Putin Offers Asylum To "Leaker" Comey

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Vladimir Putin trolled the US on Thursday, when speaking in a live call-in show with the Russian nation, the Russian president likened Comey to Edward Snowden, who was granted asylum in Russia in 2013, and scoffed at James Comey's disclosure of his conversations with U.S. President Donald Trump, saying the move has made Comey eligible for political asylum in Russia.

"It looks weird when the chief of a security agency records his conversation with the commander-in-chief and then hands it over to media via his friend," Putin was quoted by Russia's Tass. “This is strange. What is the difference then between the FBI director and Mr. Snowden? He is not a head of the special services, but a human rights activist.

The trolling concluded when Putin said that "by the way, if he (Comey) is subject to any sort of persecution in connection with this, we will be ready to give him political asylum in Russia. And he should know about this."

Putin also said that Comey has so far presented no evidence to prove that Russia had meddled in the U.S. presidential election, saying Washington had tried to influence Russian elections for years.

"I am not familiar in detail with the testimony given by former FBI director Comey," Putin said during a question and answer session with citizens. "Again, he gave no evidence of this (Russian meddling)."

The remarks reflected Putin's growing annoyance of being the bete noir of the US media, and with the congressional and FBI investigations into links between Trump campaign officials and Russia, which have shattered Moscow's hopes for improving ties with Washington, much to the delight of the US Military-Industrial Complex and, of course, NATO. Predictably, the Russian president once again reiterrated his denial of meddling in the U.S. election, saying that Russia has openly expressed its views and hasn't engaged in any covert activities.

Continuing the combative mood, Putin then turned the tables on the US, saying it was the US which has sought to influence Russian elections by funding NGOs as part of its aspirations for global domination. "Turn a globe and point your finger anywhere, you will find American interests and interference there."

"And what about constant U.S. propaganda, constant U.S. support of America-oriented non-government organisations by giving them money directly? Isn't it an impact on our minds? Isn't it an attempt to influence how we should behave during election campaigns? This continues year after year," he said.

He added that many heads of state around the world had told him of similar U.S. meddling in their internal affairs. But they would not voice their concerns openly, fearing to "spoil relations" with Washington.  As for Russia, "we have an opinion of our own, we express it openly. But this is not any sort of underground subversive activity", Putin said.

* * *

On a conciliatory note, Putin added that Russia still hopes for normalization of ties with the U.S. During the question and answer session, Putin said he did not consider the US to be an enemy of Russia and claimed he wanted a "constructive dialogue" with Washington. He said Moscow and Washington could cooperate in efforts to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and pool efforts to tackle the North Korean nuclear and missile problem. He said the two countries could also cooperate in dealing with global poverty and efforts to prevent climate change.

Putin also noted that Moscow hopes that the U.S. could play a "constructive role" in helping settle the Ukrainian crisis, an offer which we doubt will be favorably met by the Pentago.

* * *

During a tightly choreographed marathon TV show, an annual affair that lasts hours, Putin said that Russia has climbed out of recession despite continuing Western sanctions, adding that the restrictions have forced the country to "switch on our brains" to reduce dependence on energy exports. He lamented yesterday's Senate decision Wednesday to impose new sanctions on Russia as a reflection of Western efforts to "contain" Russia, but insisted that the measures have only made the country stronger.

As reported yesterday, the Senate voted to punish Moscow for interfering in the 2016 election by approving a wide-ranging package of sanctions that target key sectors of Russia's economy and individuals who carried out cyberattacks. The Senate bill follows up on several rounds of other sanctions imposed by the United States and the European Union over Russia's annexation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula and its support for pro-Russia insurgents in eastern Ukraine.

Putin argued that Russia has done nothing to warrant the Senate's move, saying it highlights the West's policy of containing Russia and also reflects domestic infighting in the United States. "It's evidence of a continuing internal political struggle in the U.S.," he said.

Russia has responded to the U.S. and EU sanctions by halting most Western food imports, a move that has helped increase Russian agricultural output.

Russian farmers have pleaded with the Kremlin to keep the import ban even if the West lifts its sanctions, but Putin said that if "our partners lift the sanctions against our economy, we will respond in kind."

Discussing the economy, the Russian leader claimed that the "crisis is over," pointing at modest economic growth over the past nine months, low inflation and rising currency reserves. Putin said that a slump in oil prices had been a more important factor in Russia's economic slowdown than the sanctions. Importantly, Putin acknowledged that the Russian economy hasn't yet shed its dependence on exports of raw materials, but noted that non-energy exports have been growing.

Putin also recognized that people's incomes have fallen and 13.5 percent of Russians now live below the poverty line, currently equivalent to $170 per month.

* * *

Most of the questions during the show were about low salaries, decrepit housing, failing health care and other social problems. As in the past, Putin chided local officials for failing to provide due care for people and ordered them to quickly fix the flaws. Even before the show ended, local officials rushed to report that they are looking into the problems.

Putin also offered a glimpse into his closely guarded private life, saying he has two grandchildren whose privacy he wants to respect.

Putin, who in 2013 announced on state television that he was divorcing his wife, has two daughters in their early 30s who haven't been seen in public for years and became the subject of rumors. One of Putin's daughters was reported to be in charge of a lucrative project to build a Silicon Valley-like community under the auspices of Moscow State University.

Putin said during the show that both of his daughters live in Moscow and "work in science and education." He said one of his grandchildren goes to pre-school and the other, a boy, has just been born. He said he doesn't want to give details about his family for fear of hurting their privacy.

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Dancing Disraeli's picture

Yep.  The whole Russia/Trump collusion meme was spawned from Trump's sarcastic quip on the campaign trail that maybe Putin could find Hillary's emails, when our ENTIRE security apparatus could not.

I know leftist asswipes have no sense of humor, but that was ridiculous.

svayambhu108's picture

Next the movie

Commie ... pardon ... Comey by Oliver Stone

HRClinton's picture

Will he offer Comey asylum?

Well, that Depends.

Bigly's picture

Shazaam! He nailed it.

svayambhu108's picture

Did someone see Putin Iterviews ?

finametrics's picture

yes. strongly suggest you watch. great stuff.

swamp's picture

Russia is the last white Christian nation on earth. The globalists hate it.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Funny how "White" Christians follow a Brown God, eh? 


Paraphrasing Republican Steve King "Civilization Can’t Be Be built using ‘Somebody Else’s God’"

Drimble Wedge's picture

A nice little farmhouse in Varykino with a garden is looking better & better

SteveNYC's picture

If you are taking the time to watch the Oliver Stone interviews of Putin, you'll see just how far Western "leaders" have plummeted intellectually, emotionally, patriotically, and morally, when measured against a man and statesman of Putin's calibre.

The man is so far ahead of these clowns - he has them reacting, on the back foot, bothered and not thinking clearly on a day to day basis. This is what western "leadership" has become. The pendulum swings.....

Roger Rabbit's picture

Exactly. He masterfully plays all of these pussies left, right, and center.

Akzed's picture

A man among boys. No fair!

OverTheHedge's picture

I'm just thinking about how young Mr Comey felt as he heard those words: did he get angry, or did his skin crawl just thinking about the implication, or is he now on the phone, trying to get to the embassy?

At some point, he may need to consider taking up Putin's offer, but somehow I don't think it was a gesture made in "good faith"

Poor James.

PrometeyBezkrilov's picture

I think you are underestimating western leadership. They are not stupid or fallen intellectually. They have just sold their souls to the globalist idea, and this idea requires them to be traitors (since globalism is not compatible with patriotism and individual states), immoral (since globalism requires these leaders to pillage other and their own nations), liars (since they cannot disclose the globalists’ plans-they are forced to lie), and finally to be Satanists (since they are trying to tax the very form of life on this planet-carbon. Sadly most of the dorks out there don’t  even comprehend that their bodies are made out of carbon).

dcohn's picture

SO many great True comments.


We are in so deep with these Nazis that run our government that it will be painfull to ever get out from under it.

This is not a religous issue or a color issue its a power issue and the US is simply an engine of power.  We citizens are simply like paper towels.  Tear one off, use it and throw it away.

When people learn that all people are beautiful, not just Americans or whites or blues or greens then this world will start to heal.

Until then we must do the best we can with what we have.  But stop smearing anyone else without looking very deeply at yourself first.

SheHunter's picture

Humans like paper towels.  good simile.

Mountainview's picture

Someone able of logical thinking seems to be unusual in the Imperial City.

wwxx's picture


NoDebt BaBaBouy Jun 15, 2017 9:31 AM

"Putin is often right."  


This isn't about right or wrong, it is about stirring the pot.



SheHunter's picture

Trump - Putin ticket 2020

Endgame Napoleon's picture

Most of this make sense. The sanctions-forced reduction in emphasis on exports is likely a part of their growing technological prowess. The truth is that the US government, however bumbling their efforts to build a multi-billion Obamacare website that was duplicated in no time by a couple of MIT students, also has a lot of tech know-how--so much tech savvy that intelligence agencies created back doors into every computing device on Earth that were LEAKED by their "well-selected" employees. Our government chooses their employees via an elaborate, airtight, hoop-jumping employee-selection process. If you have ever had a government job, you know what I mean. Yet, despite the HR hurdles, they end up hiring people like the San Bernardino mass-murdering terrorist and the Fort Hood shooter, Nadal Hasan.

MoreFreedom's picture

Consider if the Russians did hack Hillary's server, and used the emails to blackmail Obama and Hillary.  Remember Obama did email Hillary suspiciously using an alais, and then lied he learned of her server in news reports.  Hillary set it up in 2008.  And Obama did promise Russsian Prime Minister "more flexibility after the [2012] elections" I'd say because he couldn't just do anything they wanted.  The Russian Ambassador visted his White House 22 times, I guess to discuss what he'd have to do for them.  And so Obama and Hillary had to cover it up.   And that would make Comey an accomplice. 

Sanctuary in Russia makes sense for Comey. 


Blue Balls's picture

Putin more American than a Wall Street banker.

Drimble Wedge's picture

Not really sure if Putin has the same kind of 'dual passport' that Wall St. bankers have.

Give_me_liberty_or's picture

he will never critisize Israel will he?>

Albertarocks's picture

First rate.  It's not difficult to classify Putin as a guy who is so many miles above the US admin in awareness and all-round smarts and statesmanship.  The same can be said of Xi Jinping except that Jinping isn't into trolling.  But that's just part of the Chinese "thick face, black heart" philosophy (never let the other guy know what you're thinking).  Inwardly Jinping is probably cracking a rib in laughter at what his friend Putin just did.  And so are we in the west.  Classic Russian humor.

SWRichmond's picture

Agree, classic Russian.  Putin is destroying the US with words, encouraging the government to tear itself apart.  Talk about force multipliers!

clade7's picture

Take the deal Comey!  CNN is up to its ass in commentators!  Its the best you can hope for!  Unless you want to sit next to Van Jones with a drool bib for some reason!  Go dig up yourself a Mammoth Tusk on the Tiaga this Summer and really make some pay!

Librarian's picture

Do it Nicky!  Do it Nicky!

Diddi Mau!

Librarian's picture

Yes.  That was in very poor taste.  I apologize.

In my defense, I was trying to make an ironic comparison to the media's barrage of death memes.

SheHunter's picture

Comey can move over to Goldman or go back to Lockheed.

Endgame Napoleon's picture

"Trust but verify." He is for own people and never would put the USA first. It would be nice to have American leaders who put Americans first, not just Trump, but all of them.

It has been quite some time -- decades -- since Russia was a big threat. They also helped us win WWII, losing far more soldiers, to put an end to the Nazi aggression.

Their far-flung empire collapsed. They do not rule over Eastern Europe with an iron fist and have not for decades. As for the territories right around Russia, they also let most of them go, but the US policy toward the "one China" certainly is different than the attitude toward Russia and its immediate neighbors.

If CA seceded from the Union, with Russia backing the rebel secessionists by applying sanctions to the US government, I am pretty danged sure that US leaders would not be happy about that meddling.

Countries should stop meddling in each other's elections, but if Americans want to cheer Le Pen on because we like French culture and want it maintained, we have that right due to freedom of speech.

Nations do not have the right to influence the elections of other nations covertly, but it needs to be a standard applying across the board to all nations, true.

He did not say anything about the possibility that the "meddling" in the US election was really leak-oriented, as opposed to tech-oriented. Or, if he did, it flew over my head. This was interesting, though.

dcohn's picture

So silly.

WWII was a charade.

You believe the story?  WHY.  Were you there and if you were why would that change what went on in back rooms.

War is a money grab, no one gave a shit about anything.  It was planned and while atrocites likely occurred who to blame is truly unknown.

To believe that we won anything is pure insanity.  Everyone lost but the insane.  They won nothing but power and what has that gotten them but deeper insanity.

Its very simple.  Love Thy neighbor. Be nice to everyone you can and do everything from your heart not your head.  The story is a story, stop repeating it.  The Russians helped us Win the war.  WE WON??  

So now what?  I guess the supposed losers are coming to collect.

There is enough of everything for everyone but people must learn its all about being kind to everything and everyone.  Once you learn that you are at peace and then you live for that moment and peace will be around you.

Tell me another story that works better than that one and I will listen.

Librarian's picture

What is the sound of one hand pulling the goalie and clapping?

I'll take Political Paradoxes for $500, Alex.

NAV's picture

Xi Jinping's party more closely resembles America's Democrat party than Putin's party.

Russia is Christian; China is Communist. Just this week the Chinese police destroyed a Christian church after dragging worshippers out of the building and beating them in the street, as the Communists continued their ongoing crackdown on religion.

"Of the 40 Christians seized, eight are still in custody, and the cases of Shuangmiao Christian Church pastor Zhang Di and the church’s vice director, Lü Yuexia, were recently transferred to the Procuratorate, which will decide whether or not to formalize their arrest.”.


Justin Case's picture

Yoar mixing oil and water here son. Two unrelated terms.

One is a philosophical, social, political, and economic ideology and the other is any cultural system of designated behaviors and practices, world views, texts, sanctified places, ethics, or organizations, that relate humanity to the supernatural or transcendental.

The leap of logic is breathtaking.

NAV's picture

“There are only two forces in the world, the sword and the spirit.  In the long run, the sword will always be conquered by the spirit.”  -- Napoleon

Christianity supports the state to act in accordance with the principles of a "higher law" that checks the state’s arbitrary power.  The legacy of Christianity is the notion that law and liberty are inseparable.

The Bible, accordingly, has been historically recognized as the most important book for the development of both the rule of law and democratic institutions in the Western world.

John Adams and John Hancock:
We Recognize No Sovereign but God, and No King but Jesus! [April 18, 1775]

Akzed's picture

This is why translators of the Bible into the vernacular were murdered. This is why the Jesuits exist, to suppress exactly these truths.

Abaco's picture

You really are an idiot. The "bible" was read at mass every day when it wasn't in the vernacular. The resistance to vulgar translations was because so many of them were shit translations warped by political motivation.  Compare Romand 13 from the NIV "governing authorities" vs  King James :higher powers."  Very different meanings.  The NIV clearing calling for submission to secular government while the KJV, Douey-Rheims, and others could refer to secular or ecclesial authority.   If you aren't competely illiterate you would know that the central issue of the so-called Protestant Reformation was whether the institutional church had any legitimate authority or whether authority resided in the pages of mysteriously defined, and oft challenged, collection of 66 "books" protestants mostly agreed upon.

You can disagree all you want with the Catholic church but to claim that they didn't want to the people to have access to Scripture is either dishonest or ignorant.   I've already cast my vote.

Akzed's picture

You call me an idiot then your next sentence metely restates the issue I identified - is that some new kind of argument? Are you saying that church/state-sanctioned execution was justified for translating the Bible? Mass being recited in Latin was a problem, or THE pronlem, for those who spoke no Latin, right?

I've never read commentary on Ro 13 asserting that it refers to church authority weilding the sword. A Jesuit apologist like you would hold to that position, but none of the theologians i'm familiar with does.

And no one was burned by the pope over translating the KJV.

You don't seem retarded, just confused and in need of training in rhetoric.

SheHunter's picture

Here we go again.  The bible is a cool story.  Just like the Anderson and Grimm and Narnia stories.  All of these books expound the good versus the evil side of human nature. Good and evil being concepts we humans created.  I always smile and groan when I listen to people argue and defend a  book that is no different than my favorite childhood read of Grimm's Girl with Loaves on Her Feet.  We are tiny in this universe.  We created a diety because we are terrified of being tiny. It is OK that when we die we are gone.  yeah.  Gone.  Specks of dust.  No biggie.  We really are not important at all my friends.

Justin Case's picture

Christianity supports the state to act in accordance with the principles of a "higher law"

Looks like the american atheists are in power not the capitalists.

I'm agnostic.

Justin Case's picture

So which Gov't is currently in power in China?

None of the above?

Justin Case's picture

There is no good reason why logic presupposes the Christian God. There is nothing inconsistent in asserting that deductive validity is possible and that Christianity is false. You seem to misunderstand both materialism, and logical conventionalism. The argument that without the Christian God it would be a mystery of how logic applies to the world has been shown to be without merit. Logic may not need a metaphysical foundation and, even if it does, it need not be a Christian one. Moreover, the exact notion of a Christian account of logic is unclear. On one interpretation, it is incoherent and on another it is problematic.

Boxed Merlot's picture

...mixing oil and water here son...The leap of logic is breathtaking...

Your two descriptions do have fluidity as a similarity however, i.e. "philosophical" vs. "ethics", etc., so there's certainly a basis for a logical comparison.

Historical Christian theology, while at it's core is a foundation based on the miraculous, i.e. the resurrection of the historical man Jesus, it is fundamentally anchored in truth.

It's call is for any / all persons to question what it means to arrive at truth, and apply any / every test one's mind is capable of conjuring to this event but ultimately allows for only one person at a time to arrive at and apply the veracity of the event personally.

The truth is one has both a mind and a body. One may accept one's mind is the result of one's body or one's mind is the result of something greater than a body, (among other options), but it boils down to these 2 for the most part.

Christianity is the definition of Logic.


Justin Case's picture

Logic is a way of thinking that involves the ability to reason. There are no laws of logic that need to apply “everywere and be invariant”. Can you please reveal the laws of logic. Also how did you come up with the idea science “borrowed” logic from Christianity because Christianity is a faith based philosophy. There is no logic to the bible it is the word of God. If you try and introduce logical thinking it makes no sense...the creation, the flood, the holy trinity, the whole Christian system of serving God to get salvation in an afterlife. None of this stands up in the face of reason and evidence. It has taken a long time for logical thinking to win over superstition. But now it has and enormous progress has been made of course a pandora’s box of problems goes with that but at least its real and not fictional!

any_mouse's picture

Logic is True, False, And, Or & Not. Inclusive, Exclusive.

Binary. One or Zero. On or Off. Physical state.

Reason is in the domain of the human mind. Right/Wrong. Good/Evil. Transgender quantum states. Moral equivalence.

Justin Case's picture

Logic didn't come into existance only after a religion was developed, otherwise humanity would have died long ago. Logical thinking allowed man to survive. Religion helped develop fear in wrong. This worked in ruling the masses by developing the belief of a greater power that will punish you if you do wrong. So the belief was the constraining factor of the unruly in ancient times. Today we have police and don't depend on beliefs to curtail crimes.

Tall Tom's picture





You cannot even define what conciousness is or the origins thereof.


Well we are working on the mystery and are exploring it. It will be described on the Quantum Level if it is even possible. the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle will probably rear its ugly head, once again, as our roadblock.


You were not there when Humans developed self awareness.


How in the Hell can you determine whether Mysticism was first to manifest or that logic was the first to manifest?


Some have even postulated that psylocybin may have played a role. I do not agree. But regardless I have at least considered it.


So now you are grasping at straws and creating premises which you cannot possibly substantiate.


Ever read "The Emperor's New Mind" by Sir Roger Penrose?


Or do you prefer to wallow in your arrogant ignorance, combined with your abject innumeracy and illiteracy?