What Does Trump Know? "GDP Numbers Are Going To Be Shockingly Good"

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While 2017 consensus GDP growth remains mired at (an optimistic 2.2%) and with Q2 GDP expectations sliding from their quarter-start hope highs (amid collapsing economic data), it appears President Trump knows something the rest of the world does not...

Yesterday Trump exclaimed...

"I think this quarter's GDP numbers are going to be shockingly good given all the facts we're seeing"

And once again today, while discussing his new apprenticeship program, he appears to confidently 'leak' GDP numbers two weeks early...

“I think some very good numbers are going to be announced, by the way, in the very near future, as to GDP,”

We shall see...

His comments briefly nudged stocks higher...

For now, Q2 does not look good...

And 2017 GDP remains near its lows...

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b-sugar's picture

you seem to value that bit of information so much you litteraly will not diverge on what was the initial subject.

stay cool cowboy

Peak Finance's picture

Everytime I say this I get 10000 red arrows and even threatened with violence and doxing 


Business has been goiing crazy since Triump got elected. I think the last time I posted this I was up like 400% YOY, now it's something even crazier like I have already booked more business than I have in the LAST TWO YEARS as of June 1st. Friends doing good as well, expansion, construction, etc. 

Who knows what to beieve anymore? You can only believe your personal "wallet" indicator. 

Soul Glow's picture

I work for a Fortune 30 company and our sales are down 7% this month MoM and it's suppossed to be our busy season.

buzzkillb's picture

I am seeing this too. My business has been getting busier, friends in other types of businees are doing very well. But I am also seeing massive store closures. We no longer have a major chain supermarket in our city. Lots of vacant commercial. Housing is still mostly selling within a week in any halfway decent area. I am about 15 miles from Downtown LA.

Govt. related, there is massive freeway construction going on around LA County.

tmosley's picture

The persuasion president will generally have sentiment on his side. The only way that stops is if we actually run out of capital. With interest rates no longer at zero, that is not as likely as it once was.

Poor gold and silverbugs. If only you could rise above your biases. Oh well.

Peak Finance's picture


I am 25% gold / silver no regrets 

Even if it hit 600 again that would mean my other stuff would be going like gangbusters. 

tion's picture

Yeah ya gotta watch out for that grumpy geezer brigading. I heart the grumpy geezers too, I just really want you guys to become the protagonists of your own lives again. America needs you right now. I want you to be happy. When you stop being the protagonist in your own life, there is no satisfaction, just bitterness, wretchedness, a focus on acting destructively rather than constructively, and an increasing desire to partake in the grumpy geezer grumbling. This is not good for anyone.  It is out of care, not judgement, that I hope you will all consider asking yourselves if you have stopped acting as the protagonist in your own life. Meditating on this simple thing and following up with action, has helped me reframe to a more positive mental state. 

Things are bad out there, Obama has left deep scars on huge swathes of the population. I dunno about you all, but in my reality many Americans buy into the fake numbers. Pres is painting a rosy fake number picture for all of those folks, and he will be the tail that wags the dog through sheer force of will. What he is attempting to do, some may have heard it be called 'manifesting'.  If he was doing it alone, he would stand no chance, but his efforts will direct the tsunami of desperate prayers of many millions of Americans into action.  There is a tangible 'something' that is quietly blossoming in the hearts of many, I can feel it.  Some of the old systems, like the way we were doing retail, are collapsing. Should we all just give in and overdose on opiods, or should we dust ourselves off and try to build a better way forward? Many will begin to reject the former fate amd start dustimg themselves off.

Sure I realize many of you all may look unkindly on my flavor of batshit crazy, but I really do believe this could be our last stand, our last chance to right our course. And I believe one of the biggest threats to our chances of success, would be too many people choosing to be naysayers, bitter complainers, or zombies, rather than choosing to be the change they seek. 

jamesmmu's picture

President gets to see the GDP and job number before public. So he must know something we dont.

Crypto-World-Order's picture

It will be fake bullshit anyways, there is nothing TO see.

man of Wool's picture

Why does he make statements like this? What is the point?


pods's picture

And if he is running his mouth off about it that is the next thing they will try and hang him with.  Guy just doesn't know when to shut the fuck up.


equity_momo's picture

Trump is a narcissist. He cant help himself from comments like this. 

He wont mention squat about stocks when theyre 75% lower.   He will however be blaming the Fed and talking a lot about "business cycles" lol.

Straw Dog's picture

Deep state has "leaked" false overoptimistic GDP numbers to Trump, When the real numbers are released it will make Trump look foolish.

Haitian Snackout's picture

I guess KR didn't get the memo.

cherry picker's picture

Selling weapons of mass destruction to the rest of the world will boost GDP, but how does that help a tradesman or retailer in Podunkville?

Fiat Burner's picture

Trump touting bullshit GDP data, bullshit employment data, and bullshit stock market prices as a sign of his success.  That sounds familiar...

Overleveraged_and_Impatient's picture

People, wake up. The President of the United States is taking responsbility for the Stock Market and all numbers. They are going to be GOOD. The Dow Jones is on the swift path to 25,000 and the S&P 500 is heading for 3000. This is not the time to go short

Today is another bear baiting day in which the gap has already mostly been filled. 

Remember in 2009 when Barack said "Now is a good time to buy stocks?" THIS IS THE 2017 VERSION OF THAT. When your President tells you the numbers are going to be good then you DO NOT BET AGAINST THE STOCK MARKET.

I picked up MORE shares of 3x Leveraged Long S&P 500 this morning, and thank goodness I did. At this point you have to truly questions yourself when betting against Trump, Cohn, Yellen, Kuroda, Draghi and the Swiss National Bank. Trump will not be made a fool of. When he says stuff it's because HE KNOWS WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN.

Get out of your dumb bitcoins, Dont invest in gold thinking it's going to make money. If you want to make money go long S&P 500.  

Crypto-World-Order's picture

LOL you only made 47,000 all year. I made TWICE that the last time bitcoin and ethereum took a dive. Guess what? Ill make that and then some when it goes back to 2700 and ether to 425. S&P? Thats for fucking amateurs

IENTJ's picture

I still don't think people, excepting Mnuchin, understand the POWER of MOON BONDS!


IENTJ's picture






Dead Indiana Sky's picture

Fine.  You had me at "giant space trebuchet hurling humans".

Too-Big-to-Bail's picture

it's called "Pump and Trump"

Fake Trump's picture

It is Trump and dump. No worries he will find a scapegoat. He is running America like a reality show. What has he done so far other than tweeting, bullshiting and flip flopping.

Ricki13th's picture

The fact that Trump is touting this quarters GDP, tells me that we might see a negative print this quarter or at least a sub 1% growth just so the media can fuck him up. Thats the reason why the once ''data-dependent'' fed wants to raise interest rates despite a shitty economy. The more Trump takes credit the more it will be used against him when the recession starts.  

Sam Spayed's picture

Could we hit 3% GDP growth for the first time since the purple-lipped gay marxist avenger entered the White House?

GodHelpAmerica's picture

Trump is good at painting himself into a corner.

He won the election by telling the truth on some important issues. Now he loses credibility and opens the door for critics to associate this economic shitstorm with his presidency , rather than his predecessors.

Expat's picture

Yep, Trump told the truth but ommitted a key truth: that he is fucking incompetent.  Okay, great, he became a billionaire by cheating on his taxes, screwing over tenants and partners, and generally being a douchebag (hey, that's just business...I am not saying he is worse than many).  but you can't run the country that way.  He is too arrogant and narcissistic to understand that and too narrow-minded to overcome it.  Instead he whines about this and that, hoping that there will be minor scandals like Russia-gate and Flynn for four years so he can blame his total failure to achieve a fucking thing on everyone but himself.

I don't like Trump.  He is a self-centered scumbag who is interested in only himself.  But I did not like Obama, Clinton or Bush either.  I had hopes that the practical business man would make some rational changes to government.  Instead, he rolled into DC and starting spouting insane bullshit, making diktats, and alienating everyone but the most profound Arkansas sister-fuckers out there.

Utter failure.  Blame it on Comey, blame it Hillary, blame on Putin.  but the truth is, the Donald can't handle the job.

tmosley's picture

Lick those eurocrat jackboots, boy.

Lick them REAL GOOD.

Expat's picture

Is that your comeback?  Can't defend the Donald so you imply that Europe is a dictatorship?  I should not be surprised, but I am.  There are perhaps two or three rational right-wing posters here on ZH.  The rest are like you: incapable of thought, uniformed, purposefully ignorant, but adamant.  I almost never get coherent, logical retorts or refutations; instead I get lame ad hominems like yours.

You, sir, are an embarrassment to yourself and your family.  You are smell and ugly.  I bet you get your sister to fart into your nostrils after you fuck her.

There!  That felt great!  And so much easier than being intelligent!  Ha ha ha!  Being a Trumpeteer is sooo easy.

Eagle40's picture

tmosely..Your a  total Dipshit that has your head up your ass. 

Seasmoke's picture

What do you think the Game Show Host would be saying today , if he did not win the Selection.

It's a Yuuuuge bubble. Collapse imminent . Greatest Depression. Etc...

Fuck The Game Show Host. He is a fraud.

markitect's picture

The economy is so hot we closed our doors (Architecture and engineering).  My oldest customer ( Industrial Contractor) is teetering the edge of insolvency and laid off his entire production staff.  Yet I drive around and see tower cranes everywhere and $1 million + homes as the new normal.  I admit I have lost any modicum of understanding this "economy".  At least I dont have "employees" to worry about anymore.  

lasvegaspersona's picture

I do still have employees. If it were just me I'd be livin large on Social Security......Boats and Hoes.....

Expat's picture

Thank God these stats are not made up bullshit like the stats we had under Obama!  I guess Trump has changed every Federal employee responsible for compiling these stats otherwise they would be false stats, phoney stats.

LOL.  the guy is a fucking embarrassment.  He doesn't even realize or care...and neither do most of you.  Oh, well.  America at its best!

PhiBetaZappa's picture

"shockingly good' but not doubleplusgood...............hmmmmmmm

The Donald needs to get up to speed on Newspeak.

therover's picture

What Trump knows is that any government number can be made up...just like most of us here on ZH already know.

Expat's picture

Making shit up is pretty much what defines exchanges here on ZH!

jtz5's picture

Funny how bad GDP #s don't move the markets down, but good #s, up, up and away.  What a shitshow.

Yen Cross's picture

 Trump has a very skewed understanding of economics.

  He's the girl that gets dressed up to shop in the Dollar Store, and waves his Louis Vuitton purse around, at the check out.

Skeptophrenic's picture

Doom and gloom from the Tyler's on a daily basis vs. hip-shooting POTUS smelling nothing but roses.

Can't both be right.

shimmy's picture

Yeah, because Trump has NEVER said anything that was complete bullshit/outright lied. Wouldn't surprise me if this is just another Trumpism where he shoots his mouth off only to have it backfire and he gets mocked for it. 

I put as much value in what he says as I do that clown obozo and every other president and politician. 

therover's picture

Thing is he does not care if it backfires and he gets mocked because it's more fodder for his tweet show. That's what really matters.

Plus he can always say wait for the adjusted numbers.

Börjesson's picture

Increased AHCA premiums count towards GDP...

Fake Trump's picture

Can you trust Trump? Where are all your election promises? Please don't bullshit anymore. Don't underestimate the intelligence of the American people. Sure there are many idiots around but there are as many smart and intelligent people around as well.

Yen Cross's picture

  Trump is the guy that buys a 15-20 million dollar used 757, as opposed to a brand new Gulfstream G-650es  for 65 million dollars.

BigCumulusClouds's picture

The savings gets spent on fuel.

lasvegaspersona's picture

sure.....who needs retail?