It's Now A "Human Right" To Not Be Offended

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Authored by Simon Black via,

In the latest episode of the completely psychotic breakdown of Western values, Canada’s government has just passed a law that champions sexual identity over science...

It’s called C-16, “An Act to Amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code”.

Both of these codes prohibit discrimination against individuals based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

And this new law includes gender identity in that list.

Great. Nothing wrong with that. All they’re basically saying with these amendments is that transgendered individuals have the same inalienable rights as everyone else.

It’s sad that they actually have to pass a law to enshrine someone’s human rights… and one day our descendants will wonder why that was even necessary, just as today we are appalled that the institution of slavery ever existed.

But as usual there are some problems with the law. Not just the new law, in fact, but with Canada’s entire Human Rights Act.

I found a number of articles online stating that this new law “criminalizes the incorrect use of gender pronouns,” i.e. if someone born a “he” chooses to be “she”, and you say “Mr.” instead of “Ms.,” you’re going to jail.

To be clear, that’s NOT what this new law says. But the danger lies in the incredible ambiguity of the entire Human Rights code.

Section (14)(1), for example, states that “it is a discriminatory practice . . . to harass an individual on a prohibited ground of discrimination. . .” which includes race, religion, etc. and now sexual identity.

This is where things start to become unglued.

Because if your brain is wired anything like mine, you’re probably thinking, “OK, fine, but what constitutes ‘harassment’ ?”

I’m glad you asked. Because Canada’s Human Rights Commission gives us a rather ominous definition:

“[Harassment] involves any unwanted physical or verbal behaviour that offends or humiliates you.”

So in theory, yes, using incorrect gender pronouns could constitute harassment if it offends somebody, and this is a violation of Canada’s Human Rights and Criminal codes.

I’m unclear when ‘not being offended’ became an inalienable human right.

I’m a prolific student of history, but I’m afraid I must have missed that chapter in the development of Western Civilization.

Look, I’ll always be for anyone’s right to choose the way they want to live, as long as you don’t aggress against other people or their property.

You want to sleep with goats? Go for it. As long as they’re not my goats.

Having said that, I shouldn’t be forced to care.

I don’t expect others to change their behavior because of my lifestyle decisions, and I shouldn’t have to change my behavior because some snowflake might be offended.

For me the real clincher in Oh Canada’s new law is its long-winded legislative summary that tramples all over basic science.

Section 1.1.1 tells us, for example, that some people “self-identity with a non-traditional or non-stereotypical concept of gender.”

“Non-stereotypical”? It’s f*cking science.

It’s perfectly fine for people to be whatever they feel. But that doesn’t change the laws of nature: human beings have 23 pairs of chromosomes, one of which determines gender.

Aside from rare cases of genetic deformation, an X+Y sex chromosome means having a male wee-wee. An X+X chromosome means having a female wee-wee.

What exactly is the stereotype here?

Are magnetism and trigonometry also stereotypes?

Has Western Civilization really reached the point where basic science and human anatomy are set aside to ensure that someone doesn’t get offended?

Apparently we have.

If you have any doubts about this, check out how Bill Nye the Science Guy explained X&Y chromosomes to children in 1994.

Pretty simple: XY = boy, XX = girl.

But that was in 1994 when science still mattered.

Today that very segment has been stricken from the episode by Disney’s Buena Vista Television unit, and is available on Netflix only in its edited version.

So if you try watching the show on Netflix, the discussion about gender and chromosomes is no longer there.

Meanwhile, Bill Nye has a new show on Netflix. But instead of actual science, he’s teaching children about “gender spectrum”, “sex junk”, and “butt stuff”.

(Clearly Mr. Nye is on to a revolutionary breakthrough in the scientific method!)

Nye’s gyrating musical guest also gives viewers some sage advice: “Give someone new a handy . . . then give yourself props.

This is what passes as “science” today; and government / media are rewriting the basic laws of nature to ensure that a handful of people aren’t offended.

(I’m offended at how easily other people are offended. But something tells me my grievance would fall on deaf aurally-challenged ears within Canada’s parliament.)

Have you reached your breaking point yet?

Do you have a Plan B?

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monk27's picture

Canadians are idiots. But that's not exactly news...

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I am offended that Canadians are offended by my offensive behavior.

It is my inalienable right to be a total idiot in public. And you can pry my stupidity from my cold dead hands.


Looney's picture


Mental note to self: Do not say “Get to work, Mr. Yellen!” while in Canada.   ;-)


GUS100CORRINA's picture

It's Now A "Human Right" To Not Be Offended

My response: I guess my VISITS to CANADA will be PUT on HOLD FOREVER!!! CANADA is TOO DANGEROUS. I might find myself in a Canadian jail without bail. CANADA sounds and smells a lot like North Korea!!!! They must be influenced by the same DEMONS.

WatchingWithPopcorn's picture

UNODC murder rates (per 100,000 inhabitants)


USA - World Rank - 94th, 4.88 Homicides per 100,000

Canada - World Rank - 158th, 1.68 Homicides per 100,000.


Tell me again how dangerous Canada is. I'll wait for your well-worded argument.

Kayman's picture

Unless Mr. Yellen shows you it's junk, how do you know?  More claptrap.

Canada, the archipelago of special, stupid interests.

turnoffthewater's picture

So is asshole still gender neutral?
Comedian Bill Burr is going to have a good time crafting his next show with gender neutrality in the states, of course. lol

monk27's picture

You do have an inalienable right to be a total idiot (in public or in private). You just won't last very long !
Nothing personal, it's how the natural selection law works...

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

While my comment was pure /sarc, judging by the number of total idiots walking the face of the earth, I suspect I will fit in nicely.

monk27's picture

Would you change your place with any of them ? :)

TheDude1224's picture

Next we will determine the levels of offense for words. It will be similar to misdemeanor and felony, but it will be replaced with stereotypes and hitlerisms.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

You have been convicted of improper pronoun usage 1st class with extreme prejudice.

To the gulag sir. And good riddance you barbarous relic.

Bigly's picture

Can we just agree that everybody is a shemale?


Bigly's picture

It is MY right to offend you.

It is your right to ignore me.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

As long as neither one of us is subsidized by the taxpayer, I fully agree with your sentiment.

WatchingWithPopcorn's picture

So if the Canadian government does does something stupid, and so all Canadian's are idiots, what does that make Americans?

mkhs's picture

Southern neighbors of idiots?  What do I win?

WatchingWithPopcorn's picture

So if the Canadian government does does something stupid, and so all Canadian's are idiots, what does that make Americans?

HappyDeathMetal's picture

I've been through a few States, being from the U.S. isn't necessarily something to brag about as well.

Crabshacker's picture

Well...Let me be clear.....FUCK YOU!!¡!


khnum's picture

Sounds like the Canadian government needs 23 pairs of testicles not 23 pairs of chromosones

gold rubeberg's picture

"It's Now A "Human Right" To Not Be Offended"

That offends me.

adanata's picture

That's the bottom line. Try to offend no one and you offend everyone. Clever little globalists.

Glyndwr will return's picture

Those people need to get off-planet because they are not human . In fact they are a threat to humanity.

Bigly's picture

Put them all in the carousel.

Maybe they will be reborn (heh heh)

W.O.T.'s picture

Imagine the 911 recordings we'll hear!  LOL!

taketheredpill's picture


As with any legal document, the end result depends on the Court Interpretation.


Like the US 1st Amendment.  You might think that it says you can say anything you want...i.e.  Free Speech.  BUT...the Supreme Court interpretation is that "there shall be no prior restraint".


Which means you have the freedom to say anything you want but if you say something that the State doesn't want you to say then you will face consequences.


Put another can say anything you want but some things you can say only once.


Chairman's picture

At least we can still offend Newfies, aye.

jimmytorpedo's picture

A Newfie calls animal control;

"I just found a suitcase in the woods with 8 kittens in it"

Animal control;

"Are they moving?"


"I'm not sure, but I guess that would explain the suitcase"


Newfoundlanders are the best Canada has to offer. Never say you are lost, hungry, thirsty, or sleepy in Newfoundland, you will be fed and put to bed drunk before you can figure out the names of your hosts.


css1971's picture

Canada just hit peak SJW.

The end is nigh.


BTW, the thinking is literally as simplistic as "if we're all forced to be nice to each other the world will become paradise on earth". And it will be, for the ones pointing the guns.

Crash N. Burn's picture

Many people suffer from OPS Ostrich parasitic Syndrome

Most Dangerous Global Virus: Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome

Longer version:

Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome: Terminal Disease of the Human Mind


Canada's Prime Minister has a severe case but many in the MSM and government are "affleckted" (Yeah, like that).

AViewFromDublin's picture

Control the language , then you control the person, then you change the culture. This keeps those pesky Goyim in check and stops them questioning Israel's primary role in 911, the holohoax, control of media  etc.



Youri Carma's picture

John Cleese: Political Correctness Can Lead to an Orwellian Nightmare

khnum's picture

That country has gone to hell,growing up the only male Canadian I knew of was Wayne Gretzky ,now the only Canadian males of prominance internationally is an 8 year old transgendered ít' that is supposedly male that calls itself Lactatia and Justin Bieber

NuYawkFrankie's picture

Anyone in Kanaduh:

I'm gonna be in Trrr'ono for a few days and was wondering -
will it still be permissible to call Hillary a "corrupt, cretinous, cankley old cow"?

Or is that likely to get you arrested by a trans-gendered Mountie, in a tutu/combat-boots combo, sporting a strap-on?

- tia.

opport.knocks's picture

There are a lot of cattle in here Canada and most would be offended by that comparison. The politically correct and gender neutral descriptor is "that lying sack of shit", since it covers both Clintons. (or any politician)

robertocarlos's picture

Can you imagine Ralph today? In jail for threatening to send Alice to the moon.

arby63's picture

Canada is finished. They've lived 8 or so generations off the coattails of the United States. Now they have a faggot in charge. Nice knowing ya. 

Uncle_Cuddles's picture

Canada...AKA...America Light. The faggot in charge whether a he or she can go eff off!

arby63's picture

I'm sure this will end up being Trump's fault or maybe Bush or Regan. Either way, Canucks are turning fag. Time change I reckon. 

dangerb407's picture

Father is either Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Fidel Castro or a combination thereof!!!    Mom was a bit of a CIA operative (er, party girl!!)

WatchingWithPopcorn's picture

"Now they have a faggot in charge"


What are you, like 12 years old?

Jubal Early's picture

"Do you have a Plan B?"

Plan B?  Welcome to planet Israel with the global brain in Jerusalem.  Plan B means suicide or martyrdom because the planet now belongs to gods chosen people.  There is no plan B, unless you are a jew.

cherry picker's picture

Opening your mouth and allowing a sound to escape is becoming a criminal act in many countries, Canada included.

Fortunately in Canada they only have a few policemen and they are all too busy working for the USA spy agencies as part of the 5 eyes contract to be worried about someone's feelings being hurt.

It is all about enforcement.

When I lived in Mexico, smoking in a bar was against the law, but no one enforced it or the cops were bribed, so we all smoked in bars.