Massive Government Preparations And Stockpiling Point To One Thing: "An Event Is Going To Happen"

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Authored by Jeremiah Johnson (Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces) via,

The question is subtly Malthusian in nature: how to deal with the world’s teeming billions in one fell swoop while maintaining the existing social and political orders in all of the countries? 

That order needs only to have one facade now: as Draconian an order that can be accomplished without throwing the world into a revolution against every government in existence. 

The Draconian nature is as follows: CCTV cameras monitoring and cross-referencing every purchase, every bank withdrawal or deposit, every movement, and every social engagement.  The Draconian nature is one of continuous monitoring, with a rise in prices and a steadily-declining world economy, as natural resources are quietly siphoned off by the politicos and the oligarchs to stockpile for their use when the plug is pulled.

As much Draconian repression and control under a “soft” police state with continuous monitoring…while those in power lay the groundwork to collapse the system and kill off most of the world’s population…while they remain safe, and in power.

The question of the existing social and political order being maintained is being addressed in all of the countries of the world.  In the 1990’s the oligarchs rose to power after the Soviet Union’s collapse: since Putin came to power, the oligarchs who delved in politics against the wishes of the Politburo were crushed.  Those who knuckled under were given a slice of the pie with impunity and the “sign off” of the politicos, and are “big” today, even with partial or complete nationalization of their private industries.

In the United States, we have seen a great deal of stockpiling by the government agencies and the administration under Obama.  Secret warehouses in undisclosed locations have been filled with medical supplies stockpiled across the country in the event of a catastrophe.  Cheyenne Mountain as a fallback command and control center has been reopened once again.  Extensive networks of tunnels and bunkers have been constructed in, around, and leading to Denver, Colorado with secret deliveries night and day for more than eight years.

Billions of rounds of ammunition have been ordered and purchased by the DHS and all of the other alphabet agencies, including the U.S. Postal Service (which does have a role to play in COG and post-war “reconstruction”).  Emergency drills, to include catastrophic plague and nuclear war/terrorism have been gamed extensively over the past several years.  All of these things…the stockpiling of food and supplies, and the preparations for some massive event point to one thing: an event is (eventually) going to happen.

We have the “flash points” around the world, in North Korea, in Syria, in Ukraine, and with the second Cold War that is forming between the U.S. and Russia.  Those flash points are artificially created.  We have some that are artificially created that can be blamed upon nature, such as the Ebola Virus and the looming disaster of Fukushima.  War is the easiest way to bring it all about, plain and simple.  Vladimir Putin just recently announced that a nuclear war between Russia and the United States would leave the world destroyed with no winners.

Not so: The governments and their elites of politics and business win in the end.

The governments of the world have to keep their citizenry under control until they execute the plan that eliminates the majority of the populations.  War is truly the only way to do it in one fell swoop that leaves no one accountable at the end.  We’re going to see a “reset” and the most likely thing to accomplish this is war.  Historically it is the vehicle for which governments beleaguered by their citizens have been able to bypass controls in the open to subvert democratic processes and inculcate martial law and eventually totalitarian control.  We’re halfway through the year, and the situation in the world and domestically has not improved: it has worsened.

Many people have documented and filmed FEMA camps and preparations for martial law, the DUMB (Deep Underground Military Bases) projects and tunnel works filmed and reported on by Jesse Ventura and halted by the government, and the systematic grafting of procedures to be followed after an apocalyptic war or event.  Such procedures include garnering of all human and natural resources under executive order (President Trump didn’t repeal that one yet, now, did he?), the pervasive surveillance system, and the negation of Posse Comitatus and the control of the United States domestically in the event of a war or collapse of the government.

All that is lacking is the crisis.  No government truly allows a crisis to go to waste, and all of the crises are contrived or crafted beforehand to allow them to occur. War has always accomplished the resets of all countries and empires in ages past, and this era will be no different, no matter who is at the helm of the ship: especially when the course is purposefully charted right for the rocks.

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You can feel it coming.

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you're right: you CAN feel it coming. everyone can. 

of course, they've been putting out articles like this since the Carter years, so ... might not wanna quit your job and go ghost just yet.

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Alex and Steve have kept most of us aware of these things.

Now it's palpable. There. Not dirty.

I've learned to trust intuition, the hard way. Possibly dirty.

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Historically that means everyone dies.

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My horoscope makes more specific predictions about the future than this article does and I'd wager it's likelier to be true also.

At this point in time I am convinced that all "stockpiling" is driven by one consideration only: to keep people employed making all the stuff that's being stockpiled. The two specific elements our esteemed Mr. Green Beret points out - ammo and medical supplies - are also two of the diminishing set of things that the US actually makes for itself.

In other words, the same exact forward demand-pulling that we've been seeing for decades, and Mr. Green Beret can't see yet because unlike old school ZHers he don't know shit about the shadow world in the penumbra of the Federal Reserve.

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>The government is going to kill off all the people

Yeah, just like how the dairy farmers like to go out and kill all their milk cows every now and then!

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Exactly.  They can't milk us if we're dead, and if they do cause a catastrophe like nuclear war, there will be survivors who are none too happy with them.  While they're in their bunkers, the people who survive will be getting tougher than the bunker dwellers can possibly imagine, and they will be the ones who know how to survive.  


I do believe that something wicked this way comes, but I do not believe that the government wants to kill most of us.  

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the powers that be would rather burn everything behind that leave control to Trump.

Patriots, start stacking the three Gs: Gold, Guns and Grub

As it Becomes Clear that Trump Cannot Save the West, Only One Outcome is Inevitable

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Showdown with the elite in 3, 2, 1

By elite I mean the j00s infiltrated in cozy controlling positions.


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Every freakin war has been for them. They are the destroyers of the world.

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Seems like the author is forgetting the half life of nukes so even if you wipe out the majority of the population on earth, you'll still be living like moles for more than a century before you can even think about emerging again.

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Well, I would like to agree with you, but have you heard yet of the Georgia Guidestones? What is one of the goals expressed there? To reduce the population to around 500 million to be able to live in perpetual harmony with our eco system? Methinks the eugenicists are fast at work......but I do hope youre right.......but in the meantime Im opting for a tropical latitude.......

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We are watching as tech advances are quickly replacing their dependency upon US. More and more citizens are dependent upon wealth redistribution and that wealth is not the wealth of our elite leaders, but ours. As our ability to create, spend or save wealth diminishes, and the debt that is accumulating (that is OUR DEBT) defaults, it will be the taxpayers who will pick up the tab.

What makes this so horrible is the debt that they are creating is used to sustain the dependents that continue to vote these devils into power, AND to develop the technology that will eventually render us redundant. And what gives insult to injury is that all of this debt will end up on the taxpayer tab, as when the banks and corporations default, it will all go back onto the taxpayer....or anyone still trying to exist outside the dependency pool.


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TAxpayers can't pay it back so bankers will take the country's infrastructure, ala Greece.

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The govt doesn't want to kill us all...yet.  Give it another 20-50 years when automation has become so prevalent that 50% or more of the population has no meaningful employment.  After all, how many part time waiters and waitresses does one country need when no one can afford to eat out at restaurants.  

At some point keeping the general population alive will be less cost effective than letting them die; that is, meaningful tax revenue from the general public will be exponentially less and the cost to keep the general population fat,dumb and happy (think universal basic income) will be too high. 

By then the elites will have all their plans in place and can unleash whatever hell does the least damage.  

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i once thought the idea of doing away with most of humanity would have robbed the elites of their cheap labor and forced them to fend for themselves. However once artificial intelligence and advanced robotics became cheaper and better I have become resolved to the fact that the elites no longer need the cheap labor afforded by the surplus humanity.  What they do with us is up for debate.  I don't expect it to be good.

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1,2,3,4 spam accounts in a row. Good night Tyler.

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If you live above ground forget prepping cause you won't make it 10 hrs.  

Happy father's day!

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Lets just hope if they respond to the neocon attack, they respond directly ato DC and not my tiny town.

I dundu nuffin!

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The only country still strong enough to stand a global new world order is the United States.... "They" don't want to kill everyone.... just want to kill enough to tear the country to pieces econmoicly weaken it ..... Most of the wealth is at the top already we aren't worth the trouble anymore ..... Why keep one American worker when you can buy a whole city block of workers for the same price from South America or Africa?

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I didn't read the article.

While the gov may not directly wish to kill off all people,  I think what the "collapse folks" are saying is that the situation is no longer manageable and that, in turn, may lead to a collapse.

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I was shopping on the internet today and ordered an item. When I put in my card info and clicked the continue button my purchase was declined, not because I had insufficient funds, the seller required identity verification in the form of my driver's license. That's never happened to me before, and I have made purchases worth a good deal more than that amount. Apparently, for a minor 24 dollar purchase of a tool one must now verify identity. I'll go up to Menards and pay cash for it. For crying out loud, you can get a prepaid cash card over the internet without such a requirement. What's more, a friend of my daughter's had that happen to her twice this weekend.  

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except when your x2 assets loan is about to be called by the bank, then a mysterious barn fire and insurance payout might just be what the doctor ordered.
for bonus points, you can always secretly sell off your prize cattle ahead of time and fill the barn with glue factory rejects. after all, one dead cow will look like another to the adjuster, right?
in a world approaching singularity, what do the elites need with mobs of useless eater worker drones when you have AI robots to do the work without all of the drama and charades of managing a society with all of that inconvient "democracy", personal rights, and asking pesky questions about things like "accounting irregularities" and "equality"

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I heard that this Jesus geezer is coming back and is gonna kick ass big style.

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Look at aspects to the FED chart.


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I was a big survivalist for a long time, nothing ever happened, of course it doesnt mean it wont. but more than likely it will just be a gradual slide of each year a little worse than the last.

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"how to deal with the world’s teeming billions" disease? nah, takes too long virus! heard of this thing called AIDS, wait, that failed
ebola...? nah, that failed ooh, I see, should have known [OK, we did]: via

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We do live in interesting times. I suggest reading the Bhagavad Gita, I am listening to it while I hike. This is a dialog between Arjuna and his charioteer Lord Krishna as they stand on the battlefield. There opposition is their friends and families. Arjuna is in despair to fight this battle and he is being counseled how to deal with such a terrible choice. This is an inward battle as well as to who we are, what is right vs wrong and why we must have courage.

The Gita though written long ago is so true today. For whom does the bell tolls? It rolls for thee.


tbd108's picture

The Gita also says that when unrighteousness prevails that He will return and restore balance to the earth. So have faith.

SWRichmond's picture

People are people.  Always have been, always will be.  Human nature has not changed one bit.  There is nothing new under the sun.

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Yes, human nature does not change. But the government,  through its policies, can encourage diligence and thrift, or it can encourage waste and sloth.

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Human nature remains the same, True! But times change, change is inexorable, the times you live in determine human behavior, no ammount of planning can stop change therefore things change into things unplanned and unwanted, we can't stop change, therefore we must continualy modify our behavior in the face of new, and unplanned, realities!

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It doesn't say who'll survive the restore.

tbd108's picture

Actually it does. The wicked go to their just reward and the just inherit the earth (however from an historial perspective, many of the just get caught up in the upheaval).

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It's not really a question of survival .... and neither is it the goal. The message is to follow correct moral behavior regardless of the situation or the outcome.

When your soul leaves your body ... what really dies? Are YOU the soul or the body? If YOU are the soul, then it is eternal and you need not worry about survival. If YOU are the body, please refer to the ZH theme on the top right corner :)

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I hope HE is the Blue Elephant. He seems like a very happy fellow.

Mile High Perv's picture

We have just entered into the Age of Kali ... so it's going to be a bit of a wait till things REALLY hit rock bottom ... a few thousand lifetimes perhaps ... :)

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You rock! Did we not just tell you in person yesterday! Keep em coming sage Miff!




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Massive Government Preparations And Stockpiling Point To One Thing: "An Event Is Going To Happen"

My response: Increasing SWARM of earthquakes, CME events from SUN, Geomagnetic Storms, increased Celestial body interactions, total solar Eclipse scheduled for Aug'17, earth magnetic pole shifts, FUKUSHIMA contamination, etc. 

Nothing to see here!!!!

Don't worry, be happy. It's father's day. Attend a baseball game and enjoy the beer.

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whne you're feelin' in the dumps, don't be silly chumps
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

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Thanks,  I am enjoying this Father's Day. All the scary possibilities just gives more reason to enjoy life and appreciate it :)

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What, the Ancient Alien Overlords and Gods are arriving soon?  Which ones? E.g.

Prehistoric gods? Sumerian, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greek, Nordic, Hindi, Hebrew, Christian, Muslim, Inca, Aztec?

An Asteroid? A nuke-trigerred super-volcano?

A scheduled Global EMP?

A scheduled Global Bio-weapon Plague?

War with Iran and Russia?

The PPT doing double overtime, to prop up demand and stock prices?

Did I cover it enough, to appeal to almost every Doom group?

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emotions are not tools of cognition

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it should all come in obombos loud mouth

VK's picture

Syrian jet shot down by US forces, Iran does retaliatory missile strikes at CIA assets. Things escalating now.