Retail Sales Tumble Most Since January 2016 As Gasoline, Electronics Sales Slump

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This is not supposed to happen...

Headline retail sales tumbled 0.3% MoM in May, the biggest drop since January 2016 (and all the weather-related malarkey that was blamed on).

Core retail sales also dropped the same...

Retail sales less autos fell 0.3% in May, notably worse than the expectation of a 0.1% rise.

  • Retail sales forecast range -0.3% to 0.3% from 79 economists surveyed
  • Retail sales rose 0.4% in April
  • Retail sales fell to $473.808b in May vs $475.009b in April
  • Retail sales ex-auto dealers, building materials and gasoline stations unchanged in May
  • Retail sales ‘control group’ unchanged m/m in May

The breakdown show a big tumble in Electronics and appliance stores, along with gasoline prices.


This is the weakest YoY retail sales growth since the election and continues to signal that despite record high stock market indices, all is not at all well in 'Murica.

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spastic_colon's picture

what is the definition of insane again??

ejmoosa's picture

Let's add to that definition building more additional retail space...

nathan1234's picture


People who believe in the Current Financial System

Bryan's picture

USD down, US equities up up up today!  Count on it!


Ricki13th's picture

Stocks never go down on Fed days. The markets will buy the dip to save face.

small axe's picture

buying the latest iPhone ... definition of insane?

ejmoosa's picture

I've no Iphone.  But where I used to get a new phone every two years(since they seemed to magically start malfunctioning as the two years concluded), my latest Samsung has been working for 3 1/2 years.

That has to have a major impact when the replacement cycles for these products get longer and longer.

There really are no "can't wait to upgrade" products as we once had.  The game has changed.  And it will never be the same again.


Full Court Lugenpresse's picture

Agreed. I use a 3yo Motorola smartphone and it still works as well as the day I got it (and frankly it's still way more phone than I need). I might pick up a new battery for it someday soon, but otherwise I'll carry it until it falls apart. New phones haven't given me any compelling reason to upgrade.

nathan1234's picture

Very sensible decision

Remember to take out your money immediately, withdraw cash etc OR you will find yourself Corzined as in MF Global.

All those who trade today in fact face this risk.

mily's picture

It was just a general joke, snatch snippet shows what will happen to vol sellers

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''This is the weakest YoY retail sales growth since the election and continues to signal that despite record high stock market indices, all is not at all well in 'Murica.''

Shit hasnt been well in a long ass time. Everything turning to shit as right on cue. Hike those rate Ms. Yellen, I hope she wears purple.

wmbz's picture

I did all that I could to help out. The only thing I have purchased lately are groceries.

lester1's picture

Time for PPT to start buying up clothes at department stores!

Crypto-World-Order's picture

Do you see the PPT everywhere in your life?

Food Loaf Junkie's picture

That's just it, you are not supposed to see them, just observe the effect.  And BUY BUY BUY!!!  :-)

sudzee's picture

Rate hike will impose another half trillion hit on an already exhausted consumer. 

unplugged's picture

so the rothschilds own the FED - and they will serve themselves and their banker/elite buddies - and only their banker/elite buddies - if it happens to help anyone else it was by chance

Silverhog's picture

I just put $1200 into my 2006 Jeep with 140,000+ miles. Just "broken in" compared to how long I'm planning to drive it. Air conditioning does not work, almost like the 1930's again. 

baldknobber's picture

The problem with new cars when the ac goes bad is that they are aerodynamically designed for mileage not air flow . No wing windows,  no true vents the air goes around the car and is noisy as fuck. I remember as kid driving to St. Louis for our once a year Cardinal game ( always a double header) The big 64 Dodge station wagon rolling down the interstate all the windows open, Dad smoking like a chimney and you could still hear each other talk. On the flip side any motor with over 100,000 on it was considered in need of a rebuild

Snaffew's picture

I fixed my AC....I installed new window crank handles---works fine now when cruising down the road @ 70mph.

spastic_colon's picture

if there was ever a reason to audit, not only the fed, but every single .gov data anyone really surprised that CPI came in soft?? yet no one will ask why inflation after 9 years is still benign if everything is so great......

Full Court Lugenpresse's picture

Really revolting how the Fed "can't find any inflation" despite:

- Brutally unaffordable housing in every remotely desirable part of the country

- 10% YoY increases in healthcare and college costs for practically my whole lifetime, and 

- A stock market bubble just a couple % from being more overvalued than 2000

They are lying out their asses with full mens rea.

Xena fobe's picture

Members of the Fed should take up baaeball.

sharkalert's picture

We have entered the "Jimmy Carter MALAISE Days." Until the American Capitalists receive a New Deal from Washington expect all economic activity to continue to soften. Resignation is the sign of the times!


Winston Churchill's picture

More like the Obozo narcolepsy.

corporatewhore's picture

Obamacare up; Groceries up; Real Estate Taxes up; Country Club costs up (LOL!)--what's left to spend?

I am Jobe's picture

Netflix is still affordable .  Apps are plenty and there is wekeend partying that nothing is wrong today.

unplugged's picture

and the kardashians are still on tv

I am Jobe's picture

More Malls needed. 

More Theme Parks Needed

More Entertainment is needed

Things are looking great 

unplugged's picture

more debt needed

wake me up when any of the supposed "bad stats" make a damn bit of difference

until then, zzzzzzzzz.......

Snaffew's picture

I'm building a cinema 32 complex with a giant BestBuy Box store next to it surrounded by a Fudruckers and an Applebees.  "If you build it they will come"...should be great for the banks.

gregga777's picture

Right!  Because those independently wealthy 102 MILLION unemployed working age Americans have so much free time on their hands.  Ain't America great?  

Last of the Middle Class's picture

The high cost of propping up the stawk market with unlimited QE called PPT along with the Obamacare wealth redistribution act. If we can get a carbon credit tax in the works, everything will be fucking perfect.

Russdiamon's picture

Some pretty negative news. Right around the time this guy has been calling for a drop, he’s been doing so since awhile ago too. Having him to listen to for market timing is a big help to my trading. You should really see what he’s saying. It’s great stuff.

check this out

Silver Savior's picture

I did my part to contribute to the weak spending numbers. Just for the financial system. If an environment is not going to be created where I feel safe spending today and I don't have to worry about losing my ass tomorrow then I will just hoard value. Screw the crony elite!

aliens is here's picture

I smell Russians colluded with the retailers to make Americans shope less.

TrustbutVerify's picture

Buy an (American-made) car that gets better gas mileage and keep more of your (or someone else's) hard earned money in your bank account - or use it to pay off debt.

gregga777's picture

What?  Having 102 MILLION unemployed working age Americans has consequences?  Who would have guessed that?  Well, besides the 90% of Americans who keep getting poorer every year.

InnVestuhrr's picture

Personal Datapoint: I have sold thousands of items on eBay, always with brisk demand, but since Jan eBay sales have been ZERO.