EU Sues Poland, Hungary And Czech Republic For Refusing To Accept Refugees

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The European Commission has launched a legal case against Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, for refusing to take in asylum seekers, escalating a bitter feud within the 28-nation bloc about how to deal with the Pandora's box opened up Angela Merkel's 2015 "Open Door" policy (since shut).

The reason for Brussels' ire is that the eurosceptic governments in Poland and Hungary refused to take in anyone under a plan agreed by a majority of EU leaders in 2015 to relocate migrants from frontline states Italy and Greece to help ease their burden. The Czech Republic initially accepted 12 people but has since said it would not welcome more. It is perhaps worth noting that the three countries are among the very few who have had virtually no terrorist attacks in the past two years.

At stake in the dispute is the bloc's unity, already tested by Britain's unprecedented decision to leave, weak economies and higher support for eurosceptic parties across the EU. Beyond its borders, the EU is also facing what it says is a "threat" from Russia and a foundering new relationship with President Donald Trump. But two years of arm-wrestling have so far produced no results and EU leaders are unlikely to be able to break the impasse when they discuss the matter next week in Brussels, according to Reuters.

In September 2015, EU ministers took up a plan to relocate over 100,000 migrants who have already reached the continent, throughout Europe. However, not all EU states have found the measures acceptable, saying that the migrant crisis cannot be solved through obligatory quotas. The Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary have staunchly opposed the plan. Despite warnings from Brussels, Budapest is determined to tighten its policy towards asylum seekers and carry on with its own border fence plan.

It all culminated yesterday, when Europe finally took legal action against the holdout states.

"I regret to see that, despite our repeated calls to pledge to relocate, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland have not yet taken the necessary action," the EU's migration commissioner, Dimitris Avramopoulos, told a news conference cited by Reuters. He said the Commission was therefore launching so-called infringement procedures against the three, a way for the executive arm to take to task countries that fail to meet their obligations.

It opens the way for months, even years, of legal wrangling before a top EU court could potentially impose fines.

Earlier, in an statement the commission said that the three EU states have acted “in breach of their legal obligations,” adding that it had previously warned the countries to observe “their commitments to Greece, Italy and other member states.” The Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland “have not yet taken the necessary action,” the statement says, claiming that the three EU members “have not yet relocated a single person.”

“Against this background… the Commission has decided to launch infringement procedures against these three Member States.” Since January, other countries within the bloc have relocated almost 10,300 people from Italy and Greece, according to the commission. “The pace of relocation has significantly increased,” it added, saying it has witnessed “a fivefold increase” compared to the same period last year. In total, nearly 21,000 asylum-seekers have been distributed throughout Europe, some 14,000 from Greece and the rest from Italy.

The prosecuted states were not amused.

"From the political point of view, this action ... unnecessarily heats up political tensions, of which there are already too many in the European Union," Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Konrad Szymanski told state TV on Tuesday. He also called the 2015 plan “erroneous,” and argued that Warsaw contributes to solving the migrant crisis by “engaging in protection of EU’s external borders and systematically strengthening its humanitarian involvement in the region.”

"If necessary, Poland is ready to defend its legal arguments in court" he concluded.

"The Czech Republic does not agree with the system of relocation," Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said in response calling Brussels' plan to deal with migrants “dysfunctional.”

"With regard to the worsened security situation in Europe and dysfunctionality of the quota system, it will not participate in it. The European Commission blindly insists on pushing ahead with dysfunctional quotas which decreased citizens’ trust in EU abilities and pushed back working and conceptual solutions to the migration crisis."

In a separate legal battle on the matter, Hungary and Slovakia have challenged the relocation agreement in a top EU court, with an initial indication of the ruling due next month.

The former Soviet satellite nations rightfully justify their stance on asylum seekers by citing security concerns, noting a series of militant Islamist attacks in western Europe since late 2015. The bulk of refugees come from the mainly Muslim Middle East and North Africa. Their resistance to what they present as pressure from Brussels also earns them credit with eurosceptic voters at home.

Many other EU states have also dragged their feet over taking in refugees, with fewer than 21,000 people relocated from Italy and Greece so far under a plan that had been due to cover 160,000 people. As a reminder, the EU has been using the Greek bank insolvency as leverage, forcing Greece to house "temporarily" thousands of refugees until a permanent place is found for them somewhere else. Needless to say, the process has ground to a halt.

Meanwhile, wealthier EU states including Italy - which is now the main gateway to Europe for African migrants and refugees - have threatened to reduce generous development funds earmarked to help the easterners close the gap in living standards.

* * *

The Commission is backed in the feud by Germany and Sweden, countries that took in most of the people who arrived in the EU; the two - together with France - have been hit by an unprecedented series of refugee terrorist attacks, usually by ISIS sympathizers.  Not surprisingly, Brussels' confidence has been boosted by ardently pro-EU French President Emmanuel Macron's victory over eurosceptics and nationalists, which gave the EU a renewed confidence a year after Brexit thrust it into an existential crisis.

But Avramopoulos said the timing of the decision came after the executive had been warning governments for months to change tack and had simply "exhausted all options" with the holdouts. An EU official said that despite its legal challenge, Slovakia had heeded the call to take in refugees and so escaped sanction.

After more than a million migrants and refugees reached the EU in 2015, mostly via Greece, Brussels sealed an accord with non EU-member Turkey that sharply cut the overall number of arrivals, though the deal was criticised by rights groups. Turkey has used the deal as a bargaining chip to obtain funding from Europe and allowed Erdogan to usurp effectively supreme power while arresting over 100,000 without as much as a peep from its "humanitarian" European neighbors.

Meanwhile, Italy remains under pressure, but the EU treats the vast majority of the 64,000 people who made it to Italian shores this year as migrants - rather than refugees requiring legal protection - and does not plan to let them stay, as Europe's "open doors" are now mostly shut.

The internal EU dispute over relocating asylum-seekers is a political one about values, as Avramopoulos stressed in his renewed appeal to the easterners. "Europe is not only about requesting funds or ensuring security. Europe is also about sharing difficult moments and challenges," he said.

For now, the "easterners" have told Brussels to shove it. It is unlikely this will change any time soon unless the EU imposes further pressure, which in turn threatens to tear apart the already fragile union.

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Well this will definitely make the UK want to stay!



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As my Czech Mrs. responded earlier today when I shared this little gem with her...

"Fuck the EU." 


Honestly... these fuckers are dictatorial fascists.  They are breaking the EU apart by their actions - which of course is a good thing. 


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Keep digging your own grave Brussels, the sooner you people are nothing but a skid mark on the underwear of history, the better.

Ponder the arrogance for a moment though, demanding a sovereign people import third world squatters who hate them.

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Key here is who's courts are they being sued in?!

Start BREXIT now, better to just get the shit show over with early.

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Now we know why the EU wants its own standing armies.

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EUCCP can't really mess with them since they still have their own currencies.

But is good to see EU crumbling from both sides, West = Brexit and East.

If you want your muslims, you can keep your muslims!

Eastern Europe Safe From Terror, But Takes No Migrants

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The Light COMES from the East.


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The Greeks and Italians are weak and it's their own fault they took so many migrants. The Italian Navy (FFS) acting as a taxi service to take migrants from outside Libya, directly to Italian soil. Serves them right. Lots of respect for Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland for sticking to their guns. They joined the EU for easy money off the back of German Industry, not all the shit that goes with it. They would do better to turn East economically. The EU is now over extended and Germany can't afford to keep the family together. France is the biggest beneficiary of Germay. Macron will lick Merkel's arse butt for their financial support, all the while he will try to bring more austerity. The French have no idea what they've let themselves in for and they will have to sell their souls to Merkels multicultural dream, although they seem quite happy with that so no big deal for them.

Italy and Spain are totally screwed and Herr Merkel can't afford to keep those 2 bankrupt states going. Whichever way you look at it, the EU will implode, or at best will contract. It can't happen too soon.

As an aside, I was in a local bar last night speaking to a French guy who had a couple of Poruguese "amis" with him. One was explianing that wages were so poor in Portugal (or should that be Poortugal?) due to the influx of Morrocans, that they moved to France where wages are better. In turn you have the French and everyone else moving to the UK for similar reasons. The whole foundation that gave better wages in the more prosperous countries was because of the industialism of the indigenous people of those nations. There's nowhere to run to for economic safety for people of those nations so we'd all better get used to being undermined by third world people with no skills, but a work ethic born due to coming from places with no welfare. Nearly there now. We go full circle and those that have spent time in generously paying nations get the "habit" of welfare and join the rest of those that want free shit. At that point we all implode and the 4 horsemen come running amok. God save us.

August's picture

A decision reached by the German Chancellor is binding on all EU member states.


(it's all right there in the fine print, ass-clowns)

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They should counter sue and say that since Merkel caused the problem that all the immigrants that they were supposed to accept should go to Gemrany.  Let Merkel explain that to her people.  The woman is a cunt who cares not a whiff about her people.

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Convenient that these are the only European countries I'm interested in visiting. 

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Funny they've been skidmarks before

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Marine Le Pen said in an interview that the EU charges i think 230k EUR per a refugee a country refuses to accept. I said that to my Swedish docotr friend - he thinks it's a bargain

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I hope Poland and the Czech Republic agree to take as many refugees as the EU wants to give them, 

and then they build "detention" centers literally directly on the border with Germany, and provide free one-way bus rides to Berlin four times daily from the camp.  

Then again, Poland already has enough camps build to house some 6 million people ... 

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sounds like a plan ... dont rule it out thats the idea to start with.  probably merkel mother figure can go so far got to change the avenues


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Poles, Czechs and Hungarians at any time can say that they were victims of Russian hackers.

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Stay strong, my brothers!!!!

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>Then again, Poland already has enough camps build to house >some 6 million people ...

...complete with swimming pools, recreational facilities, medical facilities...

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Yes, very good. But let her tell us how she's going to do it.

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EU = Fourth Reich. Get out while you can...and don't forget your goats.

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Yeah "Fourth Reich."  So sick of hearing that applied to what Merkel is doing to Europe. She's trying to destroy Germany not build it into a Reich.  

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I thought Poland already took in thousands of refugees.  They were from Ukraine. 

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"Destroy your country, or else!"  Pure evil at work here boys and girls.

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Is it clear yet?  We (white people) lost WWII.

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No...we won the initial part...the Zios just continued on... and they successfully convinced your politicians to accept the third world in an effort to destroy these countries for their own advantage and to destroy the Western societies that they have always resented.

Until people wake up and realize we are still in a war and destroy the real enemy, this destruction will continue.

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Did the tower collapse?NO?Then,it's FAKE NEWS!

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Slowakia breaking ranks is no surprise : it wants to dilute it`s gypsie problem with lesser thieves to boot.

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EU sues Poland, Hungary And Czech Republic for not bending over and accepting #whitegenocide.

PTR's picture

One imaginary entity sues several other imaginary entities.  

Pass the popcorn.


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Aw, but terrorism deaths are just "part and parcel" of living in the EU.

TheGardener's picture

For imaginary  "commitments to Greece, Italy and other member states ".

Of which they should sue for breach of common security

assurance and economic zone contract. Unfettered foreign invasion was never part of the deal and violates every single citizens rights

in a questionable sovereign defense setup calling for local militias to take control.

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When I upvoted, your score went from 4 to 40 !

Still doubting ?

No other sign shall be given.

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Hungarians via Victor Orban should offer the Italians 10,000 Hungarian Military - to go to Italy and transfer 10,000 Invaders back to Africa - in lieu of taking NOT one!

show the Italians how to round them up / consolidate / tatoo / bulk ship / off load in Libya - if they come back and Tatoo is identified shoot them in the head immediately

then tell Brussels - Hungary belongs to the Hungarians not the EU for a dumping ground!!!!!!!!


fuck em all

Omen IV's picture

Hungarians via Victor Orban should offer the Italians 10,000 Hungarian Military - to go to Italy and transfer 10,000 Invaders back to Africa - in lieu of taking NOT one!

show the Italians how to round them up / consolidate / tatoo / bulk ship / off load in Libya - if they come back and Tatoo is identified shoot them in the head immediately

then tell Brussels - Hungary belongs to the Hungarians not the EU for a dumping ground!!!!!!!!


fuck em all

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Fuck the EU


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Last time Poland crossed fuhrer they got invaded. This time around it,s just a lawsuit. They got off easily.

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war coming...


eu just another zionist creation...


they are trying to take it all......and it all started in america with the fed

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Rapists telling souvereign countries to accept rapists.

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Good. Keep the 3rd world filth out.

I-am-not-one-of-them-'s picture

wouldn't have refugees if the axis of evil weren't bombing their countries

why aren't the EU discussing that?

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That's a buncha bullshit. Why so many Turks and Pakistani, et al, migrants? I was in Frankfurt am Main recently- down by the train station, nothing but Turks ten deep for five blocks. Had to walk into the street to pass by.

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Those guys were all "New Germans".

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Deutschländer is the precise and morbid term.

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And their Turkish food stops on every German street corner smell like fucking arm pit. Disgusting.

Anyone know where I can get a good German meal in Frankfurt, Saar Brucken or Dortmund?

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No, but i could point you to some hot places in Duesseldorf!