What Does Trump Know? "GDP Numbers Are Going To Be Shockingly Good"

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While 2017 consensus GDP growth remains mired at (an optimistic 2.2%) and with Q2 GDP expectations sliding from their quarter-start hope highs (amid collapsing economic data), it appears President Trump knows something the rest of the world does not...

Yesterday Trump exclaimed...

"I think this quarter's GDP numbers are going to be shockingly good given all the facts we're seeing"

And once again today, while discussing his new apprenticeship program, he appears to confidently 'leak' GDP numbers two weeks early...

“I think some very good numbers are going to be announced, by the way, in the very near future, as to GDP,”

We shall see...

His comments briefly nudged stocks higher...

For now, Q2 does not look good...

And 2017 GDP remains near its lows...

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ejmoosa's picture

Not likely...the economy is more than the Indexes...

BullyBearish's picture

well i for one believe EVERYTHING he says...

HopefulCynical's picture

Trump isn't one to say this sort of stuff without reason. The reason might be that he knows "the fix is in," but I do not see betting against him as a very safe play, at least not for now.

Endgame Napoleon's picture

I am pro-Trump and do not blame him for the part-time, temp and low-wage churn jobs that do not even cover rent unless you are being paid for having sex and reproducing while single, getting layers of welfare and taxfare checks up to $6,269, which cover your major bills, thanks to your Uncle Sam and the U.S. Treasury Dept.

I will believe the economy is better only when I see evidence of quality jobs that cover all basic household bills, not just for citizens and noncitizens who are being paid by taxpayers to copulate and reproduce, or citizens who have spousal incomes that cover major bills, thereby making very low wages and unreliable, earned income streams acceptable. Those people are not employed any more than a teenage babysitter whose parents pay her rent and food is employed.

auricle's picture

I hope Trump is not adopting the 'when it gets real you have to lie' meme. 

fx's picture

"We Will Have So Much Winning If I Get Elected That You May Get Bored With Winning"

Might be just another 'stellar' forecast from the Donald...

Triple A's picture

Are you kidding, that dude speaks out of both sides of his mouth all day long... The Clintons are good people, I don't want to hurt them.

ElTerco's picture

??? Trump is the biggest know-nothing bullshit artist on the face of the planet. Have you even been listening when he speaks? Are you just not comparing what he says to what actually happens?

Tall Tom's picture



it depends upon how one interprets the data.


i believe that a collapse in GDP will be great, for instance.


Yes i hope that it is shockingly good.


Are you prepared for a shock, Mr. Trump.


I am certainly prepared for one. I am looking forward to it.


(Then Yellen might have a way of manipulating the data and leaking that to Trump so that he can open his mouth, inadvertently, beat the dead horse for once and jawbone the Stawk Market up.)

Hal n back's picture

cut inflation to negative and add  bit in nominal gdp and you have a good situation. If its so godd, then he does not need to stimulate the economy.

And then his OMB director and Treasury Secty should not be talking abut lower tax revenues being a problem.

the problem is the Democrates do a much netter job of playing the political game than Republicans


pods's picture

Well, if the numbers are good, they are bullshit.  There is no way that this country is on the mend. Falling apart at the seams more like it.


LetThemEatRand's picture

Remember the good old days when candidate Trump had the balls to call the government numbers utter horse shit?  Those were some good times.  

Expat's picture

Wow, that was so long ago!  Now that he is President he is taking things even more seriously, being responsible and showing strong leadership, right?

Right?  Right?  Oh, fuck!

Ballin D's picture

C + I + g + (ex - im)


Given that g is the only thing that seems to matter now and the fact that he's been dramatically cutting govt expansion, I'd wager the gdp numbers are going to be piss poor.

Sy Kloine Bee's picture

I think he's implying that, contrary to current public perception, g will grow. If this is the case, the increases will almost certainly come to the defense budget. This would fall in line with what he promised during the campaign (to rebuild the military) as well as with longstanding foreign policy goals (helping Israel to cut supply lines to Hezbollah; permitting Israeli expansion into S. Lebanon and Syria).

spastic_colon's picture

buddy up to yellen -check- get access to the BLS system -check-

in the above chart there are two scenarios; it appears the red line will rise up to meet the green line because they cannot allow the ooposite.

yellen knows she is gone in 2018; why do you think she keeps pushing out the correction until next year?

man from glad's picture

It sure doesn't "feel" like a good economy, and nobody I know is upbeat about the future. But then again I'm no 1% percenter so there lies the rub.

Ring_Of_Fire's picture

The big mouth takes us for.fools who believe in make believe numbers? Fuck him

sessinpo's picture

And does Trump believe what his goldman advisors tell him?

Binnie's picture

I am a car dealer.  We are having a great year.  No kidding.  I keep hearing doom and gloom in the media but it isnt reality for me.

yogibear's picture

Are you selling Maseratis, BMWs or Mercedes?

Endgame Napoleon's picture

Or, are you selling to single mommas at tax time, when they get their $6,269 "Child" Tax Credits? The big-box stores used to put up tax kiosks, encouraging the mommas to spend their tax-cash reproduction rewards there.

Those poor single mommas. If they play the system right, sex and reproduction provides the following:

1) no rent bill or a greatly reduced rent bill
2) no grocery expense
3) a very low, subsidized childcare bill despite the hoopla
4) no energy bill
5) monthly cash assistance that is $450, $600, $800/month
6) a Child Tax Credit of between $3,337 -- $6,269
7) help from a boyfriend's untraceable income
8) help from grandparents with grandbaby fever
9) help from charities that always focus on "working families"
10) her low wages in a mom-clique job, where she can be dramatically absentee without repercussions

What a market!

Binnie's picture

We are a Ford store.  The used market is very robust.  Applicants are qualified and we do very little "credit-challenged" business.  Really folks - things are pretty good for us.  A number of other dealers in our region are doing well too.  I also have rental properties.  They are full and its fairly easy to find qualified tenants with good jobs.  I fully understand that the real unemployment rate is something like 12%.  But that 12% is a permanent underclass that has no meaning in our economy anyway.  Cheer up!

hxc's picture

As of this writing the labor force participation rate is bouncing up against 63%. That means over a third of our country does not fucking work!!!

spastic_colon's picture

shocking.....now that all you car dealers have figured out the scam of used/new pricing ratios it probably makes fudging the accounting much easier.

Dutch1206's picture

What kind of financing though?

Binnie's picture

We sell our weak stuff to Santander.  But that's only 3% of our book.

Binnie's picture

We sell our weak stuff to Santander.  But that's only 3% of our book.

Binnie's picture

We sell our weak stuff to Santander.  But that's only 3% of our book.

Tall Tom's picture




He cannot care less about financing poor credit risks because the law allows him to do it.


And as long as it is legal then it must be moral to stick the Financial Institution with a sub prime auto loan.


He collects his cash for the sale and the taxpayers will bail the system out again. and the productive people pay for it once again by seeing a decline in their Standard of Living.


And until there is a fundamental change in the Morals of this Nation we will continue our decline into the PITS OF HELL.

Crypto-World-Order's picture

What does trump know? The same as all of us, the GDP numbers will be BULLISH(IT)

The Ram's picture

Looks like 'our man Trump' (sarc) feels the need to persist in fake news like all the former Presidents.   Silly me.  I thought we may actually get a straight shooting President.  

Crypto-World-Order's picture

 I knew he was a rat the minute he started to kiss the ass of Netanyahoo. Nothing good ever comes from that man. 

veritas semper vinces's picture

This Evil Empire is based on BS. Fake everything-starting with fake money,then everything elseGDP,inflation,enemployment,education,entertainment,news,political-two party system,president,fake Constitutional Republic,fake power,and definitely fake markets . The onlything real are wars,destruction,pillage,propaganda BS,lies,theft,corruption.And the DEBT.

Jewmerica is done.

It will collapse in it's own footprint,like the twin towers,with the whole world laughing at our BS

IENTJ's picture


Trump knows MOON BONDS are coming ... all will be well.


LetThemEatRand's picture

I'm going to cash in some MoonCoin to buy those MoonBonds.  

Yukon Cornholius's picture

While you're up there, why don't you bring back some tasty moon dollars for the rest of us.

IENTJ's picture

It's a question of: a) MOON-SUPER-SCIENCE and b) MARSH going BANKRUPT ... 


cheech_wizard's picture

I understand Gidney and Cloyd have opened up the first mooncoin exchange...

Soul Glow's picture

lol facts, good joke Trump.

b-sugar's picture

At least from what I heard here, the guy is not a moron, 13d chess and all that shit. Why would he be taking credit for the "big fat ugly bubble"? It's a no brainer to let it crash and blame it on obama/yellen/"clinton's sponsors", but taking credit for the stock market WHY? 

Peak Finance's picture

I gave this a LOT of thought over the last few months, as I fully expected the powers that be to crash the market when Trump got elected.

First this:

It's a no brainer to let it crash and blame it on obama/yellen/"clinton's 

I think thst ONLY the Fed can prick the bubble, as they have their finger on the print button.

Whats different this time? Why will it not crash?

Maybe becuase this time it's not just the United States, it a world-wide money printing circle jerk, so if the Fed crashed the market to fuck Trump, they would be fucking every European Central Bank really hard, I mean how much US Stock to the world-wide central bankers hold? They ran out of bonds to purchase and started buying stocks directly, right?

this is why no crash and inevatiable hyperinflation.  

b-sugar's picture

Swing and a miss.

So when you take A LOT of thought over why trump is taking credit for the bubble you come up with "central banks are printing"...

thank you I guess? 
Nevertheless, why do I feel like this bullshit you said has a purpose. maybe drive the conversation to the topic you keep spamming this website with? take the mask off, zoro 


and btw, this proves that you only need to make words sideways and your text a bit long for fucktards to green light it. 

Peak Finance's picture

LOL so you are saying the central banks are NOT printing, and they are NOT byuing stocks??

lol fucking asswipe wake up

there is no market there is only the fed