Political Disorder Syndrome - "Refusal To Reason Is The New Normal"

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Authored by Daniel Henninger, op-ed via The Wall Street Journal,

Public Theater should cancel its Trump assassination play... But it won’t.

James T. Hodgkinson, who on Wednesday shot Republican Rep. Steve Scalise and four others, posted this on his Facebook page March 22: “Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.”

Sitting in the dying light of World War I, the poet T.S. Eliot wrote, “I had not thought death had undone so many.” What’s our excuse? Displays of political or social excess seem to be everywhere. Whatever once fastened the doors of people’s minds to something secure and stable has become unhinged.

Some thought the apotheosis of political derangement had been reached when celebrity Kathy Griffin posted a video of herself holding the bloody, severed head of Donald Trump.

But that wasn’t the end of it. We may assume that as Ms. Griffin was creating her video, the artists at New York’s Public Theater were rehearsing their production of “ Julius Caesar, ” the one in which Central Park audiences watch Caesar as a blond-haired Donald Trump, who is pulled down from a podium by men in suits and assassinated with plunging knives.

The news site Axios runs stories regularly about journalists who have been suspended or fired because of their unhinged postings on Twitter . After Donald Trump used a tweet to revive his long-running feud with the mayor of London amid the June 3 killings, CNN personality Reza Aslan tweeted that Mr. Trump was a “piece of s—.”

Some take comfort that these displays did not go unpunished. CNN wrist-slapped Ms. Griffin by dropping her as co-host of its New Year’s Eve show with Anderson Cooper. Delta Air Lines , American Express and Bank of America withdrew their sponsorship of “Julius Caesar,” though New York City’s Democratic Comptroller Scott Stringer said their pullout “sends the wrong message.”

Advertisers must wake up every morning wondering what political meteorite will hit them next. J.P. Morgan Chase pulled its ads this week from NBC News rather than be associated with Megyn Kelly’s prime-time interview with Alex Jones to discuss “controversies and conspiracies,” such as his notion that the Sandy Hook murders were a hoax. Ms. Kelly justified the interview in part on Twitter because Donald Trump appeared on Mr. Jones’s show and “our job is 2 shine a light.”

Donald Trump’s election has caused psychological unhingement in much of the population. But the Trump phenomenon only accelerated forces that were plummeting in this direction before the 2016 election.

Social media—a permanent marinade for the human brain—is causing a vast, mysterious transformation of how people process experience, and maybe someday a future B.F. Skinner will explain what it has done to us.

Impossible to miss, though, is how jacked up emotional intensity has become in American politics. The campaign rallies of both Mr. Trump and Bernie Sanders often sat on the edge of violence. Reporters describe political town hall meetings as full of “angry” voters. Shouting down the opposition in these forums or on campus has been virtually internalized as standard behavior. Refusal to reason is the new normal. And then the unreason is euphemized as free speech.

Explaining away these impulses as a routine turn of the populist political cycle is insufficient. Something more permanent is happening.

I remain fascinated with the case of the 10 incoming Harvard freshmen who celebrated their achievement by posting a series of remarkably repulsive, violent photographic memes on Facebook. One said abusing children was sexually arousing; another described the hanging of a Mexican child as “piñata time.”

What those no-longer Harvard students had done was create a “private” Facebook messaging board, where they somehow felt free to mock and subvert current social convention. They aren’t alone. The website Reddit, which has about 500 million monthly visitors, became known for similar “anonymous” bulletin boards on which men, for example, exchange outrageous sexual postings.

We negotiate much of daily life now in tense, parallel universes: One is overflowing with individual political and social behavior that is deviant—flights from the norm—at a time when broader norms of political and social behavior are enforced with a vengeance. Today you can get shamed, sued or fired for almost any conceivable offense.

In reaction, millions of people—including the president—seem to regard social media as a kind of wildlife refuge, where they can run naked against society’s dammed-up personal and political opinions.

The possibilities for psychological dislocation are limitless. Kathy Griffin justified her beheaded-Trump stunt by arguing, “I’ve dealt with older white guys trying to keep me down my whole life. . . . This is a woman thing.”

We know that political anger and violence can become mystical in its attraction, especially at the margin for people like political shooter James Hodgkinson. This is a good moment to dial it back. The Public Theater’s management could cancel their staged Trump assassination in Central Park. But they won’t. Like so many others with political disorder syndrome, they no longer can.

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IQ by Country

Does it matter to liberals that Western Civilization is being overrun by a third world population from countries with high reproductive rates and low IQ's?
Check out this color coded map.


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Well I was blocked trying answer a man before. If I succeed this time? Sweet Cheeks, look man when you talk abot third world and low IQ do you mean some CAl counties. Or may be some in New England ?

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Did you look at the color coded map? Or check out the accompanying list of countries and their average IQ?

Of those countries listed, the first and last are listed below:
Hong Kong. - 108
Equatorial Guinea - 59

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Hey! duplicating so much - aint you got tired still?

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I think main street has been extremely patient. I think after three decades of being slowly and consistently shit on, enough is enough, and they are starting to lose it.

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The subconscious mind is programed through repetition while in an altered state (extreme focus, drugs, alcohol, hypnosis, etc.) the conscious mind being in agreement will allow for strong programing.  It also is the case that people eventually except things they hear over and over as truth (conscious agreement/ free will choice).  So now you have people who are being suggested and decided to consciously agree with it.  Now their subconscious is fully programed and logic will not be entering into the picture.  Their opinions will be more akin to zealotry and delusion. 

So we have men who have been bombarded since birth with visual sexual stimuli that now act like monkeys (fap, fap, fap).  Women being bombarded with consumerism and whoredom.  A whole culture bombarded with death and depravity (one or the combination), presented as not only normal but heroism.  I don't think it's a coincidence that most of the people who have gone astray from the tribal mind have strong willpower and spend low hours watching television. 

People don't care about this because they presume their violent or stupid programing will only have negative effects on others.  Wrong!  This programing is for self destruction.  Your subconscious can also project its beliefs into your environment and draw to you the things you fixate on.  Put that all together and this should be one hell of a shitshow. 



Tall Tom's picture



Programming is a part of it. That is how beliefs are instilled and deeply rooted.


But the reason that people do not reason, and are basically reactive, is because emotions trump rational thought.


They cannot detach themselves from preconceived notions.


Read my neuropsychological analytic approach above, please.

Ms No's picture

That is all true but all of that can be programed, even the hormone release.  It might even be the case that a man in the wild would not have such hormone release with validation.  He may not need it. In hypnosis a person can be touched with a pencil and told it's a hot poker and grow a blister.  People who have multiple personalities (subconscious related) can have one personality be a diabetic and the other one wont be.  It sounds crazy but it happens.  Of course there is also the placebo affect.  There is a doctor in India that did thousands of surgeries with hypnosis alone.  You can control blood pressure, bleeding, you name it.  That's what the subconscious does.

Another way that programing can crop up and supersede conscious logical reasoning and create events is through traumatic programing.  Say a kid is super rejected by the first girl he approaches and is just humiliated by everyone.  As he is stunned, fixated on the issue and in a state of extreme focus it begins to imprint.  Then he decides that women don't like him.  After that he keeps having the same thing happen over and over again, in identical fashion.  He comes to believe that its an absolute fact that all women hate him. 

He goes into a similar state every time he approaches one.  His subconscious is communicating to the other subconscious minds around him.  His is strong so his is altered state and conviction in what he believes.  He creates his own hell and instead of recognizing the statistical impossibility of what is happening to him, he sticks with his belief that he is unlucky.  The guy has programed himself and others to make his life hell to the point that he has his own cause and effect reality.  Sounds unbelievable but its quite real.  His subconscious will constantly provide evidence for his own faulty reasoning.  Movies that stir emotion and repeat traumatic themes can get pretty far with this, even news stories that elicit emotion.   

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Refusal to reason? It's a tantrum!!!

There's this trend to give something a new label and make it appear more acceptable...like when you're not really cheating because it's a "friend (with benefits)"...

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Take a Democrat, put a burka or dish dash on them (bed sheet), and there is no difference between them and a Radical Islamic Asshole with their extremism.

I have been saying this for a long time, but maybe you boys and girls will see the need to

1) find like minded people who you can trust with your life

2) get in physical shape

3) get in mental shape

4) train for urban combat - i don't mean at a square, air conditioned range where you 'must-shoot-no-more-than-one-round-per second'

5) make sure you have your family somewhere safe and set up with money

6) make sure you have your legal affairs in order and have a CCW

7) get a part time or volunteer job that keeps you in the loop (volunteer firefighter, reserve police officer)

8) Erase and watch your digital footprint

9) load up on ammo and food

10) think long and hard about this

Folks, if the insane left were to impeach President Trump, what do you think they are going to do to you? Do you think they are going to let things go back to the way they were before? Do you really think their violence will dissipate and they will be happy having 'taken down' President Trump and agree to be friendly with us?

No, if they take down President Trump, we are next. This is beyond politics now. This is about life and death. If you think I am exagerating, you should read some more history. Lot of unmarked shallow graves throughout human history. Why should this time be any different?

Small Government Is Better's picture

You have the plan correct.  The Demoncrats want to ruin America.  If the Demoncrats destroy the Trump presidency, you can bet the Patriotic Americans will be locked and loaded.  The Demoncrats are unlikely to relent until they push tens of millions of Patriotic Americans over the edge of their tolerance.  The reaction will make the Civil War in the 1860s look like a picnic.  This time, it will not be North versus South.  Instead, it will be Americans versus un-Americans (aka Demoncrats).

gregga777's picture

The Demo-Marxists want to ruin America? You mean that they aren't finished? That's a scary thought!

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Backwater Ukraine is where blue-eyed Christian folks (and others) are fighting and dying by opposing ZATO. There is no large scale genocide (yet) because the region is saturated with arms and patriotic vets who know how to use them, just like the US.


+1 first sentence

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The four stages of subversion – from Yuri Bezmenov, Soviet KGB subversion expert

  1. Demoralization. It takes 15 – 20 years to demoralize a society. It includes influencing (infiltration, propaganda, etc.) of various areas where public opinion is shaped: Religion, educational system, social life, administration, law enforcement systems, military and labor-employer relations.

Exploit the people within the society who are ideologically opposed to the system. Use small groups of agents from foreign nations. Distract people from real faith and replace it with artificial faiths in other systems.

In education, distract them from learning something constructive, pragmatic and efficient. Instead of mathematics, chemistry, history, teach them sexuality, home economy, anything to distract.

In social life, replace traditionally established institutions with fake organizations. Take away the initiative from people, take away the natural links between individuals and replace them with bureaucratically controlled systems. Establish social workers’ institutions ruled by bureaucracy. Eliminate the family and replace the main concern with the paycheck from the government.

In government, replace elected officials with un-elected bureaucrats who control the people.

In the major media like the New York Times, you don’t have to be an excellent journalist. You have to be exactly a mediocre journalist.

For the power structure: It is slowly eroded by those who do not have qualifications nor the will of the people.

Law enforcement: Put into place a slow substitution of basic moral principles, where someone who used to be a criminal is now considered a victim.

Labor relations: Destroy the traditionally established links of bargaining between employer and employee. Obedient workers follow their leaders.

Democracy is not a system of equality. It is a system where diverse people of different backgrounds have the chance to compete and thrive.

  1. Destabilization. Destabilize all the accepted institutions and organizations of your enemy.

There is no crime if a professor introduces a course of communism or Marxism into a California college.

The radicalization of negotiations between labor and employers. “Normalizing” violent protests.

The media places itself in opposition to society, to alienate the people.

Subversive “sleepers” now become leaders in society and actively include themselves in the political process. Now, homosexuals make it a political issue to “demand human rights” and instigate violent clashes. Black against white. It doesn’t matter, it’s about creating antagonistic clashes. This is destabilization.

The sleepers are KGB agents. They become leaders to destabilize the targeted nation. Thus, the agent is already a respected citizen of the United States. He even gets money from the government for his struggle labeled “human rights.”

  1. Crisis. The process starts when the legitimate bodies of power cannot function anymore. Instead, artificial bodies are injected into society, such as non-elected committees. They claim power on how to run your life. If power is denied to them, they take it by force. They are often half-baked intellectuals from Harvard or somewhere, they think they know the answers to social problems.

The population at large is looking for a savior to solve the crisis that has been artificially created. They call for socialist government, centralized power. A savior is needed. The savior is then provided as the foreign nation, or the sleeper agents, they call it a revolution. They say, “I will lead you.”

The two alternatives here are: 1) Civil war. 2) Invasion.

  1. Normalization. This stage is to make the subversion results seem “normal” to the people. “Your country is normalized.”

At this point, the workers don’t demand a revolution anymore. This is stabilizing the country by force. Activists, liberals, social workers, homosexuals, professors and Marxists are being eliminated because they are not needed anymore.

The new owners need stability to exploit the nation and take advantage of the victory. The Marxists shoot their own revolutionaries.

Once the subverted culture is “normalized,” the only way to reverse the course of the country is through military intervention

zimboe's picture

Three simple words: Contagious Mental Illness.

What we have here is, structurally speaking, akin to a Zombie outbreak- a Rage Virus.

And we all know from the movies how that gets handled.





I watched 28 Weeks Later last night. A textbook.

Ms No's picture

It's subconscious suggestion that is mostly turning people into puppets.  They have known this for at least a century and if you delve into it you will see how much resources have been dedicated to silencing and trolling researchers and the issue as a whole.  The value of this information cannot be understated.  Here is an example of how crazy this stuff gets. 

Nikola Tesla admitted to having a great deal of psychic/subconscious phenomenon his entire life.  We know that the source of genius originates from people who have a dominant subconscious operating in synchronicity with the conscious mind.  All the greats essentially admitted to this.  A couple of times in childhood Tesla almost drowned.  In one incident he became trapped and confused under a large dock structure..  He had a form of very unique subconscious phenomenon save his life.  He was able to see a birds eye view of his location and exit (the subconscious seat can operate outside of the body and does not need eyes.  For that reason some think it's our soul).

I found another incident where a scientist had a nearly identical experience and it's quite fascinating.  An aeronautical engineer, chief of advanced missile forecast systems tech division, TS clearance, Soviet weapons expert, regularly psychologically evaluated man named Dale Graff was having a shitty day in Hawaii.  Due to his value to science he was spared a fate many of his friends did not.  He and his family were at the beach.  He decided to go out surfing in very bad weather to challenge his safety, in an effort to prove something, in the strange way that men sometimes feel a need to do.

(This is paraphrased from Phenomena by Annie Jacobsen and includes newly declassified CIA docs on RV programs.)  He got way out and realized that he screwed himself.  The wind became so loud that he couldn't hear.  His arms became exausted.  He paddled his ass off with extreme focus realizing he would die.  Then he impossibly heard a woman cry for help (also needs no ears because it's projected from subconscious to subconscious/ESP) as he is going up and down an elevator of huge waves.  He knew it was impossible for him to hear such a thing in the circumstance, so he ignored it.  He started paddling his ass off again.

Then all of the sudden without conscious decision to do so he turned himself around, toward certain death, and started paddling back out.  He heard a thought "you have to go out there".  Dead ahead was a large corral reef.  "I saw no one, heard no one but I was compelled... Boom I crashed into a woman" [his wife].  He pulled her partially on his board but she was dead weight and going in and out of consciousness.  He realized they were caught in a riptide.  "I knew I had to swim at a right angle to the beach".

His scientist mind was dissecting the situation, it was so grim that he debated on allowing her to drown so that their children would have one parent.  Then he has a weird thought in his head again "No!".  His subconscious goes dominant and his seat of consciousness rises above them and gives him a birds eye view of his only path out, around the reefs and riptide.  "There was a sense of timelessness"  My arms were no longer weak and paddling became effortless.  The kids were on the beach and he gave her CPR, everything was good except his scientist view of the world.  "It occurred to me that the cry came from my own mind so that I could save my wife".

This led to his interest in the RV program at Stanford. As is always the case with credible scientists who dare engage the forbidden subject, no good deed goes unpunished.  Graff won an award for exceptional intelligence analysis that came with a grant (he won this for remote viewing a downed Russian plane carrying a great deal of tech and accurately locating it in the jungle of Africa for the CIA, when they couldn't find it.)  He was dead on where it was.)  Graff wanted to give the grant to the two laser scientists and their program at SRI. A general up above sent the award and grant back to the CIA, and then barred Graff from any further involvement in this type of research.  He was humiliated and treated terribly.  He left that job and followed his own interests at a later date.

We don't know the limits to this but we know it's easily programmable via auto-suggestion or outside arbitrary suggestion.  The subconscious cannot perform most reasoning and cannot argue or stay dominant during controversy.  With something so powerful being at the whim of the propagandists and baby rapers, there is no telling what they can do.  You can program it yourself though and you can also lock them out.  For some of us maybe they already were locked out.


Don't let this title fool you, it is a phenomenal work from the 1800s, way better than anything I've read on the subject that is new.   The key is in here. The law of psychic phenomenon.


VWAndy's picture

 Yep there is way more going on than science can explain. The only question is how much more.

Faeriedust's picture

Basic magical technique.  Known to shamans and witch-doctors for the last thirty thousand years at least.  If he'd been born in Finland, he could have gotten training from the Saami; if he'd travelled to Arizona, he could have trained with a Navaho Singer.  Hells bells, if he'd gotten out of his official circles and found a native kahuna, he could have trained his skills right there in Hawaii.

Of course these abilities exist.  The subconscious is 85% of the human mind.

Faeriedust's picture

Welcome to the 18th century, folks!  This is what "free speech" meant in 1776.  The freedom to be utterly, bluntly honest in the public and social forums.  The freedom to be tasteless and vulgar, even in front of ladies or on the floor of Congress.  The freedom to make completely vile jokes, and publish them for national circulation.  Look into your history sometime.  The Congressional Record and the archives of Punch are a good start.

Puritans and totalitarians had 150 years of controlling the messages through monopolized public media.  The combination of Church Ladies and journalist-crusaders under the thumb of party politicians born in the aftermath of the Civil War, led to the imposition of an intellectual and emotional straitjacket on public discourse.  The final flourish of "political correctness" was the ultimate flowering of that ethos. From limiting what could be amplified by the expensive and licensed media of mass propaganda to what could be accepted by the most closed-minded and prurient among us, came the attempt to limit every utterance outside of closed bedroom doors to the same on penalty of social and economic ruin.  The end of "civil discourse" and rise of "irrationality" is simply the return of true freedom of expression, in all its raw, muddy, and bloody glory.

It requires a certain emotional and intellectual strength to embrace freedom.  The weak and obnoxious can easily get trampled.  That goes for ideas in free concourse as well as physical bodies in Hobbesian anarchy.  Physical brutality is nasty and brutish.  Intellectual Darwinism, however, leads to a strong and vibrant society.

atlasRocked's picture

It is not subconscious suggestion, nor education causing this.

It is normal human behavior rewarded by government handouts to lie and deceive if rewarded. Socialism always manifest this mania, crack open a history book and look. Read Polybius describe how democracy fails into a pattern of bribed voters, and madness.

Or, read Atlas shouts and learn much more about the mania we are watching.


atlasRocked's picture

This wall street journal article corroborates my independent research, only it omits the obvious source of motivation for the madness: government rewards the craziest people with the most benefits and special rights for their social group label.