"Lynching Epidemic" Breaks Out In Venezuela

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The public-safety infrastructure in Venezuela has been degraded to such a degree that citizens now take justice into their own hands. Agence France Presse reported that lynchings have risen sharply over the last year and a half as political and economic instability in the crumbling socialist republic has worsened. Witnesses who spoke to AFP said a 22-year-old man who was set on fire at an anti-government demonstration in May was actually lynched after being accused of stealing by the crowd - not because he was a government sympathizer, as President Nicolas Maduro had suggested at the time.

As AFP alleges, "it is not just the country's economy and political system that are sick, but society itself, experts say. An epidemic of lynchings is one of the most gruesome symptoms."

The OVCS says some 60 people were recorded as killed in lynchings in the first five months of this year alone. Last year there were 126 such killings -- a surge from the 20 reported in the previous year, coinciding with the worsening of political tensions and economic chaos.

"Their aim is to kill the person before the police arrive," says Marco Ponce, coordinator of the Venezuelan Social Conflict Observatory (OVCS).


"In lynchings, citizens let out their anger in the face of a state that is not defending their right to justice," says Ponce.


"They think they are dispensing justice, and they do so with anger, so they go as far as killing the person."

Residents blame the breakdown in social order that’s resulted from Venezuela’s worsening economic crisis. In the capital Caracas, the army and police are focused on brutally suppressing the street protests that have become a daily occurrence in recent months. Meanwhile, the dire financial straits of the country’s residents, who are struggling with inflation rates as high as 10,000%, have caused crime to skyrocket.

AFP journalists witness one incident on a street in Caracas where a mob attacked a man after passers-by caught him stealing.

Swearing in fury, the crowd strips the man naked and stomps on his head as he sprawls on the ground.

"You want things that come easy? Then take this, you bastard."

A witness says he stopped the man who had tried to rob a woman at gunpoint in a bakery. Then the mob took over.

"You're lucky we didn't burn you," a voice yells, as police lug the man, limp but still breathing, into the back of their car.


The crowd yells in satisfaction -- but not at the man's arrest. They think they are the ones who have done justice here.

One Caracas resident, Damaso Velasquez, described taking part in a lynching. He argued that the mob must dole out street justice because the police don’t do enough to hold criminals accountable.

"I didn't feel pity for that person because I knew he was a criminal," he tells AFP.


"I felt rage and hatred towards that person... I saw him committing a robbery. That makes you feel furious, so whatever happens to him, it's alright," he goes on.


"The government grabs him, puts him in jail and then they let him go again. There is disorder here in Caracas -- starting with the government."


“People feel that the state is not protecting them, so they opt to defend themselves," says Freddy Crespo, a criminologist at the University of the Andes.


"Their fear turns into anger."

Venezuela now has one of the highest annual murder rates in the world -- 70 for every 100,000 inhabitants in 2016. Yet only about six crimes out of every 100 here result in a sentence. Still, at least one Venezuelan felt the need to speak out against the brutality.

"The state is supposed to provide you with civil and judicial security, which we are totally lacking," says one Caracas resident, Maria Hernandez.

"But I don't think it is just for me to come and kill or burn you just because you have robbed," she adds.

"That way I would turn into someone more barbaric than you."

From 'socialist utopia' to Mad Max in a few short years... any thoughts now Bernie?

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When people accept responsibility for their own security, the initial culling out of aggressors isn't for the feint of heart. They must be dealt with in a manner that prevents recurrence, and more importantly, any return with a gang of their friends. In an urban setting this street justice gets more publicity and maybe some piling on by others for prior aggression against them. Once the criminal gang that call themselves government, and their thug enforcers are gone, the economy and society can begin to heal. After that, and a thorough culling of aggressors, instances such as this will again become rare.

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Skilled shooting is a still a white-people dominated sport.

estebanDido's picture

So a bunch paid agitators with molotov presents consider this guy a violator of the law. Sickening.

lasvegaspersona's picture

How are 'socialist's utopia' and Mad Max different again...?

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

One devolves into violence, and one....Oh, I see what you did there...

flyonmywall's picture

The problem with Venezuela is that the average Jose on the street has nothing to defend himself with. Practically all the handguns were registered and taken away.

In the US, if there is a lack of food and worse that comes to pass, people won't be walking in the street anyway, unless there is no gas. The distances are too great anyway to walk.

Most people that want to live will be armed. The rest are just future victims.


moorewasthebestbond's picture

Fuck Venezuela.


When the guy in NH burned himself alive outside the local courthouse protesting jackboot child support and visitation rulings, nobody paid any goddamed attention. Not a single MSM channel ran a national story on it.

aloha_snakbar's picture

Not entirely true; the US Supreme Cunts came up with a non-ruling that basically said that Due Process Clause does not automatically require the provision of counsel at civil contempt hearing...meaning, in a nutshell that already indigent fathers mostly (not Mommies... they are *special*) that cannot afford their child support payments, and generally CANNOT afford competent counsel, are not even afforded the 'right to an attorney', as is the norm in a criminal case. They then must go to court 'pro-se', are fucked in the ass by a judge, and thrown into jail, so they can get even more behind. What a wonderful country the USSA is...

silverer's picture

I wonder if these criminals in Venezuela who rob and steal and don't work would be called democrats there?

FoggyWorld's picture

There is no paid work to do.   Only Maduro's paid killers ever see anything and usually it's food and bullets.

BLUEJAY1111's picture

REAL Change will only occur when the masses feel pain in the belly.  Until then, it's business as usual.

FoggyWorld's picture

They are way past that stage.   They have eaten the animals in zoos and are now eating cats and dogs and anything that all that may keep them alive.   The stores are empty and inflation makes their money worthless.   Only Maduro and his henchmen know what a meal is.

This burning of other human beings is a symptom of the madness setting in.


all-priced-in's picture

Build a fire for a man and he stays warm for one night -


Set a man on fire and he stays warm for the rest of his life.



Twee Surgeon's picture

Thats pretty fucked up. I laughed though.

makinbacon's picture

Was that Richard Pryor?

TeraByte's picture

Rule always prevails, either by government or mob.

aloha_snakbar's picture
Lynching Epidemic Breaks Out In Venezuela


I hear they are working on a vaccine; it is called 'dead government'...

Twee Surgeon's picture

Maduros end will look a lot like Mussolini's, I suspect. Birds of a feather, different name.

slipreedip's picture




Wahooo's picture

Just like terrorists, they target the wrong people.

Arrest Hillary's picture

Imagine the burn ward in the socialist hospital .... with no pain killers ?

FoggyWorld's picture

And no antibiotics or even sheets.   It's a total disaster.  Would be a great time to dump  MRE'S with the American flag printed on both sides of the packet.   Worth trying because they need help.   The averagre Venezuelan has lost 20 pounds in less than a year due to hunger and starvation.

Erwin643's picture

Then why haven't the idiots in that country already began an armed insurrection of some sort, if they have nothing to lose? All they know how to do is protest?

This situation is making the people of Venezuela look like a nation of idiots.

hutnela's picture

Armed with what? They're already out there in 90% full force. The people with guns are using them against other people as a means of self preservation. Its socialism, they're disarmed and even then, Im sure ammo is hard to find. I have seen people with slingshots and Molotov cocktails, but the police have tear gas, flash bangs, rubber bullets, and actual guns. I watched police just straight run over the so called protesters. Most citizens claim to be so fatigued from starvation that they cant bring themselves to the fight. Colombia has tried to smuggle in food, but the Venezuelan government has deemed that to be illegal. Prepping is out of the question in socialism, because the govt distributes wealth and rations goods. They are screwed, and socialism might not be totally responsible for their collapse, but it is completely responsible for the aftermath of starvation and violence especially when you see the streets flooded with hungry insurrectionist while their fearless leader salsa dances, plays baseball, and the elite of their country feast on $10,000 cake and lobster.

Ms No's picture

You just gave a great description for why the banks have always pushed socialism, just as they are right this moment in the US.  They need the debt, centralized control and eventual collapse and desperation.  Marx has done wonders for them.  They were no doubt behind Marx the Zionist.  Shortly people will be happy to have their chocolate rations in Utopia.


Charvo's picture

So this is the end result of socialism.  The supporters get all crazy when the freebies are not given out on a usual basis.  It's working in some "richer" countries as long as there are folks willing to buy the debt of that country.


I just know that I wouldn't touch the sovereign debt of a country who gave out a bunch of free stuff without significant revenues coming in.


Venezeula played the socialism game with its oil money.  However, it never saved for a rainy day like Saudi Arabia.  That rainy day has become a death storm for Venezeula.

FoggyWorld's picture

I get a newsletter from a guy in Venezuela and certainly agree that both Chavez and Maduro were and are awful.   But what isn't clear is what the opposition wants to do.   Not sure if they want to control their own version of what Chavez started or if they are interested in going back to capitalism.   Very hard to find the truth of what those people who are suffering so badly want in the way of a future.

Ms No's picture

Muduros primary opposition is a crypto guy.  He doesn't look good either.  They are playing both sides, as always, and those people are caught in the middle.

dunce's picture

The government controls the distribution of goods and is the biggest thief stealing from starving helpless people so when they catch a thief he is in their eyes a part of the  corrupt  government . The police are also part of the government and held in contempt. Any society without justice is unsustainable and even ordinary people with little education recognize injustice.

pparalegal's picture

A quote attributed to Margaret Thatcher goes along the lines of

"The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money [to spend]."


"Eventually, Socialists run out of other peoples' money [to spend]."
But I don't think Maduro or Jerry Brown are aware or care. They got theirs.
Fireman's picture

Typical BS! Venezuela has the largest known oil reserves on the planet bar none. The reality in Venezuela is that the aristocracy want it all and along with its USSAN master will do anything it takes to steal that wealth. Socialism has fukk all to do with the battle for Venezuela's wealth.



Erwin643's picture

The reality is that Venezuela has vast amounts of Heavy Sour Crude: That's it. They basically have to import light sweet crude from other countries, in order to extract and process the crappy quality oil there - similar to Canada's Tar Sands.

That's why it all goes straight to Houston: The only place in the U.S. that refines Heavy Sour Crude (and why they want pipelines all the way from Canada to Houston).

Between global demand destruction (slowing economy) and more expensive means of extraction (Fracking, Tar Sands, Heavy Sour Crude, etc.), welcome to Peak Oil.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

"Peak oil."  ROTFLMFAO!!! Calling all dinosaurs...help!

Vendetta's picture

great link there. I tend to agree.  It seems similar to the experiment led by the cia involvement in overthrowing Chile's democratically elected President Allende and installing Pinochet and implementing an essentially fascist govt in 1973 with death squads and what not running rampant. But I don't see Venezuala govt implementing such brutal authoritarianism and it is a currency failure causing all the pain. Ghadaffi nationalized the oil fields in Libya in the 70's and essentially implemented socialist type policies and the system worked well for the country till we took him out ... now anarchy. But the oil in Libya is likely quite inexpensive to extract and refine compared to Venezuala. Hunt brothers went on a silver buying spree after losing their oil investments in Libya.  Weird and f'd up world we live in... I wouldn't be surprised if dollar dominated currency regime was installed in Venezuala and the people be joyful to have some semblance of currency stability... and the aristocracy gets their wish to control the country's resources and the socialist policies remain intact

aldol11's picture

were you born like this or drugs fried your brains ?

Internet-is-Beast's picture

Does the US have anything to do with Venezuela?

Vendetta's picture

a failed currency .... and people wonder how hitler came to power

"If you want to know when a society vanishes...watch money.  Whenever destroyers appear among men, they start by destroying money, for money is men's protection and the base of moral existence. Destroyers seize gold and leave to its owner a counterfeit pile of papers." -Ayn Rand

The world is filled to the brim with fiat currencies ... can happen to any and all countries when monetary abuse occurs regardless of what 'type' of govt it is. imho  thank you

south40_dreams's picture

Lynching is just liberal love

U4 eee aaa's picture

You shouldn't burn people. Gas is expensive

Weirdly's picture

Chavez's daughter needs to reinvest her billions of offshore dollars into saving the people of Venezuela.

andrej's picture

any thoughts now Bernie?

Nope. The very 1st thing Bernie would do is to flop and break all promises. Just like everyone else.


Ms No's picture

Your obviously going to want to be out of any city if things get bad.  You also; however, want to assess the predators you already have in your inner circle, or close to your inner circle.  Robbery of the elderly and other malicious attacks that can effects ones life are taking place constantly and usually without violence.  Those types infiltrate your life under a fake persona that will melt very quickly when TSHTF.  These are the types that will smash a grandmothers brains to steal her food because they are hungry.  Contrary to popular belief, not everybody is like this, so pay attention.

Out of curiosity recently I wrote down the names of the biggest conflicts or screw jobs that I have had happen in life, then I reflected on their personality traits and habits.  I came up with three categories based on what I was looking at 1) narcissistic traits, if not outright NPD (just short of psycho but they are far more common), 2) drug user at some point in their life if not currently 3) general mental or emotional instability of some variety.

The results were that 77% of my worst enemies were narcissist.  61% had been a drug user at some point and 49% displayed some time of mental problem whether it was bipolar or some other problem.  There was obviously a lot of overlap.  That is not to say that everybody who smokes a joint is a potential problem but you better keep tabs on the narcissists around you because they are lethal and if you know them you may not see it coming.  I don't cut people as much slack as I used to.