Summer Of Hate: The Arrival Of The Crisis & The Second Civil War?

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Authored by Michael Hart and StockBoardAsset,

In our previous article, we discussed how our analysis of recent events in the US and elsewhere seem to be leading up to some sort of ‘Crisis Event’ that appears to correlate with some of the predictions made in Neil Strauss and William Howe’s 1997 book The Fourth Turning: What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny.

This ‘Crisis Event’ could reach a boiling point this summer as the grassroots Trump movement moves from the arenas and convention halls to the streets, where they will converge with the Soros-backed organized Left in what is already looking like a series of violent confrontations.

In the week since we first speculated about an increase in the frequency and intensity of these violent political protests sweeping the United States, there have been some significant developments that give further credence to our assessment.

Last weekend, activists in cities around the country participated in coordinated protests against the very real threat of Sharia Law in the west. These protests, dubbed March Against Sharia, were organized by a group called ACT For America in what they describe as an attempt to educate and protect Americans from Islamic Law. As expected, these protesters were met by violent counter protesters from Antifa and other violent leftist groups, and things turned ugly really fast in lots of cities.

In Philadelphia, 23-year old counter-protester Lisa Joy Simon was arrested after she allegedly stabbed a police horse in the neck with a nail-studded flagpole. She is being held in lieu of $100,000 bail and has a preliminary hearing scheduled for July 6.

Lisa Joy Simon

The anti-sharia demonstration in Seattle turned violent when masked Antifa members attacked a small group of anti-sharia protesters. Watch the video below (and note the hilarious ‘Queers for Muslims’ sign that is being used as a weapon):

Conservative commentator Lauren Southern was surrounded and assaulted by counter-protesters at the NYC March Against Sharia. During her livestream, one of the masked protesters threw fox urine in her face:

Here's the moment #antifa threw pee at Lauren Southern as I was trying to interview her

— Alex Rubinstein (@RealAlexRubi) June 10, 2017

This isn’t the first time that Southern has been assaulted with urine.

Here’s some footage of Austin’s March Against Sharia where Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer is surrounded by rabid Antifa demonstrators blowing whistles and chanting “F**k racism and F**k the police!

There were also reports of masked, black clad Antifa members with high powered rifles at the event practicing terrible trigger discipline:

And as if this wasn’t enough to convince you that the US is on the cusp of a hot civil war, Wednesday morning’s events, in which a former Bernie Sanders campaign staffer attacked an early morning GOP baseball practice, is all of the confirmation that we need.

This attack came as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to the constant death threats and assassination references made in the media and by celebrities over the last few months since the election. As the Russian collusion narrative falls apart and the spectre of impeachment becomes more unlikely with each day, this last ditch attempt to seize the power back from the hands of the people is to destabilize the United States by fomenting civil unrest, and if necessary a second civil war. Commentators have noticed an eerie similarity between the Democrat-led anti-Trump movement and other George Soros ‘color revolutions’ around the world.

This wouldn’t be the first time such color revolutions have been implemented in the United States: Black Lives Matter and the Occupy Movement both were funded by Soros front groups.

What’s different this time is that Soros and the Deep State seem to be playing for keeps.

Their goal of electing Hillary Clinton and securing the US as the final lynchpin for globalist control was thwarted by the election of President Trump. Their movement is mortally wounded, but has kicked into survival mode and will stop at nothing to continue its stranglehold on us politically, socially, and economically.

The events of this past week have proved this, and I’m just wondering if this will be the week that historians look back upon as the week when the American Cultural Cold War shifted gears and became the Second American Civil War.

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DataDigger's picture

I thought that in Texas open carry while concealing your face was illegal. How is it that these masked gun-carrying antifa weren't arrested???

LOL123's picture

Hillary goes to witch covens, Soros said didn't believe in God , Bush's go to Boheimin Grove with other non Christians... Ok ok I'll get to my point.

The Luciferian calender has lots of summer blood days.

June 21... Coming up a major feast day blood human sacrifice

July 1..Diana goddes with a demon blood sacrifce 

Aug.1 some stupid male or "summer" female goddess sacrifce

Aug 3 blood human or male or animal sacrifce female

That's it for the summer

These rituals are fronts for the top teir to activate change in our society by financial and policy reforms, the gullible do it bevause they are stupid and superstitious creating fear in the weaker teir.

Anyway they left us some bread crumbs to stop some of it.

Puppetz's picture

Dont forget the eclipse on August 21st most of us have never seen one like this its been a hundred years.

honestann's picture

Without a doubt these crazy Soros-funded, libtard mainstream media motivated leftists are totally insane.  And yeah, they are currently crazier than their contard counterparts at this point in history in the USSA.

However, the solution is not to pass laws that force libtards to comply with contard behavior either.

In fact, if a moron (or lots of morons) want to comply with Sharia law... let them.  That's no problem to anyone else.

Live and let live.

The problem occurs when ANYONE with ANY IDEA attempts to force others to comply with their demands.

The world is chock full of...

#1:  Liberal authoritarians who demaand that everyone comply with their demands.

#2:  Conservative authoritarians who demand that everyone comply with their demands.

#3:  Various other oddball authoritarians who demand that everyone comply with their demands.

What is the solution?

!!!!!  SIMPLE  !!!!!

Live however you wish... and ignore other people (let them live however they wish).

What's wrong with this?  Everyone gets to live the way they wish, and everyone leaves them alone.

What is so horrible about this?

Answer:  NOTHING.

The ENTIRE problem is this.  Humans everyone on the planet are taught from birth to death that they should care vastly more about focing others to live a certain way than they care that they get to live the way they want.


The actual live you experience is YOUR life... not the other 8 billion lives playing out concurrently.


As long as libtards continue to push their agendas on others, peace is impossible.

As long as contards continue to push their agendas on others, peace is impossible.

It doesn't matter in any fundamental way that currently libtards demands are more absurd.  The stronger or more successful either side gets, the worse life for all humans who live in "society" gets.

As long as people try to force others to comply with their demands, peace is impossible.

As a few wise people have pointed out, the problem isn't left-versus-right, liberal-versus-conservative, islam-versus-christian, atheist-versus-religious or any other axis.

The problem is ANYONE trying to force ANYONE.

And yet, 99% of the time, people complain about the wrong thing.  For example, they complain about Sharia law.  Other than the fact that all "law" is pure fiction, there's no problem if some people somewhere want to behave a certain way... kneel facing a certain direction at certain times of certain days and dozens or hundreds of actions that many others might consider odd, strange, peculiar.  The problem is when you tell them they must not behave that way, or they tell you that you must behave that way.

The bottom line is this.  Until the vast majority of people respond to all demands by everyone with "live and let live" (or equivalent), the situation is hopeless.  So start a trend.  Learn to respond to 99% of all social and political comments with "live and let live".  And NEVER suggest others must follow your demands.  And NEVER accept demands from others.  Simple.  Very simple.  But until a large minority start responding to everything with "live and let live" (or equivalent), humans are screwed.


BTW, where was the sign saying "Jews for Hitler"?

Just kidding.  I think.  /sarcasm

LOL123's picture

You meant Jews for Adolf Schicklgruber... That's his real name but he went by Hitler after his father Alois Schicklgruber changed it in 1876 to A. Hitler to match his stepfathers. Alois married klara Potzl( 3rd wife) and they had Adolf Hitler and his five siblings.  ... Not kidding.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

The "solution" (other than a "final solution") is to arrest any and all anti-constitutionalists. The Red menace and neo-nazis, the Zionistas and Clintonistas, banksters, and much of the CON-gress. Those convicted of subversion and riot should be given 10-year minimum sentences, and should be sent to re-education camps, then made to perform hard labor for the length of their sentences. Those convicted of treason should be hanged by their necks until dead, and their assets seized, and then have their organs harvested and sold to pay for their detention and trials.

The One...'s picture

Kill them all and let their respective gods sort them out? Works for me man. Break out the wood chippers, time to cull the herd... Got pigs? lol

VWAndy's picture

 Seems to me some people are tryin very hard to get us fighting amongst ourselves. What we dont see is many a cooler heads around. Everything is being escalated as much as they can.

  Its looking more and more like that stall thing is the best move for the honest folks. The honest folks would be the best people to barter with too.

smacker's picture

honestann: "The world is chock full of...

#1:  Liberal authoritarians who demaand that everyone comply with their demands.

#2:  Conservative authoritarians who demand that everyone comply with their demands.

#3:  Various other oddball authoritarians who demand that everyone comply with their demands."


And there you have it ann. Whether those who want to impose ((their)) model of life and society onto everybody else describe themselves as Left or Right or Lib or Con hardly matters because they all have the same objective of imposing a society based upon top-down authoritarian socialism.

The only thing we know for sure is that their NWO model is at the other end of the political spectrum to "freedom and liberty".


Charvo's picture

This lovefest the left has with Islamic culture is why they have really lost touch with the common man.  If the left thinks they can convert USA into another European country with no free speech and unlimited Muslim refugees, then I think they've got a battle.  It seems like the USA is a rogue nation in the globalist plan.  Every other Western nation has been conquered.


Soros is the main funder of all this madness.  It seems he is positioned for bigtime bearishness in the S&P 500.  It would be interesting to know how much money he is hemmoraging.  With the put options and the Antifa support, he has to be spending some big money.

smacker's picture

"This lovefest the left has with Islamic culture [...]"

Indeed. It begs the question of what it is about Islam that the Left luvs so much. Well, my explanation is quite simple really.

Islam is a totalitarian system of governance and social control that masquerades as a religion. Plain and simple. By its very nature it is a fanatical doctrine that sits squarely on the Far Left of the political spectrum which uses intimidation and fear of harsh punishments or death to anybody who fails to submit to its dictats.

It's a ready-made system that's right up the street of evil Western Lefties.

It is the tyrannical totalitarianism of Islam coupled to harsh punishments for infidels that makes it so attractive to the Western Left. Some of them luv it so much they even convert to it.

Beans's picture

ZIONS playing their little game of deflection 24/7 lately. 

Beans's picture

Let's be clear, it is ALWAYS to the ZIOS benefit to have and to keep a nation dividing amongst themselves. 

Cephisus's picture

If Soros is paying these protesters, he needs arrested.

Megaton Jim's picture

Soros needs to burnt alive or crucified!

hutnela's picture

Its far bigger than America alone... the plan is to make this lead up to a world/civil war everywhere and cause so much chaos the world citizens cry out for peace in any way possible. Then they will offer you a one world government of absolute control, so that no one will be able to fight ever again.

bubble_head's picture

Agreed! global in scale. Not sure if the powers that be will be able to put the lid back on Pandora's Box though when the madness finally settles down which could be decades, and then there is the possibility that the planetary systems in place that support us as a species will get so out of whack during that time that the Sixth Mass Extinction does come to pass.  Regardless, as we never seem to learn from history we are destined to repeat it, so much so that the theory of the law of the social cycle outlines human epochs, we are currently somewhere near the end of the "Age of the Acquisitor"


samsara's picture

So in Saudi Arabia they throw queers of tall buildings so.

"Queers for Muslims"

Is about like

"Jews for Hitler". I guess

Dilluminati's picture

I heard people discussing CVE and suggesting that... and yes gays get executed and there they were on TV suggesting that the non-kinteic approach was advocating gay islamic acceptance

_SILENCER's picture

Feral muslims

Cluless faggots

Angry fat women

Delusional academics



What a turkey shoot.

Megaton Jim's picture

All swallowing the PC, lefty bullshit puked up by their left wing PC Jew professors!