Dramatic New Video Captures Exact Moment Shooter Opened Fire On GOP Baseball Practice

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A shocking new video has just been released by the New York Post which reveals the exact moment that the "progressive," never-Trumper James Hodgkinson opened fire on the GOP's baseball practice in Alexandria, VA.  As we noted earlier this morning, the shooting left Majority Whip Steve Scalise and 4 others hospitalized with gunshot wounds.

The video was taken by someone enjoying a stroll in the park when shooting broke out.  As many as 25 gun shots can be heard in the recording though it's unclear how many of the shots were fired by the gunman and how many were fired by police.  In the end of the video you can see people huddling around someone, presumably Scalise, in the outfield just beyond the 2nd base position.  Per the New York Post:

More than 25 bullets can be heard ripping through the air in the footage, which was captured by a witness close to the field at Eugene Simpson Stadium Park.


At one point, a man can be seen lying in the middle of the field.


“Do we know where he’s at?” the man recording the video can be heard saying. “I assume people have been calling 911 already.”


The shooting continues for several minutes, with some pauses in between the gunfire. Toward the end of the video, several gunshots are fired in quick succession, as people shout in the background.


The footage then shows several people crowd around the player on the field.

As we noted earlier, the shooter has been identified as 66-year-old, never-Trumper and Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois.  Hodgkinson has since died from gunshot wounds he incurred during a shootout with police.

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What does it say about me that I had to watch this?

AlexCharting's picture

This is nothing... go to documentingreality (and similar) for uncensored news. 

Give_me_liberty_or's picture

sounded like rand paul talking up police presence but not well armed citizenry

Handful of Dust's picture

"progressive Democrat-Bernie supporter" with ties to radical domestic terrorist groups like the DNC.

Croesus's picture

Libtard-thinking is an 'Act of Terrorism'...

It's completely dumbed-down a wide swath of people, who are so idiotic, and devoid of common sense, that it scares the shit out of me.

Handful of Dust's picture

I forgot to add above..."tolerant."

Alt RightGirl's picture

Bernie Sanders fans are starting to feel the bern

Must be the hot summer messing with their stupid heads

Portland Killer is Actually a Bernie Sanders Supporter

Art Van Delay's picture

Only this way the .gov moochers will get their dream: living in a gov camp with all expenses payed.

FEMA Camps for Bernistas !



The_Juggernaut's picture

"I assume that people are calling 911 already"


No, they're shooting video instead just like you you stupid fuck.

Drimble Wedge's picture

A lot of fucking sunlight for 5:30 AM (which is, naturally, when I usually walk around videotaping random things).


& whereby, SUNRISE for June 14, 2017 in Washington, DC is 5:42AM



Dukes's picture

First call to police was 7:09am EST, not 5:30

nmewn's picture

Hey! Isn't there some way Trump can be impeached for this? Any Comey memos? Maybe a taped phone call or two surreptitiously...I mean..."lawfully yet incidentally" obtained? 

Has Jill Stein started another fundraising drive? 

I mean, I gotta do sumpin for these hapless progs to get em all motivated again! ;-)

EddieLomax's picture

Bernie and his socialist fans might be total retards, but they're not terrorists as they do not officially endorse violence for their cause.  Antifa, Muslims, commies and others are terrorists because they do endorse violence for their cause, so the acts their followers perpentrate are organised violence.

That's why this nut is a shooter and not a terrorist, he's just being a bit more "progressive" than Bernie would.

timbuck's picture

Maybe the guy saying that was one of the ones shooting back....

Sanity Bear's picture

So what's up with those two guys hanging around the SUV who seem incredibly calm and collected and are definitely not taking cover during the whole time the shots are being heard?

General Admission's picture

^^ This

I watched a group of people recording a grass fire with their cell phones...as the fire burned toward them.

Our nation is collectively too stupid to survive.  :(

ebworthen's picture

"That was one hell of a way to start the fucking morning."

Give the guy a break, he was walking his poodle!

Syrin's picture

Good thing the dude had the aim we would expect from a limp wristed gin control pussy.

City_Of_Champyinz's picture

Thank god that he did not bother to learn the weapon and and actually practice.  I bet he just got it, watched a few movies, and assumed he would hit someone every time he pulled the trigger.  Had that been me instead there would have been many more casualties.

pkrstr9's picture

Who video-taped this? The dog?!

Alt RightGirl's picture

No animals were hurt during the making of this footage.

Or maybe they did... depends how you wanna look at it.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Still wondering why baseball practice was held at 6 in the morning.

Seriously, wtf?

lil dirtball's picture

On a Wed. no less - a work day.

It's all bullshit. This is just another hoax.


... continual crisis ...

"You live in a theme park." - Joe Walsh

Alt RightGirl's picture

Old people can't run around in 90 F weather

Bet you can't either.

stormsailor's picture

i bet you think i'm old but i can run 26.2 miles in 101 degrees, but i'm a real runner.  while they do the cocktail circuit and watch sports every week, i'm out laying down miles, when the real shit goes down i do not want to be to old, to tired, in to poor of health to be able to do everything i possibly can.


age does hamper me though.  i can't keep 4 girls up all night riding like i use to

ImGumbydmmt's picture

Just 4?

Adam West- The orignal Batman once had 8 women a night.

No kidding!


Upon finding this just thtis week, he suddely became much more of super hero to me.

stormsailor's picture

i was a poor man, didn't have a big enough bed for more.

PGR88's picture

I play in an ice-hockey league whose games are 6-7 AM.  We have referrees, unforms and everything

When the game is over, people take a shower, get dressed and GO TO WORK

What's so difficult to understand???

Bay of Pigs's picture

Okay. And why is some random guy walking around at 6am with a rifle looking to shoot people at a baseball practice? This was not the game they play every year but a practice.

I'm sure you have this all figured out too, right?

Squid Viscous's picture

because they have such important work to do a few miles north, starting at 9 am sharp!

lake's picture

It's for people who have a life.

general ambivalent's picture

Must be hard to differentiate that from Drumpfstein-thinking.

Croesus's picture

Not really, my brains get plenty of exercise.

Which hand do you wipe with, after you get done shitting in the streets, Libtard? I figure the other one's busy pickpocketing people like me, for whatever your cause-of-the-week is.

subversion's picture

The answer is simple. The libtards took over the education system years ago and teachers are today's bullies against free thinkers. I've worked in education and no one treats students shittier than teachers if their political leanings aren't 100% leftard.

Freddie's picture

WHen seconds count, 911 is minutes away.

Shooter was a union boy.  Most govt workers are union boys.

I bet Congress passes even more sanctions against Russia and Syria over this.  Shame McCain was not pitching.

Cynicles II's picture

The US Constitution clearly states the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. 

CONgress missed that part.  Moreover the Bill of RIghts speaks of natural right, "self evident". The Bill of Rights remains very clear.

SmackDaddy's picture

Fuck the consitution you Yankee federalist.  Bring back the Articles of Confederation.  

serotonindumptruck's picture

Thomas Jefferson believed that, upon conviction of a federal crime (such as murder), that the defendant "shall be put to death at 6:00am on the following morning, unless the following morning be Sunday, whereupon the condemned shall be put to death at 6:00AM on Monday morning."

TheReplacement's picture

Moral of the story being you would want to be condemned on a Saturday over any other day of the week.

Final Authority's picture

The Articles of Confederation are still the law and in full force and effect, as is the Declaration of Independence, and the Northwest Ordinance of 1787. If more people knew thier history and understood the Organic Laws and how government is supposed to work, we would not be dealing with the mess we have today.

For ease of reference, they are provided by the Office of Law Revision Counsel of the United States House of Representatives here : http://uscode.house.gov/browse/frontmatter/organiclaws&edition=prelim


Demologos's picture

Without the "Federalist" Constitution, depending on where your family lived (if they had lived in the confederation of the original 13 states) they would have soon been ruled by the British, French, Spanish, and Hapsburg Empires. Even by 1812 the British tried to militarily destroy the United States and thankfully failed. They got their asses kicked so bad that it forced them to use the fraudulent Confederacy to split the country and get us to fight each other. Divide and conquer is still alive and well it seems.

Åristotle's picture

That tyranny has all the vices both of democracy and oligarchy is evident. As of oligarchy so of tyranny, the end is wealth (for by wealth only can the tryant maintain guard and luxury). Both mistrust the people, and therefore deprive them of their arms.

Freddie's picture

Don't liberals always say Trump killed the Democracy.  I think this fat union boy half wit from Illinois even said it on his facebook page.

Another Dem union boy in Wisc lamenting how Democracy died.  LOL! Half wits.


Not that Trump-Kushner-Soros is that much better.

Trucker Glock's picture

The Bill of Rights says nothing of natural rights.

Your only natural rights are those you choose to have.  Accept the consequences of your actions if your natural rights interfere with someone else's natural rights.