Trump's Ominous Tweet: "China's Help With North Korea Has Not Worked Out. At Least It Tried"

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In what appears to be a rather ominous tweet posted moments ago by Donald Trump, the President said that "while I greatly appreciate the efforts of President Xi & China to help with North Korea, it has not worked out. At least I know China tried!"

Trump's troubling statement follows an earlier tweet about North Korea, in which he said that "The U.S. once again condemns the brutality of the North Korean regime as we mourn its latest victim."

So is this Trump's implicit warning that he is about to launch an attack on North Korea, following a failed intervention by China, in retaliation for the death of Otto Warmbier?  If so, it may be problematic since as we showed several days ago, both US carriers Ronald Reagan and Carl Vinson appeared to have left the Korean peninsula as of last week, suggesting that any military action will require their return first.

Alternatively, without reading too much between the lines, Trump's tweet could simply be a statement of disapproval regarding China's failed attempt to "normalize" the North Korean situation.

In any case, if Trump is about to launch an attack on North Korea, that much discussed, record low VIX regime may finally be about to break, just remember...

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New hair-doo for Kimmy?

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Now that would be a great twist, if Trump asks congress for a declaration of War, he would set back the Globalist agenda years with just the request. Paul Ryan would have a heart attack. Any one got the stones to post a White House Petition requesting just that very thing?

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Well its starting to look more and more like a nuclear summer! 

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AND As If Magically, Thump Discovers the Wonders Of Woar...

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What's this VIX thing you speak of?

Countrybunkererd's picture

XI the 5th.  Something about China?

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A video of (((Warmbier))) at his trial. What a bravura performance. The cruel heartless Norks were totally unmoved - shame on them.

But seriously - he was trying to gain membership of the closed "Society Z" at the University of Virginia. The society members said he would be allowed to join if he stole a North Korean propaganda poster and brought it home.

froze25's picture

Hell, he probably could of just asked for one.

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I have had enough doom porn for several lifetimes. When this bs kicks off - I will have a fifth at the ready.

Tall Tom's picture





You may need more than that.

logicalman's picture

Large amounts of opiates would be favourite, I think.


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Trump won't do squat to N Korea. He'll be too busy destroying the Middle East for IsraHell.

Tall Tom's picture




That is my "E" Ride Ticket out. Good guess.


But the Plastic Bag over your head method, employed right before you pass out, brings about the same end result.

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Otto is smiling in israel. So at least there is some good news

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More video of Warmbier's story here, including footage with audio of his court plea for clemency. Difficult to tell if he is genuinely losing it, or genuinely overacting, as the surrounding stone faced Norks distort all emotional reference points. Is this the planned viewer perception takeaway?

omniversling's picture

More video of Warmbier's story here, including footage with audio of his court plea for clemency. Difficult to tell if he is genuinely losing it, or genuinely overacting, as the surrounding stone faced Norks distort all emotional reference points. Is this the planned viewer perception takeaway?

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This is a giant plot by Apple to get their competitor, Samsung, all blowed up and stuff.


OverTheHedge's picture

People have gone to war for sillier reasons. It would be a great boos to Apple's market share.  expect some geek has already had the idea and made a presentation: the question is, did Steve Job's virtual intelligence personality agree to go ahead, and is this the beginning of Skynet?

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And Tokyo and Detroit get rid of Hyundai and Kia.

Countrybunkererd's picture

OT but not completely.  What, if anything changed hands (ships) during the Iran/China naval drills?  Records or weapons?  The chess board is set up, the pieces are in motion and some will soon be knocked out it seems.  To me, if nothing else, it shows just where the larger powers are aligned.

Arnold's picture

Small Oil slicks.
No life Jackets.
Sending GPS batteries may need replacing in a couple of years.

flapdoodle's picture

Iran doesn't NEED a navy. They can throw rocks at the tankers that pass the Straits of Hormuz, which is faced by Iran on THREE SIDES, all mountainous.

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Your comments not OT. This is all about China.


The moment Moon suspends THAAD and looks like attempting reconciliation with NK, Trump steps in saying "China tried but didn't work". The US does NOT want peace on the Korean peninsula. As soon as peace looks like having a chance the US must intervene (just as in Syria, BTW) to queer the pitch.


The US must retain an excuse to have troops and more particularly air, sea and electronic assets on & around the peninsula. Why? Look at a map - within a stones throw of Beijing, Qingdao, Shanghai. Its equivalent to China having military assets on Long Island.


Trump is absolutely in the game, just like Obama was, or is a complete muppet - it doesn't matter which. No change in Washington.


Hell, look at the Gulf. US sells arms to GCC who pass them on to terrorists, then ask for more. US sells $100B in arms to the Al Sauds (+ promised investment), and then encourages division within the GCC, then sells F15s to Qatar - supplying both sides. What is a win for the US? Financial domination and military hardware sales. Look at NATO - Trump wants NATO to spend more on military hardware. Where will that come from? Boeing, Raytheon, & all the others. MAGA, via the two exports the US excels at (guns and $$).


And if a few Arabs or Brits or Frenchmen (or Americans) get killed along the way, c'est la vie. TPTB are completely insulated from those losses.



Arnold's picture

Don't agree, but a decent assessment.

There are economic and martial reasons we stay behind in former war zones.

To pull out, prematurely, gives you the Philippines and the Kiber Pass, just to name two.
Yes, smutty sex reference.

Arnold's picture

And I must add, that there are many martials thirsty for hire and action in every country.

Practice makes perfect.

Blue Balls's picture

China not down with the JWO?

null's picture

Who do you think runs China?

Endgame Napoleon's picture

Maybe, he means that China could have gotten young Otto realsed before it was too late if they had been kind enough or influential enough with NK to do it. They do not seem to have the power to help get hostages released.

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Lawyers, guns and money......

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You are showing signs of TURD SYNDROME. 
Trump Unacceptance Resistance Disorder. 
Your head is full of TURD 
Get help immediately. If you cannot afford a doctor or go to the one of your choice (which under Obama care is not likely) then a good home remedy is to stick head in toilet and flush. Do not stop until all TURD is removed!

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Going to war over a jew (((warmbier)))... nothing changes.

logicalman's picture

Place your bets. WW3 starts in....



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We don't need a carrier group to drop in the Bin Laden welcoming committee.  Those guys will come in undetected from a very high altitude many miles away.  Kim Fat Fuck is going to pay for his behavior and since none of his syncophants will hold him accountable, te Donald will.

Arnold's picture

Thanks for posting the plan to thousands of the focused, asshole.

Rodman was not enough.
Got to escalate to LeBron James now.

rejected's picture

Jesus! You believed that shit!

farflungstar's picture

(((They))) sure know how to push Donny's buttons eh? Like a big baby who reacts positively to the flashing light or the jangling key ring LOL

Gas babies in Syria

Warmbier in North Korea, what's next?

Democracy girl shot in the face in Iran? 

Chinese Muslims run over by tanks?

Russian orphans adopted by neglectful Americans?


TheReplacement's picture

Seriously, NK killed rich warm beer,... we must do something!

Accurite's picture

Actually they killed our American brother

assistedliving's picture

close ffstar.  

Congressman shot shd do the trick.  

False flag or whatever on the homeland, then Martial law coming.

TRUMPfkopf and NeoCons can really hv their way

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Okay..Let's try it this way...


We do not need an Attack Carrier Strike Group as we have Air Force Bases in both Japan and South Korea that are Nuclear Ready  and are well within range..


Are you so fucking limited that you strain at the Gnat of the bullshit story about Bin Laden that you swallow the fucking Camel that the damned Carrier Strike Groups are somehow necessary to strike at the heart of North Korea?


They are TARGETS and need to be out of range of the Hypersonic Missiles that will Deep Six them.

SMG's picture

Actually we're still at war with N. Korea.  Not so with Syria. I have to say WTF with Syria, Trump?

froze25's picture

I don't believe we have a actual declaration of war with N.korea. Haven't had one since ww2.

logicalman's picture

Only a cease fire in place, I think.