Republicans Go On Offensive Against Mueller; Call For 'Special Counsel' To Investigate AG Lynch

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Last night, after Trump launched yet another furious tweetstorm intended to expose the double standard applied in the Hillary investigation compared to the Russia probe, we noted that Republicans might be well served to stop sitting around twiddling their thumbs and actually go on the offensive against an investigation that has obviously morphed into mass hysteria courtesy of free-flowing leaks from a conflicted "intelligence community" intent upon bringing down a presidency.  Here's what we said:

Of course, until someone within the Trump administration or Republican Party smartens up and calls for the appointment of a 'Special Counsel' to look into Hillary's email scandal, something that should have been done long ago, and not for retaliatory reasons but simply due to Comey's and AG Lynch's blatant mishandling of the investigation (a point which Deputy AG Rosenstein obviously agreed with), the Democrats have no reason to calm their mass hysteria.  Then, and only then, do we suspect that Hillary might just be able to 'convince' her party to exercise some form of reasonable judgement.

Now, according to a note this morning from The Hill, Republicans seem to be doing just that with several members of the GOP calling on the Special Counsel to look into whether former Attorney General Loretta Lynch illegally meddled in the Hillary investigation when she met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac in Phoenix and/or instructed Comey to refer to his case as a "matter" rather than an "investigation."

Rather than wasting resources on investigating Trump, the GOP says the special counsel must look into whether former attorney general Loretta Lynch meddled with the FBI’s criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server. Comey testified that Lynch told him to downplay the seriousness of the FBI’s email server investigation.

For those who missed it, here is Comey's testimony in which he confirms that Lynch "directed" him to refer to the Hillary email case as a "matter" rather than an 'investigation"...not to mention that ill-advised meeting with Bill Clinton on the Phoenix tarmac just days before the Justice Department was set to announce the results of their investigation.


Now, and perhaps because of a recent attack which targeted Republicans and in which the shooter seemed to be fueled by rage from largely fake, anonymously-sourced new stories, it appears that the GOP is finally starting to push back.

"These special counsels have a way of going off the rails,” Rep. Trent Franks (R-Az.) told The Hill. “And the ostensible purpose of the special counsel has now been essentially vitiated and everybody knows that. And so they've got to try to find something to do. In this case, it was almost the intent from the beginning to try to create something out of nothing. And it doesn't work in physics, but in politics it seems to be pretty effective."


"This is the most coordinated communications effort on behalf of the president that we’ve seen in a long time,” said Barry Bennett, a former adviser to Trump. “They need it — it’s tough to fight nameless, faceless quotes from people purposefully twisting these stories on you.”


Trump’s lead outside counsel, Mark Kasowitz responded to the Post story by decrying the “illegal” leaks, which he said had come directly from the FBI.


Jay Sekulow, a new member of Trump’s legal team, went on Fox News Channel to say that the leaks may have come from inside Mueller’s special counsel. Sekulow asked why the FBI is “not sending agents to people’s houses” to put an end to it.


Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee, which chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has described as the “political arm” of the White House, has led the effort to cast doubt on the special counsel investigation.

Of course, Trump has been fairly direct and open with his feelings about the ongoing "witch hunt."


Meanwhile, as we noted earlier this morning, even Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has grown weary of the constant leaks and what they mean for the credibility of Special Counsel Mueller's investigation....which seems to have prompted him to release the following statement:

"Americans should exercise caution before accepting as true any stories attributed to anonymous 'officials,' particularly when they do not identify the country — let alone the branch or agency of government — with which the alleged sources supposedly are affiliated. Americans should be skeptical about anonymous allegations. The Department of Justice has a long-established policy to neither confirm nor deny such allegations.

Of course, it's only a matter of time until the Washington Post uses to the Republican fury to allege guilt...afterall, why would they attempt to fight back if they're innocent?  Surely it can't have anything to do with the barrage of anonymously-sourced, fake news stories released daily with the sole intent of bringing down a Republican President while never producing a shred of actual evidence. 

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rkoen's picture

Who needs Ringling Brothers?  So many Democrat clowns... But dangerous clowns at that. 

Wild E Coyote's picture

Lynch should have been arrested for inciting violence against the US Government and Republicans. Video is available for everyone to see. 

I know the demoRats are obstructing. But I have to admit that Trump admin seems unable to perform even the simple tasks. 

The situation is so bad that Trump is using Twitter to plead for action. Some consider this a reflection of Trump that he is whining. 

I consider this the reflection of the coming demise of US. 

No Boat ever lasted with a Captain who cannot steer the boat. 


lakecity55's picture

Geez, the nigger bitch is a Commie AND crooked.

Fire away!

Geesus G Christ I am fed up with these goddam Reds. Just kill the motherfuckers.

Thisfuckenlife's picture

Republicans must have a secret internal poll that tells them what to say for the TV and it must always be telling them to use the worst facts you have when you go on the offensive. What else could explain their masochism at getting beaten up so much.

Finally some are breaking with this tradition and listening to their gut about how to attack when being attacked.

Those eltite party members keep thinking they know the right way to respond, like Jesus would do, and that's why they seem to always get their ass kicked in the long term.

Hopefully not anymore.

JasperEllings's picture

Why is the Trump admin acting like they don't have the power to investigate? You're the Executive branch. Act like it.

Hell, appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Lynch. And why not have somebody following this dope Mueller around too? I'm sure he's not pure as the driven snow.

If democrats think investigations with no underlying crime is okay, give them some first-hand intimate experience.

artichoke's picture

You sound like someone with relevant professional experience.

I think Trump is just gathering momentum.  When Sessions announces investigations, there will be 10 at once, lots of good juicy stuff.

Also the uncertainty and turmoil within the Democrats, the continued power of Hillary's folks, stops the Bernie / Ellison faction from taking over the party firmly.  Without that control by Bernie / Ellison type folks, the party cannot move forward and has no credible candidates, especially for president in 2020.

Charvo's picture

The best thing the Republicans can do right now for the party's health and the public perception is to get through some freaking legislation.  I think folks want to see tax reform first on the agenda.  It was on June 7, 2001 that George W Bush got major tax reform passed.  It's already halfway through June.  These guys stonewalling their own Republican president could mean they lose all sort of support at the mid-terms when common folks want to see action and not squabbling.

Thom Paine's picture

Remember when mom said, if you don't stop crying I will give you something to cry about.

Time the DOJ got its backlog of stuff into action.

That will certainly give Deep State, Clinton, DNC and MSM something whine about.

And they will be spending all their time defending their own than to attack Trump

I Write Code's picture

Need a double-special prosecutor to persecute Mueller. Also, it should be required of any special prosecutor that he be forbidden to wear clothes for the duration of his investigations.  And he should carry a lantern in broad daylight.

37 Again.'s picture

Double Secret Special Prosector! Put Niedermeyer on it - he's a sneaky little shit .....

Thom Paine's picture

Mueller could have acted criminally.

If Comey spoke to Mueller about a Special Counsel before one was created, or spoke to him about leaking or having leaked a memo, then Mueller becomes a party to the felony, or at the very least has broken the law in not reporting a felony by Comey - which he has to do if aware.

Mueller should be immediately called before Congress to answer questions, and be called as a potential material witness to any prosecution of Comey.

Ironically Mueller could find himself prosecuted as a result of Comey's little revenge plan.

FoggyWorld's picture

Someone should impound the phones of the gentlemen involved to make sure nothing is destroyed or lost.   Same with their computers.

Beans's picture

For once and all, get that Heimy monkey off your backs!!!

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

they  hate and fear Trump, because he has the chance to expose the mob in DC..

his recent tweets ..are like daggars in the back of the nwo criminal gang..

they get him or they all live in fear while he is in office

Trump is smart enough to know this..I only hope he has the weapons to enforce the laws on this privilaged criminal mob..

The most exciting times for the future of this country. who will go down?

FoggyWorld's picture

He would be more effective if he got them in court rooms.   Tweets don't do that.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

Mr Trump you might want to look at the china solution to your problem:


"In recent years, dozens of senior executives have mysteriously vanished. Most are believed to have been caught up in an aggressive anti-corruption campaign that has targeted financial industry executives, government officials and the heads of state-owned companies.

In many cases, the disappeared have returned. In others, they have turned up in custody or were found dead.

artichoke's picture

Trump would have to go a long way to come close to the Clinton Body Count.

thetruthhurts's picture

The Republican'ts are so....yesterday.

They should have been calling for For 'Special Counsel' To Investigate AG Lynch last summer!

The do 'nothing party' continues their milk toast ways unfortunately.

FoggyWorld's picture

I think you are wrong.  Trump came into office and seemed to want to work with people in both parties.  That was rejected and they instead turned on him but yes, there was a delay in looking into what had gone one before because Trump is used to working with all kinds of people and who really in the end have one goal - success.   That method isn't even understood in Washington.

FoggyWorld's picture

Sounds as if Trudeau has an immediate problem on his hands.

FoggyWorld's picture

Sounds as if Trudeau has an immediate problem on his hands.

artichoke's picture

Watergate was similar.  The underlying crime (yes a crime, burglary is a crime) was not nearly enough to bring down Nixon.  But Nixon was tempted to smooth it over, and then they got him for obstruction of justice.

The Dems are trying to Watergate Trump.  Everything is smaller here.  The underlying "thing" doesn't even exist, instead of being a rather simple burglary.  The obstruction doesn't exist either but they're going to try to say it does.  Next if Mueller says there's anything to any of these charges, we'll have public hearings in the House (McConnell won't allow that shit in the Senate) and Adam Schiff will try to play Sam Ervin.

Maybe this is why they wanted to assassinate Scalise.  He would have stopped it in the House.  Ryan won't.  (Suddenly now that Scalise may be gone, we hear Paul Nehlen wants to primary Paul Ryan again.)

The flimsy pretext for Watergate doesn't even exist in this case, but they can copy the process and pretend it's the same thing.

FoggyWorld's picture

And Scalise is in the same hospital and being "treated" by Dr. Salva who also "treated" Seth Rich.

Scalise needs to be moved to a more credible and less political hospital.  NOW.

ludwigvmises's picture

So when will Trump make our country great again? This DC trench warfare will take YEARS to settle. The Dems and Libs will feast on this non-sense. Trump needs to start IGNORING this smokescreen and start WORKING and LEADING. He's acting like a child that got his chocolate taken away. Where are his leadership skills? Fix the damn budget, throw out illegals, destroy Mexico, Europe and China in a trade war. Build the wall. That is your job, Mr. Pres. Tweeting and whining about Libs is getting very very old.

caniacsteve's picture

The Trench warefare goes on becausev there people & groups on all sides wantvto discredit,embarass,slow down,stop & if possible get rid of trump his thoughts,plans & policies...

FoggyWorld's picture

Both can and should be done at the same time as in walking and talking also at the same time.  

Those who want to bring him down seem to have endless funds and a group headed by David Brock that obviously has a game plan that covers the next four years.   That must be stopped and then it could be back to only business.

barysenter's picture

If you want to make an omelette, you have to break some eggs. Die, eggs. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die.

caniacsteve's picture

No no 21 trillion times NO to a special prosecutor !! Thatvis how the political game of dragging this out & with congressinal committes until 6 years later & the statutes of limitations runs we, the people are still screwed over & nothing to show for except the costs of it all in the billions of dollars...if the DOJ had any moral courage they be running with all tne evidence they do have on lynch,clinton,holder,lerner, and impanel a federal grand jury on each on..guess what ?? the billions wasted on a special prosecutors would actually be spent on putting people into a accountability mode they never before had to who are the JYD Himmler type of prosecutors who would like to tear lois lerner or the irs commissioner a new at ?? Surely they do exist 

FoggyWorld's picture

Just read that Mueller has hired 13 lawyers so far.   Who in heaven's name approved that sort of funding?   Hello Sessions and Rosenstein.

Gadfly's picture

Mueller is a traitor.  He facilitated, and then covered up, 9/11.  He should be prosecuted and put to dealth.  Death to all traitors!

FoggyWorld's picture

Go after a winner - the Clinton Foundation because there are actual numbers to deal with.   Doesn't seem to be a witness to the conversation and that makes this particular case harder to win.

Big Shrek's picture

It will never happen! Many of the GOP want Trump out also. We now have a President

who owes no political favors to anyone. They are (Dem and Rep) are making millions if not billions off of the tax payers, and Trump is a thorn in their side. No lie is small enough to get rid of him. The Amercian People will be the losers in all of this. The GOP does not have the Ball's to go after Lynch or the Clinton's, much less Comey!

Northern Flicker's picture

What happened to Anthony Weiner's 650,000 emails???  This is key to the Deep State's garbage; possibly everything else is a distraction.

the French bitch's picture

Lynch is the correct person to go after.  Investigating her you also get Bill, it leads you to the Clinton Foundation, Hillary, her campaign mafia, a Seth Rich investigation, etc., etc.

There are no nice people in DC, Donald.  You're not part of the club, and never will be.  Chances are you're probably going down because of this job you undertook.  My advice, make your tenure memorable.  Forget the 8 years, the Trump Library, the action is now; you could be gone tomorrow.

LOCK HER UP!   This isn't about Hillary anymore; it's aiming an arrow straight at the heart of the corrupt entrenched government with its nobles, paladins, ministers, advisors, plenipotentiaries, agents, attaches, diplomats, experts, informers, spooks, lawyers, lords, aristos, soothsayers, all sucking at the almighty tit of the bosom of the United States of America.

MoreFreedom's picture

I think it would be good to have dueling special prosecutors.  They've found nothing on Trump, and Clinton/Lynch/Obama/Comey stink to high heaven.  I'd bet the Democrats want to get rid of both of them.

artichoke's picture

I hope the news that Trump is not being investigated doesn't reduce the pressure to investigate Lynch, Rice and others.