200 Democrats Sue Trump Over Alleged Emoluments Clause Violation

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Following the testimonies of both former FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Left's 'Russian Collusion' narrative has completely unraveled.  Comey's admission under oath that Trump was never under investigation and that he never attempted to influence the Russia investigation was a startling realization for disaffected democrats and the mainstream media who have been flailing around ever since anxiously attempting to craft a new damaging narrative to perpetuate their witch hunt.

Now, we learn this morning via the Washington Post that the new narrative of choice for disaffected democrats will be that Trump is violating the "emoluments clause" of the constitution every time a foreigner decides to stay at one of his hotels.  According to Wapo, nearly 200 Democrat members of Congress have signed onto the lawsuit led by Senator Richard Blumenthal.

Nearly 200 Democratic members of Congress agreed to file a lawsuit Wednesday against President Trump alleging that by retaining interests in a global business empire he has violated constitutional restrictions on taking gifts and benefits from foreign leaders.


The lead senator filing the complaint in federal district court, Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), said Tuesday that the lawsuit has already drawn more congressional plaintiffs — 196 — than any legal action previously taken against a president. No Republicans had joined in the lawsuit so far, although they will be invited to do so, Blumenthal said.


An advance copy of the legal complaint reviewed by The Washington Post argues that those in Congress have special standing because the Constitution’s “foreign emoluments clause” requires the president to obtain “the consent of Congress” before accepting any gifts.

Hillary Voter


The dems even found a completely 'unbiased' lawyer from Berkeley to support their cause.

“The Framers of our Constitution gave members of Congress the responsibility to protect our democracy from foreign corruption by determining which benefits the president can and cannot receive from a foreign state,” said Erwin Chemerinsky, the incoming dean of the law school at the University of California at Berkeley.


“When the president refuses to reveal which benefits he is receiving — much less obtain congressional consent before accepting them — he robs these members of their ability to perform their constitutional role,” Chemerinsky said. “Congressional lawmakers . . . have a duty to preserve the constitutional order in the only way they can: by asking the courts to make the President obey the law.”

Unfortunately, the maintenance of some level of journalistic integrity required Wapo to speak with a lawyer who was willing to the review the facts of the case rather than simply spew partisan rhetoric...

Other legal scholars were skeptical, particularly since the lawsuit was filed only by Democrats, the minority party in both houses of Congress.


“Just because they can’t convince their peers doesn’t mean you can go to court to get what you want,” said Andy Grewal, a law professor at the University of Iowa.


Generally, a lawmaker can sue if he or she has suffered individual injury, Grewal said. In addition, Congress can sue as a body, as has happened in the past, such as with the lawsuit challenging President Barack Obama’s health-care overhaul.


But a case like this is problematic, he said.


“Because this is individual legislators who don’t have any individual injuries, it will be hard for them to get standing,” he said.

Of course, Trump addressed this exact issue back in January when his personal lawyer said that even though she disagreed with suggestions that foreign dignitaries staying at Trump hotels in the U.S. is a violation of the emoluments clause of the Constitution, that, out of an abundance of caution, Trump would donate all profits from foreign payments at his hotels to the U.S. Treasury.

His lawyers similarly believe that the emoluments clause of the Constitution, which prohibits gifts from foreign governments and heads of state, doesn’t apply to fair value exchanges between businesses.


Several legal experts have disagreed, arguing that the clause applies to the president and to Trump’s foreign holdings, which include a partnership with the U.S. envoy in the Philippines, tenancy in Trump Tower of the state-owned Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, and overseas development projects requiring government approvals. Former top ethics officials to Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama have said Trump will be in violation of the clause as soon as he takes the oath of office.


Not surprisingly, the White House has simply said they'll review the complaint but expect it to be dismissed by the courts.

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Darktarra's picture

Just Dems being the asses they know how to be.   Lets see, a left-wing looney shots Gabby Gifford (Democrat).  And now a left-wing looney shoots Republicans on a baseball field.   

The common demoninator here for violence are the left-wing loons! 

PrayingMantis's picture


   ... >>> "200 Democrats Sue Trump Over Alleged Emoluments Clause Violation" ...

... this libturd's lawsuit reminds me of "nose hair mini vacuum" ... might be a good idea, but it won't sell ...


pods's picture

Another fishing expedition.  

Hey lawyer lady, while talking about the Constitution and the USA, please don't call it a democracy.  



Bigly's picture

Dick is my pedo loving senator. No brain. Corrupt and morally bankrupt. Fucking heinous (((liar))).

froze25's picture

time for the President and the Attorney General to simple ignore the law suites, ignore the Democrat Senators/congressmen, ignore the courts. Just ignore them. Give them no response other than investigating them and jailing them. Literally act as if you can't hear a word they are saying even if they are right in front of you. Should drive them bat shit crazy (not that they already aren't) I have done it to some nutty Leftist women before and they flipped their shit, was awesome.

sodbuster's picture

It never gets old looking at pics and vids of the Hillary losers. Just makes my f'n day!!!

goober's picture

Good thing the DEMs do not do all they are claiming even worse, hey ? Have Clintons and other DEMs scammed anybody ? what about Soros, Corzine and Mcauliffe just for starters ?

Fucking sorry ass hypocrites.

jcaz's picture

Slap suits now?

Way to stay classy. 


gladih8r's picture

WTF?  Did someone forget to switch the box sorting robot to "normal", from you know..."muzzie"?  RTFM!

TheRideNeverEnds's picture

Another great example of the lefts double standard.

Hillary Clinton takes direct donations to her political slush fund for direct favors all proven with irrefutable evidence; not only is she not sued she is nominated for President. Trumps business conducts business same as it has for years but will donate any questionable profits to the government. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE, A HIGH CRIME, IMPEACHMENT NOW!!1

Drimble Wedge's picture

I'm gonna sue TRUMP for 'covfefe'


~Signed, 'SNOWFLAKE'

gladih8r's picture

Clearly this shit is designed to keep Donald off-balance at all times.  Always reacting to the latest Libtard scheme.

The only cure is to drain the swamp.  They need to be reacting to Donald's initiatives, always scrambling and destabilized.

Drain the swamp Donald.  Drain the shit.

Drimble Wedge's picture

evidently ~ 'DRAIN THE SWAMP', has clearly become, an antisemitic comment & sentiment

clade7's picture

WTF's an 'Emolument' anyway?...Some sort of ass cream anal prolapse unguent for bottom bitch kweers available only from Rite Aid?  And Trump is to blame when the Dems got the good ass reaming they asked for and hadnt the foresight to have a fresh tube of emolument ass ointment on hand? 


Just Another Vietnam Vet's picture


Dont forget to sue for the recent time when he had two scoops of ice cream and everyone else got only one!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Also,  more importantly, as I was out of town, but at the Cardinals vs Brewers baseball game last night........

and it has been confidentially LEAKED to me, from UNNAMED SOURCES,  Very Very High Up ......that the reason for

the Cardinal loss and the Brewer victory had EVERYTHING to do

with RUSSIAN HACKING of the game   !!!!! .


Raffie's picture

So much butt-hurt that Trump will not allow the destruction of America.

HRClinton's picture

To my knowledge, you cannot sue a sitting POTUS.

NoDebt's picture

Yeah, but after he's impeached and removed from office you can sue him.  Which should be like any day now, right?


yogibear's picture

Which leftist prodded the shooter to take action?

rbianco3's picture

Loretta Lynch called for "Blood on the streets" if memory serves correctly

But others have created plays suggesting murdering a US President, or held up a dismembered head to suggest decapitating a US President


goober's picture

Meet the new MIkey and his handler whore chimp 


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

So it is OK to own stock in companies that benefit from foreign entities, but not the actual business?

Please help me here.

nmewn's picture

Don't do that,  it makes dimz heads hurt  ;-)

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

So load up on Raytheon and General Dynamics cus they just sold a shit load of weapons to Saudi Arabia. But own a hotel in DC and you are rubbing elbows with the enemy?

Go figure.

Now we know what war's good for.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Two words for the buffoons, hypocrites and liars.


Oh, and get fucked.

True Blue's picture

And, just out of curiosity; how many of these plaintiffs are ((dual)) citizens; and how many recieve donations from AIPAC? How about donations from the SEIU (Service Employees International Union?)

Bay of Pigs's picture

That is also a real and very grave threat to the country.

We are literally surrounded by traitors.

rbianco3's picture

I would support (financially) a lawsuit against these people and the same against media complicit in attempted overthrow of elected government

Any lawyers want my money?

nmewn's picture

My personal favorite was crony Hillary wanting an investigation into Trump Tower on the Volga  ;-)

you_are_cleared_hot's picture

Wait. I thought I read somewhere right after the election that POTUS transferred ALL of his business interests in Trump Co. to his sons (i.e. his Sons own Trump hotels now, etc.) to preempt any potential lawsuits for conflict of interest and the like. I will google this...  If this is true then we have ourselves another NOTHING BURGER!!!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

My understanding is this did not happen. While Trump gave up day to day management of his businesses, he did not hand over complete control to his sons.

EmmittFitzhume's picture

Exactly! Like Pelosi and Pineapples ;-)

any_mouse's picture

Madame de Clinton can sell uranium deposits to, wait for it, Russians.

Not a peep from a D.

In the same incident the FBI assassinates a US citizen depriving him of his Constitutionally protected natural rights.

Not a peep from a D.

Sanctuary cities provide aid and comfort to foreign criminals in violation of US law.

Not a peep from a D.

Random foreigners stay in a Trump hotel and pay for their rooms like anyone else.

200 D's bring a suit in Court.

The government is not going to correct this behavior, the apparatchiks are complicit.

This behavior will be corrected. A pendulum is still moving after it reaches its leftmost point.

rbianco3's picture

Why not, we allow foreign agents to serve in public office, assuming they hail from the right foreign country

It's beyond repair - beyond help - but if someone leads in decisive action I'll be there to do my part

goober's picture

You mean like Uranium One and Russian energy companies as well while you are in office and have inside info and access to change any laws you desire and fund your own entities that control natural resources and mineral rights ?

Many of the DEMs do not realize how corrupted their own people are and are bringing up issues that will sink their own ships out of gross ignorance and simple idiocy. Go for it in spades. We all know Bill and Hillary are all about the "children" and only want what is best for them. 

Bam_Man's picture

The skin cream my wife uses is full of emoluments.

Encroaching Darkness's picture

"those in Congress have special standing because the Constitution’s “foreign emoluments clause” requires the president to obtain “the consent of Congress” before accepting any gifts."

Does that apply to the SoS as well? How about former presidents? Does the Clinton Foundation / CGI qualify due to their foreign "gifts"?


The hypocrisy of Democrats knows no limits.

az_patriot's picture

If the Democrats didn't have double standards, they'd have none at all.

chunga's picture

I get the feeling these people are trying to provoke me.

Duc888's picture




This is so awesome.  Seeing these morons grasp at straws....

How's it feel to be second place "winners"....you fucking losers?

I hope we have a 2 month mega heat wave this summer 'cause it will be awesome seeing these snowflakes self immolate.


Peak Finance's picture

Another fucking retarded witchhunt.

The constutition is really fuckiing clear on this point, that "Gifts" can't be accepted, foreign income derived from operating business is not a "gift" by any fucking defination of the word.

110 and never again 

az_patriot's picture

Want emoluments?  Look no further than the Clinton Foundation.  What a bunch of shitheads....

Bastiat's picture

+10  It's mind blowing.  When will the Clintons be prosecuted?

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Bastiat,

Your question is rhetorical as we're

Tyrannically Lawless.