Did The USA Finally Lose Its Collective Mind?

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Authored by Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com,

Historians of the future, huddled around their goose-fat lamps in muddy woolen cloaks, may cite this as the month that the Kardashian Dreamland formerly known as “The USA” finally lost its collective mind.

Submitted for your approval, as the late, great Rod Serling (senator from The Twilight Zone) used to say: this week’s Russia-Russia-Russia hearing on Capital Hill. I caught the final hour of this circus when freshman senator Kamala Harris (D – Cal) was hectoring Attorney General Jeff Sessions about his “contact with Russian Officials” and had to be reprimanded by the chair for her rude behavior.

Note: it’s now deemed illicit for US government officials to talk to Russian diplomats. I wonder what would happen if government officials in other lands decided that it was improper to talk with US diplomats. The Democratic Party seems to be building a case that the world would be better off without diplomats cluttering up each other’s capital cities. Hey hey, ho ho, Di-plo-macy has got to go! Now that’s a most progressive idea! Apparently, AG Sessions riled Senator Harris by pointing out that the Soviet Union collapsed nearly thirty years ago — a typical white privilege thing to say, right?

Next up was Senator Mark Warner (D – Va), Vice-Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, who grilled Sessions about Russia’s electronic warfare capability. Say what?

First of all, wouldn’t Senator Warner find more enlightenment on the subject by calling the Secretary of Defense, or the top military brass, or the NSA Director to the witness table? Does he know where the duties of the US Attorney General begin and end?


Secondly, Is there anybody in this country with an IQ above room temperature who thinks that the USA is not similarly disposed to carry out electronic warfare? Or that all the advanced nations of the world are not toying with internet intrusions into each other’s cyber space? Perhaps this is a manifestation of the political neurosis called American Exceptionalism, the idea that we’re so unlike people in other lands that they might as well be space aliens. (A sweet idea for a new Twilight Zone episode.)

All this idiocy suggests that the Russia meme is losing its mojo and the forces dedicate to dump Trump might have to look elsewhere for some legal ground to stand on. For the moment, they’re veering into the darkling woods where obstruction of justice lives, a Blair Witch Project of politics, where any old assemblage of broken twigs is a sure sign of the lurking beast —  but perhaps that’s exactly where witch-hunting takes you.

Personally, I still believe they’ll run him over with the 25th Amendment, which allows for simple removal of a batshit incompetent executive without the pain-in-the-ass rigmarole of due process. You just get a consensus of the highest officials in the land to agree that guy has to go, and they get him gone, and, in this case, you get yourself Mike Pence, a tranny-like Church-Lady with a hard-on for the Koch Brothers. That’ll get the country great fast, I’m sure.

Then, of course, there was the gunning down of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and others on a Virginia ballfield by a disgruntled Bernie Sanders fan, of all things. Is it hyperbole to say that this incident had the tone of a first shot in a new civil war? Even the hysterical elements over at CNN rushed to put out the very brushfires they had been kindling by broadcasting the Thursday night news against the backdrop of the annual congressional charity baseball gamed held at the Washington Nationals ballpark — as if the sore-beset people of this dissolute land might be stirred from their anomie by the comforting sound of wood on horsehide. Summer’s not quite officially here yet, but who feels like dancing in the streets? It’s more like wanting to hide behind the nearest trash can.

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Vlad the Inhaler's picture

The Republicans need to push back a lot harder here.  This Russia nonsense is just Dem distraction/smokescreen and wouldn't even be possible without MSM collusion.  

Alhazred's picture

They need to push back against the lies and tie this making up drama thing to the shooter

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Did The USA Finally Lose Its Collective Mind?

My response: YES!!!! We are on a downhill run!!!




VWAndy's picture

 Yep that stall and barter thing. At its most basic level its all about our labor and them not paying for it.

 It could work.

Mtnrunnr's picture

shit. republicans have been refusing to actually legisalate for 8 years. dems before that and republicans before THAT! short memories all around! Blame everyone else! Vote in morons!

espirit's picture

"Is it hyperbole to say that this incident (Scalise) had the tone of a first shot in a new civil war?"

Not necessarily.

Scalise was at the forefront of the Human Trafficing investigation. The DC pedo's are running out of Russian Squirrels to throw the Plebs.

We'll know how close they are to exposure by the severity of escalation in a hot war with Russia.

Since it's old news that the Israelis' and Brits have known the players involved in the 1982 Paedo investigation, the Russians most probably have that info and hold it as a wild card.


el buitre's picture

Fuck the Democrats versus the Republicans; the left versus the right; progressives versus the conservatives.  The battle beneath the headlines is the pedophile child fuckers and killers versus the (mainly) normal.

Alt RightGirl's picture

Maybe not yet, but we ar working on it.

the democRATs here don't want to be less retarded that their canuck brethren.

Canada Goes Full Retard: Passes Law Criminalizing Denial of “Gender Theory”

AllOfGood's picture

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Uchtdorf's picture

From the article: "Summer’s not quite officially here yet, but who feels like dancing in the streets? It’s more like wanting to hide behind the nearest trash can."


Please, everybody, learn the difference between cover and concealment.

espirit's picture

I might add 'while holding up your cell phone' for the bestest video.

Another candidate for the Darwin Select Award.

revjimbeam's picture

 "Summer’s not quite officially here yet"


Summer? shit, nigga, wait til fall....the 100 year anniversary of the glorious revolution, shits gonna spiral out of control real quick then...

shovelhead's picture

Yeah, that 9/11 thing lead to a whole lot of sanity.


hxc's picture

Yeah, cuz 9/11 really introduced some sanity into this country.


Gimme a fuckin break, you sound like a PNAC neocon slob

VWAndy's picture

 One thing that seems to be working against us is that 9/11 could not have been pulled off without millions of usefull tools being in on it. Including governments around the world. Scary stuff to grok the scale of deciet needed.

adanata's picture

+1 for 'grok'...     This behavior is to be expected since all "reps" are some form of DINO/RINO working for their Global Central Bank masters and serving up a circus for the loons inhabiting the land. The corruption/tyranny are at saturation point... the people are reluctant to take up the sword... but I do believe they will eventually. They had to be totally convinced there was no other way. I think they are almost there... Andrew Klavan explains the current congressional log jam hilariously HERE.

eclectic syncretist's picture

The politicians are mad because we didn't choose one of them as president. If they push this too far they might just ensure that we continue to choose outsiders.

Jim in MN's picture

No establishment candidate has won since the financial crisis.  Unfortunately, the loud message from the electorate has not stopped the corrupt, imperial Doom State (tm) from lurching forward.


What to do, what to do......

Mtnrunnr's picture

it is actually like Julias Cesar the play. Too damn bad people are so fucking outraged at satire that they're missing the entire point, which BTW, is actually fairly right leaning.

mike_king's picture

The Republicans need to recognize Democrats are their enemy and hurt them every way they can, including war.

VWAndy's picture

 That they never do push back is one of the best clues as to just how corrupted it is. They are working together like Laural and Hardy.

Gilnut's picture

Democrats this.....Republicans that....blah blah blah.


Human beings will evolve once we lose our insatiable desire to be slaves.  99.999% of people have a need to be a slave to something...government, religion, drugs.  When we actually no longer "need" a master, then we will have evolved into something worthwhile.  

Killdo's picture

it does not help that Americans teach their children early that god is everything and they are nothing. 

Or that they have to go through genital mutulation  - (circumstision - it's only done by Muslims/Jews in the rest of the world) - just to remind them that they don't even have control of their own body. It belongs to one of their invisible friends. They are just SHEEPLE

instead of helping kids comprehand reality - they are being fearmongered into stupidity and slavishness..

This is bascally institutionalized  child abuse on a large scale. 

shamus001's picture

Oxygen is invisible, so are bacteria without a magnifying glass. Various forms of electrons are invisible, yet they also are alive, perform work and serve a part. Everyone must serve, and everyone must teach. Without both, you have a vaccuum of knowledge, and anarchy without social structure. You may be a godless dimwit, seeking self destruction and and outlet for your self-dispair and hate for your parents doing a crappy job of teaching you about life, love and prosperity, but please attempt to refrain from spewing out too much venom in public, your ebarrassing yourself. And as always: Enjoy your evolution goo-primordiate existance! 

I Feel a little Qeasy's picture

The only venom I read was in YOUR post, which is just bullshit in any case.

'Everyone must serve' indeed, you are the dimwit. Fuck off slave, and enjoy your servitude.

Au_Ag_CuPbCu's picture

Problem is that it seems the Republicans want him out too...sayin

RussianSniper's picture

The USA left has been radicalized.
Many, in politics and media, are in on this dangerous game ; while millions of others, are wholesale believers in this indoctrination.

Education system's overall weakness is now apparent.

Winston Churchill's picture

Govt. education is turning the whole nation into a suicidal death cult.

They always end well.

chunga's picture

Everyone not indoctrinated will be apprehended or killed by the police state apparatus if we don't manage to change this pretty quick

serotonindumptruck's picture

Those not indoctrinated tend to be the people who would dare to shoot back.

I wouldn't want to be the federal jack-boot who would be tasked with rounding up/exterminating political dissidents.

Easier to just call in a drone strike.

VWAndy's picture

The only ones that dont seem to be effected by the indoctrination are the same ones doing all the real work. Thats something the Pols proved. When the honest folks stopped working. The government lost all its ability to use force on those people. They would have done anything they could to stay in power. The thing is there was nothing they could actually do without the honest labor.

  Same thing in Germany when the wall came down. The first night that the guards stopped guarding the wall it was torn down. The people are the basis for all the power.

Mr. Pain's picture

The Amerikan left have been communist since the 1980's. Get the cpusa news letter and its like reading the democrats play book. I say Trump should declare martial law in order to restore order. While doing so make the leaders of the left disappear. 

swmnguy's picture

I don't know where you're getting your information, Bruh.  The Democrats are just like the CPUSA?  Maybe if the CPUSA supported war-mongering, corporate rights, global Finance supremacy over all and "Identity Politics" divide-and-conquer tactics.

None of which they do, by the way.  No actual Leftist ever, anywhere, supports the endless bailouts and manipulations designed to maintain the economic and financial status quo.  And you can't really discuss the Democratic Party without acknowledging those policies.

If you think the Democrats are Left, and they have become Communists since the 1980s, I don't know what to say to you.  Maybe you should examine the Democratic Party's positions in the 1980s, as opposed to now.  Right now in 2017 Ronald Reagan couldn't get endorsed by either major party for any position; he'd be considered far to the Left of the mainstream.  The Bushes are too far to the Left for today's environment.  Bernie Sanders, for the love of God, is way to the Right of where Ted Kennedy was.

And your prescription is exactly what the Corporate/Warfare single-party monopoly has been prepping us for.  Using their two bogus rival factions to create the impression that representative democracy has failed and America has become ungovernable, so The State has to unleash violence without restrictions against the populace.

Jim in MN's picture

Well you know it's clown time when the headline grabbers are Reality Winner and Otto Warmbier.

But seriously folks.....how about that Deep State wagon circling?  It's like, why was the ground white at Little Big Horn?  Because the Indians kept coming, and coming, and......

BeepBeepRichie's picture

The DNC needs to be disbanded and removed. Is this possible?

imapopulistnow's picture

The Dems lost by small margins in a number of States.

The Ruskies used social media quite effectively to motivate conservatives to vote against HRC. For example, while it took me quite a while to come to this conclusion, IMO that FBIAnon 4chan guy most likely was/is a Ruskie psych ops IO.

Dems and elites and deep state and media manipulators are out for blood. And they will probably get it.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Bullshit. Hard to believe you would post that kind of nonsense here after 7 years on this site.

Alananda's picture

Is IMAPOPULISTNOW -- quite the contemporary moniker, eh? -- a member of "sleeper cell"?? ZH can expect much more of the same in days and months to come.

espirit's picture

I'm thinking IMAPOPULISTNOW has gargled some DRANO,

Democratic Republic Amerikan New Order...

kochevnik's picture

Nothing impossible for a few shekels at the Masonic Lodge

Jim in MN's picture

Fuck you and fuck Russian oligarchs too.  We beat her fair and square and good riddance.

armageddon addahere's picture

Really? You think one guy on 4 chan swung the election? Really?

What about the massive contribution made by Hillary Clinton and her staff to Hillary Clinton's loss?

rent slave's picture

The new KKK beat them-Kenosha,Kalamazoo,and Kutztown.Without Johnson in 2020,we'll add Kellogg to that list as well.

Bay of Pigs's picture

The American public lost its collective mind decades ago Howard. Glad to see you are getting up to speed.

Happy Aloha Friday bitchez.

AKKadian's picture

No the USA is not going crazy! We are now identifying those that are crazy and should be lock-up. The crazies have had their way to long. The more we can Identify the crazies among us, the saner the country will be, its a process that needs to happen. The crazies are murderous suicidal lunatics and we are identifying them every day.!!!   

wisehiney's picture

The first major battle of the War of Northern Agression was at Bull Run, just 30 miles up the road from that Alexandria ballfield.

Most people do not know that Appomattox Courthouse was just the end of the first half.

Let's finish this thing!