Republicans Go On Offensive Against Mueller; Call For 'Special Counsel' To Investigate AG Lynch

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Last night, after Trump launched yet another furious tweetstorm intended to expose the double standard applied in the Hillary investigation compared to the Russia probe, we noted that Republicans might be well served to stop sitting around twiddling their thumbs and actually go on the offensive against an investigation that has obviously morphed into mass hysteria courtesy of free-flowing leaks from a conflicted "intelligence community" intent upon bringing down a presidency.  Here's what we said:

Of course, until someone within the Trump administration or Republican Party smartens up and calls for the appointment of a 'Special Counsel' to look into Hillary's email scandal, something that should have been done long ago, and not for retaliatory reasons but simply due to Comey's and AG Lynch's blatant mishandling of the investigation (a point which Deputy AG Rosenstein obviously agreed with), the Democrats have no reason to calm their mass hysteria.  Then, and only then, do we suspect that Hillary might just be able to 'convince' her party to exercise some form of reasonable judgement.

Now, according to a note this morning from The Hill, Republicans seem to be doing just that with several members of the GOP calling on the Special Counsel to look into whether former Attorney General Loretta Lynch illegally meddled in the Hillary investigation when she met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac in Phoenix and/or instructed Comey to refer to his case as a "matter" rather than an "investigation."

Rather than wasting resources on investigating Trump, the GOP says the special counsel must look into whether former attorney general Loretta Lynch meddled with the FBI’s criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server. Comey testified that Lynch told him to downplay the seriousness of the FBI’s email server investigation.

For those who missed it, here is Comey's testimony in which he confirms that Lynch "directed" him to refer to the Hillary email case as a "matter" rather than an 'investigation"...not to mention that ill-advised meeting with Bill Clinton on the Phoenix tarmac just days before the Justice Department was set to announce the results of their investigation.


Now, and perhaps because of a recent attack which targeted Republicans and in which the shooter seemed to be fueled by rage from largely fake, anonymously-sourced new stories, it appears that the GOP is finally starting to push back.

"These special counsels have a way of going off the rails,” Rep. Trent Franks (R-Az.) told The Hill. “And the ostensible purpose of the special counsel has now been essentially vitiated and everybody knows that. And so they've got to try to find something to do. In this case, it was almost the intent from the beginning to try to create something out of nothing. And it doesn't work in physics, but in politics it seems to be pretty effective."


"This is the most coordinated communications effort on behalf of the president that we’ve seen in a long time,” said Barry Bennett, a former adviser to Trump. “They need it — it’s tough to fight nameless, faceless quotes from people purposefully twisting these stories on you.”


Trump’s lead outside counsel, Mark Kasowitz responded to the Post story by decrying the “illegal” leaks, which he said had come directly from the FBI.


Jay Sekulow, a new member of Trump’s legal team, went on Fox News Channel to say that the leaks may have come from inside Mueller’s special counsel. Sekulow asked why the FBI is “not sending agents to people’s houses” to put an end to it.


Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee, which chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has described as the “political arm” of the White House, has led the effort to cast doubt on the special counsel investigation.

Of course, Trump has been fairly direct and open with his feelings about the ongoing "witch hunt."


Meanwhile, as we noted earlier this morning, even Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has grown weary of the constant leaks and what they mean for the credibility of Special Counsel Mueller's investigation....which seems to have prompted him to release the following statement:

"Americans should exercise caution before accepting as true any stories attributed to anonymous 'officials,' particularly when they do not identify the country — let alone the branch or agency of government — with which the alleged sources supposedly are affiliated. Americans should be skeptical about anonymous allegations. The Department of Justice has a long-established policy to neither confirm nor deny such allegations.

Of course, it's only a matter of time until the Washington Post uses to the Republican fury to allege guilt...afterall, why would they attempt to fight back if they're innocent?  Surely it can't have anything to do with the barrage of anonymously-sourced, fake news stories released daily with the sole intent of bringing down a Republican President while never producing a shred of actual evidence. 

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SilverRoofer's picture

A 12 year old refugee virgin from some 3rd world shithole 

Is what he was promised

drendebe10's picture

About dukn time but what about the lying cheating corrupt get outta jail free criminal dried up withered syphlitic old sore loser vlame everyone else cunton?

eatthebanksters's picture

Trump has some very strong points:  The special counsel has basically acknowledged that there is no evidence of collusion betweet Trump and the Russians so he has decided to look at the very weak obstruction claims made by a fucking liar named Comey.  On top of all this, the people Comey should have investigated for real crimes were instead protected.  Why do we need a special council to look at Lorreta Lynch, Hillary, Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett or even fucking James Comey?  Let Jeff Sessions sick the pitbulls on these people.  Even if they find nothiing,let them force these vile and corrupt deep state motherfuckers to spend every dime they have defending themselves.  It ain't that tough.

Trump needs to take off the gloves and start counterpunching for real.

Al Huxley's picture

Yah, 'cept he's part of the club and this is all part of the show.  Remember after the election when he let Hillary off the hook?  Had the chance to do her in and he let it go.  Think that was accidental?

woody188's picture

I was hoping he was going to bring charges after the inauguration just so Obama didn't give her a pardon. Very disappointed.

shuckster's picture

Actually I think Trump let her go just to prolong the pain. Afterall, she went into the woods after she lost (typical witch's behavior). She nearly went insane after seeing her entire worldview crumble right in front of her. Her day will come. It's too bad it's taking so long, but I think he's trying to break her. Once she's fully broken, she'll probably melt in tears and confess everything and some stuff she wasn't accused of. Sure, it would be "faster" to arrest her, but that would require an investigation AND evidence. Trump doesn't fully control the government, there are still arms that are living autonomously of Washington (on borrowed time I might add). These different pieces of the government, which operate something like various branches of the mob with their own various hustles and local shakedowns, haven't quite come to grasp that Trump is in power and is going to stay in power. They're hoping for a break, maybe a giant volano to erupt or something, and take the heat off of them. Perhaps they're too dump to realize it, or so drunk on cheap prostitutes and other vice, that they genuinely haven't realized that the earth's axis has shift and they're right in the path of the storm. Trump will crush Hillary eventually, and he'll probably crush Bill too, and Obama, and Lynch and Comey (after Comey sings of course). He seems to work in stages. First he tackles the little, easy to accomplish tasks, then moves on to bigger ones. Remember, the public is fickle and doesn't want to back him until they're confident he's going to last. Once he shows that he has staying power, his power levels will shoot through the roof. He could order a mars mission and the public would back him

FoggyWorld's picture

He did not give her a pardon so it's really still open and the Foundation has never been looked at and that's where the pay to play was centered.

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

Dont forget:  Comey was Mueller's butt boy while Mueller obstructed justice over the 9/11 investigations and ran out the statute of limitations clock.   Birds of a feather and all that

11b40's picture

100% correct.  In fact, here a post of mine from yesterday, and there was a similar a few days before.  Maybe someone in DC is reading them:

11b40 1033eruth Jun 15, 2017 2:27 PM

The question on my mind is what is wrong with Trump?  He has the power of the Justice Department at his fingertips.  Were I he, me and Mr. Sessions would be having a meeting where I told him who and what I wanted investigated.

First, There is no way Mueller & Comey did not collude in advance of Comey's testimony.  They need to be investigated for obstruction of justice and collusion to overthrow the legitimately elected President.

Next, go after the Awan brothers full bore.  Send out subpoenas to every Congressional office who used them, and every committee, for their computers and have them, and all staff, individually deposed.

Then start on the leakers in the FBI and other 'security' agencies -- all 17 of them.  I think Sessions has already mentioned jail time for leakers, and if coming from the security agencies, call it treason.  End careers.

Start an in-depth investigation of the Seth Rich murder.  No telling where that could lead.

Investigate Lowretta for election tampering. That would tie up Comey, too, and could really put his tit in a wringer.  He likes to talk, and has already said too much under oath for his own good.  Tie him up in knots.

There is plenty more if anyone were serious about draining the swamp, but the point is simple.  The best defense is a good offense.  Get tough, get mean, and get going.  Knock your opponents off balance,and kill them if you can.

slightlyskeptical's picture

If you did nothing wrong, welcome the investigation, and take glee in proving the other side wrong.  Put EVERYTHING out in the wide open, including Trump's foriegn business interests (which is where they will end up getting him). We really need to do this on a worldwide basis as well. Time to identify exactly who has been abusing their power on both sides of the aisle,and strip them of any power and assets if it can be proven. You want to be on the policy making team for the USA?,  Ok but we need to see your entire history first. It's become obvious you can never be too sure with these people. 


caconhma's picture

Let us be honest. Trump Presidency is over. One cannot be a Commander-in-Chief by being a coward. So far, Trump was Bla, Bla, Bla, they are not fair to me, Bla, Bla, Bla, and no beaf. Disgusting!

Just imagine a combat general whose lieutenants excuse themselves from combat duties when things are getting tough.

Omen IV's picture

The Clintons have told everyone including the republicans - if they are indicted then all they know about criminal activities of "everyone" go on the table

We are witnessing the system attacking Trump and protecting the insiders

No more than that is going on - trillions at stake

caconhma's picture

Let us be honest. Trump Presidency is over.

11b40's picture

Don't forget war.  You get more war, too.  Maybe lots more.

chunga's picture

Like watching pro wrestling in slow motion, over and over again. The insincerity is genuine.

I know, put down the stick and step away from the horse...Honest Hill'rey's IT guy Pagliano got 2 congressional subpoenas last year. He ignored them both.

Chaffetz asked Sessions almost 6 months ago to enforce this, and has not.

It is what it is.


Jubal Early's picture

Or the Awan brothers managing the Democrat servers and leaking top secret info to the Paki secret service while making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year simultaneous to their used car money laundering operation.

serotonindumptruck's picture

I'm sorta enjoying the spectacle of watching all the DC rats eat each other alive.

I certainly don't have a dog (rat) in this fight.

Bastiat's picture

So far they're just snarling -- I want to see some political guts fly . . . metaphorically speaking.

Jubal Early's picture

"Man... I am so bored with all this crap."

And the crap around (((George Webb))).  It won't go away, it just keeps getting worse.  Its like tinnitus.  

yogibear's picture

Go after Clinton and Lynch. 

A 2-for.

chubbar's picture

Session should have a half dozen grand juries empaneled right now looking at the several Clinton crimes, Lynch, Comey, etc. This is fucking ridiculous. The libtards have got this whole thing twisted around so we are chasing ghosts with the Trump charges while these blatant crimes go unprosecuted.

man from glad's picture

This sounds like a weak bluff to me. We all know the Republicans have no fight or spine whatsoever.

serotonindumptruck's picture

It might get real interesting if either the R's or D's try playing the pedophile card against each other.

Of course, that may be one of the Golden Rules that must not ever be violated.

Never speak ill of the Israeli influence within American politics,


Never speak about the sexual exploitation of children and/or rampant pedophilia within American politics.

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

Word around town is the Majority Whip was looking into human/child trafficking.  How coincidental that a crazed leftwing loon shows up to try and put a stop to it.  

StaySunny3000's picture

Scalise is already dead.  Nancy Pelosi even said so on the House floor.  The same hospital where they took Seth Rich, too.  How much more obvious?  Scalise went in "cheery" and even called his wife before being operated on.  He got taken out by a drugged out MK ultra zombie for the unpardonable sin of investigating pedophiles, but the zombie couldn't shoot straight, so the hospital finished the job.  They're just prolonging the suspense so it looks more plausible with all the unnecessary operations they're piling on.

Read Jim Stone's info on this.  Explosive stuff.

pupton's picture

Who is the moron that down voted that???

Mr Hankey's picture

Probably a dual-shitizen kiddy-fiddler.

Bemused Observer's picture

Sessions is swamp...Don't forget that much of the crap likely to be uncovered during any 'investigation' is likely to have both Democrat and Republican fingerprints all over it. This stuff was going on looooong before Trump came along...


I'm sorry that he has apparently decided to let the swamp control much of his agenda. Because these people want to destroy him, not because they dislike HIM per's what he actual third option. The people must be punished for daring to upset the cart, and future would-be disruptors taught a lesson about trying to come in and shake things up. The people must be taught, it's either Dems or Repubs, and it's the ones WE pick for you, you stupid people you...


The whole aim of BOTH parties is to be able to point to a failed Trump presidency and say to the voters, "See? See what happens when you 'go outside the family'? 


He should have put fellow outsiders in charge of the important departments. Keep experienced ones in, but never, EVER in the top spots. Not if you are planning to shake things up...because the ones currently IN the swamp are the last ones who want to see it drained. Most can be led to the path of righteousness, but they need the right leadership.


He also should have focused on one or two issues, like the economy and the regulatory environment for businesses would have been a good place to start. Never mind North fucking Korea and Syria, and swatting at this Russia shit. He's all over the map here.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ chubbar,

Pssst....that's the point.

Tyrannically Lawless too.

Herp and Derp's picture

This should be a new component of modern government going forward.  I believe that the gloves should be off.  Every successor to the presidency should heavily investigate the previous for illegal behavior.  No more letting bygones be bygones and ignoring questionable legacies.  I would gladly pay for a real FBI (not these political pansies) to spend half their time on just government crimes.  We should assume guilt, not just the two or three dozen obvious crimes of Obama, the Bushs, or the Clintons.  We should be hanging politicians quite regularly until they realize the job is a responsibility to the country and not a way to get rich.

The only way to have a true democracy is openness and constant vigilance.

CPL's picture

No, like this.  Fuck'em all and burn it down is the proper attitude.



<Fractal Hammer!>

<Jazz Hands!>

JRobby's picture

The Bankers Ronald Bernard speaks of need to be rounded up and executed simultaneously. 

A huge interruption of the dark side of the force will be the result. 

It is amazing Bernard himself has not "disappeared" yet?

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Republicans Go On Offensive Against Mueller; Call For 'Special Counsel' To Investigate AG Lynch

My response: GOOD!!! It is about time we begin to investigate "REAL CAREER CRIMINALS" like Lynch, Clinton, etc.

I personally look forward to this action getting underway. LET'S FINISH THIS THING AND BRING THE DESPOTS WITH REPROBATE MINDS TO JUSTICE!!!

Salsa Verde's picture

Is Vince McMahon secretly running DC?  I'm seriously starting to expect flying elbows and dropkicks on the floor of Congress any day now.

vulcanraven's picture


Robert A. Heinlein's picture

Finally some of them are taking a clue from Pres Trump and growing a pair.  Go nuclear on her. And Rice and clinton. Take the gloves off and realize they've been trying to destroy you.  You have a chance to step on their necks. Just do it. 

null's picture

They know his approval is really close to 70% if fairly polled and computed.
They were just waiting to see if it was going to last ... and it is rising every time the vipers open their choana.

Robert A. Heinlein's picture

It's actually higher than that when you poll the people that voted for Trump.  In the high 90's.  The fake media needs to be healed.  Sic the DOJ on them when they plaster fake news.  That has nothing to do with the 1st admend.  Remember, no shouting 'fire' in a movie theater either.  Sic'm, Donald.  We got your back.

Cordeezy's picture

Zero Hedge called it, or maybe someone smart in the Republican party reads ZH!


Squid Viscous's picture

Rosenstein the insect humanoid, will get right on it!

grunk's picture

Since Rosenstein called for Mueller's Special Counsel, couldn't Sessions or Brand call for a Special Consel on Hillarys emails and the recent leaks from Mueller's Special Counsel?

swmnguy's picture

Yes, if there are grounds within the rules.  That's the tricky part.  It's hard to do anything about the Hillary e-mails after DOJ already said there's nothing criminal to investigate.  That would require a new piece of evidence that hasn't been seen before, most likely.  And it's just an assumption that the recent leaks actually came from Mueller's circle.  Could easily have come from WH insiders who were aware of who had been informed they were under scrutiny.

JLee2027's picture

Cosby was charged 10 years later, so Hillary can absolutely be investigated again. So can Lynch for Obstruction.  So can Comey for leaking. 


All the rats are dirty.