One Person Dead After Van Slams Into Pedestrians Near London Mosque In "Terrorist Attack"

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Update:  One person was dead as a result of what the police called a terrorist attack, but police said it was too early to say if it was a result of the attack. Eight people were rushed to hospitals and two were treated at the scene.

A 48-year-old man suspected of being the driver was held down by members of the public at the scene and was been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, the Metropolitan Police said in a statement. He was transported to a hospital as a precaution and will be taken into custody, police said. There were conflicting witness accounts of the number of assailants, but police said there are no other suspects at this point.

Witnesses cited by the WSJ said the driver appeared to deliberately steer a white van into the crowd after Ramadan prayers in the Finsbury Park neighborhood not long after midnight. The man jumped out of the van and bystanders grabbed him and held him down as he shouted anti-Muslim obscenities, they said.

“We saw a van was driving very fast, so we thought at the beginning he wanted to catch the traffic light,” said Saaeed Hashi, a 28-year-old who said he witnessed the attack. “But he didn’t. He hit a woman first and then two men. He carried on, and another three, or four, or five.”

Hashi said he and five others pinned the alleged attacker to the ground after he jumped out of the van. The man screamed obscenities about Muslim people as he tried to escape. Hashi said the alleged attacker, a muscular man with a tattoo, bruised him and ripped his white T-shirt.

The Muslim Council of Britain said that the attack appeared to be motivated by Islamophobia.

“We urge calm as the investigation establishes the full facts, and in these last days of Ramadan, pray for those affected and for justice,” Harun Khan, the organization’s secretary-general said in a statement.

On Monday morning, Neil Basu, deputy assistant commissioner of London’s police and senior national coordinator for counter terrorism, said the incident was being treated as a terrorist attack but that “no matter what his motivation proves to be, we are keeping an open mind.” He said it was too early to say if the one death was “as a result of this attack.” The attack unfolded while the man who died was already receiving first aid from the public at the scene.

Extra police would be deployed around London, especially to protect Muslims, he said. Security in the city has already been bolstered after a series of attacks, including two vehicle attacks, which have rattled the U.K.

Just over two weeks ago, three assailants mowed down people on London Bridge before stabbing people with knives, leaving a total of eight people dead. In March, an attacker used a vehicle to hit pedestrians outside the British Parliament, killing five.

* * *

A van plowed into pedestrians on Seven Sisters road in the Finsbury Park area in north London just after 12:20am London Time, in what the police has described a "major incident." There are "a number of casualties being worked on at the scene," London police said in a statement, with at least 10 people injured according to press reports.

The incident happened near the prominent Finsbury Park Mosque as witnesses claim the driver intentionally struck the victims; a male driver, who has not been identified, has been taken into police custody while the van appears to be rented. LBC radio adds that there has been a "huge emergency response" and ambulances have been dispatched to help the injured.

One witness told Sky News that the incident happened after worshippers were leaving the Finsbury Park mosque after midnight prayers.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing bystanders wrestle the suspect to the ground and pin him down until officers arrived.

According to the Telegraph, pictures posted on social media show more than a dozen emergency vehicles near the UKCG Help Centre at the junction of Seven Sisters Road and the A503 Tollington Road.

So far, the incident is not being called a terrorist attacks, as a person has been arrested unlike previous incidents.

One eyewitness speaking to LBC said the van had hit people on the pavement, but had not collided with a building. "It looked like he had lost control of the van or something," he said.  Locals said they had heard shouting and a helicopter was circling overhead.

Another caller told LBC her sister was at the scene when it happened. She said she described it as "something from a horror movie, everyone running everywhere".

Some social media reports describe the attack as "Islamophobic", and described the attack as a van "randomly swerving off the main road and running over several Muslim men."

The U.K. Muslim Council of Britain said they had been told worshippers were ran over as they left a local mosque. "Our prayers are with the victims," they said on Twitter.

The van used tonight at Finsbury Park mosque is shown below

One caller told LBC said people from a local mosque had been drinking coffee at a cafe by the mosque. He said he had seen six people on the floor. Another caller said:  "I saw police giving CPR, getting the heart going again and another guy on the floor."

There was no immediate word on an exact number of victims according to LBC, whose live broadcast can be heard here.

According to the Guardian, Al Qaeda operatives including the “shoebomber” Richard Reid and Zacarias Moussaoui attended the Finsbury Park mosque. In 2002, weapons training had taken place inside the building. The mosque rose to notoriety when Abu Hamza al-Masri became Imam of the Mosque due to his extremist ideologies and views on terrorism.

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… just a good thing it was not one of the hundreds of Christian churches there being replaced  by mosques.

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I'd say it was always burning since the world's been turning, but then I'd have to listen to that lousy Billy Joel anthem to the cashing-in on of previous artistic successes again. And we really don't want to go there, do we?

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Lol. if karma was real, the British white would be extinct already.

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Only one dead?


Someone neeeds to teach that guy how to drive.

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It would be lovely if the community targetted by this attack joined hands for a spontaneous rendition of the song 'don't look back in anger'.


After all, it was considered appropriate for Manchester.


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yes, it will be interesting to hear Mayor Sadiq Khant's take on this and to compare it with previous statements

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Polish girl speaks out against Muslim migrants - Poles support Mr. Trump's Immigration Policy


polish girls are soooooooooooooooooo HOT!

...and smart!

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"polish girls are soooooooooooooooooo HOT!

...and smart!"


I spent ~3 months in Poland last year - traveled all over. I'm 73 and found a part of me longing to be 30 again - just for a little bit.

Roger on the sooo Hot & Smart!

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Polish, Czech, Ukrainians and those Baltic girls are prize catches for a Russian man from what I read. Actually, for any man they'd be a catch. The book Millionaire Next Door quotes a study that shows the highest IQs in the workd are located from th epeople of Eastern Europe.


Even at 73 you might be able to land a young chick of lets say, 60!

13 years younger ain't bad.

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I know it's wrong, these days, but I can't help remembering the thousands of pollack jokes.

"How many hot pollack chicks does it take to make you cum?"

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I dated one for 5 years, you don't know the half of it! Spend some time in Krakow and you will quickly forget about the rest of Europe.

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Europe is learning there are two separate ideologies on continent now - western multiculti and Central European core. I think we are not far away from time when well off kids from Western Europe will go to central states to work and live.

Visa requirements for those from France, Belgium, UK to enter Central European nations soon to follow.

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Like the London Mayor Kahn said "You are just going to have to learn to live with this."

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I look Forward! to Muslims being caught spray painting anti-Islam slurs on mosque walls.

The die has been cast ;-)

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Kinda like the black guy that lit the black church on fire and spray painted 'trump' on it?

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We need to counter the "Islamaphobic" meme/ virtue-signaling pose with a "Westernaphobic", "Secularaphobic" , or other such meme when the Islamists run down or otherwise terrorize Europeans or Americans.

Then we can run our own false flags too.

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Since over 40% of UK Muslims say they would not turn in a terrorist who lives next door, these "matters" are certainly partially on their shoulders too.

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And, a lot of UK Muslims think they are the majority because they see no-one else on a daily basis in some areas. The true figure is 5% of total population.

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Ramavan...  too soon, but funny.  Aw fuck it.

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Yeah look both ways before crossing the street in a big city and I hear google has some new glasses, 360 vision

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When  one doesn't  have  smart-bombs or an air- force to deliver does  what one can...called asymmetrical  warfare.

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libertarians are for open borders as one of their primary doctrines. i don't think they are liberal unless the definition has changed again.


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Open borders are destroying Australia also:


(Sudanese) ‘Apex thugs’ knocked out in viral video

The 10-second Snapchat video, titled “Goodnight Apex: Sudanese thugs get decked”, was first uploaded to YouTube by far right-wing group Party For Freedom Australia on Wednesday.

“Two Aussies defend themselves in a fight against four Sudanese in Beaumont Street, Hamilton, 11th June 2017,” reads description of the video, which was filmed at the intersection of Beaumont and Cleary Streets in Newcastle, opposite The Kent Hotel.

According to the Party For Freedom’s website, the fight broke out at about 1am on Sunday. “The Sudanese troublemakers were drinking in the Hotel Kent verbally abusing patrons while trying to start fights with anyone in the hotel,” the website says.

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Somalis and Sudanese really are the scum of the earth - they are lazy, low IQ, criminal, parasitic, and yet arrogant. 

Internment, remigration NOW!

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Note no comments alloowed on that 'News' website - as is the pattern for western MSM, no tolerance for opposing vews, and they know 90% of the comments will support the white Aussie guys, as they should.

Media class are traitors - in every western country.

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"libertarians are for open borders as one of their primary doctrines."


Like those well known libertarians Obama, Hillary, Merkel and Cameron! ;-)

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I personally was quite shocked to find how many people claim to be libertarians but favored Obama, Hillary, and their immigration policies.

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Americans are so dumbed down it's ridiculous. We need a voter IQ law, plus a voter ID law.

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I could be wrong, but I think Libertarians only support open borders after all forms of welfare have been abolished.

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Doug Casey favors open borders - as long as all government handouts are stopped. Problem with that idea - once inside of border it's tough to get rid of those who want to be given or want to take by force. Like communism - great idea that fails reality test.

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Were any CNN employees hurt????

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In all honesty, I'm surprised it has taken so long, I think there have been reprisals before but it has been kept out of the press over here.

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This is NOT a Muslim problem --- this is an American "Politician" problem !


there is no way to track 24 / 7 - 20,000 Muslims in the US or the UK who are targets - not by cops or the FBI !!!

the Muslims exist in the USA because of the Neo Liberal Democrats  - Obama / Clintons / Pelosi / DeBlasio /Schumer   - must be sequestered and then incarcerated for the rest of their lives for the crimes against the people - they are the danger to the middle class

The Judges obstructing Trump are Clinton / Obama appointees -  Hillary wanted natioanl control of all local cops - which means no enforcement

Rapes are endemic - in the UK / France / Germany / Sweden - because there is no enforcement and no judges protecting the people

private weapons are the ony solution


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japan and the rest of asia seem to get along fine without the western god. in fact, the most fucked up place in asia is 80% catholic, the phillipines. i would say there is something other than god that is fucking up the west. my bet is on the zionazis.

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Phillipines has muslims so of course they have a problem.

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Duterte has decided to go to the darkside with the Russkies. Ever since, he has been having terrorist problems.

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Duterte won't have a terrorist problem if he keeps it up.