Sears Canada Announces Bankruptcy; Fires 2,900

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Update: Sears Canada was authorized to obtain financing of C$450 million. The bankrupt company said it would close 20 full-line locations plus 15 Sears Home stores, 10 Sears Outlets and 14 Sears Hometown locations; it would also cut 2,900 positions across retail network, corporate head office in Toronto.

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It's official - the US 'retail apocalypse' has moved north as Sears Canada (and some of its subsidiaries) have applied to Ontario Superior Court of Justice for protection under the companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA), in order to continue to restructure its business.

Sales at Sears Canada have fallen sharply since it was spun off from its equally-troubled US-based parent in 2012; the slump coincides with a broader shift in consumer preferences away from brick and mortar retailers and toward e-commerce.

This shouldn;t come as a surprise to anyone, in an admission last week, Sears Canada said it has “significant doubt” that it can continue to operate for much longer. Meanwhile, its American counterpart announced that it would lay off 400 employees as part of an initiative to produce $1.25 billion in savings after admitting back in March that the future of its business is also in serious jeopardy, as Fortune reported.

Statement from Sears Canada (note you would hardly think this is a 'bad' thing judging by this PR spin)

Sears Canada Reinvention Continues


Over the past 18 months, Sears Canada embarked on a reinvention plan that has now begun to gain traction with customers. Sears Canada rebuilt its front and back-end technology platform, redefined its brand positioning, revamped its product assortment, and rebooted its customer experience and service standards.  The new product assortment is reflected in two pillars, The Cut @ Sears, which offers designer labels at everyday value prices, and the Sears Label, which offers premium quality and enduring styles, also at everyday value prices.  The customer experience was reinvented, both online, with a newly designed site built in-house by a new technology team, and in-store with a new format called Sears 2.0. Sears Canada also redefined its customer service standards to be best-in-class, and launched a new store in downtown Toronto to showcase its reinvention to an entirely new audience.


The Company's hard work to bring its vision to reality is reflected in reported growth in same store sales in its two most recently completed quarters. Sears Canada believes this indicates that the new brand positioning is starting to resonate with consumers.  The brand reinvention work Sears Canada has begun requires a long-term effort, but the continued liquidity pressures facing the Company as well as legacy components of its business are preventing it from making further progress and from restructuring its legacy assets and businesses outside of a CCAA proceeding.


If granted, the Sears Canada Group will work to complete its restructuring in a timely fashion and hopes to exit CCAA protection as soon as possible in 2017, better positioned to capitalize on the opportunities that exist in the Canadian retail marketplace.

As a reminder, we noted last week that if Sears Canada was to go bankrupt, Lambert loses his equity stake, but he remains the company’s principal creditor. Already, Lampert has effectively laid claim to enormous amounts of the company’s assets through loans he’s made. His hedge fund, ESL Investments, also owns large stakes in Lands’ End and a Real Estate Investment Trust that gained control of some of Sears’ best properties in a $2.8 billion deal back in 2015, then leased them back to the company. Lambert owns a stake in that vehicle, too.

In other words, while Sears was floundering, Lambert was busy shielding himself from the worst of the fallout. His former employees will need to make due with the public safety net.

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Roebuck could not be reached for comment.

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"Sears is where America shops", right?

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told my galfriday to go to Cox's n get me a seersucker suit; she went to sears n got me a coxsucker suit

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from catalog to retailer to dumpster.

it was a good ride

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Guess who will be next? Will Sears US follow suit?

Layoff / Closing List:


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The author of this article still didn't correct his misspelling of Lambert[sic!] by citing his own stuff .

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The Saudis will buy them up for pennies and turn the stores into "Islamic Cultural Centers".

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it's more a Sears thing than a retail thing...

The Bay and Walmart, high end and low end, are super packed all the time while the Sears next door has been a ghost town for over 10 years lol

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... sears, a verb, burns or scorches the surface of (something) with a sudden, intense heat ...

... meanwhile, Icymi, "Dying Mi5 Agent Admits to Killing Princess Diana in Deathbed Confession"

Read more at: ...


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"Sears" is a Jewish surname you silly goy.

...meanwhile, stay the hell on topic you scatterbrain!

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I go to sears last night...I need ONE wrench.  

There it trusty 15/16ths...I see it, it's in a set with 20 other wrenches.  On sale for $59.   But I don't need the other 19.   Where are those individuals wrenches....found it...15/16ths.  EIGHTEEN DOLLARS!!  So you're selling them for an average $3.00 in a kit...and making money.  But alone they're EIGHTEEN dollars!!   There is NO WAY I am paying that!!   So go ahead and keep scratching your head wondering why no one is shopping at your stores.

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About a year or so we saw an honest effort to turn our local Sears Canada store around. Too little, too late. Eddie and company have strip mined Sears. Just like Warren Buffet in his younger days.

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Same here.

Was in last week buying bedding. Service standard better, selection good, prices better.

Seemed to be a few more customers than a year ago.

Obviously too little too late though.

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Yes, they needed to add some products that allow the cash-strapped middle class to get the most choice and versatility for their dollar, but if the Chinese copy it and sell it for pennies on the dollar, it won't matter.

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Sears has had a "we're going to fuck you" built into their pricing scheme for at least 40 years now. 

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It's worse in the ladies department. Plus all of the stores are in need of a major, massive overhaul. The last time they renovated their stores was back in 1990. How are you going to make your store appealing to the younger set if the store resembles something of the Sally Ann?

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I bought a washer and dryer from our local Sears. Paid to have it delivered and set up. They called a week later and said it was in, I can come get it. No, I paid to have it delivered and set up. Ultimately figured out the salesman checked one little box incorrectly, so everything had to be unbought and unpaid for, and then rebought and repaid for a grand total of 2 hours of my precious time over one fucking little checkbox. I told the manager this is why Sears is going under. She asked me if I was trying to tell her how to do her job as she’d been at it for 23 years. That store closed 2 months later.

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Yours is a very good antecdotal story.  Very illustrative.  Thanks.

I know we are kicking Sears when they are aready down for the count, but I don't care.  They deserve this.  Sears is a prick, and has been for decades now.  Good riddance to them in Canada.  And, when the time soon comes good riddance to them in the US.

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Sears won't be the last one. I see the ghost malls in merica. Canada is about ten years behind in trends, eg. housing collapse. We are just beginning ours. Sales are peaking as rates are turning upward. Mind you not as aggressivly as ten yrs ago, but will push people out that bought too much house. Moar sellers than buyers exiting at discount prices.

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A $193 million mall is now worth ~$10 million:

DEAD MALL SERIES : The $100 Mall : The Disaster of Pittsburgh Mills
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I would like to congratulate Sears on their 27 bankruptcy since the 90's.

Something about a dead horse...

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The scam that keeps on giving

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Vancouver is still cheaper than Detroit by median price....


in what world is that a bubble lol

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Where will Hilary get her fashions from now?

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Armani at $12,000 a pop for a blazer......

Justin Case's picture

Armani I use to wax my Veyron with.

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'Where will Hilary get her fashions from now?'

Mao's tailor.

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now it's where America shits.

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Those assholes brought Tim Hortons down here, fuckin justice they get a bankrupt Sears up north.

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actually Burger King USA moved its HQ to Canada at the time they bought Tim Hortons - it was cheaper.

The only thing we apologize for is Beiber (and maybe Ted Cruz)

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We ain't apologizing for Beiber under the working theory that if we apologize for him, we might have to take him back.

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Tell him to take a permanent vacation in Mexico.

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June is bankruptcy month!

Takata the largest air bag maker and largest bankruptcy from Japan in decades is next....

Takata likely to file for bankruptcy protection on Monday

Then next is Illinois!!

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It would probably be easier just to dissolve the City of Chicago.  The state legislature already has the power to do that.  Let the various parts of it go back to being the townships that is was originally assembled from when it was incorporated as a city.

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Rich people: save the Art Institute of Chicago, please. Airlift it to my state. We'll take care of it.

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Leave the Illinois pensioners alone!

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I am stunned that their recent decision to have the moronic tagline 'WTS? What The Sears' didn't bring in a massive amount of traffic.

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Just on time for Spring!

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Next stop, US bankruptcy court.  All aboard!

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Amazon will pick up all the retail locations for $.05 on the dollar and use them as distribution nodes.  

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

I'd love to see that.  There's a Sears store two miles from my house ... what could be better than same-day delivery?  Ha ha

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GM will use parking lots for channel stuffing.

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Just freaking go away already. I am sicking of hearing Sears.

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Well, that was the worst kept secret in the Canadian retail world. The answer to "what took so long" is contained in the article, the parasites had to carve the best pieces of the carcass off for themselves before doing the obvious.

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This is one reason why Mitt Romney lost the election in 2012. A lot of his massive stash of wealth was made in that manner, rather than by building up businesses that employ humans. Until robots can vote, human interests will prevail in the election tally, anyway. They will not vote for people who profited from slicing up businesses and laying off tons of humans. At least, official pink-slip layoffs lead to UC that covers rent between jobs. Not so for most workers who are relentlessly churned in temp and part-time jobs in the service sector. The ones without kids to cover their rent via welfare / taxfare are simply s*****d.

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I went into Sears Vancouver a few weeks back during Sears Days. New Levi's jeans $20 US. Bought as many as they had, thinking that this can't go on.