FEMA Is Preparing For A Solar Storm That Would Take Out The Grid

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Authored by Maco Slavo via SHTFplan.com,

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration) is planning for a massive solar storm that would be so strong, it would take down the power grid.

Noting that the rare, yet “high-consequence” scenario has “the potential for catastrophic impact on our nation and FEMA’s ability to respond.”

According to unpublished FEMA documents obtained by Government Attic, a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) database and non-profit organization, the Department of Homeland Security agency once mapped out a disaster plan for the occurrence of another geomagnetic “super storm” like the one the occurred in 1859.

Back then, the sun flung a giant plume of magnetized plasma out into space. The coronal mass ejection (CME), the sibling of a massive solar flare, traveled the 93 million miles between the Sun and Earth in only 17.6 hours. Today, it’s known as the Carrington Event and is remembered by the largest geomagnetic storm in the history of recorded space weather.

No other storm has matched it in speed or magnitude. When the shock wave of accelerated particles arrived on September 1, 1859, the disturbances to Earth’s magnetosphere were so great that telegraph communications across Europe and North America went on the fritz. Sparks leaped from the telegraph infrastructure, and machinery was so inundated with electric currents that operators were able to transmit messages while disconnected from battery power. Compasses even wiggled, and brilliant auroras were reportedly seen as far south as the Caribbean.

But that doesn’t mean the ill-equipped government isn’t preparing for the inevitability, in fact, they are. Despite our superior ability to predict these events, the stakes are exponentially higher in a modern, hyper-connected world.  FEMA predicts that a geomagnetic storm of this intensity would be “a catastrophe in slow motion.” Space weather events happen all the time, and many are harmless. For example, an event causing radio blackouts, solar radiation storms, and geomagnetic storms would be abnormal, yet the ripple effects on the power grid and communications would severely limit FEMA’s ability to respond to a nationwide crisis.

Within 20 minutes of the CME’s occurrence, FEMA estimates that 15 percent of the satellite fleet would be lost due to solar panel damage.


Solar radiation from the incoming storm would add “3-5 years worth of exposure” to the panels, degrading older satellites to the point of inoperability.


Low orbiting satellites, such as Iridium and Globalstar, may be less affected. Cellular service would be disrupted, and a loss of GPS capabilities could complicate FEMA operations.



Should a storm of this magnitude hit, there wouldn’t be much the government can do. And of course, this would be the perfect opportunity to round up the masses for a trip to a FEMA camp. Individuals would need to band together to help get things back online, but it would all take time.  Those in heavily populated regions would be hit the hardest and evacuation of over 100 million people would be impossible, and even if it was, there would be no unaffected region to send the evacuees – other than the FEMA camps.

Prepare yourself, because the mere fact that this government document exists could mean that there is something we don’t know.

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Got a doom porn boner so hard I could cut glass with it.

Been that kinda day, here.

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It gets better.

The electric utilities only store a small number of the very large substation or generator station transformers.

It would take at least a couple years to make enough new ones to get most of the grid back up.

Even folks off the grid would see their solar panel and wind electronics blown off the wall.

I am not sure what it would do to the PV panels themselves.

If your car battery is connected, you could probably look forward to wires being fried and the computer being toasted at the least.

You might be able to get an instant sun tan, though.

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FEMA Is Preparing For A Solar Storm That Would Take Out The Grid

My response: I have spoken about this subject in the past and based on a large body of data that now exists, FEMA should be very concerned hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.

By the way, GLOBAL WARMING and CLIMATE CHANGE are nothing but BULLSHIT for PUBLIC CONSUMPTION to coverup what is really going on. The Earth Magnetic Poles are shifting as well.

So much for all those iPHONEs. These devices will be USELESS!!!!

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On the bright side, when there's nothing else to do, the wmmns like to fuck.

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You guys are going to have to get used to sascrotch again.


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The number of threats that are UNPRECEDENTED has become UNPRECEDENTED, and indeed is now at its WORST SINCE LEHMAN.

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"Prepare yourself, because the mere fact that this government document exists could mean that there is something we don’t know."

As I understand it, these events are random and completely unpredictable.  There are periods of increased activity, but there is absolutely no way to know about an event before it actually happens.  The statement above is alarmist bullshit.  Get prepared, but don't immediately freak-out based on this story.  

And talk to me when you find a secret government document about the Yellowstone caldera, cause that shit is potentially predictable.


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They are in communications with several extraterrestrial empires. One of those empires has threatened to deliver a first strike blow to the Earth to begin the take down of mankind, they have the technology to make the sun have an almighty killer fart in our direction.

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will be ?

iphones are by nature useless dude, it's apple product, i mean....oh nevermind.

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They are not useless. They've been proven to cause all kinds of physiological and mental ailments. Just not useful to us. 


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Meh! Govts like to plan for everything that they can think of, no matter how unlikely. The issue is that the larger the problem, the less able they are to implement the plan. Basic bureacracy and govt ineptitude are more powerful than the sun!

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Such a storm won't 'destroy' anything - it may 'switch things off' (circuit brakers trip, fuses blow etc) but that's why they're fitted.

It's the time, effort and complication of resetting and restarting such country-wide systems that would cause the big problems - days (potentially weeks) to restore the grid, get communications back up and synchronised etc and we all know that we're just '3 meals from anarchy' when talking about big cities.

FEMA has a point though - the clueless, ignorant and easily convinced will be encouraged to take it out on the system rather than pull together to fix it.  Most ZH-ers will do fine - the Wapo readers will flap their arms whilst the Beano readers relieve them of their possessions.

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everyone has been conditioned to believe that a small burp from the sun will be equal to a carrington event - they already tipped their hand a while back when they had grid shutdown training and omg jeez look some parts of the grid went down because of some solar weather.


people dont fkn understand sympathetic resonance....sure if we take a direct x45 from the sun its going to blast some stuff here, but anything short of that is going to be a non event in reality.


but those hidden 3g chips in things like the intern corevpro...   can easily be sent a command to run the processor as fast as it can go until it burns up.


people will be "stuxnetted" and wont even know it


je suis iranians, lol

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Not to mention how to keep the water pumping to the cooling pools at the 100+ nuke plants in the US alone

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When the log rolls over we will all be dead.

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They need a trigger to kill the Internet and occupy the FEMA camps

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Not "Jeannie".

The sentence goes, "the genie is out of the bottle". The word "genie" is a romanization of the Arabic "jinn" or "djinn", a supernatural creature in early Arabic mythology. The genie, or jinn, or djinn, had various powers, among which that of residing in bottles or lamps like in the Aladdin tale's case, and granting wishes. The genie could also be unpredictable and dangerous, hence the expression "the genie is out of the bottle" to mean something bad could happen.

Thank you for having read this far, and good day to all.


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Surely the OP is a "genius" using alternative spellings hehe. OK, I suspect he may have gotten distracted by "I dream of Jeannie", and so on.

"I Dream of Jeannie is an American fantasy and comedy sitcom starring Barbara Eden as a 2,000-year-old genie and Larry Hagman as an astronaut who becomes her master, with whom she falls in love and eventually marries."

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Hahaha apologies, I was about a bottle and a half into the wine last night.

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Care to elaborate on the content of those videos?

Rusty Shorts's picture

Fukushima Unit 4 meltdown. Tepco admits that Unit 4 was in shutdown mode, but in this rare video admits that fuel load was still in the reactor core with core lid removed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-UBBf0p8eQ. 


Unit 4 reactor core lost all coolant as well as both fuel pools resulting in a zirc fire and explosion. The videos I posted last night appear to show fission products outside of the unit 4 building. These are the only videos that I'm aware of that shows what really happened at unit 4.





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Wish I could get my wife Jeannie out of the bottle.

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FEMA is a fukn bureaucratic failure as are nearly 10p% of all gubmnit bureaucracies. Fukemall

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Re: "Cellular service would be disrupted..." <--- OH PLEASE, GOD, BRING IT...

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Or a bunch of nukes in a satellite constellation and they blame it on a solar storm. Who's know?

Damn I'm getting paranoid.

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That is EXACTLY what I was thinking!!! False flag anyone? Need to stock up on popcorn.



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False flag, real flag or the wrath of God the scenario is not possible but probable.

Most of us here get that. Get your shit square so when it happens you are in as good a position as possible to watch people eat one another rather than having to eat someone or heaven forbid be eaten. I'm sure many if not most ZHERS use this mantra.

A couple worker recently came in to my office to recount a story from the old days when there was some sort of flash from the sun that fuck ed the earth up and he was shocked that I knew about it and was able to explain it to him.


You can either know happiness or the truth. Oh well fuck it anyways.

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It's officially summer when the CME, Nibiru, asteroid, nuclear war, Canary Island collapse, global warming/climate change/whatever, etc., doom crowd starts heating up the rhetoric.  Today, 6/23, is a big doomsday prediction day.  9/23 is the next big day.  Be scared, be very scared..... then go out and enjoy your summer.

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Don't forget Yellowstone! Shit could blow sky high any second!

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But... what about the Ranger, Boo Boo?

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What happens when guam Capsizes?

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Maybe they all happen at once. That would be going out in style.

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2025 USA population 54,230,300


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Yep... and don't laugh because you are spot on.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

They will be feeding your dumb ass to their dogs.

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To make things even more ominous, with the magnetic poles in motion, the earth's magnetosphere is a much weaker shell for protection against a geomagnetic event than normal.

The sun will need to burp out far less material via a CME to impact the earth as much as the Carrington Class solar flare did in 1859.

I think the real reason for all of those underground bunkers is related to this type of thing.

Praetorian Guard's picture

Yes. I believe it was yesterday or a few days ago that the magnetosphere completely COLLAPSED for a brief moment. Scary fucking shit!!!

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NASA calms fears after claim that Earth's magnetosphere collapsed on April 23 sparked apocalypse rumors: 'Collapse' caused by software glitch.


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Dunno about that, I pulled out a compass today to ascertain exactly which direction a nuclear shock wave would likely be coming from (considering building an earth bunker), and the north needle pointed south.

Everything else looked normal, so I trashed the compass. Maybe I shouldn't have.