Owning Gold Is The First Step To "Freedom Insurance"

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Authored by Nick Giambruno via InternationalMan.com,

It’s predictable…

A government in need of cash will turn to destructive “solutions.”

Money printing, higher taxes, and more regulations often come first. Unfortunately, these are just the hors d’oeuvres before a 10-course meal.

As they become increasingly desperate, governments implement increasingly destructive policies. This might include capital controls, price controls, people controls, official currency devaluations, wealth confiscations, retirement account nationalizations, and more.

The same pattern has played out again and again around the world and throughout history. The worse a government’s fiscal health gets, the more destructive its policies become.

This is the root of political risk.

It’s no secret that political risk is snowballing in many parts of the world. This is especially true in the US and Europe, where welfare and warfare spending continues unabated. It doesn’t matter which party is in power.

But no matter where you live, international diversification can greatly reduce the threat your home government poses to your personal and financial wellbeing.

You know the benefits of diversifying your investment portfolio. If you put all of your asset eggs in one basket, you could lose your entire portfolio if that basket breaks.

The same idea applies to political risk. If your home country “breaks”—and turns to the destructive policies I just mentioned—you could lose everything.

Most people have medical, life, fire, and car insurance. You hope you never have to use these policies, but you have them anyway. They give you peace of mind and protect you if and when the worst does happen.

International diversification is the ultimate insurance policy against an out-of-control government. Think of it as “freedom insurance.”

It frees you from absolute dependence on any one country. Achieve that freedom, and it becomes very difficult for any group of bureaucrats to control you.

The results can be life changing.

The Easiest First Step

It’s crucial to place some of your savings beyond the easy reach of your home government. It keeps that government from trapping your money if and when it implements capital controls or outright asset seizures. Any government can do either without warning.

The ultimate way to diversify your savings is to transfer it out of the immediate reach of your home government and into something tangible.

Something that cannot be easily confiscated, nationalized, frozen, or devalued at the drop of a hat or with a couple of taps on the keyboard—while retaining as much privacy as legally possible.

Something whose value is recognized around the world and is not controlled by any government.

Gold (and silver) fit the bill perfectly.

There is nothing particularly American, Chinese, Russian, or European about gold. Different civilizations have used it as money for millennia. It’s always been an inherently international asset.

Buying gold is perhaps the easiest step you can take towards diversifying your savings.

When you buy gold, you trade in paper money—which the government can devalue and confiscate at will—for a hard asset that’s been a stable store of value for thousands of years.

Gold is universally valued. Its worth doesn’t depend on any government.

In other words, simply buying gold is the easiest way to lessen the political risk to your savings.

Freedom Insurance

Somehow, someway, your home government will keep squeezing your pocketbook harder. It will keep subjecting you to escalating, arbitrary, and burdensome regulations and restrictions.

Expect more government and less freedom all around.

With each passing week, the window to protect your personal and financial freedom closes a bit more.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be hostage to a desperate and out-of-control government.

International diversification is a time-tested route to freedom. Wealthy people around the world have used it for centuries to effectively protect their money and their families.

Buying gold is an important first step.

But there’s much more to do…

The US government gets bigger, more invasive, and more aggressive by the day. But you can take concrete steps to protect yourself from this hostile giant.

That’s why New York Times best-selling author Doug Casey and I just released an urgent guide, Surviving and Thriving During an Economic Collapse. Click here to download the PDF now.

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tmosley's picture

>Gold is universally valued. Its worth doesn’t depend on any government.


Eat shit and die, Nick.

silvermail's picture

In the United States lived only wild tribes, when gold was already money all over the world, more than 5 thousand years.
The dollar will die, as all the currencies died. It does not matter if, it's a question when.
But gold, will be a value even without the US dollar and generally without the US.

Muddy1's picture

"When you buy gold, you trade in paper money—which the government can devalue and confiscate at will—for a hard asset that’s been a stable store of value for thousands of years."

The government did both devaluate and confiscate gold under FDR.  Then it arbitrairly raised the valeu when much of the gold had been turned in.  The price of an ounce has gone between $30 and $2K,  yet you say it has been a stable store of value.  Do you even know how ridiculous you sound with the contradictions?

Implied Violins's picture

Only a fucking idiot prices gold in dollars.

targayren hous's picture

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Jimmy Jimmereeno's picture

You are making the logical error - to which I refer tmosley below - of thinking about  gold.  Your comment reveals that you are thinking in terms of fiatbux.  Fiatbux go up and down while gold goes nowhere.  A gram of gold still buys what it did 100 years ago pre-FRB.  A fiatbux buys 2-or-3 cents what it did 100 years ago.

Learn to think in terms of Gold grams/USD.

A L I E N's picture

Dude, what ever happened to Tulving metals? (Not joking, they used to have great pricing some years back)

Jimmy Jimmereeno's picture

You're asking me about the failure of a commercial enterprise - a wholesaler - in the context of what I've posted above?  WTF? .



HamFistedIdiot's picture

I think Tulving was gambling on short term derivative bets with customer funds and got fucked and cutomers in the cue lost their money. I use www.golddealer.com in Los Angeles. If you go to them in person you can buy and sell with no-name receipts, and no ID required, as it should be.

FIAT CON's picture

Gold is the common denominator! True money. noy affected by fiat. 

Compare everything to gold.


Rakshas's picture

OY VEY.....


..... every time, every stinking fucking time somebody posts an article about Gold, or god help them - Silver - the dingbats come out of the woodwork - "You'll lose" You'll see You'll lose ........ and all the rest of the PM bashing bullshit, compare Ag/Au today to any number of non-USD currencies, hell just look up the US Debt Clock and check out the lower right hand corner Ratio of Dollars to Oz of Au/Ag of course that's based on fallacious metals inventories. 


....and never mind that Douchebank admitted to manipulating PM prices - Really I'm shocked, shocked I tells ya ...... a Bank behaving badly well now I've seen it all. 


Jumpin Jesus on a Pogo Stick - if you have "lost" money because you bought when Ag/Au were up a few years ago you clearly did not understand the question or the reason to trade private CB currency for money in the first place, but please I implore you - either figure it out or do the world a favor and shove your head further up your ass so you stop annoying the rest of us.

Whatever you did YOU did, gold and silver are they just are - their valuation has not substantially changed for a very long time the Gasoline to silver ratio has not changed that much in nearly a century nor has the rate of pay for the majority of the world population - one tenth of an oz of silver per day per man from Roman Centurions to textile workers in the slums of Bangledesh.  

The comment about FDR confiscating then revaluing gold higher is hilariously inverted - gold didn't move higher Jimi - the FRN moved lower - and Why the Hell (insert JL Picard Facepalm here)  would anyone ever turn in gold to a socialist government like FDR's anyway or any government for that matter, Goddamn!!  "I pulled down my pants and bent over on the street corner now my ass is sore....... but I don't know why "  Fuck me...... 

At the end of the day buy it don't buy it but what ever you decide YOU decide even if your actions are inspired by some letter writer with the TOO THE MOON ALICE TO THE MOON diatribes, it's on YOU nobody else YOU.  

So please spare us with your  "WHO SHIT IN MY PANTS" whinging.




DaNuts's picture

A perfect example of the instability of fiat, an ounce is still an ounce, money changes value, not gold.

Fester's picture

I already have insurance:


41 cal

44 mag

45 cal

12 GA



6.5 Creedmore

And that's just the nightstand!

SeuMadruga's picture

I don't know...a .50 BMG "black tip" sounds better these days...

SeuMadruga's picture

I don't know...a .50 BMG "black tip" sounds better these days...

SybilDefense's picture

Don't forget the lead, the soon to be most precious metal of them all

silvermail's picture

Imagine that you have a time machine and you plan to go on a trip for 5, 10 or 20 years ahead.
You have a choice what to take with you - US dollars or gold.
If you choose US dollars, it means you are an IDIOT.

But if you take bitcoin or any other shitcoin with you into the future, it means that you are TWICE IDIOT.

tmosley's picture

I can imagine the conversation in the days just before the automobile took over everything:

>Imagine that you have a time machine and you plan to go on a trip for 5, 10 or 20 years ahead.
>You have a choice what to take with you - a car or a horse.
If you choose a car, it means you are an IDIOT.

You might choose the wrong brand of car, but that is certainly better than trying to take a horse down the freeway 20 years after they are fully dominated by automobiles.

malek's picture

You're implying gold will be so dominated by other forms of currency that it will be close to worthless 20 years from now?

tmosley's picture

99.999% confidence. Not only will the Fed, China, and whoever else that is fucking you continue to fuck you, but low energy prices and the emergence of asteroid mining will fuck you long, hard, and deep with a cock made out of jagged glass shards.

Gold and silver are over. I don't know why I even hold on to the tiny remnant of my own stack. Conditioned fear of being exactly fucking wrong I guess.

Jimmy Jimmereeno's picture

"I don't know why I even hold on to the tiny remnant...."

You hold on because there's a remaining sliver of rationality in your perception of reality.  (Most of) your rationality went out the window when you let your incorrect and ill-timed financial commitment to silver - i.e. you let your balance sheet - overwhelm your ability to reason.  As well, you are still unable to think in terms of precious metals - specifically gold - rather than in terms of fiatbux.  Yes, you are correct to repudiate silver - as will the rest of the silver bugs who have not already done so - but you are wrong when you conflate the properties of gold with those of silver.

The cryptocurrencies:  come on, get real.  I've responded to you before.  There's a mania going on in the cryptos.  I've traded several since the USD-gold abandonment fueled commodities boom of the 1970s.  The cryptos will be no different.  BTC, LTC, ETH will blow-off upside and they're not anyway near that yet.  When their prices go vertical and gain literally tens-or-more percent per day, then you will know the blow-off is underway.  BTC is going to 8000USD, maybe much higher, before it's all over. 

tmosley's picture

Hahaha, get a load of this freegolder.

Jimmy Jimmereeno's picture

Whatever a "freegolder" is, I am not.

You just don't get it do you?  I just spelled it out above for you, no personal attack or anything like that, and you cannot process.

HamFistedIdiot's picture

India is legalizing bitcoin. The Central Banks and Russia are interested in cryptos. I smell a rat. I think this is a trial run for some other digital something that hasn't been released yet. There will be a mania, and then .gov will stomp it out. I like to keep it real, PMs, organic food production, no toxic Wi-Fi and microwave exposures (required for digital payment systems and driverless vehicles), etc. Maybe I am a dreamer, but things like that are the only path forward for a living planet.

malek's picture

You're a clown.

I'll take the other side of asteroid mining, especially within 20 years.

SilverDOG's picture



Your imagination procures the speed of history incorrectly.

However, imagine going 20 years into the future and chosing a form of value to carry with yourself.

This in order to stay within the galaxy of the topic.


Which has passed the all time record for "modern" fiat currencies?

CDN, AUS, BTC, Yuan, Peso, hell go for Dinar ?

What say you?

In 20 years, your brilliance of auto choice, may not be legal to operate.

Whoa! Easy boy ! Settle down, There now.

Where is the water to which you are being led ?


In 20 years, I bet history tells you what has highest probability of insuring your choices then, even now.

tmosley's picture

Fact is that 20 years from now, nothing that we consider to be valuable will be.

To go with the transportation metaphor, in 20 years, we will have flying drones if not teleporters. Every form of transportation we have today will be worthless in the face of those new technologies. Same with money, but at least crypto is a step in the right direction rather than a default to outdated and fully controlled mechanisms of wealth distribution like gold and silver.

SilverDOG's picture

Where is the water to which you are being led.

Or should I say, Being MED.

Got Pills ?

allgoodmen's picture

So we have guys who are 100% crypto and 0% PM
Another couple guys who are 100% PM and 0% crypto
Notably very few who have fiat.
These three instruments have different purposes!

Let's say you want to cross a border. Probably the first guy has the best chance of bringing it in.
Let's say there is a societal breakdown. The first guy is SOL. So is the second guy (at first). The third guy with fiat is king for the first few days when everyone needs fiat and is fire-saling everything including PM. But after the hyperinflation kicks in (the result of government overreaction by printing more fiat) the PM guy ends up on top.

Now for short term investment, at least in recent months, it is impossible to argue with crypto. But it is so volatile, I could not call it an investment yet, just gambling.

silvermail's picture

Money is not something that all slaves use as money.
Money is what all elites use as money.
For elites, money is only gold. Everything else - debts are garbage for slaves.

silvermail's picture

Oh, tell your wonderful example about horse and car, to the monetary authorities of the United States or Germany, in which - the share of gold in the structure of monetary reserves, about 70%.

At the same time ask them how many percent of shitcoin are in the monetary reserves of the US and Germany.

tmosley's picture

Yes, and the military owned most of the horses circa WWI too. So fucking what?

You take your cues from kike central bankers?

silvermail's picture

Horses are not kept in banks and are not money.
Like any crypto currency.

When I think about money, I look at what central banks do, but not the military.

tmosley's picture

>I don't understand the concept of metaphor


SilverDOG's picture

As the military is a debt entity owned by CB's and slaves in debt for their owners.

Like a bond supported US Football team.

Borrow to win, and lo$e all the time.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Ammocoin is still good after 75+ years. Diversify.

SilverDOG's picture




You capable of countering articles proclamation, beyond pubescent return ?


Shit for your meals and dieing may be your personal, abscent of foresight, future.

But of course, why would such ever occur... again?



Simplifiedfrisbee's picture

ZH still can't acknowledge the funding they receive deceived people into denying the value of bitcoin. Fuq you ZeroHedge. Bunch of antiquated and obsolete ass holes on here.

SilverDOG's picture

I know it !

Young and new and digital is EVERYTHING !

Wth less than a decade of PROOF !

Those old people are total F-Tards !

In fact, so are all the historical records too... DUDE/Bra/Man/cool/Kewl


Combine and diversify for future versitility.

Correct is more than right alone, time and place for, again: EVERYTHING.

Jimmy Jimmereeno's picture

Yes, just so like the anti-intellectual left that must always blame something/someone else for their failure to exercise their reason and, therefore, accept responsibility for their actions.  Let's blame those old fucks that run ZH because we didn't exercise our minds and buy those cryptocoins when they cost pennies on the USD.

I am not a believer in ad hominen attacks and I don't know how long you've been around ZH but having seen - and read critically - a deluge of your comments in the past 24 hours or so, I think you're a troll.  Bug off, robot.

3LockBox's picture

Freaking crapto acolytes...

Your fairy dust pyramids will not stand the test of time and because of all your kinds delusional arrogance I will laugh my freaking ass off when you get your asses handed to you.

Praeda2's picture

The 't' must stand for tard. Take your autism meds little broke ass boy.

Crypto-World-Order's picture

Holy shit a pet rock article! FINALLY. It would be freedom, if you didnt have CENTRALIZED derivatives attached.


BTW bitchez

ETH now at 332

BTC 2676

LTC 44

Zcash 286 (this one should be in your wallet)

Dash 177

Crypto-World-Order's picture

Very anonymous and highly decentralized


Zcash leverages zero-knowledge proof constructions called zk-SNARKs, which allow two users to exchange information without revealing their identities. While the bitcoin blockchain contains records of the participants in a transaction, as well as the amount involved, Zcash’s blockchain shows only that a transaction took place, not who was involved or what the amount was.

BaBaBouy's picture

Aaaaand 600 Other Crypos and Counting ...

Please Fornicate, we need a whole bunch more New Suckers be Born...

Im starting a new one, MonopolyCoinz ...

Mr. Magoo's picture

I say Bikercoin is the way to go