Dramatic New Video Captures Exact Moment Shooter Opened Fire On GOP Baseball Practice

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A shocking new video has just been released by the New York Post which reveals the exact moment that the "progressive," never-Trumper James Hodgkinson opened fire on the GOP's baseball practice in Alexandria, VA.  As we noted earlier this morning, the shooting left Majority Whip Steve Scalise and 4 others hospitalized with gunshot wounds.

The video was taken by someone enjoying a stroll in the park when shooting broke out.  As many as 25 gun shots can be heard in the recording though it's unclear how many of the shots were fired by the gunman and how many were fired by police.  In the end of the video you can see people huddling around someone, presumably Scalise, in the outfield just beyond the 2nd base position.  Per the New York Post:

More than 25 bullets can be heard ripping through the air in the footage, which was captured by a witness close to the field at Eugene Simpson Stadium Park.


At one point, a man can be seen lying in the middle of the field.


“Do we know where he’s at?” the man recording the video can be heard saying. “I assume people have been calling 911 already.”


The shooting continues for several minutes, with some pauses in between the gunfire. Toward the end of the video, several gunshots are fired in quick succession, as people shout in the background.


The footage then shows several people crowd around the player on the field.

As we noted earlier, the shooter has been identified as 66-year-old, never-Trumper and Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois.  Hodgkinson has since died from gunshot wounds he incurred during a shootout with police.

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Any pro shooters here? (just an ameture here) 

I am thinking he didn't sight the fucking gun before the attack? Every shot was way off and he didn't even understand why?

What else makes sense really?  

Sick Underbelly's picture


The suicide bombers and mujahideen, supposedly, crank up on methamphetamine coctails.  His actions don't appear to be hyped up as one would expect from the description of meth use.

His being quiet and "standing still", screams of dissocication, or not being in your body.  His lack of accuracy could be because he never trained in that state.  Ketamines fit the picture very well.

didthatreallyhappen's picture

or with muzzle flip he was way high for each followup shot

Twox2's picture

"I am thinking he didn't sight the fucking gun before the attack? Every shot was way off and he didn't even understand why?

What else makes sense really?"

Open sights, infrequent practice, no rest/bipod, old eyes, adrenaline rush, moving...and AK's aren't the most accurate rifles...

Tachyonic's picture

Waiting for first post critical of the police action in this situation.

Interested_Observer's picture

All the folks at the end, "Shoot him!, Shoot him". 

This video clip makes more sense with the reports of the number of shots fired.

SantaClaws's picture

Fortunately it seems the shooter was not a very good marksman.  Maybe he was a better aim on his facebook attacks.

A tragic but classic example of the polarized proposed solutions:  general gun control versus private right to carry and defend the self.  How about both?  The average person doesn't have a police detail.

SantaClaws's picture

Can you think of any category of persons who, in your view, presumptively perhaps should not be granted a private carry permit?  I assume you can.  For example, persons who have been convicted of designated prior acts of violence while using a firearm.  Another example, persons diagnosed with one or more psychotic disorders who are dependent on anti-psychotic medication to control their certified psychotic symptoms.

bowie28's picture

Perhaps it should be illegal for someone convicted of violent felony with a firearm to own or possess one.  But the law should ONLY apply to those people.

As for the rest of us, you have it backwards.  There should be no need or requirement to ask permission or be "granted a permit" or register your gun with the government. Go look at the gun confiscation videos from Hurricane Katrina to understand why you don't want your guns listed in a gov registry.  At the time you most need to be armed the gov will disarm you, for your own protection of course.

Criminals will ignore your laws and permit requirements.  They will always be armed.  The police will not arrive in time to protect you.  They will arrive after your are dead to fill out the paperwork.

Any citizen who has not been convicted of a violent crime should be free to own a gun without asking permission of anyone or registering it with anyone. 

The government has proven to be corrupt and incompetent on every level and in everything they do.  Government kills more people by far than any other entity.  Allowing them to disarm the citizens always ends badly.  Gun licensing and registration laws for people who have committed no crime are simply two steps down that path - and are unconstitutional.

stormsailor's picture

or anybody that has a "service dog" to keep them calm

didthatreallyhappen's picture

sounds like you want to disarm all democrats

bowie28's picture

Who is this guy recording? Sounds like John C. Riley.

Why did he just happen to start recording as the shooting started? 

Why does most of the video seem to focus on a fence and avoid several people who appear to be standing around, not running or hiding?

Why are there multiple segments missing from the video?  What was edited out?

For example 40 secs it jumps from a rake being in the middle of the view to a post and you can see this in other places.

Looking a little suspicious...


Sorry_about_Dresden's picture

Yes! The editing is suspent! Why edit?????? Why are large parts of the film fram obscured, blurred? 

The footage was, obviously, wider and someone truncated the frame, for some reason?

Laughing.Man's picture

I'm going to be that guy, why do people continue to film in vertical?

yellowsub's picture

It looks like he's fearing for his life so let's give him slack for that and not having a gimbal for smoother video.

John McCloy's picture

  Guy fires over 50 shots..catches them off guard...doesn't kill a single person and it the only one who ends up SHOT dead Thank God...Jesus this guy was a fucking lefty brainwashed loser at everything in life wasn't he...

Bay of Pigs's picture

I don't believe any of this shit anymore. The clip proved absolutely nothing.

OCnStiggs's picture

This is the problem with a mainstream news media that issues incessant FAKE NEWS items. Eventually, no one trusts or believes anything.

Unless we get the hate-filled leftist Democrat leadership to take responsibility for this, we won't resolve anything. More and more hate-filled mentals will act out and more will die.

Our country is in tatters because we let George Soros into the White House for the last 8 years. He was THE NUMBER ONE most frequent visitor the first two years and they intentionally left him off the visitor log. I can say this with certainty, the mid-term elections will reflect the anger held by the American voter. The obstructionists and the RINOs will be sent home in droves. Stand up America or you WILL lose your country. We are literally that close.

dirty fingernails's picture

You still think voting matters?

iamerican4's picture

Accent was wrong for the area. Seems staged.

Shpedly's picture

Almost worthless reading any posts around here anymore.

WillyGroper's picture

that footage was so dramatic!

just a slice in the middle with either side blurred.

a pan to a scrum & a nothing burger.

Swamp Yankee's picture

Fight crime.


Return fire.

Apocalicious's picture

Somebody is filming everywhere, always. 

festerd's picture

Targeting electors does seem to ratchet things up a bit from the mere mundane violence.  Might be just me, tho.

trillion_dollar_deficit's picture

Damn horizontal phone holders.

Incorporated by inference's picture

How is it, someone's first reaction is to grab their phone, start videotaping and conclude with what a poor way to start their morning. A true social media hero. I can hear the interview now. Will mention the whole event was "surreal"

Interested_Observer's picture

Younger generations who live life in 'virtual reality'. Detached somewhat. They have a phone and can video that's all they can do is continue this cycle of video reality vs real life. If they have 'real life' experience it's only because of direct influence of their caregivers (parents/grandparents) who choose reality to educate and teach. 

iamerican4's picture

..."taking cover" behind a chain-link fence. smells fake.

XOFnews's picture

at 2:38 - looks like a hearst?

Madcow's picture

For many months now, prominant Liberals have been demanding that Democrats resist ... blow up the white house ... chop off the President's head ... stab the President ... etc.  At the same time, they've continued to encourage their Liberal base to physically attack conservative demonstrators, hit people over the head with pipes and bike locks, etc and have steadfastly refused to condemn the violence and mayhem.

Why should anyone be suprised about what is now happening?  

I for one am not a Trump supporter but was relieved to see HRC lose. Had the Democrats won the White House, I imagine they'd now be going door to door roudning up and executing everyone not able to prove having recently committed a financial crime or sex crime. 


Bryan's picture

The Leftist powers that be tacitly incite this kind of violence because they are too scared to do it themselves.  The power of the mob can be brutal, and they are fanning the flames exactly to spawn stuff like this.  They'll deny it of course, but their twisted reality demands death for those to oppose them.

Jethro's picture

Leftists want a civil war.  They just want somebody else to fight it for them.

European American's picture

With all those shots, it would seem there would have been a massacre.

Able Ape's picture

Nice chain link fence!  As long as you can still hear the shots, you're OK; it's when they stop that you have problems...That was my motto during my gov't sponsored tour of Vietnam...

Sick Underbelly's picture

There's always many thoughts like "where're they moving?  can they see me? need cover, now." 

Jethro's picture

"I'm up.  They see me!  I'm down!"

Obviously works better as a bounding movement with covering fire...

DirtySanchez's picture

How does one fire off 50-100 rounds and kill no one???

Fucking idiot couldn't even kill correctly.

Leftists are mentally ill and should check themselves in at the local insane asylum.

Another option is to visit the local vet and ask to be put down.

SmedleyButlersGhost's picture

"How does one fire off 50-100 rounds and kill no one?? Fucking idiot couldn't even kill correctly."

Graduate of Lee Harvey Oswald Sniper School.


Jethro's picture

He might have been engaged early on by security.  Plus, the dude was using an SKS....so, maybe minute-of-barn accuracy.  Combine the two, and you get a shit-show.  The video had a few incoming rounds if I heard correctly...ay least that is very close to what it sounds like when you get shot at.

No argument about leftists.  Fucking whack-jobs. 

SmedleyButlersGhost's picture

Maybe a virgin turd threw him off balance?

EDIT -  I'm trying to follow some advice to 'clean up my act' and so revise that post to read: maybe he got distracted?

Jethro's picture

Man, "clean up your act"?  You caused some butt hurt somewhere didnt you?  HAHAHAHA!  That might crimp your style though!  it would mine....

Shpedly's picture

Well thankfully he didn't kill anyone but what made you think that a fucked up Democrat could ever have that skill?

Harry Lightning's picture

Ten liberals should be made to pay for this one imbecile, since it is liberal lies and hysteria that incited this.

Next time it should be 100 liberals. 

Then 1000.

Until finally the bank of liberals in this country goes bankrupt.