Alex Jones Gets Jump On Megyn Kelly - Leaks Recordings "To Set The Record Straight"

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After NBC's Megyn Kelly lied to Alex Jones about the scope and purpose of an upcoming Father's Day airing of his sit-down interview for Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly, the Infowars host set the record straight on Thursday night - preempting Kelly's segment with 'leaked' recordings of their conversations before she could smear Jones on Sunday.

The Setup

As Jones and Kelly began to discuss the details of the NBC interview, Kelly played the part of earnest lawyer turned plucky journalist - batting her eyelashes and insisting her new show was about profiling 'interesting people' so the public can get to know them better.

I'm trying to create a different kind of program. I'll ask you about some of the controversies, of course, and you'll say what you want to say. But it's not going to be some 'gotcha' hit-piece, I promise you that.


I just want to talk about you. I want people to know you.


Of course I'm going to do a fair interview - I'm going to be me, you know, I'm not going to go out there and be a Barbara Walters... you just trust me.

-Megyn Kelly


In a highly edited promo released ahead of Sunday's airing, Kelly made it clear that she was gunning for Jones, and was about to twist the Infowars host's coverage of the Sandy Hook massacre into the centerpiece of an attempt at character assassination. In response to Kelly's promo, both Alex Jones and the families of Sandy Hook victims urged Kelly to scrap the interview, while JP Morgan and other advertisers pulled spots scheduled to air during the segment.

Kelly has instead defended the interview, issuing an inflammatory statement that Jones' 'Sandy Hook hoax claim' is 'revolting.' In fact, the New York Post reports that Kelly has doubled down and 'completely overhauled' the interview, re-editing it to be 'tougher' on Jones and inviting Sandy Hook families on the program.

Preemptive Strike

When Jones suspected the interview might be a hit-job, he began recording conversations with Kelly - and to that end, released a 30 minute video on Thursday night featuring a behind the scenes look at their pre-interview encounter and provides context to Jones' claims.

Megyn Kelly waltzed in here in Austin, Texas, and told me that she wasn't going to talk about Sandy Hook, she wasn't going to talk about Pizzagate, she wasn't going to talk about Chobani, she wasn't going to talk about Islamic terror attacks - that she wanted to do a softball profile of Alex Jones. And when she got here with her crew of intelligence operatives, she did the opposite of what she said. And so I was recording the whole time.

Jones proceeds to set the record straight on a number of issues...

Sandy Hook

"She didn't show in her promo video that I said I believe Sandy Hook happened and that I had war gamed the three views - that criminal groups went in and killed the kids, or it happened as they officially said, or they use actors."

Iraq War Lies

"We saw in 1990 our congress being lied to by the daughter of the head of a PR firm about Saddam Hussein's soldiers killing hundreds of babies - bashing their brains out. It's not that Saddam was a good guy.... We were lied to with propaganda that they admittedly came out and told us was a fraud later."

Misquoting Jones on Pizzagate

Alex lays out how the MSM edited and ran with an incomplete statement of his that Hillary Clinton "personally murdered and chopped up and raped" children. The MSM twisted this into an accusation of Clinton's involvement in the pizzagate controversy, however what the MSM left out was second part of that statement in which the Infowars host makes clear he's talking about Clinton's foreign policy decisions as Secretary of State resulting in the massacre of Christians at the hands of terrorists.

Also discussed are Alex's Custody Battle, Kelly's overt schmoozing, and the total media circus that's erupted out of the entire affair.

Video Below:  

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Alex Jones is a tool of the Establishment.

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Tapes show she lied if not misled him about the intent of the interview.


She's a left wing MSM political hack like all the other MSM Lefties and necons.

Money talks.

Give_me_liberty_or's picture

on the next Episode of "The Matrix Show," Bill Hicks discusses his plastic surgery while Joachin Phoenix talks immigration with Mark Dice.  Then Megan Kelly dicusses the challenges of 'tucking.'

Scoop behind Steve Scalise shooting:

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There's a new level of trolling: AlexJones Mode.

Just below God Mode... that goes to Putin.

Putin Trolls Comey Offering him Asylum for Political Persecution's picture

Next, Alex Jones will meme her out of existence.


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Not really a fan of AJ, but well played on his part (golf clap).

AGuy's picture

"Not really a fan of AJ, but well played on his part (golf clap)."

AJ is OK, He just gets super excited and interrupts his guests. I just wish AJ let his guest finish before bombarding them with another question or topic. AJ needs to cut back on the caffine!

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Jones lost me when I saw how much he pushes his natural health products.

Oils and herbs in pill form and every other form to give you more energy, longer life, and a harder erection.  THAT's where he makes his money - from the same same pool of dupes who feed the massive MLM corporations like DoTerra.  TOTAL BS!




cheech_wizard's picture

Everyone has to pay the mortgage.

GadExp's picture



Yes.  But NOBODY needs to pay the mortgage with deceipt.


Unfortunately, the most "successful" people today do just that.

JethroBodien's picture

Please provide proof of deceit you are talking about.  We are waiting...

GadExp's picture



You obviously didn't watch the video (4 comments above).  Quite clammering for proof that I already provided.  You're acting like a baby... JethroBaby.


Furthermore, Have you ever used those oils and herbal supplements?  I know people very well who will ONLY use these things because they have been engrained with a fear of modern medicine... by the DoTerra class of marketeers.  They can be throwing up from pain, bleeding from the face or other holes in their body, and unable to move from illness and still they beg for more $60/3 oz. oils to be poured on the hurt.  The supplements never do anything for them beyond the occasional placebo comfort.  That is the fraud backdrop of the herbal supplement market., I hate responding to immature comments.

JethroBodien's picture

You're obviously from big pharma.  Big pharma commericials are downright commical especially the ones that indicate death as a possible side effect but don't worry our product will cure your snifles.

I haven't bought herb supplments from Infowars since those can be bought locally.  I have purchased Oxypowder from them and would recommend that to anyone who wants to clense the colon.  

The hubris of man to think he can create (artifical man made pharmaceuticals) what God has already provided in nature.


On the matter of proof I thought you were joking.  You using David Duke as a source to discredit Alex Jones is laugable.  The very David Duke that was the ex Grand Master of the Klu Klux Klan.


GadExp's picture

A spoonful of sand or sawdust would clear your colon. Try eating some boiled groats or cream of wheat.  The fact that you pay for that stuff shows that you don't understand the chemistry.  You wanna fund Alex's ferrari, you go ahead.  He'll continue to appreciate that.


I'm no fan of big corporations - big Pharma OR big DoTerra.  But I have enough background in medicine, pharmacy, and chemistry to know a fraud when I see one.  Your herbal supplements at sky-high prices are nothing more than a fraud.  Go buy a generic multi-vitamin.  


btw - "The hubris of man to think he can create (artifical man made pharmaceuticals) what God has already provided in nature."

Go live in a cave and suck on rocks and untreated water.  Indeed "the hubris of man" to create, organize, improve, build, produce!  

Rather, the hubris of man to ignore the capabilities provided by God!

JethroBodien's picture

Now you and I both know "untreated water" is not analogous to a man made drug created in a chemistry lab.  Nothing in my comment implied that we shouldn't be trying to improve ourselves.  The Chinese looked to nature for cures, thousands of years before the advent of modern day pharma.

That said, like everything in life, things are complicated and nuanced.  Take Penicillin for instance which is derived from Penicillium fungi.  It's effective becuase its derived from nature.


PS.  When you said treated I hope the hell you didn't mean fluoride a known carcinogen.

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Can't patent an herb.  Therefore pharma creates synthetic derivatives and patents them, making billion$.

And AJ gets on my nerves with his nonstop interruptions, but his content does irritate the right people, so that's to his credit.

JethroBodien's picture

Pray tell how is he supposed to make money?  We are waiting.....

You realize his operation and employees cost money??

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Oh stop with the Alex Jones is really Bill Hicks shit.  That is disinfo bullshite at it's finest.  totally ridiculous

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Is Megyn Kelly truly good for jumping on?  Is she all makeup and hair dye but no fun?

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I wouldn't screw that Bitch with YOUR pencil dick.

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Pretty face......ugly heart.

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Better not bring any crackers to bed or she's outta there.

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That's just not that hard to do.

Alex trolled this idiot expertly

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Ice Queen, getting a dose of her own medicine?

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She's Reptilian and looking more like a man every day. 

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Her brain is probably worse than her heart and it's mostly driven by her lacking emotional and mental stability.

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She used to be a 'corporate attorney' ... guess she couldn't screw herself to the top fast enough that way ...


Kelly attended Tecumseh Elementary School, in DeWitt, New York. At age 9, her family moved to the Albany, New York, suburb[11] of Delmar, where she attended Bethlehem Central High School.[12] She obtained an undergraduate degree in political science from Syracuse University in 1992[9] and earned a J.D. from Albany Law School in 1995.[13]

Kelly was an associate in the Chicago office of law firm Bickel & Brewer LLP, during which time she co-wrote an article for the American Bar Association's journal, Litigation, called "The Conflicting Roles of Lawyer as Director".[14] She later joined Jones Day for nine years, where one of her clients was the credit bureau Experian.[15]

Television career[edit] Early career[edit]

In 2003, Kelly moved to Washington, D.C., where she was hired by the ABC affiliate WJLA-TV as a general assignment reporter.[10] While there, she covered significant national and local events, including live coverage of the confirmation hearings for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr. and Chief Justice John G. Roberts; the retirement of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor; the death of Chief Justice William Rehnquist; and the 2004 presidential election.[16] After working as a journalist for WJLA, Kelly then applied for a job at Fox News Channel in 2004.[16] CNN president Jonathan Klein would later regret not hiring Kelly as a reporter at the beginning of her career, as she was "the one talent you’d want to have from somewhere else".[17]

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' "Me Again" Kelly'

        -  Bill O'Reilly

SokPOTUS's picture

When Bill O' Reilly is mocking your ego; you are way out there...

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If you fuck her, better record it because she's gonna cry rape just to be on the newZ.  Actually, you better record if you are ever alone with her, whether fucking or not.

Also, wear 2 condoms 'cause that ho gets around.

Best 2 record with ANY woman nowadays.  Feminism has made them all batshit with hate for some made up word called the patriarchy.

wildbad's picture

I met Alex in England several years back.

He has been reporting for 20+ years on topics which were thought of as "crazy". He was proved right, again and again and again.

If it were not for Alex Jones, the VERY REAL global communist cabal would be much further along the road to complete global control of you and future generations.

Alex Jones is one of the GREAT figures in history.

While his style may offend some , he speaks the truth and has laid his life on the line with his many true revelations.

I Love and support Alex Jones

poland spring's picture

+1.  Conspiracy theory turns to conspiracy fact.  He is real investigative journalism.  Thought-provoking and ahead of his time. I definitely salute his efforts when covering Bilderburg meetings.

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AJ is the flip side of the Hegelian coin.

Reichstag Fire Dept.'s picture

Yep, AJ is bad ass! I ran for Parliament as a Libertarian in 2015 and have been receiving death threats ever since...

I think it was my (paid from my own pocket) campaign talking points...I focused on issues, primarily the economy, because issues are important, right?

Wrong! What a waste of time. I put the Sheeple to sleep.

What I should have done was attack the the first Social Justice Warrior I encountered and turned into a "film at 11:00p" media circus!

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It's never too late for the latter....

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LOL.  Yes goyim, Hitler was a liberal.  Classical Liberalism is actually conservatism.

JethroBodien's picture

Jones covers a lot of material that mainstream media will not touch including 9/11 and Pedogate.  That said he isn't perfect because Infowars did stop covering Pizzagate when a lawsuite was thrown in his face.  I suppose one can't blame him if there was a possibility everything he had created was taken away.


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Ok, I'm with you on the whole 'part of the MSM establishment' meme....but let"s not get carried away.......everyone has positive traits (well, almost everyone....I exclude a lot of politicians)....Megyn is a fine looking woman.


Got The Wrong No's picture

She has a broom sticking out of her ass. 

SwamiSays's picture

Ok, I'm with you on the whole 'part of the MSM establishment' meme....but let"s not get carried away.......everyone has positive traits (well, almost everyone....I exclude a lot of politicians)....Megyn is a fine looking woman.


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She's just a bitch, and has a double load of that "entitlement" attitude which makes American women so unattractive. She's also not as smart as she claims to be. But hey, when it comes to women, whatever floats your boat, dude...

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She's a women. Why would anyone think her smart?

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"...A pretty face don't make no pretty heart..."  Robert Palmer

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I wouldn't want to bruise my groin on her bony pelvis.  Bitch (drink).

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"and the families of Sandy Hook victims urged Kelly to scrap the interview,"

Wish I were such a victim.  Collectively they got tens of millions to divide amongst themselves and each got a house.  All to play act that they were parents of murdered children who never really existed.  Most, unlike Robbie Parker, didn't even have to show off their lack of acting skills on live camera, as they pretended to get into character.  The whole thing is such a transparent FF hoax, that a half hour of honest internet research would blow it apart for anyone in doubt.  All orchestrated by ZH darling, Fast and Furious Eric Holder originally as a "capstone" drill, and approved by the Obomber himself.

If Jones' macho magic formulas really were effective and grew him a set, he would blow the whole POS story apart.

Akzed's picture

Anyone sued by these actors should get an exhumation order to see what's in the grave(s). Tell the judge you want to do DNA testing, then whoops! No body! Or just tell the judge you'll concede if there's a body in the grave. I'd love to see the tortured reasoning and inventive legal theorizing from the bench to keep the grave closed.