Suspect Reportedly Asked "Are Those Republicans Or Democrats" Before Starting To Shoot

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Today's dramatic shooting attack on Congressmen during an early morning baseball practice appears to have been politically motivated.

According to RealClearNews reporter Rebecca Berg, "Rep. Jeff Duncan plans to give a statement to police regarding a conversation he had with the shooter before leaving practice early" and she notes that "The man was wearing running clothes, asked Duncan: "Are those Republicans or Democrats out there practicing?""

Fox confirms, quoting Rep. DeSantis according to whom, the "Man Asked Whether Republicans or Dems Were on Field Before Scalise Shooting"

She adds: "Amazing heroism: Rep. Brooks tells CNN one member of security detail was shot in leg, still helped tend to Scalise afterward"

Meanwhile, Rand Paul told MSNBC that "Scalise being at practice “saved everybody else’s life. W/o leadership person there would’ve been no security there.”

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tmosley's picture

Time to put those FEMA camps to good use.

MagicHandPuppet's picture

Violent Dummycrats have been restless ever since their last militant terrorist arm, the KKK, became so unpopular.

SWRichmond's picture

Definitely time for more heated rhetoric, talks of impeachment, nullifying people's input into their government, Russia Russia Russia.  Can we schedule another round of killing the emperor depictions?

nmewn's picture

I'm still trying to figure out why a fatwa hasn't been issued by ISIS on her for "cultural misappropriation".

Apparently the progs get moar "sensitivity & understanding" out of them than anyone else  ;-)

MANvsMACHINE's picture

Why am I paying these guys to play baseball?

barndoor's picture

Even if this was targeted against Republicans, I wouldn't bet the farm on a leftist shooter.  More like 50/50 odds on hard left vs. hard right.

froze25's picture

Its a leftist Radical, would like to see the name of the perp.

eclectic syncretist's picture

Sounds pretty obvious that it was politically motivated if the guy asked if they were thugs or craps. Since he shot the thugs though, the MSM will inundate the public with messages that it was NOT politically motivated. In truth, this tragedy can probably be laid at the feet of the MSM.

Occams_Razor_Trader's picture

I'm almost 100% sure they'll use his middle name!

barndoor's picture

I realize it's a pussy move to suggest 50/50 odds.  It basically means I'm right either way.

Déjà view's picture

Either strike out or walk...

nmewn's picture

Well the perp did ask, was given an answer and only then...began shooting.

So no. 

Anyone seen Scott Foval or Robert Creamer lately? 

Again,  jus askin  ;-)

2thepeople's picture

Because they sure as shit aren't any good at being a politician

barndoor's picture

Even if this was targeted against Republicans, I wouldn't bet the farm on a leftist shooter.  More like 50/50 odds on hard left vs. hard right.

Chupacabra-322's picture

If my gut feeling is right. The Americans Pepole's tolerance with the absolute, open, in your Face

Tyrannical Lawlessness

Amongst these Criminals has run its course. Either arrests of the obvious perpetrators takes place or the fabric which holds together our fragile Society &Institutions will erupt in bedlam, mayhem & chaos.

The Order out of which Chaos has been artificially manufactured & manipulated & stolen by the Failed Institutions & Criminally Highly Compartmentalized Individuals within them that run them.

This is a civil war in progress. One front is full spectrum dominance on consciousness. Another front is law. Another, sovereignty. Another is education. We the People are the true enemies of the state. The state wants to demoralize us. Dumb us down, divide us. Confuse us in the fog of war. This fake news meme is new while propaganda is not so new. Everything is weaponized from food to health care to the economy. The technology in our homes spies on us. Durable goods are designed to fail. Welfare and SNAP wine in the fountains, bread and circus. It can get depressing.

Power is vested in the people. This is always the truth. People choose to give up their power. My point is that on the one hand there is the Truth. On the other hand there is concensus reality.

It all comes back to law. One law that can never be corrupted is the law of nature. Nature wastes nothing. Nature finds equilibrium. Life is everywhere. Mechanics are inviolable. Consensus reality is relativism that consents to untruth, lawlessness, theft, waste, and other unnatural and immoral measures to empower a few at the expense of the many. Many snowflakes like this. They love thier slavery dearly. And they mimic thier idols. So far as I know there is no other species on this earth as creative and amazing as the homo sapien sapien. But for some reason we trade our power for free shit and consent to falsehood.

equity_momo's picture

Wont take long to establish that. I bet he left his drivers liscence or passport on 1B.


Bastiat's picture

No description of the shooter?  Where's the police sketch?

equity_momo's picture

The artist is waiting to be told what type of patsy to draw.

William Foster's picture

The police artist broke his only crayon while trying to soften the edges of the cardboard cutout?

eclectic syncretist's picture

The CIA/FBI/NSA ect. have to get his social media profiles scrubbed and erase all other electronic records so that they can propagandize a deep state narrative consistent with a banana republic, and not a true democracy.

TwelveOhOne's picture

I bet he left his drivers liscence or passport on 1B.

On first base.  Okay, well, I guess that answers the "who"...

ejmoosa's picture

Are they Republicans or Democrats?  Obviously this guy is insane.  


Everyone knows that they are all the same.

tmosley's picture

That is not correct. The Republicans know how to lose, and don't continually up the stakes after a loss until they are killing people in the streets.

Democrats do.

Their policies may have been much the same prior to Trump taking over the Republican Party, but even that is out the window now.

The Wizard's picture

Republicans are much better deceivers than in your face socialist Demos.

The One Party rules.

dasein211's picture

Republicans hole up in some shithole county in Oregon and pretend like a war is going on and ask for Vanilla creamer as a top need. Liberals just star shooting. See how that works.

ejmoosa's picture

They all have their roles to play, and they do it quite well.  

Pretty sure we still have Obamacare, No Wall, and immigration?  Well, I guess we'll have to wait until after the next election.  

And, as always, it will be the most important election in my lifetime.

ejmoosa's picture

“The only reason why any of us walked out of this thing, by the grace of God, one of the folks here had a weapon to fire back and give us a moment to find cover. We were inside the backstop and if we didn’t have that cover by a brave person who stood up and took a shot themselves, we would not have gotten out of there and every one of us would have been hit — every single one of us,” said Bishop. “He was coming around the fence line and he was looking for all of us who had found cover in different spots. But if we didn’t have return fire right there, he would have come up to each one of us and shot us point-blank.”


Let's see who in the Lamestream media repeat this quote today.

Nunyadambizness's picture

I've got 3:1 that Fox uses it, and no other MSM outlet dares breathe a word of it.    

Bastiat's picture

"Republican uses gun to intimidate protestor"

defender1be's picture

Don't matter if its not reported. Wat matters is that this experience will make these republicans very pro gun ownership.

Déjà view's picture

Switch hitters...
Some have more power batting left...some right...

DblAjent's picture

"The truth is One, the sages know it by many names." -Rig Veda

"The party is One, the serfs know it by many names." -Shadow GOV Policy memoranda

HRClinton's picture

Jamie and Lloyd are relieved. At least he didn't ask...

Are those JPM or GS players?

Occams_Razor_Trader's picture

Although both parties are moving in the same direction. The Dems are moving faster- so you shoot them first.

J Jason Djfmam's picture

He probably just wanted to know how much to lead them.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Like there's a difference?

I mean....really.

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

The Great DC War of 2017 has been escalated.  Where to from here?

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Call in the the West Virginia militia, time to clear the streets of DC. Antifa, shelter in place now!

Jubal Early's picture

History is repeating...

Antifa=Roter Frontkämpferbund

Notice the commies arriving by the truckload just as Antifa arrive by the Soros-sponsored busload now.

DieselChadron's picture

civil war 2.0.  the lines have been drawn.  everywhere you look, groups of people hate each other.. all by design of course.  the country breaks up nicely into 5 parts: the south, the north, the midwest, the west, and Mormon country.  Install puppet leaders into each new country and the job is complete.

Nunyadambizness's picture

I used to live in UT, I'd hate to see anyone try and invade there--It wouldn't end well for the invaders, I'm afraid.  Same with Alabama, I've been told, and I would guess TX is up there as well.  More guns than people in some of these states I think.  Let the fun begin!

sgt_doom's picture


That's exactly what the Jesuits taught us when we were growing up . . . always ask the next question!


taketheredpill's picture



"But they are politicians...right?"


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Are you fascinated with that thing between your legs or can you not shake it loose?

<I had to ask since......never mind.>