2016's Terrorism Totals - Over 1,000 Arrested In Europe

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According to the latest Europol report, there were 1,002 arrests made for terrorist offences in the EU last year.

Infographic: Terrorism in Europe in 2016 | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

Of these, Statista's Martin Armstrong notes that 718 were related to jihadist terrorism - making three consecutive years of increases. Nevertheless, the majority of the 142 attacks completed, foiled or failed were related to ethno-nationalism and separatism (99). Of these attacks, 47 were classed as 'completed'.

Terrorism claimed the lives of 142 people in the EU in 2016, with an additional 379 people suffering injuries. Nearly all of these fatalities and most of the casualties occurred as a result of jihadist attacks. The exceptions were six victims of paramilitary violence in Northern Ireland and the murder of the UK Member of Parliament Jo Cox, a year ago this month.

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muslim terrorists=999
infidel terrorists=1

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Under the laws being considered, I expect to be among the first thousand Americans, pissed at the state of our government, to be Guantanamo'd.

The chickenshits in charge will be ruthless.

I'm sitting here in Kapolea, Oahu, Hawaii on my ten day vacation, and I still monitor the D.C. Follies.

Really weird, the moment I posted that, the mall cop patrolling the Hampton Inn, Kapolei, stopped to ask if I was ok, sitting here at the bus stop because smoking ain't allowed in ... how'd that verse go?

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But on the Wakenhut mall kop, now thats what I call stellar service and attention to detail! Don't forget to do the on-line survey after check out ;-)

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The art of war:

- mass immigration, both illegally & legally
- breed much faster than the indigenous population
- bankrupt the state with mammoth new security costs
- gain overwhelming political power
- initiate blasphemony laws and sharia courts

Caliphate accompli.

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Can't wait to see about 500 arrested in DC.

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completely missing: the context of the last 50 years of terror in Europe

completely missing: a kind of "101 explainer for non-Europeans about terror in Europe since three generations"

completely missing: something like a "Look, dear Americans, you might be new in this, having experienced serious terrorism only since 9/11, but Europe knows this stuff since a bit longer then you"

take the exceptions mentioned in the article: "six victims of paramilitary violence in Northern Ireland and the murder of the UK Member of Parliament Jo Cox, a year ago this month"

the first is about Nationalism (Irish vs British) and Religion (Catholic vs Protestant) and the second is a MP that was murdered by an insane Brexiteer, and does not even count as terrorism proper

bah. a proper "statistic analysis" would put terror victims in relation to the deaths of let's say... traffic accidents. and note how puny the one death toll looks next to the bigger one

snowflakes, all of them. some in jackboots, but still snowflakes, unable to understand reality. and the rest is made out of the usual troll, most of them not even human but bots

in context: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Troubles

roughly 50'000 people have been injured since the 1970's, with 3'532 dead. all Europeans, all Christians, and all supported by lots of money gathered in places where people did not really understand the local issues that led to all this violence

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And again (for the snowflakes) arrested simply means detained, temporarily un-free (is that even a word?...lol)...it doesn't mean convicted, deported, expelled or terminated with extreme prejudice.

Simply...arrested ;-)

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The German numbers are lower than I thought they would be.  it would be nice to see a year over year comparison dating back to before the EU existed.  I know terrorism is not new to Europe, but is radical Islamic terrorism new to this region on this scale? 





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The German authorities do everything they can to sweep this under the carpet because they're liable. If the government held a referendum, that would place any failure on the people themselves, if they voted yes. Seems they didn't want to risk the possibility of a no vote.


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Police have arrested two people on suspicion of racial hatred after a video appeared online showing a man burning a copy of the Koran.”

Well, that’s a relief. The British police are to be congratulated, and we all owe them a debt of gratitude, for getting riffraff like this off the streets and into jail where they belong, before more innocent Qur’ans are harmed. 

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Has Australia given the terrorists a peace prize yet?

I hope each was at least given a teddy bear and a hug.

Europeans have been oppressing people of terror for too long.

Europeans in a blanket fry them like bacon.

Oinque oinque bangue bangue.

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this will all end in 1 way.

A muslim genocide to clean the house.


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Although many elements are different, there is one end result that is the same . US has Niggers and Europe now has Dune Koons and Sand Niggers. Both now have big problems with violence.

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So statistically....same number of people die from steeping on rakes?

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Yes, but both causes of death result from operator stupidity.