Norway On The Way To Become Unfriendly Neighbor In Russia's Eyes

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Authored by Peter Korzun via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Norway is executing a drastic change in its military policy, towards a far more aggressive posture. A total of 330 US Marines have been stationed for a trial period from January at the Vaernes military base east of Trondheim. The deployment marks the first time since World War II that foreign troops have been allowed to station in Norway. Last year, the Norwegian Parliament approved a one-year trial period for the US military presence, including two six-month rotations. Now it is planned to double the Marines presence in the country from 330 to 650 soldiers. Norway and the United States are now discussing the usefulness of continuing this agreement beyond 2017.

The airport in Nord-Trøndelag can become a major military air base. The US Marine Corps Prepositioning Program-Norway, already stores large amounts of military equipment in caves. The caves currently hold enough to equip a fighting force of 4,600 Marines. The US military plans to enlarge the stockpile allowing it to store enough weapons and equipment for a Marine Expeditionary Brigade (up to 16, 000 servicemen). Planners are completing an analysis of the current gear cache that should wrap up in the next 12 months.

There are other plans to increase US military presence in the country. Last summer, a study group from the US Navy visited both Andøya and Evenes airports in northern Norway to see if they could host American P-8 Poseidon patrol aircraft.

According to Washington-based Center for Strategic and international Studies (CSIS) report, «The former Royal Norwegian Navy base at Olavsvern is ideal for supporting submarine operations in the extreme North Atlantic and Arctic Seas». The paper says it may be possible for Norway to nationalize and reopen a portion of the facility to support the rotational presence of US submarines. Olavsvern is NATO’s closest naval base to the Kola Peninsula. The paper notes that the United States needs to leverage its bilateral relationships with Norway in order to develop and deploy a new generation of undersea sensing capabilities.

The construction of sophisticated new radar system known as Globus 3 in Vardø has started. Formally, the radar’s mission is to track space debris but it’s an open secret that the site is an element of the US-led NATO ballistic missile defense (BMD).

The radar located in Svalbard (the Arctic) can also be used by US military for missile defense purposes. The site has been frequently visited by US officials and politicians. This radar is installed in violation of the 1925 treaty which states that Svalbard has a demilitarized status.

Norway used to be skeptical toward the BMD plans. In 2002, Norway condemned the US decision to pull out from the ABM Treaty. Jens Stoltenberg, the current NATO General Secretary, was skeptical about the system at a summit in Moscow in 2007. But Prime Minister Erna Solberg announced the decision to join the NATO missile defense in 2015 – the same year Norwegian ships participated with radar sensors in an allied BMD exercise.

The joint American-Norwegian radar project is an openly hostile move, which has become an irritant to negatively affect the Russian-Norwegian bilateral relationship. The missile shield will alter the strategic balance—giving Washington and NATO the ability to launch a first nuclear strike on Russia and prevent it from launching a counter-strike. Besides, the radar will be used for intelligence collection being stationed just 40 miles from the Russian Kola Peninsula where strategic submarines and other military assets are based.

According to Professor Theodore Postol, a professor at Massachusetts Technological Institute and a well-known scholar, Norway «would be dragged into a conflict between the great powers… The radar in Vardø is of the type GBR-P, formerly deployed on the Kwajalein Atoll in the Pacific. It was formerly intended to be the most important radar in the US missile shield, to be deployed in the Czech Republic».

«Norway has to understand that after becoming an outpost of NATO, it will have to face head-on Russia and Russian military might», Teimuraz Ramishvili, Russian ambassador to Oslo, told Norway’s state broadcaster, NRK. «Therefore, there will be no peaceful Arctic anymore». Formally, the radar’s mission is to track space debris but it’s an open secret that the site is part of US global ballistic missile defense (BMD) system, making Norway a prime target for attack in the event of a conflict.

Norway plans to have over 50 US-produced F-35 stealth warplanes in 2019. It will give it the capability to strike deep into the Russian territory. It underscores the fact that Norway would rapidly be drawn into any war that NATO launched against Russia. Indeed, the preparations unquestionably make Norway a target for Russian military action.

The US military presence represents a shift from the peacetime policy of prohibiting the posting of foreign troops in Norway. Before joining NATO in 1949, Norway pledged not to allow deployment of foreign military on its soil «as long as it is not under attack or threat of attack.» No Norwegian government has said it is threatened by Russia. Quite to the contrary, just a few days ago Prime Minister Erna Solberg said that she doesn't consider Russia to be a threat to Norway's security in an interview with German DW. According to her, Oslo and Moscow have a «good partnership», especially in the Arctic. «We don't believe that Russia is a direct threat to Norway, but we believe that Russia has become more unpredictable in its policies», the PM noted. Hardly so, Russia is very much predictable because it has no alternative to taking measures in response.

The border between Russia and Norway has been peaceful for centuries. The two countries have always been good neighbors. It is all changing now. Foreign troops on Norwegian soil and the construction of the new radar are parts of unfriendly policy toward Russia, which believes that the provocative moves are unacceptable. Perhaps, it should be taken into account by Norwegian politicians as the country nears the parliamentary elections in the fall.

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safedisk's picture

Maybe the Russians can give the Norwegians a list of cities and installations that would be vapourized if war ever broke out. Might make them think again.

Ghordius's picture

because Norway has stated an interest in war breaking out with Russia?

funny that: I see two capitals rattling sabers: Washington and Moscow

two old "partners" in "division and support" of other countries

Jubal Early's picture

There you are cherry picking current events again.  I see Norway willingly acting as a trip wire in Al Tanf.  I see Stoltenberg the war monger doing everything he can to provoke WWIII.  You see nothing because you need to cut a hole in your stomach so you can see out.

Ghordius's picture

a "trip wire" only works if a Russian Invasion of Norway starts

what is your problem about "trip wires", really? that it spoils your wish for Norway to get invaded by Russia? or something?

come on, you are a troll.... and that's it. and you are not even good at it

WTFUD's picture

You started it (the WAR) . . . invaded Poland, RIGHT? LoL

Maybe Norway's feeling left out and so . . . Kick up the BALTIC'S EURO 10 Billion Nord Stream 2 Pipeline - Gazprom, Royal Dutch Shell, Austria's OML,France's Engie, Germany's Uniper & Wintershall.

Out with the Old & In with the New . . . Chess Moves on the Big Board


Jubal Early's picture

I get it already, you have said it many times:  I am a troll and you are a demi-god who is important at ZH.  People read your comments and are influenced by them.  Bwaaaaa.

Besides, as perfectly illustrated in your poorly punctuated and unreadable gibberish above, 95% of what you write should be sent straight to the garbage bin.

Ghordius's picture

yes, and you are the guy that does not know the difference between "komisars" in Germany 1945 and the EU, as in the other article today

do I really have to explain to you what a Soviet "Political Officer" was?

"People read your comments and are influenced by them"

interesting angle. so you care about influence? I care about facts. you know, the stuff that "nobody wants to hear about", nowadays

I could not care less if someone is influenced by me. or feels insulted by facts

shutterbug's picture

you are too stupid to even start to realize there are things like a bigger picture....

BitchezGonnaBitch's picture

Read a fucking history book, son. Your naivety is astounding.

fx's picture

I just don't see Moscow "rattling any sabers". Except if you regard keeping your own troops on your home turf is "saber rattling".
But perhaps, o Ghordius, you can enlighten us in what way moscow has EVER rattled its sabers versus norway in the past 10 years?

Ghordius's picture

you did not see any "Green Men" in Crimea, either, did you?

possibly you even missed when President Putin, who sports your avatar, admitted on RT that those "Green Men" were Russian soldiers, without insigna

I can't make you see things you don't want to see, sports

go on and believe that one side in this is with the Angels and the other sides with the Devils. I don't care which one you think is the right one and which one is the wrong one

Moscow is rattling sabers versus Norway now, btw. read the article, follow the links, note the words "behaving like the enemy"

go on with the partisanship, go on with the spin, the lies and the propaganda. like mud, some like that stuff, and wallow in it

silverer's picture

I saw an orderly transition back to Russia in the Crimea (which is Russian in the first place). What choice does Russia have when the US plan is to annihilate them and take over the Baltics and Russia and rule the world? Are they supposed to behave like good little boys and girls and just sit there twiddling thumbs and saying yes to the US on everything? Look what the US did to the Ukraine. That would have happened to the Crimea as well; and if you don't think so, you are simply not paying attention to the big picture and looking at the history of the area.

Escapedgoat's picture

If and I say if War breaks out, then I will cross to the Russian side and hitch a lift on the way to Berlin and Brussels.... to talk to you in person.

You explain the way you are behaving (as in Euromeddling) in Ukraine, supporting Porko-Senka?

Also see whether the Med countries are going to help you against the Russians when in fact you are sodomising (financially) them right, now forget the Bought and Paid FOR Presstitutes, ASK THE PEOPLE.

The Yanks are going to fight the Russians to the last Europhile. Enloy


Ghordius's picture

lol, still conflating NATO and the EU?

President Putin just met Macron, in Versailles. yes, he knows the difference between those european things

that's the reason why there still are talks between France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia

now show me the talks between Russia and the US/UK

"You explain the way you are behaving (as in Euromeddling) in Ukraine, supporting Porko-Senka?"

all those years, and you still have not understood why Russia released the Vicky Nuland tapes?

josie0802's picture

Always when US libtards are caught with their pants down the Russians "leaked it" Maybe they just didn't. Too boring.

silverer's picture

I see Russia constantly ignored when it states the danger of confrontation. Of course, they simply keep it off the news. If Russia is rattling sabers, it's totally defensive. I can't say I see Russians doing military exercises on the US Mexican and Canadian borders. If you see that, let me know, would you? And PS, Russia let the people in the Crimea vote. Have you seen the US asking the Syrian people for a vote lately for if they want to join the US? Well fukin' A.

land_of_the_few's picture

Well sadly Kirkenes and Grense Jakobselv look like the first to get action. Both not far from Murmansk. The beach on the second one looks like it is already plagued by jarheads.

"It is prohibited to cross the border or intentionally make contact with people on the other side."

SpanishGoop's picture

"Norway plans to have over 50 US-produced F-35 stealth warplanes in 2019. It will give it the capability to strike deep into the Russian territory."


If they think that they are stupid Norwegians.

Don't stand a change when TSHTF.


HowdyDoody's picture

I hope the Norwegians remember to opt for the tire-chains option. Driving the F-35 down the highway can be a bitch in the snow.

Alos, they might want to wait until tranche 3. The MIC should have the helmet problems sorted out by then.

tuetenueggel's picture

But only one way. There will be lots of pilots in Norwegian airforce necessary.

AlexCharting's picture

Don't worry Vladimir, you got a friend in me ;)

Sudden Debt's picture

America has so much money that they need to spend it somewhere right?

Why not have big open fires and burn all the money at once?

silverer's picture

"America has so much money..."

Well, let's try this: "America has so much BORROWED money..."

back to basics's picture

Norway has lots of $USs in its foreign currency reserves  from selling its crude. They know green coloured pieces of paper can be rendered worthless in a nano second and without warning by the a reckless actions of the US Congress and the FED. They decided to spend it in buying fancy hardware that doesn't work. It at least gives the appearance of strength. That's all. 

tuetenueggel's picture

oil-production is sharply decrasing.

Petrol$ won´t last for ever.

WTFUD's picture

A-ha - origin, Oslo, Norway.

Take On Me

. . . say after me
It's no better to be safe than sorry . . na na nana . . .

Mug punters - Hows that Sovereign Wealth Fund holding up? . . . by the time Vichy DC/Goldman finish humping your ass, hollowing you out, you'll look like Ukraine you CUNTS!

TeraByte's picture

Now every nation purchasing F-35 faces a certain risk (not talking about a disappointing general performance from some major indicators). Before deliveries in some years in future to happen, so have also countermeasures improved very much accordingly in radar technology, that could make this technology to yesterday. Remember, how a downing of a F-117 in the beginning of the Balkans war just needed a minor modification in radar frequency.

tuetenueggel's picture

When every F35will be ready for flight, Russia will have produced hundreds of 6 th generation jets. Fast, reliable, powerful, and easy to be maintained. When a SU35 needs 4 technicians between 2 flights ( including refuelling and rearming ), F 35 will need about 12.

Job guaranty for US-military staff.

Cassandra.Hermes's picture

Better to ask Russian why they provide free bus rides to Syrian to Norway border and then give them free bicycles to cross 15km dirty road trip to closest Norwegian village? There are more than 6000 abandoned bikes.

HowdyDoody's picture

It ain't the Rooskies, it's your butt buddy Soreass that is running the 'migrant' scam.

silverer's picture

Good job creator for bicycle mechanics, eh?

shutterbug's picture

United States of Aggression still thinks it has money while in reality they are complete and utterly broke and can't repay their debts...

unless printing worthless digital dollars ... by the trillions. When the world realizes money has to have a steady value.... its game over.

The emperor is without clothes... lucky we didn't get HRC as empress.

silverer's picture

That's why a war is likely sooner than later. Because the neocons realize the time for their "big chance" is running out.

Money_for_Nothing's picture

Russia has interests but so do the countries around it. Invade Georgia because they are doing things you don't like? Ok. Keep part of Georgia for a prize? Get hostile bases on your boarders.

If Pakistan ever starts selling tactical nukes to raise money US, Russian, and China are going to take a hit.

silverer's picture

The US has bases up the Ying Yang. Let's just look at Germany:

United States Army
Main article: List of United States Army installations
Germany - 38 facilities

Artillery Kaserne, Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Barton Barracks, Ansbach (scheduled to close)[2]
Bismarck Kaserne, Ansbach
Bleidorn Housing Area, Ansbach
Dagger Complex, Darmstadt Training Center Griesheim (scheduled to close in 2015)
Edelweiss Lodge and Resort, Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Gen. Lucius D. Clay Kaserne (former Wiesbaden Army Airfield, renamed 2012), Wiesbaden
Germersheim Army Depot, Germersheim
Grafenwöhr Training Area, Grafenwöhr/Vilseck
Hohenfels Training Area/Joint Multinational Readiness Center, Hohenfels (Upper Palatinate)
Husterhoeh Kaserne, Pirmasens
Kaiserslautern Military Community
Katterbach Kaserne, Ansbach
Kelley Barracks, Stuttgart
Kleber Kaserne, Kaiserslautern Military Community
Lampertheim Training Area, Lampertheim (scheduled to close in 2015)
Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Landstuhl
McCully Barracks, Wackernheim
Miesau Army Depot, Miesau
Oberdachstetten Storage Area, Ansbach
Panzer Kaserne, Stuttgart
Patch Barracks, Stuttgart
Pulaski Barracks, Kaiserslautern
Rhine Ordnance Barracks, Kaiserslautern
Robinson Barracks, Stuttgart
Rose Barracks, Vilseck
Sembach Kaserne, Kaiserslautern
Sheridan Barracks, Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Shipton Kaserne, Ansbach
Smith Barracks, Baumholder
Storck Barracks, Illesheim
Stuttgart Army Airfield, Filderstadt
Mainz-Kastel Storage Station (scheduled to close in 2015)
USAG Wiesbaden Military Training Area, Mainz, Gonsenheim/Mombach
USAG Wiesbaden Training Area, Mainz Finthen Airport
USAG Wiesbaden Radar Station, Mainz Finthen Airport
Urlas Housing and Shopping Complex, Ansbach (converted from Urlas Training Area in 2010-2011)

I searched "Number of Russian bases in Germany". Here's what came up:

The page "Russian military bases in Germany" does not exist. You can ask for it to be created, but consider checking the search results below to see whether the topic is already covered.

blindfaith's picture



I understand we...the in 138 countries.  Why...any guesses?  Did you even know this?

No wonder the average American is broke and the first 'earned' buck in his pocket isn't until July.

dogismycopilot's picture

Norway is  vassal state. 


dlfield's picture

Centuries?  It was peaceful in WWII?

silverer's picture

So I guess US politicians visited Norway, and promised them a lot of US taxpayer money if they would cooperate with the US plan aimed against Russia. Norway, along with the rest of the failing EU socialist states, is watching their wallet instead of using common sense, because the Russians can turn their whole country into glass in less than 10 minutes. So Norway takes all the risks, while the US screws its taxpayers, and the band plays on.

Centerist's picture

Gee, so Norway's decision to beef up its own borders and enhance its own defensive posture is a demonstration of aggression?  The last time I checked, Norway was a sovereign country and had the right to do whatever it wants to, defensively.

This Strategic Culture Foundation has no credibility.  According to them, Russia and China are just perpetual victims of evil Western bullying.  They completely ignore the fact that The West, Russia and China are simply engaged in what is a natural set of behaviors for global powers.  They engage in brinksmanship to secure strategic advantages.  The West does it, China does it, and Russia does it.  To characterize it any other way is to spread a false narrative.

Quite frankly, I would say that the Strategic Culture Foundation's articles like this are just a facet of the brinksmanship that Eastern powers leverage against The West.  Their analysis is slipshod, to say the least, and extremely biased.  They can't convince anyone to adopt their positions and just preach to denizens of their own echo chambers.

StevieTexie's picture

It is a ZH article.  Seriously?

Centerist's picture

ZH is an aggregator with some original content.  Look at the top of the article.  It is from the Strategic Culture Foundation, and ZH reposted it.

just the tip's picture

The last time I checked, Norway was a sovereign country and had the right to do whatever it wants to, defensively.

using the american foreign legion to do so.

Centerist's picture

They can use whatever means they have available.  If their own military isn't robust enough to do it on its own, then it would only make sense that they'd seek assistance from another.

That is their right as a sovereign state.

I didn't give you the down-vote, by the way.  I might not agree with what you have to say, but at least you use some maturity when you speak against others' positions.

blueRidgeBoy's picture

You have been down-voted and you will continue to be down-voted until you show appropriate sensitivity to all Russian encirclement paranoia.

Centerist's picture

That's some hilarious stuff.  I know that there are other people who don't buy the narrative about "evil Western aggression", so I'm surprised that more people didn't give you green arrows, too.  I'd give you more if I could.

NAV's picture

What we see on the Norway/Russian border is not an exercise in humanitarian defense; it is an exercise in terrorism.

The very day that Communism fell in the U.S.S.R., on December 26, 1991, the mammoth totalitarian power network Quigley described in his book, Tragedy and Hope, began its Communist move to take Russia back again -- to be done under the acronym of NATO.

 Not only does this power complex have the United States and most of the world in its grip, but its boot is raised to smash the face of Russia again, forever..

The goal of this decades-touted New World Order is conversion of all governments into one-world socialism. Americans may not know what this means, but Russian do. They lived under its death grip for 70 years. And, if the truth were known, they will fight to their death to keep this horror from ever happening again.

No worse ruling system can be imagined.

“This same system rode on tanks as a ‘liberator’ into Central Europe in 1945 over the blood slick of millions of humans, hailed by the Western Allies, a USSR celebrating itself as a representative of civilized ‘mankind.’”

Behind that Iron Curtain, 65 million died heinous deaths in those 70 years; the Red Terror setting their deaths in motion in 1918 with instructions for mass shootings while erecting concentration camps under the direct authority of the Cheka…

According to a special report on Russia and the Jews, “People were shot recklessly on the basis of arbitrary lists – particularly academics, artists, authors and engineers. With the regulation on forced food-collection of January 1919, the farmers were also targeted. Later, in the 1930s, the mass ‘collectivization of agriculture’ in Ukraine led to the death by starvation of about 6 million humans.”

As early as August 26, 1918, Lenin instructed by telegram: “Dubious persons are to be locked up in concentration camps outside of the city. Relentless mass terror is to be carried out.”

“Tens of thousands of hostages were killed ‘for deterrence’ during the 1917-1922 civil war, with hundreds drowned at a time by sinking them on barges in the White Sea in the Arctic.”

Solzhenitsyn, after describing the incessant horrors suffered by those dragged by the communist system into the penal extermination mills, outlined life outside the gulag—the permanent living conditions of those who had escaped the Cheka: constant fear; no security in one’s life, dwelling or property;  moving from place to place impossible; taciturnity and distrust; unawareness of what was happening; informants everywhere; betrayal as a way of life (arrests a matter of quotas and state goals); destruction (the number of prisoners that passed over the course of 35 years [until 1953] through the archipelago or died there amounting to roughly 40-50 million—during the war 1% of the gulag population died daily); lying as a way of life; cruelty.

The new system of terror the world faces today strikingly resembles the old as carried out in part by Russia’s Leon Trotsky, People’s Commissar for the Army and Fleet and chairman of the Revolutionary War Council of the Republic and member of the Central Committee and of the Politburo, financed for the role by America’s Jewish bankers.

As documented, “He mercilessly liquidated ‘lackeys of imperialism and the bourgeoisie,’ “counter-revolutionaries,’ ‘suspect persons,””previous-attitude people,” members and clergy of the Orthodox Church and all workers and farmers who did not unconditionally submit to Bolshevism. He established in August 1918 the first concentration camps, and even had women and children locked up and – if necessary—shot to deter defections.

As the world moves onward into the 21st century, Trump’s Secretary of Defense James Mattis comes to mind; let his words be a warning to you and yours:

“I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you f**k with me, I’ll kill you all.”

As for cleansing Afghan and Russian soil of all “vermin,” Mattis has this to say about the dead:  “It’s quite fun to shoot them, you know. It’s a hell of a hoot. It’s fun to shoot some people.”

This is the ilk that sat in judgment at Nuremberg over the defeated “barbarians,” and this is the ilk setting world war policy for “the new American century.”

sheikurbootie's picture

America - World Police.

WTF.  I'm sick of being in 100's of countries.  I loved it as a soldier, but this is ridiculous as a government plan. 

Let's not pre-position shit anywhere but CONUS and maybe Diego Garcia.  Let's get the fuck out of everyone's backyard. 

These piece of shit EU countries can choose to either have a military or not, but NOT be "protected" by the US.  I'm over being the world's police for these liberal shit fucks.