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just like the old days,
it all amounts to the moment
of uncertain significance, again,
and I wish for an exit.

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hey, hey, hey ...
fat albert come to say...
b. cosby ate, and continues to eat,
weiner's lap top;
that's what happens here today,
soft porn justice in amerika.
no politicians involved in the
criminal justice system, per sey, just stars
of the investigative media orgy which never goes
nowhere. well, it goes places but them places, all
Russian Lullaby - Jerry Garcia & David Grisman - Warfield Theater, SF 2-2-1991 set2-18

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One of these days, Alice. One of these Days. Straight to the moon!

- signed Tartars
- signed Altai, Azerbaijanis, Balkars, Bashkirs, Chuvashes, Crimean Karaites, Gagauz, Karachays, Karakalpaks, Kazakhs, Khakas, Krymchaks, Kyrgyz people, Nogais, Qashqai, Tatars, Turkmens, Turkish people, Tuvans, Uyghurs, Uzbeks, and Yakuts and as well as ancient and medieval states such as Dingling, Bulgars, Alat, Basmyl, Onogurs, Shatuo, Chuban, Göktürks, Oghuz Turks, Kankalis, Khazars, Khiljis, Kipchaks, Kumans, Karluks, Tiele, Turgeshes, Yenisei Kirghiz, and possibly Huns, Tuoba, and Xiongnu.[28][29][30][31][32]

- Disciplined, Non-Christian people of Tribal origins/Asiatic origins/Middle East origins


just adding to narrative.

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Ha ha made me laugh... Trumps face is worth a million words.

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What happened to the 650,000 emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop???

Possibly everything else is a distraction.

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They have been E-sponged...

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Like with a sponge?
Heh heh heh...He said E-sponged.

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As a general rule, Jewish paedophilia and sexual perversion almost never makes it into the Jewish owned MSM news and most certainly never, ever makes it through the Jewish dominated criminal justice system.

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Let me share the fun I'm having with some of WB7's fine, fine artwork as a backdrop this weekend. .... Good work, williambanzai7, your stuff is always first class killer.


~~~))) I Can Hardly GULFTAIN Myself, I'm Having So Much Fun! (((~~~

What the hell is a GULFTAINER anyway? ... It sounds like a good way to ship contraband around the globe and call the contraband Chinese plastic picnic spoons and forks. ....... Chinese Plastic Picnic Knives (tm) sounds a little dangerous to be included in a bill of laden and plastic box cutters are OUT OF THE QUESTION considering 911 and all.

All plastic box cutters are now in the "Terrorist Hall Of Shame" and on the danger, danger, danger watch list worldwide. ... Once your utensil hits that list you can never redeem its reputation.

Back to our GULFTAINER investigation; GulfTainer is a corporation from the Middle east and it lives behind the ME Corporate Harem Veil (tm) along with the other corporate Hoochie Coochie dancers and concubines. ... In a big tent with air conditioning. ... HVAC costs being no object in the Mideast Corporate Harem world.

We will stick our noses under the tent a little later.

I hope we don't get busted peeping in because getting yourself bailed out of a Super Slammer in ritzy Dubai could be a real bitch.

Lets see what George is getting into today:

Day 238.01 =
` ( A Target Rich Environment for an Open Source Generalist Journalist (tm) like George. ........ Jack Lou needs to be put under the open source microscope. ...... Oh, look at that all the nasty pathogens on that specimen slide running around! ...... Which one is a JacLou?

Day 238.02 =
` (The Big Bad Export Ban List and lots of crowd source meat and potatoes. .....Bob Goodlatte needs a wake-up call and a hot cup of 'Get on the ball, Bozo'.

Day 238.03 =
` (USCG - container radiation testing positive for four (4) sea containers. ..... So, George's warning did have some teeth and maybe even fangs.)

Day 238.04 =
` (WIND technology for detecting radiation coming into port.

Day 238.05 =
` (We learn a little about what radiation detection gear looks like when scanning a container at a Port of Entry. ... And George gives credit for "Purple Haze" to Prince. ........... Ok, George you blew that one now pull out your erasure and let's get that fixed. ... The ghost of Jimmi will be after you just like those JTTF teams if you don't.)

Day 238.06 =
` (Cynthia Martin, John Conyers and wife Moniac - Some money moving hanky panky in and around Congress that needs to be slipped under the microscope of Crowd Sourced investigative power and turned to X10 power. .. The House Judgiciary Committee may need some judgicing.)

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --

Where are those US Costumes and Border Line Pretend Patrol RAD teams, DHS?

Aren't you guys supposed to be checking shipping containers? ... Surly you can walk around the outside of Diplomatic Pooch once in a while with a WIND detector.

You aren't scared of a great big diplomatic pooch are you?


#!# George Makes Bail And Gets Sprung- Jason Comes To The Rescue #!#

Always a joyful moment. ....... My pal Jackson Jacco would actually break down and cry when he bust out into the daylight and saw me waiting to give him a ride away from Slammer Central. .. The jailbirds usually babble incessantly about how they, "Really owe you one, buddy", "You are my very best pal ever' and how, "You will never, ever have to do this for him ever again." ................. But all of that wears off in a day or two. ............. Meanwhile it is pretty sickening to have to listen to that crap every ten minutes. ..... That was No-Action Jacco, lets see how George weathers lock-up. =

What is up with an 8 year-old stale E-mail Tweet, Sweeetie?

Oh, geeze it sounds like Jason dealing with drama again. ..... Some people just can't live without their daily dose of drama and emotional trauma. .... What a hokey Reno 911 rerun View-A-Thon with closed captioning.

Oh good, some non-drama too.

Some Maersk Inc info. ...... A bunch of crowd source tips to chew on.
What the hell are they transporting in and out of US Ports Of Entry?
Is anyone checking? ........ Diplomatic 'pouch' SHIPPING CONTAINER?!? .............. Oh, come on.

NADRA - Sat Tech being sold all over the map! .... Hey, we paid for that and someone is swiping it and selling it out from under the tax payers nose! ........... I WANT answers. ....... How about you? .. That's OUR DATA, thank you.

Go get them gang! ........ Dig that info out of the web cracks.


Dune - Tip of The Day

Never put a fork in your pants pocket, plastic Chinese or other wise.

Always use a GULFTAINER to transport your forks and spoons.

Live Hard, I Hate Chinese Plastic Forks So Bad I Go To Picnics With A Real Fork In My In My Shirt Pocket,......And Yes, I Get Some Funny Looks But Most People Are Just Jealous, Die Free

~ DC v6.5

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If only they were. I've updated for them, their ancestor's prior message sent to the Sultan of Turkey.

Thou Demorat Satans, ...
What the hell kind of noble knight art thou ? ...
thou goat-flayers, thou swineherds,thou sows,thou goats of DC
a blockhead, a swine's snout, a mare's ___, a butcher's cur, an unbaptized brow, May the Devil take thee! That is what the Cossacks have to say to thee, thou basest-born of runts! Unfit art thou to lord it over true Christians!
thou canst kiss us thou knowest where!

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croppy, croppies
  • A generation of Irish children whose ears were cut off on orders from the crown, for msm intimidation.
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So the odious Jeff Sessions may have perjured himself for the third or fourth time (it’s hard to keep track) by neglecting to mention in his evasive senate testimony his meetings with a Russian lobbyist at two dinners Sessions hosted for the Trump campaign.

Since the beginning of this strange scandal, everyone in Trumpland has lapsed into a kind of Russian amnesia. If they’d only said from the start, “Sure, we met with some Russians. Talked about oil, sanctions, Crimea, Syria, vodka, hookers and the neglected films of Grigori Kozintsev” most people would have shrugged their shoulders and said, “So what?”

But Trump is a liar and he picked a gang of liars for his cabinet. Trump’s business was constructed from lies and so is Sessions’s malign political career. Are they hiding something? Some financial entanglements of the Trump organization, having nothing at all to do with the 2016 elections, snaking back to Russian banks? If they aren’t, they’re stupider than we thought they were, which was a very low bar to begin with.

Number of days in office to hit 60% job disapproval in a Gallup Poll-

Obama: never
GW Bush 1,758
Clinton: never
GHW Bush 1,290
Reagan: never
Nixon 1,736
Trump… 143

And the Democrats still have nothing to offer disaffected Trump (or Sanders) voters…

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They need to quit interveiwing Polls where they can't read english... Our Nations first language...

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i before e except after c...sorry couldn't help myself, but because of the content I had to do it!

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"Trump… 143"


You do know that the polsters are over sampling democrats.

Reaper's picture

First, remove the mote in your eye.

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Polls are bullshit. I hate Obama and all his pimps since the 7th day of his first term, when it was glaringly obvious he was a fraud.

Despite the criminal obstruction of those who are about to die, Trump has kept all his campaign promises.

Go look in the mirror and say, "You are scum. I am going to kill you. I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry.". Keep repeating that.

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You forgot to mention the 25 Democrat senators that met with Russian officials. However, since they weren't part of the Trump campaign, I guess that doesn't matter.

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Let's be clear, it is ALWAYS to the ZIOS benefit to have and to keep a nation divided amongst themselves.


Beans's picture

Let's be clear, it is ALWAYS to the ZIOS benefit to have and to keep a nation divided amongst themselves.


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       …  WHERE  is Shemp ?

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The former Attorney Generals name was Lynch. Can you make this shit up?

Nobodys Home's picture

Didn't some college change a buildings name after black students protested because the guy it was named for had a last name of Lynch?

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And the dean of Harvard is Faust.

Nobodys Home's picture

Patti LuPone Refuses to Perform for Trump: ‘I Hate the Motherf***er’

I love how crap like this is purveyed as "She refuses" ..fvcking virtue signaler!

Like he would go sit there and waste time watching your shitty show anyway, you ghastly, ugly, fvcked up Beatch!

edit: I'd like one of those Cossack's knives for my collection.

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Show me the picture of Obama's face poking out of Bibbi's ass.

treefeller's picture

Ladies and Gentlemen, May I present to you Patti Lupone.

And now may I suggest a gentle eye cleansing. Thank you and have a good day.

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That's what winning looks like.

Nobodys Home's picture

I shoulda just replied "Zactly!"

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Reminiscent of CowPatti?

Nobodys Home's picture

Lublowme. Some douche lib actress in a new musical "War Paint".
Supposedly a broadway legend. I've Never heard of her either!
edit; I was reading about it at BB and it pissed me off.

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Love me some cossacks.

Erek's picture

For some reason this tatter account has been withheld in Germany and France. Gee, I wonder why?

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I love you, man.

It's not in their box. They don't have it, and never will. They can do what they want. In their own box.

Never. They just can't see 6 moves ahead. The players have nothing to do with it. It's the board.

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Trump, Sessions, and Whodat?

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Completely OT but I can't stop

Now, this entire CNN reportage is dedicated to the premise that, if it weren't fo the dedikashun of lawr enfoce-ment these two murderous punks wouldn't be back behind barz...

...but...thats not completely true.

It was a homeowner (who got short shrift in the Fake Nuuuz) with get this...ARMED WITH A GUN!...(insert audible gasp here)...who captured BOTH these assholes trying to steal his car.

lol...I can picture it all right now: "WTF do you think you're doing boiz? I'm gonna blow your fucking brains out all over my nice clean driveway if you so much as flinch. Now git your ass down on it and start licking your sweat offin it."

Nobodys Home's picture

U shonuff is wun crazy honkey! ...but yah. I saw the pic of those guys licking pavement. I'd like to know what kind of guns those two homeowners pulled on those 2 murderous white thugs.
Lookin down the barrel of my mint, shiny, rack fireable, 1943 Ithaca 12 guage Featherlite would make anybody think twice bout not doin wut I say....err I'd umm not do that to...ah...anybody. Lessun they wuz jackn my ride!

chunga's picture

I've got one of those Featherlites. They are light as a feather but man, tuck it in good because it kicks like a damn mule. Mine has the red sight bead and I've managed all this time to not knock it off, a common thing on those.

Nobodys Home's picture

Still have that red bead on mine too :)

chunga's picture

Lovey bought mine for me ~ 30 years before we were even married. I always wanted one and was admiring it while on vacation in Kittery, Maine. When we went to leave she had it all boxed up for me. I still love that gun and that girl.

Nobodys Home's picture

That woman's definitely a keeper:)
I got mine a couple years ago from a small local gun shop that bought it at an estate sale. It's the model with the corncob pump action. Made in 1943. Not a scratch on the wood. No wear in the shiny barrel. Bluing perfect.
A lot were used in Nam and by police because it will rack fire.
I saw that Ithaca was selling a commemorative edition of it for 4 times what I paid for a mint original.
I think some guy bought it, went to fight in WW2 and never came back. A real granny's attic special!

chunga's picture

Nice. I just looked at mine, it's a little bit scratched up but it still works perfect, and as always in in the corner near the door, plug out, loaded with buckshot ;-)

Nobodys Home's picture

They are awesome guns. Beautiful too. Highly underrated. The only thing I'm a little, very little, disappointed with is it's a bottom/load/eject. It's more difficult to combat load.
edit: Have you shot any slugs through it? I haven't and am wondering how the moderate choke of the barrel handles slugs.

nmewn's picture

It sure would be interesting to know. I'm hoping for a Bushmaster or AK, so I can send a pic of it & the happy homeowner proudly displaying it up to that asswipe they have for a govenor in Virginia.

Cuz, ya nooooo, I'm jus that kinda

Another nice pic of these two fuckwits kissing the driveway pavement, suitable for framing right between the les deplorables two prized deer heads, in his man cave ;-)

Nobodys Home's picture

Ahh..your just going for the crazy gun stuff. Bushmasters are overated...AK's on the other hand are a 308...but really, who gives a shit? You have to hit your guy.