One Person Dead After Van Slams Into Pedestrians Near London Mosque In "Terrorist Attack"

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Update:  One person was dead as a result of what the police called a terrorist attack, but police said it was too early to say if it was a result of the attack. Eight people were rushed to hospitals and two were treated at the scene.

A 48-year-old man suspected of being the driver was held down by members of the public at the scene and was been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, the Metropolitan Police said in a statement. He was transported to a hospital as a precaution and will be taken into custody, police said. There were conflicting witness accounts of the number of assailants, but police said there are no other suspects at this point.

Witnesses cited by the WSJ said the driver appeared to deliberately steer a white van into the crowd after Ramadan prayers in the Finsbury Park neighborhood not long after midnight. The man jumped out of the van and bystanders grabbed him and held him down as he shouted anti-Muslim obscenities, they said.

“We saw a van was driving very fast, so we thought at the beginning he wanted to catch the traffic light,” said Saaeed Hashi, a 28-year-old who said he witnessed the attack. “But he didn’t. He hit a woman first and then two men. He carried on, and another three, or four, or five.”

Hashi said he and five others pinned the alleged attacker to the ground after he jumped out of the van. The man screamed obscenities about Muslim people as he tried to escape. Hashi said the alleged attacker, a muscular man with a tattoo, bruised him and ripped his white T-shirt.

The Muslim Council of Britain said that the attack appeared to be motivated by Islamophobia.

“We urge calm as the investigation establishes the full facts, and in these last days of Ramadan, pray for those affected and for justice,” Harun Khan, the organization’s secretary-general said in a statement.

On Monday morning, Neil Basu, deputy assistant commissioner of London’s police and senior national coordinator for counter terrorism, said the incident was being treated as a terrorist attack but that “no matter what his motivation proves to be, we are keeping an open mind.” He said it was too early to say if the one death was “as a result of this attack.” The attack unfolded while the man who died was already receiving first aid from the public at the scene.

Extra police would be deployed around London, especially to protect Muslims, he said. Security in the city has already been bolstered after a series of attacks, including two vehicle attacks, which have rattled the U.K.

Just over two weeks ago, three assailants mowed down people on London Bridge before stabbing people with knives, leaving a total of eight people dead. In March, an attacker used a vehicle to hit pedestrians outside the British Parliament, killing five.

* * *

A van plowed into pedestrians on Seven Sisters road in the Finsbury Park area in north London just after 12:20am London Time, in what the police has described a "major incident." There are "a number of casualties being worked on at the scene," London police said in a statement, with at least 10 people injured according to press reports.

The incident happened near the prominent Finsbury Park Mosque as witnesses claim the driver intentionally struck the victims; a male driver, who has not been identified, has been taken into police custody while the van appears to be rented. LBC radio adds that there has been a "huge emergency response" and ambulances have been dispatched to help the injured.

One witness told Sky News that the incident happened after worshippers were leaving the Finsbury Park mosque after midnight prayers.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing bystanders wrestle the suspect to the ground and pin him down until officers arrived.

According to the Telegraph, pictures posted on social media show more than a dozen emergency vehicles near the UKCG Help Centre at the junction of Seven Sisters Road and the A503 Tollington Road.

So far, the incident is not being called a terrorist attacks, as a person has been arrested unlike previous incidents.

One eyewitness speaking to LBC said the van had hit people on the pavement, but had not collided with a building. "It looked like he had lost control of the van or something," he said.  Locals said they had heard shouting and a helicopter was circling overhead.

Another caller told LBC her sister was at the scene when it happened. She said she described it as "something from a horror movie, everyone running everywhere".

Some social media reports describe the attack as "Islamophobic", and described the attack as a van "randomly swerving off the main road and running over several Muslim men."

The U.K. Muslim Council of Britain said they had been told worshippers were ran over as they left a local mosque. "Our prayers are with the victims," they said on Twitter.

The van used tonight at Finsbury Park mosque is shown below

One caller told LBC said people from a local mosque had been drinking coffee at a cafe by the mosque. He said he had seen six people on the floor. Another caller said:  "I saw police giving CPR, getting the heart going again and another guy on the floor."

There was no immediate word on an exact number of victims according to LBC, whose live broadcast can be heard here.

According to the Guardian, Al Qaeda operatives including the “shoebomber” Richard Reid and Zacarias Moussaoui attended the Finsbury Park mosque. In 2002, weapons training had taken place inside the building. The mosque rose to notoriety when Abu Hamza al-Masri became Imam of the Mosque due to his extremist ideologies and views on terrorism.

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Van does not appear to be damaged.  Hmmm...

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Bumper looks good. Must be towelhead resistant material. 

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Friggin' Eskimos! It's always something with those people. Can't take your eyes off of them for even one minute! Go back to the North Pole where you belong! We don't cotton to your kind around here!

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Let me guess...the driver is a Welsh Methodist named Owen.

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I lived in Finsbury Park while attending grad school at LSE.  Was already Muzzie City twenty five years ago.

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The Van is a hire van (rental) has an area code from South Wales on the phone number advertising on the hood (bonnet for you Brits).  The guy looked drunk in the tweet video, could be a builder from Wales working on a job in London and just left the pub. 

Or false flag. 

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Or someone recently killed his daughter at concert envent....Just sayin..

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Has the pedophile mayor of london commented?

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God only knows why he did it.

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If they were Muslims; take him before the Queen and Knight him before he gets away.

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This would never have happened if they were back in their middle east homelands.  London Bridge, Westminster, Nice and Germany, either.

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Every time someone runs over people in London, they ramp the shit out of the US equity futures.  Was it a GS employee driving that van?

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OT:  Fuck the ragheads.  I went offline for most of the week now to watch the U.S. Open.  I hate golfers but I used to be a GCSAA Superinterintendent.  I love horticulture and I have worked at it for 20 years at five different courses.  I became fascinated with Erin Hills.  I have never seen a course like that.  You can really tell that they built it and then ripped it apart but the course played well.  That #9 green caught my eye right away because that was severe.  I am not thinking about playing Erin Hills, I am thinking about how to maintain it.  How do you mow the fucking place much less spray it and aerate it and irrigate it?  What is the budget here?  Who maintains those bunkers?  Bunkers are the biggest waste of money a golf course can have.  I would really like to tour the course and see what is really going on there because it is unique. 

I listened to all of the BS that Fox commentatators had to say but never once was the superintendent interviewed.  All the way to the end, I watched an listened and there were some pretty good golf stories by the commentators for several days.  i.e. "The woods are full of long drivers"  The best by far was this one just less than an hour ago.


They were just now together this week?LMFAO  Koepka didn't even get to shower off and he will have woman problems.  I have never seen a golf course like that and I have never heard a commentator say anything like that. 

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lot of newbies on this thread working for the zionazis.

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These incidents are always the most trolled.

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Why are the first 25 responses always newbies? I've noticed that also. Strange stuff considering 20% of FB peeps don't even exist. Just sayin


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When White's start hitting back, you know it's all over for Muslim Colonization of Europe. I wonder if it was White Brit that did it. Because if it is, it's far more dangerous then if it was Muslim. Clear Civil War would of been instigated, when that starts it will never stop till it's ended, and via the numbers of Whites to Muslims, it's game over Muslim Colonization of Europe. So far White's have been Tolerant of Muslim Terrorist Attacks.

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  Brits will riot, go batshit crazy over a soccer game but do nothing behind multiple muzzie terror attacks. Come on Brit men, put on your big boy pants and start burning down mosques. Buy some guns from the Russian immigrants and start shooting up raghead drivers, and maybe hang the Parliment members who insist on importing those bastards.

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more people died choking on hot dogs last year than terrorists killed.  Pull out of Mideast. ignore those fuckers.  All this will end.

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an insane amount of truth to that statement---kudos

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What about the 3.5 million Moslems we already have here in the US?

Are they just going to be left to mozz?

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oh, just be afraid of and hate the darkies like you are suppose to. it's easier.

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Not going to happen. Take a look at Sweden. They are getting overrun and they believe they have tens of thousands of terrorists and criminals in their country from the middle east who are raping women. 

Show me where Sweden is bombing nations. 



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yeah, but at least Sweden isn't empowering, training and funding ISIS by the $billions like the US is.

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There in Sweden cause the West has made a mess of their homelands.

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SO why aren't they in Saudi Arabia, or UAE, or Qatar, or Iran?  Why haven't htese countries accepted refugees?

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Well someone finally kicked the fucking hornet's nest. Good!

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Dead to American and Brit invaders wherever they are.

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Now this is the Brits taking their country back!  Time to revolt against the invaders and the libtard idiot politicians who invited them!

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Now this is the Brits taking their country back!  Time to revolt against the invaders and the libtard idiot politicians who invited them!

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Obviously Sky News is following Mayor Khan's lead.  These have become so common they're not even going wall to wall live coverage.

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The English might talk all faggy but they have a history of striking back. Hard.

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Sounds like an anglo giving the muzzies a taste of their own radicalism .

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An argument could be made that this was justifiable because it was done in self defense. A large group of people who advocate that either you be dead or enslaved until death happened to be near at hand so it would seem to be a clear case of self defense for you to kill them before they kill you. It seems possible that some one could argue that. But I'm not making that argument. How 'bout you. Could you make that argument?

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I wasn't talking about this. This was some young chap who became overwrought with emotion after weak ale and strong pub talk. On the way home he lost his head and did something bad. He probably knows someone who has been hurt by the recent attacks.

I am talking about other stuff happening in England in possible retaliation. That level of activity can't go on for long or it will spiral out of control. I fear for what happens after the next terrorist attack in England. This is what will break the stock market, not valuations. Valuations are always too high. They were too high 3 years and 140% ago.

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Islamaphobic? Hell, for all we know at this point, the van could have been hacked by the Russians.


Now Russians - they don't put up with Islamic terrorist shit for long. RESPECT

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Same in China. When my anthropologist-type neighbor was visiting the xinjiang area, the muzlims there were jabbing Han chinese with hiv infected needles or just walking up to them and stabbing them in the chest. He said it was really horrendous and even foreigners were not safe since the muslims there he said seemed to hate everyone.

Within a couple of weeks China put five soldiers on almost every corner and ANYONE who bothered anyone was arrested. Attackers were arrested, given a very speedy trial, and excuted.

Needless to say, the streets became safer then ever. The Chinese, like the Russians, don't take much crap from these islamic terrorists.

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There will likely be more coming since this wont keep people destracted for long.  The Odid Yinon is being outed so that shit just can't stand...

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Religion of peace when?

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  Like I said before. Now the military ships are ripe for ramming with hijacked tankers.

But really, those tankers are so massive one could ram a seaside city as well.

If Islam is going to ram something, think big I guess. There is no way to stop those things outside a full intense military attack.




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Imam said 6 people were killed. Driver was arrested.

: Reports that the driver of the van is a local hooligan.
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I wondered where all the soccer hooligans from the 80's were. They are Britains only chance to survive.

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I read the article but can't figure out what the hell is the problem.

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