf border crossing. If the Syrian government were to retake the area and open it up under its control, they would be able to directly link Iran to Syria and the rest of its allies, including Iraq and Lebanon.

This is also why the U.S. military has been engaging in illegal acts of aggression against Iranian-backed militias operating in the area — to defend this position.

Further, the Syrian government’s outpost in Deir ez-Zor is isolated, hence why these two offensives are running in tandem. They both rely on the liberation of the other to have any real value to the Syrian government and its Russian and Iranian allies.

As fascinating as the Comey testimony spectacle has been (don’t forget to tune in for tomorrow’s scandal of anonymous leaks and misspelled tweets), the real scandal lies in the fact that the U.S. is nowopenly siding with ISIS while allowing the terrorists safe passage into parts of Syria so that these extremists can battle a secular government. The U.S. is moments away from an all-out confrontation with Iran (and Russia, a nuclear power).

Don’t expect the corporate media to report on these damning facts anytime soon, as the public continues to sleepwalk into a global powder keg of deceit, death, and destruction.

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Chicago bear's picture

Mad max scene.
What is in that white modern building over there?
Piss me off.
A friend of mine has a scheduled visit over there. It's all calm and planned. Crap chess board moves if you ask me that puts my friend at risk.

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Hasn't the Russians been blitzing convoys lately?

Its only a matter of time before the ISIS cop it over there isnt it?  If they leave Raqqa and find it a bit hard to get to Deir ez-Zur then that isn't such a bad thing is it?


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Is that a behind the scenes photo of a new Mad Max movie?

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Toyota announced a recall and they are bringing the fleet in  for repairs. 

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Maybe ISIS could help clean up Baltimore?

LOL123's picture

The propaganda for war is coming from an unlikely source ( just an opinion of course).

On the credits of "Wonder woman" is US Secretary of the Treasury for Trump administration. Steve Mnuchin. Mnuchin worked for Goldman Sachs AND Soros fund management.

In the Jerusalem Post the Isreali dual citizen actress who plays Wonder woman ( who was in the Israeli army for 2 years) said quote : 

" But if there is ( a sequel), I'd love to do Wonder woman set in WW 111 ( this one was set in WW1... Guess they are skipping WW11) We need HER to stop the war."

This wonder woman shed her american flag outfit for a generic warrior outfit made of breast plates and armor.

In Israel the Azrieli TOWERS in Yel Aviv lit up with message " our wonder woman".

WW111 huh? Hollywood always pluging something. I wonder who she will fight ? Probably not ISIS. Lol

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No doubts on the ongoing collusion, but this video could have been shot anywhere in that freaking desert by anybody anytime... not that it really matters nowadays anyway.

DeathingerStar's picture

Not the first time we have failed to take out an ISIS parade. 

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Muslims killing Muslims over religion, the religion of peace at work.

foxenburg's picture

This is all out of date. Last week Iranian General Qasem Soleimani outflanked the USA/UK and pushed through to the Iraqi border, where they met up with Iraqi militia. The al Tanf USA/UK base is now stuck in a small pocket. 180 degrees immediately behind them is Iraqi border. 180 degrees to their front, 50 km away, is Soleimani, Hezbolleh, Syrian Arab Army, etc who are meanwhile also making for Deir ez Zur and the Euphrates. The yanks/brits and their terrorist proxies have been totally out manoeuvred.



smacker's picture

"The release of this footage comes on the heels of accusations from both Russia and Iran that the U.S. is colluding with ISIS to allow the group’s safe passage [...]"

US policy of backroom collusion with ISIS in Syria and Iraq is regularly exposed for what it is, despite false public claims that it is fighting them. That's a blatant lie and amounts to Washingtown talking out of both sides of its mouth at the same time.

Sadly, Trump has continued this duplicitous policy which begun under Obola.

ludwigvmises's picture

No, we prefer to bomb innocent civilians. Not ISIS fighters who we can arm to fight our 'enemies' in Damascaus (Assad). What a joke!

IranContra's picture

Iranian author of article only shows how comfortable Tylers are on Ayatollah's warm lap. Stale naked propaganda.

Iran ((anti-)Islamic Republic) and its daughter ISIS ((anti-)Islamic State) will be defeated. Iran will be driven out of Iraq and Syria.

smacker's picture


We're still waiting for you to provide one shred of evidence that Iran has ties with ISIS. I don't think it is true, not least because Iran=Shia and ISIS=Sunni & Wahhabi loons. As you already know, Shias and Sunnis/Wahhabis don't get along too well nowadays and the objective of Iran in Syria/Iraq is diametrically different to ISIS.

ogretown's picture

No one believes Iran is on the side of ISIS - not even the people trying to push that lie. As to Iranian influence in Iraq, in the north of that country that influece is growing. Makes sense actually as many, many people in the ME feel the Coalition of Courage (Syria-Russia-Iran) is on the right track.

smacker's picture

Totally agree.

The West is nervous about Iran creating what's called the "Shia Crescent" stretching from Iran across to Iraq and Syria and would eventually lead to a toe-to-toe with Saudi Arabia at some point.

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Who gives a shit? Certainly not the west. Goat fugger business is goat fugger business.


The west laughs.





smacker's picture

You and I may take that view but those in Washingtown and Westmonster think differently and they are the ones with bombs.

Maestro Maestro's picture

You can go to hell American.

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Iranian author of article only shows how comfortable Tylers are on Ayatollah's warm lap. Stale naked propaganda.

Iran ((anti-)Islamic Republic) and its daughter ISIS ((anti-)Islamic State) will be defeated. Iran will be driven out of Iraq and Syria.

Again, the reality does not match your fantasies. Fucking insane the drafters of your manuals.

IranContra is a paid troll for the National Council of Resistance of Iran.

Which is, of course, just a front group for the MEK (Mujahedin-e Khalq).

The MEK, for those unfamiliar with them, is an insane Marxist cult of terrorist crackpots which seeks to overthrow the current government of Iran and replace it with its own people.

Iranians from all walks of life regard this group as traitors due to their siding with Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq War.

The MEK has been making bogus claims about Iran's nuclear program (with information provided by Israel) for years.

Assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists were carried out by MEK members who had been trained by the Mossad.

Because they oppose the Iranian government, the US considers them "good terrorists". Even though they were included in the US list of foreign terrorist organizations, the US Joint Special Operations Command provided MEK operatives with terrorism training at a secret site in Nevada between 2005 and 2009.

After an extensive long-term lobbying campaign during which it paid high-profile American politicians (mostly neocons from both the Democrats and Republicans) $50,000 per appearance to make pro-MEK speeches, the group was removed from the official US list of foreign terrorist organizations by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2012.

MEK members have participated in the current invasion of Syria and the group has run terrorist training camps just outside of the Syrian borders in both Turkey and Jordan.

And now one of them is being paid to troll, incompetently, the comments at ZH.

Maestro Maestro's picture

Outstanding post, thanks for that.

PutinReloaded's picture


This video from 2014 shows the same convoy (minute 20)

Internet-is-Beast's picture

By golly, you're right! Looks like I got snookered. I saw the story at and posted it under Who is Donald Trump? I just now looked at Sott and can't find the article listed. I wonder if they saw your post and took it down. There was another story that claimed the Russians bombed this cavalcade of vehicles. I am so dead set against ISIS for reasons of my own, that any evidence of supporting them or letting them go scott free just makes me see red. Thierry Meyssan at claims that ISIS was created by Petraeus and that funds are disbursed by some American named Kravis. Is this true? To support thugs who cut off children's heads is so evil, vile, and loathesome that for our government to have anything to do with this should earn God's Holy Wrath. If that is the case, I hope a giant asteroid hits Yellowstone Park--the sooner the better!

Piranha's picture

good job there PutinReloaded

vbouwmeester's picture

Very sharp PutinReloaded! Thanks for your post

NewNeo's picture

Spot on. Good find! Everyone is peddling fiction!

NewNeo's picture

Spot on. Good find! Everyone is peddling fiction!

miketv's picture

Another fake story to discredit all the real evidence of the west backing ISIS.


Lynn Trainor's picture

I think Russia later obliterated this convoy.

ogretown's picture

That is exactly what happened. Russia stepped i smelled a rat and blew up the convoy. All the vehicales destroyed along with a (bare) estimate of 80 worthless Muslim ISIS terrorists who were allied with both America and the anti-Syrian Government terrorist rebels.  A very sneaky move of main ISIS ally in the country, but Russia would have none of it and took care of business. Equally interesting is how America is trying to make it impossible for the Government of Syria to secure and protect its own southern border with Jordan. I am not sure what kind of pressure Syria can exert to move this rogue element out of its sovereign territory. 

Totally_Disillusioned's picture

We can only hope.  God forbid the US firing on their own" troops"

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OT My favorite actress, Adriana Victoria Munoz: