New Mexico Health Insurer Seeks 80% Premium Increase As Senate Ramps Up Repeal Efforts

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As Democrats continue their efforts to 'Resist 45,' which apparently includes throwing their unwavering support behind Obamacare, we get yet another sign of just how broken the healthcare exchanges around the country are.  According to the Associated Press, New Mexico Health Connections will seek an 80% increase in premiums for the 2018 plan year:

All four health insurance providers on New Mexico's state-run exchange have submitted rate proposals for the coming year, despite uncertainty about key federal subsidies.


New Mexico Health Connections CEO Martin Hickey said Thursday his cooperative is proposing a nearly 80 percent premium increase for individuals. The proposal may be lowered in July.


Health Widler of the Office of the Superintendent of Insurance says detailed descriptions of proposed rate increases will be made public later this month.

Of course, as we pointed out last month (see "Two Simple Charts Explain The Devastating Consequences Of Obamacare"), New Mexico's Obamacare premiums had already increased nearly 100% between 2013 and 2017.  Therefore, adding an incremental 80% to the 2017 rates would imply an over 250% increase in just 5 years.


That said, as The Hill notes this morning, Republicans still face an uphill battle in their repeal efforts with only a narrow 2-person majority in the Senate and certain lawmakers, like Rand Paul, unlikely to support any proposal put forward.

Senators only have two weeks left in the work period before the Fourth of July recess, which leaders have eyed as a target for holding a vote on a bill. But there are still significant policy hurdles that remain.


GOP leaders insist the divide between moderate Republicans and conservatives is surmountable. They've been talking about repealing ObamaCare for seven years, and publicly say they can see the finish line.


There will be more meetings in the coming week, but the discussions have been behind closed doors so far, leading to grumbling from Democrats, as well as some Republicans like Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), and outside groups about transparency.


Some senators say time is not on their side as they try to win votes, and they believe Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) could simply decide it's time to move and force a vote.


But the disagreements aren't minor. Senators are still debating how quickly to phase out federal funds for Medicaid expansion and how deeply to cut the program, and lawmakers say they have still not seen legislative text of a bill.

All of which means that even if you don't like your Obamacare, you just might have to keep it.

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All part of the plan.

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Trump should have let it collapse first.

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He covered that in his initial press conference.  He said he could do that but felt obligated to be proactive.  



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Means nothing, Democrats would roast new borns and consume them, then be praised for it by the mainstream media, before giving up on their Kenyan god, Barak "Molech" Obama - And his awesome and compassionate legislation!!

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Dems throwing the few middle class voters who remain in the DNC under the bus.

"Feel the Bern!"

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Well I say fuck it let it implode


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Sounds like you're trying to feign ignorance of your anti-semitism.  It's pretty popular here.  A good indicator is when you people start yammering about fake jews and the like.

I will now be downvoted 10:1 by anti-semites.


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Fake Jews.

You mean the people who come from a long line of Jewish families, then change their family name slightly to make it appear not Jewish?

There is no need for "Fake" Jews, the real ones are enough trouble.

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Jews stole the word "anti-semite",  pretty much like they steal eveything they can.   Jews are generally loathed and despised everywhere they go and throughout history.  There are reasons for this.  

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Please, speaking the truth is an act of terrorism.

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Mass hypnosis. Triggering is real and well planned.

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I got banned from some stupid liberal hellpit for using ((())). lol. Stupid site will be dead in a few years anyway. 

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Budget for 75 percent of Americans

50 percent for healthcare

50 percent for rent

10 percent for food!  Cuz in Murka'  we give 110 percent, with credit of course!!!

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sustainable (not)

the Merry Pranksters (D-everywhere) will need to ramp the spin machine to overdrive on this one

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Just repeal the damned thing and let people shop anywhere for insurance like auto coverage.  A few will need support but like the EBT thing, many will drop when asked to provide proof of need. 

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Market based for sure. The Republicans have two choices: pass legislation at the bidding of the insurance cartel and be voted out in 2-4 years or pass a market based bill for the American people and rule for a generation.

chosen's picture

To do this effectively, emergency rooms must be allowed to reject anyone who does not have insurance.  So if you need the emergency room and you have no insurance, you get to die on the curb.

homebody's picture

No just provide life saving care with no private room, tv, internet, ..... The ones with just a rash can go elsewhere.

GeezerGeek's picture

Nah, send them to the VA. Now there is a fine example of a real government-run healthcare network.

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You didn't get an 80% raise this year?

White Knight's picture

Hmmm. Hey America: Pull it.

nmewn's picture

"You low wage earners have not endured enough financial pain yet!" - The DNC 

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Considering 1 out every 2 New Mexicans is eligible for a subsidy, half the people will pay the increase twice.

Hal n back's picture

I explained to my nephew, single 35, that he has a dependent somewhere in the US he is funding/supporting.


cheech_wizard's picture

I had a really great year before the first Internet bubble burst. I estimated I had six dependents that year.

And not one of them even sent me a birthday card.

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Is there anything stupider than a dimbulbocrat? They've been ruining the country since Roosevelt. They want to treble down on what doesn't work. They have mucked everything up and brazen balls want to control even more. This is what Russia past tense now obstruction is all about. Think about it, Dims want Trump to basically pay for something that happened on obola's watch. The Dims had their cyber panties ripped off by God only knows who. Was it really the Russians? The Chinese? The Iranians? No evidence whatsoever has been presented. Seth Rich "hacked" the Dims and they had him killed. Anyway having their cyber panties ripped off the Dims demand that you vote them in control of the security apparatus of the U. S. A. Hillary proved that she couldn't be trusted with a cell phone. Every foreign intelligence service on the planet has all of her e-mails and if you don't believe that even the crooked-ass FBI admits Anthony Weiner has 650,000 of them. And to think they put some enlisted dude in the slammer for taking a photo aboard a sub. The Dims are intellectually bankrupt and revoltingly sickening. Schmuck Shumer and NancyPants Pelosi would knock a buzzard off of a gut wagon. How stupid do you have to be in a place like Newark New Jersey which the Dims have controlled for over 100 years to vote them in again?

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Like I said, Trump should go on TV everyday and declare that the democrats totally designed it, and they want it untouched. Please write a letter to your 'demoncratic' representative. Let them own it 110%.

chosen's picture

Let Obamacare collapse.  Insuring sickos and expecting everybody else to pay for them is not going to work, especially if there is no penalty.   Medicare works because everybody is forced to contribute throughout their working lives, whether they want to or not.  It comes right out of the paycheck.  Medicare is a good deal if you live long enough.  If you check out before 65, tough shit.  Same with Social Security.  If you check out before 62, you lose all your contributions.

GeezerGeek's picture

I started collecting shortly after turning 65, having worked more or less continuously since age 21. I figure it will take about 9 years just to break even. Will Medicare be willing to keep me going that long? And if I don't make it, my family gets nothing. Great system. And if you're a member of a demographic that doesn't live all that long, your family can really lose out. SS should be declared unconstitutional and repay citizens what they paid into it.

Hal n back's picture

lets remember that once age 65 you pay for medicare each month based on your earnigns power. an dyou pay for an extension and you pa of deducibles and you pay for prescription deungs insurance which is acually good.

how can people say the system works when the govt costs are creatign huge deficits and our doctors do not really want to serve us due to low pay to them.


chosen's picture

Yes, I pay about $3000 a year to supplement Medicare.  At least I don't get any bills.  One could pay nothing and just get Part A, but the first time one goes to a hospital one will get a bill for about a thousand bucks.  Without Part B, one would pay full price for doctors visits and tests.

John Victory's picture

The CEO, Martin Hickey, paid himself over $1 million to piss away $77 million in taxpayer loans that will never be repaid.



John Victory's picture

The CEO, Martin Hickey, paid himself over $1 million to piss away $77 million in taxpayer loans that will never be repaid.



John Victory's picture

Their latest available tax return:

They lost $23 million and paid the CEO $440K.

whosyerdaddy's picture

You can't spell Democrat without RAT.

any_mouse's picture

Everything the government touches turns to shit on a long enough timeline.



Urban Renewal.





Create a Cabinet post and watch the endless fucking around and the budget grow.

Hal n back's picture

Liz Warren created a consumer protection agency to protet the consumers from companies--


how about a citizen protection agency to protect citizens from government.

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Tough luck, goy. You didn't really need that vacation with the wife and kids next year anyway.

I'm sure your doctors and the health insurance, big pharma, med device, hospital and lab CEO's will be happy to send you quarterly pictures of theirs, however.

Really, it will almost be like being there yourself!!

Fishthatlived's picture

Premium increases are the tip of the iceberg. Look up "co-insurance." If you don't know what that is, you soon will.

Ban KKiller's picture

Best Heroin in the USA? In Espanola, NM. Look it up. We provide good jobs for illegals in NM. 

slyder wood's picture

The heroin connection to northern NM is generations old. Entire families - children, parents, grandparents were known addicts. Add the casinos, where mom or grandma drop $10 or so couple times a week. End of the month the family has to chip in to help the budget shortfall.

Golden Showers's picture

Well, it is Heron. But not the best. You got your Espanola, your Chimayo dot dot dot... 505 is hap'nin'.

What NM won't do is free the weed for starters. You got that RINO Martinez up in the gubners house; drunk bitch. She doesn't do shit. State senate doesn't meet but two weeks a year or some bullshit like that. All you hear out of ABQ is murders and fucked up shit. Hit "moar" at the bottom of the screen for "moar".

Did you know: New Mexico is actually a state. It's the 5th largest state in the US. Most people don't even know this.

NM is First in unemployment. Last in education. It's full of cholo fucks and Californians are flocking to NM. NM is first in incarceration numbers per capita. New Mexico Sucks. But one may open carry. One may conceal carry in one's automobile. NM is a dirty shithole. Corrupt up to your eyeballs. It's a dumptastic place to live.

Being blue, NM is going to ride this shit out and pay out and dish out and dump people in prison after it's too late. Lots of gang recruitment in NM. Lots of one eyed pit bulls in people's yards humping tricycles. People in they trailers shooting brown all day all night. Raping thier babies. It's a fucking mess here. What's funny is the catholic cemetaries are dirt lots and the fucking masonic cemetaries are lush oaisis in this dry gulch hell hole. NM exists for you to come and buy scratch off lotto, get high a key, and do jack shit.

So raising Medicaid premiums that people don't pay out of pocket is a good thing. Fuck it.


waspwench's picture

This isn't about healthcare.   This is about wealth transfer/income redistribution.   The underlying narrative is the continuing destruction of the white middle class.  

The (largely white) middle class cannot now afford healthcare, but they are expected to pay fines (for not purchasing health insurance) and taxes which pay for free care for the poor and for "refugees" and for illegal immigrants.   The illegals and the so-called "refugees" are not even US citizens.

Obamacare was based on increasing premiums for the middle class, which increases would then be used to subsidise the favoured groups.   It isn't working because the premiums are now so high that the middle class cannot afford them.   Additionally, it is impossible to collect the fines from all the people who are choosing to go uninsured.   It is cheaper to be uninsured, go to the ER when you have a problem and save what you would have paid in premiums and use it to go abroad for treatment if necessary.

Mena Arkansas's picture

This is a fact.

Medicaid provides better healthcare than the thousands-in-deductibles policy you are paying through the nose for.

Plus they get free dental. Which you probably aren't going to get at all.

It's going to be a two-tier society with the .01% jews at the top and the black/brown hordes at the bottom.

And they are going to bleed you dry until there is nothing left.


whosyerdaddy's picture

 Back in 2009 on Yahoo, I challenged any Ph.D mathematician or any mathematician whatsoever to scientifically resolve obolacare with open borders. Had not one taker. You would have thought one Krugmanite math wizard would have reconciled the two, long story short they couldn't and didn't.

Zorba's idea's picture

Sometime before OhNocare, I was self employed and Middle classed. Today as a 50 something in the Individual market...population plus 20,000,000, my Individual Anthem BCBS bronze plan for a single skyrocketed to $16,250/Premium + deductible which upon satisfying provided a 65/35 split and lots of clever exclusions. All for a healthy non-smoker with a history of minimal utilization. F Oshithead and all CONgressional whores who created this shit. Oh yeah, Fuck all the CONgressional whores who have no intention or spine to fix this mess with a sustainable, affordable solution. 

QQQBall's picture

Paula Ryan will fix it!