Mika Brzezinski: There Are 'Literally' No Real Men in the White House Who Can Stop Trump

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Ever since the election season began, the left has been going 'literally' apeshit over Trump's usage of Twitter. In recent month's they've been autistically screeching over it -- demanding that Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, ban him. They've trotted out GOP deep state shills, neocons, professors, think tankfags -- all trying to dissuade the President from using a platform that communicates directly to the people.

The main stream media, feeling threatened by the President cutting them out from the middle man position, have been pursuing a scorched earth strategy -- attempting to remove him from the White House, while also reminding him that 'voters' hate his fucking twitter account.

Today, Mika Brzezinski called out the men inside the White House for failing to stop the President from using his Twitter account.

Main stream media has been constant with their opeds, some even trying to accuse the President's use of the social media platform as 'unconstitutional.' Here are just as handle of titles by those livid with the President.

If Trump is such a dunce for tweeting and is hurting himself politically, why the fuck do the leftards care? If anything, they should be elated by it -- since it only serves to hurt him, as they so readily like to say. Another theory is they're control freaks who chimp out at the idea that Trump crushed Hillary Clinton, whilst spending 1/3rd of her campaign budget on traditional media, catching waves and having fun --  memeing all day like a boss on Twitter -- shitposting his way into the oval office.

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I love Drumpf twat storms are you kidding? Entertainment at its best I hope he never stops even after he resigns. Hillary's vagina has come back from the dead and it twats to us through social media via Donald Trump.  :)

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Mika should not be talking about real men when she's marrying morning joe.

robertsgt40's picture

Mika's idea of a "real man" is a cuck.  

mo mule's picture

Keep tweeting President Trump!

You're doing a great job!

Who cares about what Mika and her kind want, it's we the people who voted for you that matter and we think it's GREAT!!!!!

whatisthat's picture

I would observe Mika is a shill for the corrupt establishment and media.

iamerican4's picture

Anointed of God, Donald Trump, Elect of the sovereign People, is doing God's work.

Getting two daughters off a cuck, Mika is a whore, and a daughter of Satan.

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As a runner whither in 100 yard dash or marathon as the end of the contest you begin to struggle for breath, some even loose control of their body functions deficating on themselves, musules cramp causing the runner to stumble and fall, in extreme cases runners loose coninsousness.   I LOVE DONALD J TRUMP's tweets because he is out tweeting the press ability to hold a complete rational thought, they are falling all over themselves stumbling to find words to counter his tweets.  DONALD J. TRUMP starts fresh with new tweets every morning and the press ts still struggling to counter DONALD J TRUMPS tweets of yesterday.  I am sure you have noted the press is running out of rational words to counter DONALD J TRUMPS tweets, I am sure they have five or six dictionaries and thesaurus on their desk to help them bluster their responces with word like lier, die, hell, kill him,  shit or worse.  However, of late you can observe the press vocabulary an education is failing them.  If DONALD J TRUMP keeps it up the press will begin to struggle for breath, some even loose control of their body functions deficating on themselves, musules cramp causing and will like an unperpaierd runner will stumble and fall, in extreme cases the press will loose coninsousness this will be a good thing.  

Ned Zeppelin's picture

If it is driving them crazy, double down. Trump is smart to tweet, it removes the translators and handlers from their precious interlocutor status.

NewNeo's picture

Its driving me crazy having to listening to these strange strange people bang on about absolute rubbish its just getting tedious. Surely they can not keep this up for ever! They're not sane, yet they are so commited and feel so justified in their insanity. 

veeger's picture

sure seems to be alot of lisreali-firsters bitchin and moanin about trump......wonder why that is........after all does he not pledge to kiss nuttanyahoos ass everytime he gets the opportunity............99% of what isreal has ordered him to do  , he has done...........so why all the bitchin

DeaconPews's picture

I don't know about that, Mika. All the cucks and betas are on the left. Look at your co-host. 

123dobryden's picture

i cant do anything else but laugh from this guy, at this time, he for sure totaly forgot who he was 6 months ago,, on top, every prez. attacking IRAN so far ended like a sorry son of a rich bitch, only this time it may get much worse, as washington is full of their people. they usually dont attack civilians like saudies proxies, so a lot of people that think nothing can happen to them as they feel save in their dc villas should prepare their swaterproof leeping bags, as they most probably end up sleeping with the fishes, like luka brasci...

Victory_Garden's picture

Well, Clint mighta, but he is gone now.

God bless you dear, Clint Eastwood.



FlipSide's picture

What happened to Women power?  You need a man to do the real job? 

Aussiekiwi's picture

May be they hate Trumps twitter account for his freedom?

Conservative Calitopian's picture

Twitter might go the way of My Space without the Donald.
Welcome to the new world you Media & political bitches!
You know you want it but you act like you don't!

Hammer of Light's picture

So ummm Mika.... how's the father? Ewwwwww that's right.... your mass murdering piece of shit father is FUCKIN DEAD!!!!! When you gonna join him along with your cucked agency bitch JOE?

I'm gonna kill you and Joe off bitchez ahahahahahahaha!!! hahahahaha it's called DEATH BY REMOTE CONTROL hahahahahahaha Click.... you're gone FOREVER!

Demons ahhhh no no don't make me watch it noooooo..... Mom: Son wake up, you're having a nightmare.... looks like you were having a scary moment there son! Whew mom, I was having a really terrible nightmare.... I thought I was watching Mika and Joe in the morning MOM... it was soooo horrifying!

Mom: now now son, you know Satan lives in Mika and Joes heart, but they can't get you anymore... momma cut the CORD A LONG TIME AGO! You'll never have to watch those lying evil Pentagon agency shills on cable ever again! WE don't have cable anymore son.

Oh mom, thank you I love you so much! Thank you for being such a good mom and getting RID OF CABLE! ~

Disclaimer.... no fraudulent NSA/CIA/Pentagon agency TV personality's who have been instructed to lie to Americans were killed in this posting!

P.S. Mika... I truly hope you and CUCK boy Joe get to see your father in HELL real soon! You're both skeezy trash!


GoldenDonuts's picture

She wouldn't know a real man if his dick was in her mouth.  Look at her future hubby.  Looks like Beaker from the muppets.

Lost in translation's picture

Up yours with an ice pick, Mika.

Salsa Verde's picture

I don't care whether you like him or not, agree with him or not, or think he puts in foot in his mouth or not:  Trump has a RIGHT to speak his mind.

MSM can bray and shriek all they want but; more people have access to Twitter, directly or by proxy, than have Cable TV subscriptions so Trump is clearly using the better format to communicate directly with the American people.

Boscovius's picture

Who would want a cable tv subscription?

Peter41's picture

Mika- a new low for a woeful example of a "journailst" along with the Morning Schmoe, a comedy act, or better yet a tragicomedy act.

dexter_morgan's picture

Lots of real men at WH, but the head bull sets the agenda dear Mka.

So, Russians did it again in GA, eh?

pizdowitz's picture

I wonder how many real-men, and real-women, show up at CNN ? Never can tell, or are they all just "real-its-with-fake-bits", like, you know, literally, and virtually ir-regardless ...

Keep twitting, keep bullying, get 'er done, that's the Presidential Prerogative ..... Just like the once Commie-In-Chief-Roosevelt...

Go Trump!

BendGuyhere's picture

Let me guess: Mika went to Harvard and is a member of the CFR BECAUSE DADDY....

Well Daddy's DEAD, you stupid little polak whore, and the world's a better place already.

Then there's ol' Miss Linsey, who has GOT to be a crossdresser or at least a power bottom to hard man McStain

The First Rule's picture

The Truth is most Americans, and especially Trump supporters, LOVE that he uses Twitter to bypass the Liberal MSM.

Also worth noting, that if Twitter were (truly stupid beyond all words) to suspend the President of the United State's account, Trump would just switch to GAB; and that would quite literally be the end of Twitter as we know it.


flyonmywall's picture

Nobody stops an alpha male. That's why he's an alpha male.

Women who have been "educated" by a liberal institution simply cannot grasp this concept. Nothing stops an alpha male. He either wins or dies trying.


Le_Zabroso's picture

Trump should be tweeting more, pictures and videos--Just going all out, you can't afford to be timid Donny.

YHWH is greater's picture

Donald John Trump should tweet the HRC & Pedosta emails...

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I wouldn't take a blow job from this ditzy blonde bitch if she was giving them out FREE.  NO FUCKING CLASS 

Koba the Dread's picture

No class, indeed! I would say that anyone who uses the comment section of a political and economic website to display his own masturbatory fantasies has no class. No class at all. Have something to say about the issues? Great! However, displaying your onanism to the world is despicable.

MontgomeryScott's picture


Dearest Mika,

If you could suck Satan's cock as well as your late father Zbignew, you would have been given the PENIS to stop him (think BAPHOMET here, dear one).

Unfortunately, you wed yourself to mere MORTALS who only think in three dimensions (AND, all you can do is BITCH about how YOU WISH you would have sold your soul when you had the chance to).

It's not too late, though.

Think about it long and hard (and commit yourself to the everlasting fire that our master promises... your daddy's footsteps need to be filled).


WORMWOOD (on behalf of my master, SCREWTAPE, undersecretary to Baphomet; sublime worshipper of the 173rd 'Minor Moon god' 'al-lah', dedicated to my master's whim as far as the death of humanity)



See how EASY it is to worship MAMMON instead of that so-called 'God' of theirs?

lamont cranston's picture

Lindsey Graham is toast in SC. He'd lose to his primary to any of the following:

Joe Wilson (R-SC 2, aka "You Lie") or his son Alan (SC AG), Gov. Henry McMaster - who has amazed everyone on his perforamnce since Nooky Haley went to the YouNen (and she'd kick his ass too), Rep. Trey Gowdy, Ex-Sen.DeMint is also back, and Nick Mulvaney for that matter. 

It's common knowledge about his you know what preference in SC. They just elected him as they knew he'd win. But, as is sed down heayear - "that dawg just dont hunt anymore..."

Hell, all the USC Chikin fans would vote for Dabo to get him out of coaching football at Clempson as well.

MontgomeryScott's picture

Lindsay Graham is owned and operated by 'Principalites and Powers' (Incorporated).

You seem to think that putting up those who stand for 'Men And Nations' (again and AGAIN and again and again and Again and AGAIN, AD INFINITUM) can somehow break the chain of TOTAL CONTROL.

You are trying to fight a spiritual battle with the armor of a physical world.

You won't fight and win over 'THE MACHINE' in these terms (or with these battles).

It's NOT a fracking college 'FOOLSBALL' GAME ("Hell, all the USC Chikin fans would vote for Dabo to get him out of coaching football at Clempson as well.").

You need to stand back and get some TRUE perspective:



In South Carolina, they are (as a WHOLE GOVERNMENTAL ENTITY) ascribing to the whole 'pre-emptive' siezing of assets from those who DARE try to FREELY TRAVEL with any 'cash'. DENY IT; I DARE YOU.


Apologizing for Lindsay Graham's 'sexual proclivities and tendencies' won't help out AT ALL ("It's common knowledge about his you know what preference in SC. They just elected him as they knew he'd win. But, as is sed down heayear - "that dawg just dont hunt anymore..."). He's YOUR faggot...


O.K, snowflake...


CHEESE and RICE! You are really an 'old guy' here! A little less than SEVEN YEARS on this MORTAL COIL AKA 'ZeroHedge'!

Never took the time to 'update your avatar picture' though, I see.

THEY... (s)elected 'him' (or, rather, 'IT').

It's EASY to blame others for what has happened in YOUR State. It's HARDER to take ACTION against those who have been USURPING your State.

Sir Issac Newton stated in a famous set of theorums that 'FOR EVERY ACTION, THERE IS AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION'. It was published back in the late 1,600's A.D.; as what we call NOW; 'Newton's LAWS of PHYSICS' ('LAWS' because they have YET to be; and CANNOT BE DISPROVEN).

Eat some chicken wings and root for the college football team of your choice, Lamont.


Don't be scared if you hear the battle raging. As a 'summer soldier', you should (by now) be used to it.

Scott out.

aliens is here's picture

Mika is a pretty dumb DemoRat blonde but I love to give her my schlong and maybe just maybe she'll see the light.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Mika Brzezinski is a dick.

Lets Buy The Dip's picture

a dick indeed, but lets face it TRUMP is giving the economy and biznesses a boost. 

this shocking chart is proving the BEARS wrong, its the copper chart... => http://www.bit.ly/1fMcakI

so goes copper so goes the econmy, so i think copper is telling us this BULL market will continue. 

Who knows but....right. 

Dumpster Elite's picture

Pretty sure she is the "dominant one/strap-on Sally" in the relationship with her co-host Scarborough. 

YHWH is greater's picture

Scarbourough is not FAIR parsley,sage rosemary and thyme...


VangelV's picture

Aren't there other services that do the same thing as Twitter?  I bet that they would love if Trump transitioned there and took many people with him.  

And why are Graham and McCain still considered Republican or Conservative anymore?  You would think that given that they have the same donors as Obama and Hillary the GOP would have figured out that they are not helping spread the message.  

LOL123's picture

Obama was so hyped up over using the most used online services, he made an executive order for transitioning Presidents out of the White House.

He( Obama ) thought the US government needs a council to transfer pertinant information to Presidents (choosen by the few outsiders of Government.).


"We have already established a plan for briefing both candidates when they are named, and certainly after November when the president-elect is known, and it gets more intensive,” said James Clapper, National Intelligence Director. “We’ve already got a team set up to do that, and a designated lead, who is not a political appointee.”


**yeah the citizens have seen how wonderful this "council" is... They ( old Obama team) drcided to envoke even more councils ... Like the special council...so far all that's shown is that the Dems have been riding in the short bus... Know what I mean!

HK21E's picture

Hey Mika - a word of advice. If your latest boy toy asks you to dress up in leather with a ball gag - run like the wind. Women who dress like that end up dead around the Jokester. 

BlussMann's picture

Lindsey Graham ? Real Men ?  Hahahahahah

BlussMann's picture

Trump is just using the latest technology to his advantage. He's demonstrating how impotent the Propaganda Media (aka Jewish Media) has become.