"It's The 'Russia', Stupid!"

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Authored by James George Jatras via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

It’s another week in Washington and another horror show. This time it was Attorney General Jeff Sessions being grilled by Senators on whether, when, and how he might have met with certain Russians, or any Russian, or someone who might actually know a Russian. In addition to fishing for any inconsistency that could be used to support an accusation of obstruction of justice or perjury – the usual sleazy methodology of politically motivated investigations here – the transparent aim was to further poison the well on any possible initiative to improve ties with Moscow.

The strategy appears to be working. The Russian Embassy in Washington confirms that for the first time since the Russian Federation’s founding the State Department did not send pro forma national day greetings. Perhaps the bureaucrats were afraid they would be tainted and themselves become targets of multiple investigations into «collusion» with the Kremlin. (Luckily, this intrepid Washington analyst has no qualms about such associations.)

Or more likely, they themselves are part of the Russophobic mob undermining the White House. It has been reported that soon after the inauguration Trump sought to open dialogue with the Kremlin and set an early summit with President Vladimir Putin. This produced a hysterical counteraction from the Deep State. As reported by conservative columnist and former presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan:

«The State Department was tasked with working out the details.


«Instead, says Daniel Fried, the coordinator for sanctions policy, he received ‘panicky’ calls of ‘Please, my God, can you stop this?’.


«Operatives at State, disloyal to the president and hostile to the Russia policy on which he had been elected, collaborated with elements in Congress to sabotage any detente. They succeeded.


«‘It would have been a win-win for Moscow,’ said Tom Malinowski of State, who boasted last week of his role in blocking a rapprochement with Russia. State employees sabotaged one of the principal policies for which Americans had voted, and they substituted their own».

So much for constitutional government and the rule of law...

But now it gets even worse. This week Congress moved legislation designed to codify in statute sanctions imposed on Russia by Barack Obama over Ukraine and evidence-free charges of Russian election interference. Provisions for a presidential waiver, which are standard in any sanctions legislation, are unusually narrow. Congressional proponents are clear that their aim is to take the matter out of the president’s hands. Democrats, seemingly devoid of any other policy agenda or ideas, vow to keep banging the Russia drum through the 2018 Congressional elections.

When all is said and done, there are lots of reasons the political class hates Trump. His heresies on immigration and trade are near the top of the list. But make no mistake: for the Deep State and its mainstream media arm, demonizing Russia and Vladimir Putin personally is a dangerous obsession. (There is reason to suspect «Russian collusion» figured in the thinking of a fanatical Leftist’s shooting attack on Republican Congressmen: «The shooter also signed a petition calling for an investigation into Trump-Russia ties, confirming he was radicalized by the mainstream media’s obsession with conspiracy theories about Russia interfering with the election».)

It remains to be seen whether Oliver Stone’s extended interview with Putin on the Showtime network will have any impact. So far the commentary seems to be divided between descriptions of the substance of the discussion and attacks on Stone for talking with such a bad, bad man«Speaking after the interview, Stone refuted allegations that he became an unwitting messenger of pro-Putin propaganda or of dishonest information given by the president».

With regard to substance, relatively little attention has been accorded in American media to Putin’s flat accusation that U.S. «special services» have supported terrorists, including in Chechnya. Of course anyone paying attention would know that arming jihadists is a standard part of U.S. policy, going back at least to Afghanistan in the 1980s and repeated in Bosnia, Kosovo, Libya, and today in Syria. Indeed, as early as the 1950s the U.S. had established a very close relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood and its terrorist elements as a weapon against Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser and Baathists in Syria and Iraq, who Washington thought were a little too cozy with the Soviet Union and far too socialist and secular for the taste of our pals in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.

There is a real symbiosis between the anti-Russian imperative in American foreign policy and support for radical Islamic elements. It did not end when the Soviet Union and communism collapsed but rather was intensified. This is why Moscow’s constant calls for a common front against terrorism are always rebuffed. Such cooperation doesn’t make any sense for anomenklatura whose number one goal is hostility to Moscow and for whom jihadists are at worst «frienemies» – people who may be troublesome but useful.

We can only imagine how completely different the world would be if the U.S. were to recognize that Russia is a country that in many respects is not that different from the United States or Europe and that we had common interests. But for the U.S. Deep State, that would amount to switching sides in a global conflict, where we see jihadists essentially as «freedom fighters» against a geopolitical adversary. These same clueless «elites» are then puzzled when their carefully nurtured, cuddly, «moderate» jihad terrorists attack us back here at home.

This irrational pattern is at the root of the hostility of American policymakers toward Russia and any prospect of normalizing bilateral ties. In large part, it’s what underlies the «soft coup» being directed against Trump, of which the Sessions pillorying was an episode. (A late report based on unreliable, unverified sources suggests that Special Counsel on the Russia probe, Robert Mueller, is expanding his investigation to include potential obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump. Mueller, a close personal friend of ousted FBI Director James Comey, has already packed his team with partisan Democrats.)

Those behind this attempted coup think we can continue to treat Russia as though it were a minor power of the magnitude of Serbia, Iraq, Libya, or Syria, or even Iran. They think if we just keep pushing, pushing, pushing, either the Russians will collapse or back down. They will do everything possible to box Trump in and prevent him from pursuing any path other than the disastrous course laid out by Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama. They can see no other outcome than removing Putin and returning Russia to the condition of a Yeltsin-era vassal state – a term Putin used in the Stone interview – or, better yet, its territorial breakup along the lines suggested by the late Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Will the Oliver Stone interview change any minds? It’s too soon to tell. But if the soft coup against Trump succeeds, it might not matter, since then America could not be considered a self-governing constitutional republic even in a residual sense. We may have already passed our own Rubicon and just don’t know it yet.

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Schmuck Raker's picture

Article title of the year!

luky luke's picture

"the State Department did not send pro forma national day greetings."

Because TRUMP is on World War 3 with Russia.


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Biblic is another word for shit eating faggot. But you all knew that.

Freddie's picture

The Ukraine is run by Soros and his ZATO ilk.  So is the USA govt.  Congress and the US govt is a bigger threat to Americans than Outin and RUssia.

They hate Putin because he threw Soros and the oligarchs out of Russia.,   Also Putin is Christian.

land_of_the_few's picture

Wouldn't it terrible if some Dem officials turned out to be actual foreign Fascists? Who expected Hillary to win and then they would be given influential US Govt posts to do the bidding of their paramilitary extremist pals and relatives back in the old country?

Cassandra.Hermes's picture

You just gave too much? credit to Soros. The Ukraine always has two parts, one that was part of Austrian Empire and one that was part of the Russian empire. Soros was not even born when the two parts formed.

Got The Wrong No's picture

The US, NATO and Soros took that situation and used it to their advantage then used it against Russia. NATO expansion was the game. Soros was a big player. 

poeg's picture

Russian Empire? You're talking ethnic Russians able to go back in that region further than the US has existed. If they're part of a Russian expansion, then start refering to the US as part of the Commonwealth.

FoggyWorld's picture

Frankly it sounds much more like a slight from Tillerson who started out - at least for a week - wanting to actually work with the Russians on mutually shared situations.   Then one day he did a 180.

equity_momo's picture

Tillerson is another appointment that proves Trump is NOT going to MAGA. He is a phony.

Rex is there to push the agenda of big oil. He is a slicker version of Bush/Cheney.

He will give Putin a choice : open up your oil and gas further to accomodate Exxon (the Yelstin option) or prepare to be Iraqd (the Saddam option)

I am fairly sure Putin is the real deal , he has walked the talk.   In which case , he isnt going to blink and Russia will mark the end of another empire that didnt learn from history. Lavrov and Putin told Tillerson no deal in April and to GTFO.


First the MIC are going to do Iran. 

See where this troop build up in Afghanistan goes.  Its going to take a pretty big false flag to get away with that though.


turnoffthewater's picture

Rex will push big oil and already signed with rosneft a jv to explore the artic while w xom before he was sec of state

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It's the Seth Rich, stupid.

WernerHeisenberg's picture

Before Seth Rich, and much greater, his name was Michael Craig Ruppert (February 3, 1951 – April 13, 2014).  He wrote the book "Crossing the Rubicon" in 2004.  The massive attack on NYC in 2001 was the Deep State/MIC/Banksters spreading death and destruction into what they later taught us to call the homeland.  When the black ops imperial forces are used against the home population, THAT was crossing the rubicon.  Almost 16 years now ...

WernerHeisenberg's picture

I was focusing on the military actions of General Julius Caesar against the republic he was supposed to be defending.  1913 was a swindle, a financial coup.  But 1913 was not a domestic attack on civilians facilitated by people embedded within the military who swore to protect those same civilians, so not fitting the "Crossing the Rubicon" meme.

DrData02's picture

Seth Rich is over. Sad to say. Moved even off back burner. Have you heard anything about it in the last week? Same with pizzagate. The criminals have gone free.

FoggyWorld's picture

One America News has shown yet a newer report with more information about the muurder of Seth Rich and they tend to play those extended pieces several times a day for several days.   They are not throwing in the towel at all.

Winston Churchill's picture

Shooting Scalise, a leading anti paedo activist, certainly sent a message.

JasperEllings's picture

No matter what one believes regarding Seth Rich, why are investigators and the media so quick to dismiss his case as a consipracy theory, while similar cases involving Russia or Putin would be gladly accepted without a shred of proof?

It's as if our media believes Russian leaders have a instinctual predisposition toward evil, while the Clintons, Soroses and the other leaders of the left are incapable of misdeeds by their very nature.

montresor's picture

only the drug addicts and the schizophrenics in Washington want a war with Russia..

Toshie's picture


taoJones's picture

The U.S. is an embarrassment... mind you so are most western countries... how the mighty have fallen... sad... pathetic... and evil

IntTheLight's picture

Today's youth are covered head to toe in tattoos, with piercings everywhere. They dress like slobs, are inarticulate, and prone to mass hysteria. It is depressing.

And everyone seems to think they are gay or bi or trans.

That's post modern America, a truly degenerate place.

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looks like you are giving putin the i want to blow you bunny eyes

cuntstone claims not an active participant, but yet agreed to take it up the ass from putin...who is colluding with russia again?  if you zoom in on that picture you will probably see hillary or huma jerking off michelle

right cumrade ollie? you fucking cocksucker

07564111's picture

We're laughing at you..you know that don't you. ;)

Every time President Putin speaks he shows how Statesmen act. Every time the 'West' speak they show how low they have fallen.

We win the battle for hearts and minds by speaking the truth to your Zionist lies. You have already lost your moral ground, eventually you will lose everything else.

GracchusBrothers's picture


An American psychic named Edgar Cayce predicted in the 1940s that Russia would be the hope of the free world.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

About 15 or so years ago some Russia general or official predicted that America would break up into several different countries. It got a little publicity. I think this guy was prescient. 

max_leering's picture

for fucks sake, lighten up Boy Blunder... btw, your Mom didn't have to give me the bunny eyes, she just went ahead and sucked, swallowed and after she started breathing normal again, she paid me... so you don't get an allowance for a month

mary mary's picture

Hillary, you have had enough to drink.  Go to bed.

OverTheHedge's picture

I take it you are named after this Shadwell: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LSjtBkdMM1U

A towering genius if ever there was one.

Non-Corporate Entity's picture

Take that S and stick it between the E and the W.


blentus's picture

If someone has a different opinion than you, he must be [insert flavor of the month accusation here].

World is full of fucking idiots, ain't it?

Lordflin's picture

We need a civil war... sadly what we are going to get is a world war...

Salsa Verde's picture

Why not both?

Careful what you wish for.

Lordflin's picture

The next world war will render a civil war moot...

Oldwood's picture

It is a world civil war they seek. The war against Russia is not about nationalism or even ideology, it is about chaos and internal societal destruction. They know at this late date that there is no stomach for war against Russia by Americans, which was well demonstrated by the election of Trump. 

This is fracturing what is left of faith or trust in our leaders and establishments. Social breakdown in a largely dependent society will present an opportunity for a true dictator who will make the trains run on time. They will offer order from chaos....regarding not only physical threat, but what they present as the foundation of disunity, financial disparity. They will forge a single world government with a single currency and central bank, who's theoretical charge will be to foster financial AND social justice.

Marxism as our universal social construct. With control over media, money and "marketing".

Give Me Some Truth's picture

I don't think there is any need for a civil "war." A bunch of states simply need to secede. Does anyone really think Washington will invade and kill people in the seceeding states? Would you sign up to kill people in, say, South Dakota if this state decided to secede (or would you just say, "okay. Let them. Let's see what happens?).

If Washington does send in the tanks and launches drone attacks on Texas, the state can simply quickly "surrender" and say, "okay. We stay." IN other words, why not see if Washington will really do anything about it?

The one reason that makes me think this (secession) might not happen is that so many people are dependent on social security and other government entitlements. That's how the Deep State keeps the 50 states in the union.

kowalli's picture

you can't change ussa via election - 100 years too late

AlexCharting's picture

Too many parallells between Roman Empires fall and the fall of USA. 

DuneCreature's picture

Ex-CIA and NSA contractor turned good guy with a conscience
Dennis Montgomery can stuff James Comey and Robert Mueller under the bus and hold them their while the bus runs right over them both.

Will it happen? ......... How corrupt is the FBI, DoJ and Dot Gov?


What is the recourse?

Live Hard, Mass Surveillance And Mass Extortion Is The Root And Essence Of The Problem, Die Free

~DC v6.5

7thGenMO's picture

Good link!  Every elected official and SCOTUS is compromised.

FlowerofLife's picture

I still have hope for at least some justice as the end game plays out. There won’t be much opportunity for it after economic collapse.

I’ve been watching a new set of YouTubes, some of them about Walmart and Sam Walton’s CIA past, and what's coming. It gives new clarity to Merkel’s remarks about the EU/Germany going it alone without Britain and the US. What she means is that the US and UK won’t be sharing what’s left of their wealth and propping up Europe as they did after the crash of 2008.

7thGenMO's picture

The globalist oligarchs that control the Western countries (The Empire) via The Fed and TBTF banks want Russia.  Vlad removed the Western oligarchs and their puppets that secretly purchased Russian state assets under Yeltsin.  Russia becoming an enemy is about Western oligarchs re-establishing control in Russia.  Also, Russia developing alternatives to the petrodollar system is preventing global economic domination.  The Russians certainly have corruption, but they are angels compared to the The Empire's criminal oligarchs.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

I think you are on to the true motivation with your reference to "developing alternatives to the petro dollar." Russia IS doing this. (They would be insane not to be trying to free the world and themselves from this system). This system (the U.S. dollar as reserve currency of the world) allows the Status Quo and all the corruption/fiat skimming, ever-expanding government, etc.  This is the same reason that rigging the precious metal markets is so important to these people/entities. They know gold and silver are the only real competition to their fiat system. The solution was to kill "sentiment" for a form of money that has been used for thousands of years. Amazingly, this effort has been working.

Northern Flicker's picture

The US dollar is misrepresented as the currency of the United States population. It is really the currency of a small group of elites who own the Federal Reserve. Many, perhaps most, are not even Americans.  The $US might best be described as Monopoly money, distributed after Boardwalk, Park Place, the Railroads, Utilities and most of the rest of the properties are already owned by the elites. Soon the only cards left will be "Go to Jail" - now called "FEMA."

WTFUD's picture

Say that again 'the late Zbigniew Brzezinski ', never tire of hearing it, Neocon POS.
R.I.P. Helmut Kohl.

If you take away their Russophobia the Dems AND the Repugs are Naked; brain-dead MoFo's that they are.

mary mary's picture

"Okay, class, everyone raise your hands up if you can name the capital of Russia."

No hands go up.  Finally, Little Billy raises his hand.

"Yes, Little Billie?"

"Teacher, are you a Russian colluder and justice obstructer who should be investigated by Congress and have your name and photograph aired by MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, PBS, the NYT, and WaPo, as a traitor whom some patriotic American should probably shoot, or maybe burn at the stake?"