Trump: "Zero Proof" Of Russian Collusion "So Now They Go For Obstruction Of Justice"

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Yesterday, when we summarized the latest WaPo article according to which Special Counsel Mueller is now probing Trump for obstruction of justice, we said "the intelligence community basically forced Trump's hand by slowly leaking out damaging innuendos and accusations over the past several months, while refusing to confirm that he, himself, was never actually under investigation.  In the end, those damaging leaks, combined with Comey's refusal to confirm publicly that Trump was not under investigation, resulted in Comey's sudden dismissal on May 9th.  And now, even though he was never a target of any investigation, leaks from the intelligence community have forced a situation where Trump may be under investigation by the intelligence community, a rather confounding, if perhaps well-orchestrated, outcome."

This morning, Trump essentially repeated that assessment, when early on Thursday he said that "They made up a phony collusion with the Russians story, found zero proof, so now they go for obstruction of justice on the phony story. Nice"

Trump's Thursday morning tweet his first about the investigation since the shooting Wednesday at a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria. As a reminder, Trump had repeatedly claimed, and Comey affirmed during his testimony, that Comey assured him he was not personally under FBI investigation. But investigators began probing Trump for obstruction of justice soon after Comey’s termination, perhaps as intended. After Comey's testimony last week, further questions were raised about whether Trump tried to obstruct justice.

Elsewhere, addressing the Russian population, Vladimir Putin echoed Trump's sentiment, saying so far there has been "zero proof" presented confirming any collusion or interference by Russia in the US election.

Meanwhile, in a follow up tweet moments later, Trump also tweeted "You are witnessing the single greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history - led by some very bad and conflicted people!  #MAGA"

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You think its bad now Trump? Wait till they pull the plug on the market and blame you since you bragged about it.

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It’s not “obstruction” of justice, it is constipation of justice.  ;-)


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Obstruction of justice in the absence of an underlying crime?.... I'm too old for this level of crazy.  You young guys take this for a while.  I need to take a breather.  


bowie28's picture

Kind of like the people who are arrested and the only charge is "resisting arrest" when there was no probable cause to detain or arrest them in the first place.

Oldwood's picture

Bow before your masters....NOW!

 Trump just doesn't know his place....and they will TEACH HIM.

And we will teach them.

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

Crazy it is.  This falls into the same category of the so-called October Surprise investigation back in 1992 - "it's not the evidence or lack thereof, it's the seriousness of the charge."

In other words, a witch hunt.

quadraspleen's picture

Yeah, it's the "New Law", Looney - like Assange; they cleared him of a crime in Sweden, but he still skipped bail in the UK for a non-crime and will be arrested if he leaves..Go figure.,.Retrospective justice (but not for us)

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


It’s not “obstruction” of justice, it is constipation of justice.

But I thought constipation of justice is the Crapo-Corker Amendment to the stupid Iran sanctions bill.

BennyBoy's picture


Russian collusion MSM Fake News running out of steam and viewers/readers.

Obstruction of justice new MSM Fake News!

Lumberjack's picture

We are tired of hearing Russia as a lame excuse.

In other news...

Wikileaks just realeased more Vault info...

nmewn's picture

And Comey's meeting with his ole buddy Mueller went as well as expected,  he got his immunity from prosecution.

Which is always helpful before one goes and commits perjury, admits leaking confidential information to give another friend for the admitted purpose of it being released to the Fake Nuuuz, after acknowledging to Mueller that he stole government property. 

When "the law" is lawless. 

CurrencyCrash's picture

WTH is that true, did he get immunity???

This level of corruption is astounding.

MANvsMACHINE's picture

How would Comey get immunity from Mueller? Would that have to come from the DOJ, aka Sessions?

land_of_the_few's picture

Doesn't everyone get immunity from yogurt? :D

nmewn's picture

Sessions has recused himself of all thing's Russian but yes, the DOJ would be tasked with giving it, at the request of Mueller.

Many insiders believe it happened with his one-on-one with Mueller before he testified  (and perjured himself) in his last appearance before the Senate committee. 

I hope everyone notice's he hasn't been charged with perjury, theft or leaking confidential documents ;-)

Oldwood's picture

This is a "modern" society, where we only charge the "bad guys" and anything untoward from the "good guys" is a necessary evil, a "justified" crime......self defense. That's it, it's all self defense. They HAVE to do it. We forced them, so it's NOT a crime!

Rufus Temblor's picture

Maybe not "official" immunity, but just a wink and a nod that Mueller will never prosecute Comey.  Why would he when Comey can out him for numerus crimes, err ...questionable activities..., they both participated in when Mueller ran the FBI

goober's picture

Might want to look up the word naive ? do you think this kind of thing does NOT happen often even though not written or spoken publicly ? You do realize Hillary committed many crimes and there is no investgiation or prosecution ? How did that happen when every aspect of her email system was illegal and leaked all manner of classifeid info willingly to avoid detection from established sources so there were no recods ? That is why they tried to destroy all records and Comey got caught covering for her and Lynch ! He claims they researched almost 3/4 of a billion emails (650K) in just a few days and all was well ?

Were you being sarc or just naive and dumb ?

HRClinton's picture

Shh, don't let the cat out of the bag.

nmewn's picture


Warthog777's picture

Oh and don't forget he admitted that he gave false testimony and leaked to manipulate the appointment of his friend to the special witch hunt position. That in it self should be enough to close this "witch hunt" down.

Sessions should resign so we can move the DOJ beyond the pot issue and onto all the corruption, pedophilia, child trafficing, murder.... You know real crimes

Trump better up his game big time, or he's going down, and so is our agenda. Civil War 2.0 ensues in earnest at that point.

LasVegasDave's picture

WHat Trump needs to do is to organize a regiment of brownshirts to visit media outlets, left wing organizations and traitors with baseball bats and flaming torches to see if they are interested in playing a softball game for charity under the lights.

HockeyFool's picture

You know what is really funny, is that libtards actually want a civil war! 99% of them never held a gun before, yet have wet dreams of shooting conservatives. If they get their wish, it will be fun while it lasts. By the way, the GOP is lucky that a libtard was the one doing the shooting at their softball game. Had it been a conservative the body count would have been significantly higher.

NidStyles's picture

It would last a week, and they will lose the will to carry it out. Meaning either the Mexicans or Blacks would be carrying the entire conflict. Alternatively, they will bring the blueberries in to be target practice for the largest armed populace on the planet.

None of these things are likely. The left is all bark. The few unhinged ones like the guy yesterday might exist, but the rest are impotent.

Fighting comes from the warrior gene, and no one on the left has it.

Oldwood's picture

The left, the people, have no real stomach for a fight, but as always, they are the useful idiots. This is not a pointless exercise for them, a simple "venting". No, this is the jihadist plan. This is to incite violence.... from the right. Islamist claim this is their agenda, to continue attacks that while statistically are meaningless, increase tensions that goad conservatives to lash out. This has always been the game of the progressives. They know they are too weak physically or mentally to even win an argument, much less battle. But what they can do and have always effectively become the victim, the victim that requires police and/or military to defend.

They have created the theme for years that it is the conservatives that are the threat. Anarchists or the like, while it has been predominantly THEY who perpetrate violence. Black lives matter.....who are the victims again?

They will push every button we have and the impeachment of Trump is a BIG ONE. Unfortunately we will likely play into their hands, but in the end, was there ever any other possible outcome?

Sick Underbelly's picture

Until you have seen and smelled the carnage of a handgun round to the guts, with multiple intestinal folds decimated...or heard the attempted screams and sucking of a rifle round to the chest (I could go on) can never fully appreciate or strive for restraint.

All that fucking "wet dreams" and wanting "a civil war" will fade very quickly when panic and the screams for "help" set in and moving, offensive fire is coming their way.  Some will continue.  The question is, how many will push through and harden?

HRClinton's picture

Wait till they figure out that it's actually "Obstruction of Injustice".

No law against that. 

Rabbi Chaim Cohen's picture

More like diarrhea of injustice.

aka, Liberal "fairness".

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

One of the first things Trump should have done upon takign office was undertaking a realistic audit succinctly detailing the true state of affairs... and then published it, but I guess that could have been a catalyst - both for collapse and for a high velocity lead implant JFK-style.  

While Trump is a kind of a fool... he's certainly not a fool (if you know what I mean) - perhaps he's just sitting on the audit report? 

There's no doubt that he will be the fall guy... just a few more months to create plausibility and the stage will be set and ready for the final act to initiate 'The Reset'. 


I must say that it's fasacinating to stand back and watch the incredibly sad joke that is the implosion of the US of A.  


False_Profit's picture

Implosion is one of the steps in the formation of a star...just before it goes supernova...


There will be no seats for merely observing this event, ALL are participants...


Gott mit uns...

bowie28's picture

I agree.  Day 1 he should have explained the truth about government stats on unemployment, inflation, etc (as he alluded to in the campaign) and took the approach of a corporate turn-around guy - direct the gov agencies to stop using all their phony manipulations and adjustments and report real numbers going forward. 

That's why we elected a businessman over a politician. To go in and clean up the mess.

The truth is ugly but step one is to stop lying to yourself and face it so you can figure out how to fix it.  Instead he embraced the phony stats that he railed against and is now using them for his own PR.  Sad.


Sick Underbelly's picture

You ever see how BIG these agencies are?  You ever take a look at even ONE of their budgets?

If so, then you can appreciate this:

The agency budgets are so LARGE, so COMPLEX, bloated and full of corruption, that a "real numbers going forward" based on their current standard will not work....similar to telling a train to go down a different track.

If you want the train to go on a different track, you need to stop it, put each NECESSARY piece (sized down, too?) on an already-built, NEW track going in a different direction.

Also, nothing of the current system allows for accounting of, for lack of better terms, "BLACK OPS" spending.

What system do you propose to force real accounting, "real numbers" and no "manipulations and adjustments"?

bowie28's picture

I was oversimplifying but my point is there are things that can be done to move it in the right direction that would not be terribly confusing.

- Direct BLS that they are not to exclude from unemployment numbers people who have exhausted UI benefits but are still not employed.  They are not to apply any "seasonal adjustments" or any other phony black box accounting gimicks to their reports. They simply report the numbers of employed vs not employed.  Overnight the official number would probably go from 5% to 25% but then you have an accurate starting point to work from and politicians can't continue acting like we are at full employment and patting themselves on the back for a job well done.

- CPI should be modeled after the Chapwood index.  It would trigger all kinds of budgetary problems with SS and other programs but it would be based on reality and then a discussion can be had about realistic solutions instead of continuing to live in fantasyland and pass the bill to future generations.  It would also put some justified pressure on the FED and expose what they are really doing to everyone with their Fiat games.

Before doing this he could explain to the American people that we are no longer going to pretend these problems don't exist to make politicians look better.  The real numbers will be scary but they are true and we are already living with them now so actually knowing and facing the truth is better than pretending everything is fine until it all collapses.  If you go to your doctor and he finds a malignant tumor you don't want him to lie and say everything is fine and send you home.  You need to know the truth so you can decide what to do about it.  Explain it to the people in these terms.  "You sent me here to clean up this mess and the first step is to get an honest accounting of the problems so we can decide what to do about them.  Here is the real situation we are in that they have been lying to you about.  Now I am going to show you how we fix it but I need your help to pressure your reps in Congress to work with me." I think people would find this approach refreshing as they did his non PC language during the campaign.

As for the black ops spending, that would be a difficult and dangerous one to tackle but ignoring it leads to continuous growth of the cancer of corruption.  The only solution is to start exposing it and reining in the rogue intel agencies. Transparency is the answer.  The President has legal authority to de-classify anything he wants and I would assert that based on his promise to "Drain the Swamp" he has a duty to declassify any information that exposes corruption in our government.  Send the message that the days of using secrecy based on phony national security claims to conceal crime and corruption are over.  They want to leak bogus accusations from anonymous sources?  He can declassify official documents that expose corruption and publish it on the White House website.  This is how you take away their power.  Instead he is playing their game on their turf and that is a losing battle as we see with the constant attacks and false narratives.

Just a few examples of things that can and should be done.  By no means a complete solution but you have to start somewhere and establish a different culture if you actually want to effect meaningful change in the long run.  He has the gravitas to do it and I think the people would engage.  Sadly he seems to be working with the assumption that he can operate in the established framework rather than tearing it down and building a better one which is what he promised to do and was elected to do.


vaft's picture

He definitely should have stuck with the "we're in a bubble" line. Taking credit for a bubble is just ASKING to have to it pop on your watch.


Schmuck Raker's picture

If Trump were white, instead of orange, they'd leave him alone. Colored folks just get a raw deal no matter what in this country.

beavertails's picture

Best defense is an offense

Take away their hotdogs and pizzas 

Raincheck03's picture

Oh, that's coming. It was a bubble according to him before becoming president but now of course its all ok.

Stanley Lord's picture

Come on ZH readers have a little faith.

Trump knows what is going on, you have to give him until October, after that if you do not see change you can panic.

Don't forget NYPD is on Trump's side and they have very good intelligence too.

Let him get his people in place, this first 100 days crap is nonsense.

Hold fast.


Drimble Wedge's picture

"Let him get his people in place"


Notice how all the Goldmanites are still firmly in place?


How much faith do you put in that?

tmosley's picture

Goldman hires the best.

Thing is, under other administrations, they owned the president, whether through campaign contributions or promises of magnificent speaking fees once they were out of office.

You think Trump is going to be swayed by a million dollars?

No, they work for him, not the other way around. He has all the leverage, and he has proven himself more than capable of dealing with members of the Tribe and coming out on top without so much as a single gassing.

jamesmmu's picture
Mueller Special Counsel stacked with Democrats. Should Trump fire him?

Yog Soggoth's picture

I don't think he was elected, my guess is that Comey brought him in. He is a rude uninvited houseguest at this point.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Poor Trump.  Hillary is in charge of the Vast-left-wing Conspiracy.  Only if he had prosecuted her like he said he would...





HRClinton's picture

Too late. He said that we "are good people".

What he meant, was that we stacked the deck with our people, and have cover from the Deep State, because we know its secrets.

Without mass firings, he won't get to that point. Not with the Chinese Water Torture treatment that he's getting. If that doesn't work, he'll get get the legal equivalent of water boarding. Thanks Mueller, thanks Rosenstein. LOL.

Calculus99's picture

I'd love to know if Trump goes to bed in a fighting mood or slightly deflated these days. 

If he goes to bed fighting (and smiling if Melania blows him regularly) then KEEP IT UP DONALD.

Don't let the fuckers win, FIGHT! 

Sick Underbelly's picture

Wouldn't the smiling part leave (part of) him decently deflated?