Hillary Clinton Told FBI's Mueller To Deliver Uranium To Russians In 2009 "Secret Plane-Side Tarmac Meeting"

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Authored by Shepard Ambellas via Intellihub.com,

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton facilitated the transfer a highly enriched uranium (HEU) previously confiscated by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) during a 2006 “nuclear smuggling sting operation involving one Russian national and several Georgian accomplices,” a newly leaked classified cable shows.

So-called “background” information was provided in the cable which gave vague details on a 2006 nuclear smuggling sting operation in which the U.S. government took possession of some HEU previously owned by the Russians.

"Over two years ago Russia requested a ten-gram sample of highly enriched uranium (HEU) seized in early 2006 in Georgia during a nuclear smuggling sting operation involving one Russian national and several Georgian accomplices.  The seized HEU was transferred to U.S. custody and is being held at a secure DOE facility."

The secret “action request,” dated Aug. 17, 2009, was sent out by Secretary of State Clinton and was addressed to the United States Ambassador to Georgia Embassy Tbilisi, the Russian Embassy, and Ambassador John Beyrle.

It proposed that FBI Director Robert Mueller be the one that personally conduct the transfer a 10-gram sample of HEU to Russian law enforcement sources during a secret “plane-side” meeting on a “tarmac” in the early fall of 2009.

"We require that the transfer of this material be conducted at the airport, on the tarmac near by the plane, upon arrival of the Director's aircraft."

The FBI Director was originally scheduled to ‘return’ a sample from the DOE stockpile to the Russians in April but the trip was postponed until September 21.

Paragraph number 6 of the leaked cable confirms Dir. Mueller’s Sept. 21 flight to Moscow.

“(S/Rel Russia) Action request: Embassy Moscow is requested to alert at the highest appropriate level the Russian Federation that FBI Director Mueller plans to deliver the HEU sample once he arrives to Moscow on September 21. Post is requested to convey information in paragraph 5 with regard to chain of custody, and to request details on Russian Federation’s plan for picking up the material. Embassy is also requested to reconfirm the April 16 understanding from the FSB verbally that we will have no problem with the Russian Ministry of Aviation concerning Mueller’s September 21 flight clearance.”

But possibly even more shocking is the fact that the State Department wanted the transfer of the HEU to take place on an “airport tarmac” which is rather reminiscent of the infamous Loretta Lynch/Bill Clinton meeting which occurred on a Phoenix, Arizona, tarmac back in June of 2016.

Past dealings with the Russians were also mentioned in the cable, signifying that previous deals have taken place.

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Mueller must recuse himself over this.  Does anyone know the statute of limitations on the crimes here?

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Mueller must recuse himself over this.  Does anyone know the statute of limitations on the crimes here?

They pass 40,000+ new laws each year. What in the world difference would it make what the limitations are? The law is arbitrary.

I say build a traveling open circus cage. Put him in it. Pull him from town to town and supply the citizens with ripe rotten fruit. Then tell them what's been going on (and don't forget the mysterious collapse of WTC7). If they want to practice their fast ball, let them.

Then on to the next town with the same show and new rotten fruit. Eggs would also be a nice touch ... and tar balls and feathers.

As long as he keeps attracting a crowd, keep doing it. When no crowds show up anymore, well ... maybe the people think they've gotten their pound of flesh.

pparalegal's picture

Ever since Bill Cosby I think all bets on that old tradition of law are off. Now it is rewritten as "it depends on who and why".

NuYawkFrankie's picture

wtf is it with the Clintons and meetings on runway tarmac?

Aside from the fact that Hillary should be concerned that her ass could be mistaken for a jumbo-jet and hauled into the nearest hangar for a wash-down.

incharge1976's picture

It's a lot easier to have two flights meet up at a certain location away from the spotlight and audio/video recordings. 

I bet someone could dig up a ton of information on secret meetings on tarmacs if they viewed flight logs. 

Scuba Steve's picture

They have the power to change the flight logs ... to make a flight disappear.

Havent you watched a Few Good Men?

scattergun's picture

wtf is it with the Clintons and meetings on runway tarmac?
No cameras on the tarmac, no microphones, no paparazzi, no pesky tiny drones with cameras flying over. No news helicopters, no unauthorized personnel, no record of the meeting ever happening. You get the picture.

Grandad Grumps's picture

A. That is not Hillary Clinton in the photo.
B. If true then Mueller should be in a cage, rather than investigating Trump and Russia

It is completely disgusting that the so called liberals are desperate to create a shooting war with Russia and will go to any lengths to create it. I suppose the alternative to creating their shooting war is to risk the destruction of the global central banking control system that is used to enslave the human population of this world.

Never_Put_Down's picture

That's right, her name is Teresa Barnwell

OCnStiggs's picture

Nope. Barnwell is nowhere near that close.  The "unit" in that picture may be a droid. Hell, some say Hillary is reptillian so there could be several of her.

Need to round them all up and try them together. Wouldn't that make a pretty scene?

peippe's picture

am i the only one who wants to pull out her fingernails, pour kerosene down her 

throat, stuff a rag in her mouth & light her on fire?

And that was even before i read this article. 

: (  burn her now.

John_Coltrane's picture

Let's be fair. If she is really a witch as we all suspect tie a large rock to her, toss her in a lake and see if she floats. If she does, burn her at the stake as you suggest. If she drowns, good riddance to bad rubbish. Its a Win Win approach which is also "fair", a concept so dear to Demonrats.

peippe's picture

i  am too quick to take action, 

it should be as J Coltrane suggests, a 'float check' to learn if she be a magik crone. 

Then, if it is found she floats like a dog turd, the burning begins. It is only fair.

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I Have An Issue With The Seth Rich Witness Coming Forward – What He Saw May Be The Reason Seth Did Not Survive.


Honest John's picture

Mueller is Hillary's lacking.  No chance his current investigation will be impartial.  He paddles happily in the swamp.

FoggyWorld's picture

It's pretty clear that Comey, his leaker friend at Columbia Law School, and Rodney Rosenstein had this enlightened decision to select their equally compromised friend Mueller and 13 lawyers of Mueller's choice, to run a public hatchet job.  

As a taxpayer, I object to wasting We the People's money on worthless efforts.   Soros is always around with David Brock and company and I am sure they could do this on their own dime but in another venue.


TulsaTime's picture

Try something from Whitewater.

Salsa Verde's picture

Drain that fucking swamp now.  Patience is running out.

Dragon HAwk's picture

My Bet it was two spook agencies trying to catch a fly  both not knowing the  side was also a spook agency, and now we need the bait back in the hands of it's original owner so we can try again.  BTW who has her deleted Emails and why are they not being investigated?

SmittyinLA's picture

Sounds like legit US Russian cooperation, BTW why did the Russians want the sample?

hangemhigh77's picture

This woman is a SAINT!! She puts her own interests, errrr, I mean the country's interest first. I hope she can get some of that enriched uranium back when she's sitting in her Chappaqua living room and Indian Point melts down.

cuttlefish's picture

Fire that fing traitor now ...


TePikoElPozo's picture

leave hillary alone (kill chelsea instead)

Sir John Bagot Glubb's picture

I wonder if Bill's dick will be put in a protected bulletproof glass case in the Clinton Library......that's how much the Clintons are worshipped by the Progressive Communist Scum.......


indygo55's picture

Just the fact the Mueller accepted the job and doesn't recuse himself because of his past history tells ya something. 

Haitian Snackout's picture

Top cops named Muller always slip away in the end. Everyone knows that!


FoggyWorld's picture

It tells me that he like so many others never had or ended up with broken moral compasses.

pitz's picture

Is this some sort of joke?  Russia has tons of HEU from their own nuclear weapons programs.  Why would they care about obtaining a little bit of it from the USA or Hillary?

FoggyWorld's picture

I don't have the book _Clinton Cash_ nearby and we from a previously hit Sandy neighborhood are in the middle of yet another interesting storm, so without the book I don't have the dates but maybe someone else could supply them.

This almost sounds as if then Director of the FBI, Mueller used a US owned aircraft to deliver what might have been a sample from the uranium mine in the US that was sold to the Russians and was part of a Clinton-Guistra Foundation (Canada) set of transactions.

No wonder We the People have been bombarded with endless phony stories.   Obviously those making the outrageous claims may really need them to attempt to have us focus on the wrong things daily so that with luck they might be getting away with more than just murder.

I do think we should install cameras at airports that are used by politicians so that we at least have a video library of these rather bizarre meetings.   Or maybe ankle bracelets for all.




37 Again.'s picture

Of course Mueller is the only G-man that can be trusted - absolutely no other asset is more trustworthy.

......why is that?

Catullus's picture

Because you can trace all HEU to the source.  So if the sting operation obtained HEU, you can test a sample against your own stockpile and figure out where it came from.

The question is: why did the FBI director have to deliver it?

johand inmywallet's picture

It is time to kill these traitors. I am not inciting violence but just saying the truth. If these people were around in 1776, they would be cordwood, fertilizer, _________ enter your own word. They are part of what has and is bringing down OUR country, not just Democrats, but independents and Republicans, Americans. It is at the cusp America, make your choice for your future, its only going to get worse if we don't grab them by the balls and take our country back

John_Coltrane's picture

Anyone else wonder or know about any significant "donations" to the Clinton foundation on or around this time frame? The Clintons never do favors without payment. They are the ultimate white trash carpetbaggers. That's their weakness and where to attack them. We know its charity fraud when $135M is collected in a year, $85M is for travel and conferences, and $35M for salaries. (From a published Clinton Foundation tax form freely available on the net)

Without the connection to the Clinton foundation this news will go nowhere. And we already know this pay for play from the Uranium One deal among many other examples (thanks Wikileaks). Sessions-get on the charity fraud investigation (I suspect this is already happening but will take awhile to develop the details and connections. They won't say anything until they have the case fully ready to go knowing the Clinton propensity to wet works (RIP Seth Rich)) when cornered like the DemonRats they are.

Stormtrooper's picture

10 grams.  1/4 ounce?  Why didn't they just put it in an envelope and mail it?

pparalegal's picture

Those silly Russian influence investigators. I told them no, not Trump, Hillary. But Maxine and Nancy called back and told me to shut up.

pc_babe's picture

What difference does it matter at this point?!

Synoia's picture

Froth at the mounth all you want, but the that's being an idiot. 10 Grams?

That's a sample, probably for the Russians to determine source and batch, and then nail whoever stole the material.

I see this as a highly responsible act. Neither Russia nor the US want fissile material on the loose.

Rhal's picture

True, except it shows the hypocracy of blaming everyone Trump like of being a Russian spy.

FoggyWorld's picture

And rather than send one of her own people or an actual nuclear scientist with said sample, she somehow or other uses a non-expert to convey this material and use his own department's resources to take care of her business.   That isn't how the real world usually works.

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