Visualizing Baltimore's Opiate Experience

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Authored by Michael Hart and StockBoardAsset,

A quick drive through some of the more desolate parts of East Baltimore will give you some insight into a crisis that is consuming not just Baltimore, but almost every corner of the United States.

The streets are littered with boarded up warehouses and tenement housing-rows and rows of dilapidated, graffiti covered buildings that litter the landscape like tombstones, commemorating a once vibrant city that has succumbed to a trifecta of affliction: economic hardship, racial tension, and rampant drug addiction.

The visceral decay of the city of Baltimore gives insight into the decay of the lives of the people who live there. The riots that shook the city in April of 2015 after Freddie Gray died in police custody came as a shock to many, but the rampant desperation of the city’s residents served as the perfect incubator for the discontent that reached a boiling point not seen in Baltimore since April of 1968 in the aftermath of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. There seems to be a fine line between boredom and rage, and recent events in Baltimore, Ferguson, and elsewhere in the U.S. straddle that line with a dangerous frequency.

In this recent video by Stock Board Asset, we see a city ravaged by a brutal epidemic of opioid addiction, where the only businesses that seem to be thriving in the city are the opioid treatment centers. Gone are the local businesses, social clubs, parks, and church groups that were the hubs of urban social organization. Today, the long lines that form outside of these treatment centers have become the new social commons, as addicts loiter outside smoking, chatting, and nervously looking to get high.

The last 20 years have seen the opioid epidemic spread across the United States. In the late 1990s, the states with the highest rates of opiate overdose deaths were concentrated in the Southwest: New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Arizona. Six years later, the epicenter had reached the South: Kentucky, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Florida.

By 2014, the epidemic had spread to the Rust Belt states: Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania. This crisis is very rapidly consuming the entirity of the United States, and is showing no signs of slowing down, with both urban and rural centers equally hard hit.

As the population of Baltimore has continued to decline to levels not seen in almost a century, and the infrastructure continues to crumble, the people who choose to remain in this withered husk of what was once called “Charm City” are the forgotten victims of globalization and predatory urban development schemes. We are witnessing a slow motion apocalypse that seems to be a harbinger of similar trends throughout the US.

Baltimore is Ground Zero for the Fourth Turning in the US; the nexus point where seemingly disparate social problems-a housing market bubble, racial tensions, rampant opioid addiction, and crumbling infrastructure-all coalesce.

Watch the video and ask yourself, “Is my city next?”

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froze25's picture

"The Wire" is a great show that was on HBO that shows from 10 years ago what a shit hole it was. Good watch.

CheapBastard's picture

"Legacy, Bitches!"


~ Hussein Soweeto bin Bama

Alt RightGirl's picture

We should legalize opium, heroin, etc. ONLY the STRONG drugs.

That would clean up the shantytowns for good 

And would Make Waffle House Great Again !

VIDEO: Chimping Out at a Waffle House Concludes With Five in Custody

Shitonya Serfs's picture

That would not fix the problem, thanks to narcan. No consequences anymore. Dying from OD? Pulp Fiction that guy back from the dead.

NoDebt's picture

Forgive me if I draw a slightly different conclusion than the creator of that video, but opioids didn't destroy Baltimore.  They just filled the vacuum after all the businesses moved out.  


knukles's picture

So now the blame for the failure of Big Government Socialism is Opiates?
How're those wars on Poverty and Drugs going?

Pure Evil's picture

I guess crack no longer serves the purpose of controlling the lower minority classes.

Four chan's picture

they wanted no police and a free for all right? isnt that where they cut firemens hoses? I DONT GIVE ONE FUCK ABOUT SAVAGES.

PrayingMantis's picture


... and if you get a chance to watch true Baltimore "events", this documentary visualizes how Baltimore's laws were "applied" >>>  ...


N2OJoe's picture

Looks nicer than Trenton.

AVmaster's picture

Ah, there's the problem: your knee grow ratio is too high...

Manthong's picture


Well, the good news is that Chicago is ahead of the curve.

There are likely more black and .zionist democrats there than even the dc-merryland decay-o-plex.

..if you look at those baltimore row-houses …..   at least they are pretty well containerized and if you will recall, they are pretty easy to ignite.

But give the .gov fascists a little more time… they will section 8 the problem right next door to you.

I am just surprised that there are not USDA poppy fields there yet like we subsidize in Afghanistan.

schatzi's picture

My wife suffered from two malign breast cancers. Mastectomy operation mishaps, infections and 3 month-long open wounds you could comfortably fit your hand in, that needed daily cleansing by nurses and left her in severe pain and agony. We had a 500 ml bottle of morphine ready for use. She said: fuck that, if I die, I die on my terms. Shove those drugs up your behind. I tried to give it back to the hospital, but they didn't know what to do with that bottle other than throw it away. I wish people in general had her strength. God. I love her.

freedogger's picture

I'd have upvoted even if she did take the morphine.

Amicus Curiae's picture

gutsy lady! ;-)

bit late now but

if? she ever gets infections n open wounds like that again

use honey.

try for organic  lowtemp filtered

its brilliant for mrsa and other necrotics

Manthong's picture

God bless you and the missus…

I do not do drugs, but Rockefeller chemistry does have its uses.

If you do not understand that, try having a colonoscopy without anesthesia.

I woke up in the middle of one that was less than optimally administered….

Hoo boy…….  you do not want to contemplate what a serious penetrating experience that was.

God should not have located nerve cells all of the way up there,


Now that I think about it, maybe a certain segment of the population has a sensitivity deficiency in some places.

Endgame Napoleon's picture

Remember the MSM out on streets, glamorizing the rioting in Ferguson and Baltimore? That likely encouraged kids to do things that could get them in trouble. And most of their parents were not trying to stop them, although there were a few that did. From the videos, it looked like women had trouble making teenage sons leave scenes like that when they tried. Dennis Rodman, by contrast with the MSM, told the young protestors and the rioters that they needed the police because of....bad dudes. Who was more responsible: Dennis Rodman or the MSM, who were trying to make a buck off of glorifying the mayhem as racism-fighting?

DarkestbeforeDawn's picture

Baltimore is a dangerous place to be.   Waking up to go on the search to "get one in me" is the highlight of the day.  Been there-done that.  Pulled out of it, but it was the hardest thing I've ever done

stitch-rock's picture

If by crack you are referring to fiat made at 0.25% rates:
that still works fine

Normalcy Bias's picture

The free flow of opiates from the record Afghani harvests make coca-derived drugs noncompetitive price wise.

There's also the added bonus that it cuts out the middleman.

Big Twinkie's picture

You'll know that someone in charge actually gives a shit when they start napalming the poppy fields in occupied Afghanistan.

taoJones's picture

Ya, the current opiod crisis has NOTHING to do with the US occupation of Afghnistan and cannabis being regarded as a Schedule 1 drug by the Feds


Ex-Oligarch's picture

"So now the blame for the failure of Big Government Socialism is Opiates?
How're those wars on Poverty and Drugs going?"

I enjoy the nice drone shots soaring over the burned-out buildings as much as the next doom-monger, but there's not a lot of opioid-related content in that video. 

But then to demonstrate your point, knuks, the video did feature a nice title card from Gov. Larry Hogan shrugging off responsibility while whining that the problem was too big for one state to handle on its own. 

Yeah, just place a call to DC or send up a signal flare.  They'll fix it in no time.

TheReplacement's picture

It is pretty hard for a state to stop opiates when elements of the are bringing the shit in so they can finance their overseas adventures.  When is the last time you heard of local cops arresting the CIA?  They are untouchable.

Doubt me?  Go to every small (no jets small) airport around and ask the hanger operators if anyone from the CIA has inquired about renting space.  The bastards infiltrate everywhere.

Ex-Oligarch's picture

If that's what the Governor meant, he should have said so more clearly.
But of course it wasn't.

As to the substance of your comment:  the CIA might well be doing what you describe, but given the medical industry's current loose prescription practices, which routinely dole out opiates for complaints large and small, and the enormous amounts of money that can be made by reselling prescribed opiates, I doubt it is the root cause of the problem. 

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Racial tension?  You mean Niggerians right?

Stuck on Zero's picture

Maybe Duterte's anti-drug campaign is coming here, soon.

GreatUncle's picture

No work, no job, no home, no nothing may as well do drugs - think that is the mentality.

When 40 years ago it was minimal now it is rife.

One family 4 sons, 3 dead from drugs.

Yog Soggoth's picture

Looks better than Bridgeport in 90', so what's the problem? Did it used to look O.K? I have not seen any comments saying so, but then again I doubt the PCB's would let the brain function enough to comment. I did not even see a needle in an arm. I could make a scarier video anyhere in Florida, but I might have to step out of the vehicle for some of the quality moments. The Board of Commerce would love that!

Make_Mine_A_Double's picture

Opiates are the socialism of the masses.

Signed, Karl Marx (an shiit...)

sleigher's picture

They have parties now.   Designated Narcan guy so everyone can party and not worry about dying.

See how close theycan get to the edge of death...   Climbing mountains and skydiving is no longer enough to be extreme I guess.

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Shitonya Serfs's picture

$7k a month to let Hillary sit on your face is not worth it.

snakedogs's picture

Nor is $7K worth it  to "smoke" Bill's Hypospadias With Facture of Penile Cartilage evry night!

snakedogs's picture

Nor is $7K worth it  to "smoke" Bill's Hypospadias With Facture of Penile Cartilage evry night!

Normalcy Bias's picture

So that's what they call Tuna Helper.

Chuck Walla's picture

The visual of TacoHippus on a face!

Phil Free's picture

You're selling opiates out of your home, and are ONLY making $7K a month?  You're doing something wrong.

MonkeyKnutz's picture

Buddy of mine is in Law Enforcement.  Went a call to check on somebody OD'ing.  They gave him a dose of NARCAN, (poof)back to life!

He refused medical treatment!(?!!).  Come to find out, he had a warrant for his arrest, so they drug him in to the pookie.

Moral to the story...It Will Not Fix The Problem (Period).

aloha_snakbar's picture

Damn... make sure you hit the chimps anywhere but in the noggin; their heads are like cinder blocks covered in steel wool....'s picture

Planting one on the chin should do it nicely.

Always go for the chin !

Donald J. Trump's picture

No shit.  I learned that first hand in high school with a boxers fracture.  Old time cops will tell you, go for the shins.

HedgeJunkie's picture

So's politicians, recall Gabby Giffords?

When going for the big game, use nothing less than a .45

Hikikomori's picture

Portugal had the worst heroin problem in Europe, then legalized posession of ALL drugs in 2001, resulting in the greatest success dealing with drugs and addiction the world has seen in the past 100 years.

Sam Spayed's picture

But prescription opioids are legal and they are a large part of the problem.

TheEndIsNear's picture

I have never known a doctor that would prescribe any sort of opioid unless the patient was in excruciating pain and there was good reason for it.