Mayor Bloomberg: Democrats Will Lose In 2020 Because "Party Is Going To Be Torn Apart"

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Last night, in CNN and Anderson Cooper's effort to desperately avoid discussing the Democratic debacle unfolding in Georgia, Cooper decided to pivot his discussion with former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to focus on the 2020 election cycle.  We can only imagine the thought process: 'ignore Georgia, surely there must be some silver lining for Democrats if we just look far enough out on the horizon, right Mike?'

Unfortunately, Bloomberg didn't offer up the reassurances that Cooper, and his employer, were so desperately seeking.  Instead, he pegged Trump's re-election odds at 55% and predicted the entire Democratic party would be in complete disarray by the time the next election cycle rolls around.

Cooper:  "I think recently you gave the chance that Trump would be re-elected of 55%."


Bloomberg:  "Yeah, sure.  The incumbent always has an advantage."


“And the Democratic Party is going to be torn apart by the left and the centralists."

Of course, after Wikileaks' DNC leaks exposed the complete corruption of the DNC, which went to great lengths to undermine the candidacy of Bernie Sanders, the real question isn't whether the Democratic party will suffer the consequences of a deeply divided electorate, but rather why that division hasn't already manifested itself in the form of a deep party restructuring.

But the trainwreck, at least for CNN, didn't end there.  Asked why Hillary lost, Bloomberg seemingly had two explanations: 1) Republicans are dumb and got duped by a catchy slogan and 2) the media, "given that it is mostly Democratic" should have done even more to help Hillary.

"Hillary never got a real message out."


"Whereas Donald had a great saying: 'Make America Great Again.' I don't know what 'Again' means, but 'America', that's patriotic and great...that's a good word."


"Slogans matter.  You don't think that's what your decision's based on but it predisposes you to really want to do something."


"And I never understood, given that most of the media is Democratic, why Hillary couldn't find someone to give her a good tag line."

Guess Mayor Bloomberg is done pretending that the mainstream media bias is a 'right-wing myth.'

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So Close's picture

That moment when you realize $35 million won't buy you an election, it only rents the lead in fake opinion polls for 3 months.

tmosley's picture

It's been obvious that the Dems were done since well before November. Their party is no longer populated by politicians, but by losers. They are not interested in changing their policies to fit with the interests of the  electorate, but attempting to force the electorate to change to fit their policies.

remain calm's picture

Dems will lose because even dumb Americans realize they have no viable ideas and that MSM has been called out to be total BS. The dems have been exposed that they are the party of nothing. They just give stupid people things that don't really make them happy, don't make them better off, don't give them hope. Dems are fucked.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Mayor Bloomberg: Democrats Will Lose In 2020 Because "Party Is Going To Be Torn Apart"

My response: GOOD!!!! May this GODLESS group of DESPOTS with REPROBATE MINDS go down to the FLAMES of HELL!!!


Art Van Delay's picture

Trump will win again because the illegals can't sent their votes from Mexico.


Automatic Choke's picture

If the dems float a candidate even slightly mainstream and clean up their act on corruption, (big ifs), then Trump is going to have to give voters a better reason to vote for him in 2020 than hating HRC. 

He is silly to keep the PPT and FED busy propping up the markets and taking credit for that ---  best to let it crash hard asap while he can blame the last administration, then he can be managing the great recovery heading into 2020...although perhaps he is just looking towards the mid-term elections here.

There are a large number of sincere progressive worriers about climate change out there who could care less about D vs R, but think Trump will kill them with the environment.   He needs to have very public disclosure of the data tampering of NASA and NOAA, and engineer a "Feynman o-ring moment" in a public hearing to put an end to the climate nonsense - a great swath of his opposition will fade away after that.


jcaz's picture

...It's moments like this that I realize that Bloomberg is too stupid to find his own dick to pee...

Yeah, that's why she lost, Mike-  she didn't have a fancy catch-phrase......

Fucking idjit.

StychoKiller's picture

"Because it's HER turn!"  Really didn't resonate with Voters! :>D

Tarzan's picture

That was her message to the Bernie crowd, during the Primary, "It's my turn". 

It didn't work, she still had to cheat to win her own Party's nomination.

How stupid was it that that was her slogan during the General, "I'm with HER"  the gender crap.

They killed two birds with one stone forcing a Gay Black President on us, so then it was HER turn.

The Dems jumped the shark, forcing a Demon possessed women on the stage.

oDumbo's picture

First, mayor Broombag, shut the fuck up.  Second, if eric holder or joe biden ("they're gonna put you all back in chains!!!") runs for president, there will be plenty of fodder.  Their entire field is one corrupt psychotic clown after another.  

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Second that notion!  Watched the clip and realized the article headline meant nothing. Bloomers is a stopped clock.

Mpizzie's picture

There is a lot on the line now after Obama.  Look at what Obama 'accomplished'.

Crash this economy and you'll give the Dem radicals another 8 - 12 years to destroy us.

Best a slow transition on the economy instead of kicking the chair out.

Hate writing that.


TheMayor's picture

So very true.

The number of illegal votes has dropped by millions all over the country.

ReZn8r's picture

I gave you an up vote but wish I could up vote your post 10,000,000,000 times.

Bastiat's picture

It's not the "centrists" vs the radicals, it's the ensconced criminals vs anyone who dares question their right to carry on.

CheapBastard's picture

Dems will lose because it is the Party of HATE & Violence.


Their only message is one of hate, obstruction, "resistance," and more hate.

SWRichmond's picture

Democrats...will be torn apart

Accurate prediction

More Evergreen College

More Berkeley

More Antifa

More gun control

Yay Democrats!

The_Juggernaut's picture

They're going to lose because they always have something stupid to say.

Froman's picture

Get your popcorn ready; California has passed universal healthcare which in addition to all of the other free shit and pension liabilities will drive every middle class tax payer out of the State and set the stage for bankruptcy.  The Demorats and Demorat judges in Illinois will complete their mission of bankrupting Illinois by the end of the Summer. It will be interesting to see how powerful the Dems are when their Union base starts taking it on the chin seeing their healthcare benefits and pensions go down the drain.


I especially enjoyed the part about the California State government running the plan and covering everyone, Illegals Aliens, everyone regardless of who comes through the door.  It looks like you can even get free healthcare if you are not a State resident.  Manna from freaking heaven.  If I am homeless or illegal living in a shit hole like Pittsburgh or Cleveland I would panhandle $50 and be on the next Megabus to the Golden State as quickly as possible.  No snow, free healthcare, free food, free rent, free education!  Finally! A State that embraces the Demorats favorite four letter word!

Omen IV's picture

all good - if all the increased welfare benefits are in NY / ILL / CA - massive migration of the Free Shit Army

lower costs everywhere else - reduce taxes / lower crime / less prison population / no welfare / no food stamps / no housing section 8


formula for better america ----  self deport to CA

ReZn8r's picture

and build the wall around kalifornika ASAP

Killdo's picture

rent is not free - you shoudl see hundreds of tents around San Francisco and by the railway line between SF and Sacramento. Looks like Feluja

monk27's picture

The Dems will lose mainly because they got so incredibly STUPID over the last couple of decades... The '60s might have something to do with it...

otschelnik's picture

"Republicans are dumb and got duped by a catchy slogan"

Hear that ZHer's?  We're dumb.  And we got duped.  

null's picture

Well, objectively speaking ... you got tricked into Not supporting influence peddling and an attempt at Communism. Perhaps decades from now, you will think, darn, we could have been more like _____ (pick your favorite commie paradise).

targayren hous's picture

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Donald J. Trump's picture

It seems that the democratic party is made up of pro LGBTQRST, pro minority, pro illegal immigrant, pro criminal, pro pedophelia, pro welfare, anti Christian, anti Free Speech, anti Gun, nutjob atheists.  The better half of America finally has said enough of this bullshit!

I find it funny that the dems are saying their recent losses are moral wins.  Are you kidding?  It's their moral depravity that is causing them to lose.  They sure do come up with some doozies.  Anti Fascists.  Ha ha.  What else.

didthatreallyhappen's picture

if democrat losses are moral wins, I wish them 1 million moral wins.

rbg81's picture

The Dems are the party of the Free Shit Army.  They have done their best to turn most Americans into FSA foot soldiers.  And, since that isn't happening fast enough for 'em, they try replace the current population with Third World parasites. More than a few have woken up to this.

mike_king's picture

The GOP needs to become the explicitly white people's party. Let the Dems have the hateful minorities and unwed mothers.

Freddie's picture

The Dems are evil shit but the other guys are not much better including Jared Soros-Kushner.

Loki Libertarian's picture

The moment Hillary realizes spending a million dollars on an internet troll army still isn't as powerful as 4chan.

Syrin's picture

No kidding.  I think what the left needs to do is get nastier and more obstructionist becauseAmerica really likes what they're selling.  

Automatic Choke's picture

dems did everything they could to steal last election.  folks didn't even particularly like trump, but dems way underestimated how many people hated hrc for the corruption.

Hal n back's picture

its not just HRC-it was Brazille, Wasserman Schultz, and a host of others. Her runnign mate did not help.

It was bernie and his platform and how he was played.

The part of the democratic party that liked him was overwhelmed by the part of the part that did not realizing their gravy train would be taken away and they might have to pay for the outcasts welfare.

If teh conservatives are smart they will pin Illinois and Chicago  problems on the democrats and this country will start to realize the long term effect of the dems/liberals/progressives and how those social and economic polices  has got us to where we are. Namely we cannot afford welfare for more than half of society-eg, 75 million are on medicaid, 70 mil on medicare (even though they paid for it, its costing too much-so rather than arbitrarily cutting reimbursements the govt needs to go after waste and fraud). We cannot afford this many illegal immigraants, of for that matter legal immigrants who constantly need help--bigger picture the 340 million in the use-the 170 million paying taxes, cannot afford to support the world and the other 7 billion people


spending 1 bil on a 2016 campaign plus the 35 mil just for one house seat they lost--costs add up--if the heavy hitters who paid for that would instead redirect the money to help people its a direct help and avoid govt overhead and corruption where very little of the current gross govt pool gets anywhere but pork lining of various pockets.

But that money will not support 10's of millions. The idoits in charge need to understand that.


most important people are learnign how corrupt the people inside the dem party are-even within the party--if they do not care how they treat people within the party, how wil they really treat everybdy else.

CheapBastard's picture

I agree. The Dems need to :

1) step up their resistance to any progress;

2) import millions more violent illegals;

3) spread more HATE;

4) beat more people up;

5) scream louder at the uneducated, uncolleged, deplorabales, ie, the 63 million hard working middle class Americans and small businesses that voted for Trump.

SWRichmond's picture

6) run Holder, or that overt criminal McAuliffe, or the rude affirmative action senator from Cali (because everyone wants a righteous indignant black female as president), or re-run Hillary

Hal n back's picture

add in Pelosi and Adam Shiff, --there apparently is no consequence to falsely accuse a President of wrongdoing when the FBI has already cleared him--when Clapper and Brennen said they could find no wrongdoing and I guess they tried hard to find wrongdoing-actually Clapper and Brennen testified before Congress.


imgine what they can do to the rest of the population if and when they want to.

Just Another Vietnam Vet's picture



  Run for office Tony "pedo" Weener and or wife Whooma for elected high office positions. 

  Run for office young names like Chelzea Hubbell. 

  Run loyalists like Wazzerman Schlitz, Danna Brass ill,  Pawdetesta, n Low Retta Lunch. 

  Re elect  Peelowsee, until l she is 90 and or  unable to walk, since no one else is experienced. 

  Take more money from billionaires like Sore Ohs that have a personal agenda.

  Set up additional crooked pay for play foundations.   No one will notice.

  Keep blaming the weather and the Russians...  If that fails blame Trump for something. 

  Pay MSM even more money to run even better fake news, fake projections                           .      ..................................................................................................                                                                                   And most of all.....    ....Destroy ALL your EMAILS, and never keep them on a secure gov. server. 
Killdo's picture

both parties are made up of psychopathic corporate whores who don't give a fuck about Americans. They are playing good cop-bad cop with the sheeple. 

President is a puppet operated by banksters and MIC

Let's face it this is a banana republic and it's hopeless. we are ruled by a bunch of psychopaths who woudl not know how to fix America's problems even if they wanted to. 

$hitlery is a typical US politician - Trump is not better than her - he turned out to be a complete idiot dumb as fuck and stupid enough to be manipulated by the usual puppet masters. He has no balls and is dumb as shit unfortunately (and I was happy when he got ellected). 

I feel sorry for my compatriot Melania having to live with such a freak with chidbearing hips and orange wig. 

null's picture

No. He is not. He is a freaking political "accident." Should be obvious 2U by now.
Why you gotta ruin 10 good points just to add something ridiculous ... sigh.

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

the media, "given that it is mostly Democratic" should have done even more to help Hillary.

Wow, a little honestity from a DimmShit.   Albeit everyone already knows this.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Syrian,

Yesterday was a reputation of Violence. Manufactured Criminal Sorros violence.

A reputation of Treason and Sedition.

A reputation of the Pure Evil Criminal Psychopaths in the Deep State.

RightLineBacker's picture

Dems! Don't Retreat! Double down!

1) Come out stronger against Freedom of Speech.

2) Become even more lawless and violent.

3) Run more mind-addled ugly old women.

4) Become even more corrupt.

5) Waste more donor millions.

6) Continue moving more to the extreme Left.

7) Be sure to wear your Pussy Hats.

8) Become even more hateful and vulgar.

9) Employ more sexual deviants to Party leadership positions.

10) Or, do everyone a favor and just go away...

williambanzai7's picture

It's all Citizen Uniteds fault. Have to spend retard amounts of cash on more bullshit MSM ads.

Jim in MN's picture

The Democratic Party's death trap can be easily summed up.  Just ask any Independent what they need to do to win.

"No problem!  Just 1) Send your current leadership to pasture and/or prison and 2) Embrace a few issue positions that don't make you feel nice and cozy (and morally superior and sanctimonious and nosy and controlling) inside"

(Democrats' heads all explode)


The real problem is that I didn't start that New National Party like I was talking about here five or six years ago......well never say never I guess.