Ted Cruz Reveals Details Of His Amendment Proposal To Senate Healthcare Bill

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Earlier today, Senators Rand Paul (KY), Ted Cruz (TX), Ron Johnson (WI) and Mike Lee (UT) issued a joint statement announcing their opposition to McConnell's healthcare bill on the basis that it did not fulfill a promise made to the American public to "repeal Obamacare and lower their health care costs."  Here was the full statement:

"Currently, for a variety of reasons, we are not ready to vote for this bill, but we are open to negotiation and obtaining more information before it is brought to the floor.  There are provisions in this draft that represent an improvement to our current health care system, but it does not appear this draft as a written will accomplish the most important promise that we made to Americans: to repeal Obamacare and lower their health care costs."

Ironically, these conservative Senators, for once, offered some hope to the mainstream media which quickly latched onto their comments as a sign that TrumpCare was potentially 'DOA.'

Alas, in light of a new statement that Cruz has just posted to his facebook account, it seems as though his prior 'joint opposition' announcement may have been nothing more than a signal that he's ready to begin negotiations to extract some 'holdup value' in return for his vote.  Here's an excerpt:

But it is important to remember that what was released today was only a draft. I am hopeful that as we openly debate this legislation, real improvements will be made prior to floor consideration so that we can pass a bill that provides the relief from Obamacare that Republicans have repeatedly promised the last seven years.


I want to get to yes, but this first draft doesn't get the job done. Over the next week and beyond, I will continue working to bring Republicans together to honor our promise, repeal Obamacare, and adopt common-sense, consensus reforms that can actually be passed into law.

So what are conservatives in the Senate looking to get?  As it turns out, Cruz has just shared details with The Hill of an amendment he has proposed called the "Consumer Freedom Amendment."  Among other things, the amendment would allow insurers to sell slimmed down, lower-premium plans (i.e. "catastrophe plans") to consumers who don't to pay for all 10 medical services mandated by Obamacare.

The "Consumer Freedom Amendment" would leave existing ObamaCare plans on the individual market, while also allowing insurers to sell plans that don't comply with requirements of the Affordable Care Act.


"What that does — it leaves existing plans on the market but it gives new options so that people can purchase far more affordable health insurance. It will enable a lot more people to be able to afford buying health insurance," Cruz told The Hill on Thursday afternoon.


Cruz's amendment would allow insurers to continue offering plans that follow ObamaCare's "Title One" requirements, including essential health benefits, which mandates 10 services insurers must cover with no cost-sharing.


But insurers could also sell skimpier, cheaper plans that don't cover those 10 services or meet other ObamaCare requirements.


"If a health insurer offers a plan consistent with the Title One mandates, insurers can also sell in that same state any other plans that consumers desire," Cruz said.

Of course, as John Boehnor has pointed out before, any hopes of a compromise between Republicans on healthcare may be nothing more than a bunch of "happy talk" as they have "never, ever, not once" agreed on what a plan should look like.

* * *

Below is Cruz's full statement:

Four months ago, I joined with a group of five other senators with very different perspectives on health care policy – representative of the full spectrum of the Republican Party – for the sole purpose of working together to fulfill our commitment to voters to reduce premiums and provide better, more affordable healthcare. Over time, this group expanded to include committee chairs, Senate leadership, and then the entire conference. We carefully deliberated, with the common goal of crafting a bill that can pass and that actually fixes the problems Obamacare has wrought.


While I have not yet had the opportunity to fully review the draft legislative text itself, there are components that give me encouragement and there are also components that are a cause for deep concern.


I am encouraged that the bill would expand association health plans, so those in individual or small group markets can join together in large groups to get lower rates. I am also pleased that the bill would make at least some progress in reining in the long-term growth of Medicaid. These are two inclusions that I have been fighting for since the beginning of our discussions. Finally, I am glad that this retains the provisions previously passed by Congress to prevent taxpayer dollars from funding organizations that perform abortions.


However, as currently drafted, this bill draft does not do nearly enough to lower premiums. That should be the central issue for Republicans – repealing Obamacare and making healthcare more affordable. Because of this, I cannot support it as currently drafted, and I do not believe it has the votes to pass the Senate.


But it is important to remember that what was released today was only a draft. I am hopeful that as we openly debate this legislation, real improvements will be made prior to floor consideration so that we can pass a bill that provides the relief from Obamacare that Republicans have repeatedly promised the last seven years.


Specifically, we should do more to ensure consumers have the freedom to choose among more affordable plans that are tailored for their individual healthcare needs. We should allow consumers to purchase insurance across state lines and create a true 50-state marketplace, driving down costs for everyone. We should expand health savings accounts so that consumers can pay health insurance premiums on a pre-tax basis. We should incentivize states to cap punitive damages in medical malpractice lawsuits to further reduce the cost of healthcare.


Finally, we should provide real flexibility for Medicaid, so states can design creative and innovative ways to provide care for our most vulnerable. I have strongly advocated for these proposals to this point and will continue to do so going forward.


I want to get to yes, but this first draft doesn't get the job done. Over the next week and beyond, I will continue working to bring Republicans together to honor our promise, repeal Obamacare, and adopt common-sense, consensus reforms that can actually be passed into law.

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Chupacabra-322's picture

So says the Goldman Minion.

bamawatson's picture

ted who ?

is he the unabomber guy?

Yog Soggoth's picture

He is the guy who pretends to be a Texan and he still thinks poor people should have to pay insurance for healthcare via the system in place, but with some changes. Downvote for Canadia again!!! Lets get this right. If you can not afford insurance then you should not have to be forced into paying it! No one else should have to pay for it either unless on a State level. Leave the Federal government out. Nothing in the Constitution covers this crap.

caconhma's picture

I have lived in a country with a social medicine. It started OK but in a short time it disintegrated to shit.

It was free but

  • No doctor was giving a fuck whether you are alive or dead unless you are going to a private & expensive hospital
  • In  a state hospital, your family had to pay to a doctor under a table to read your medical chart
  • As for good quality drugs, they were available exclusively to very rich and high government officials. The rest got close to nothing. On a bright side, nobody was dying from a drug overdose.

I remember I went to a doctor complaining about my stomach pain. The doctor reply: so what? Everybody has this problem from time to time! My doctor visit was over.

Do American really want this kind of medical care?


Just give me one good reason why shall doctor give a shit about you if he/she is not paid for his services? After all, a doctor must make living too!

targayren hous's picture

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butchtrucks's picture

No better proof of how good Trumpcare is than Obama opposing it. Trumpcare is the first step towards abolition of socialism in this country. From now on sick people are on notice that THEY can god damn pay for their own health and wellbeing- and stop trying to make it MY problem. Trump and the GOP are to be congratulated for ensuring that tens of millions of lazy fat FREELOADERS are now forced off the government tit and made to go get their own shit sorted out.

We should never had tried to try emulate socialist hell-holes like Australia, Canada or Scandinavia where every dead-beat can access free public health systems regardless of whether they’ve saved up to pay for it or not.

The US got to be great through people standing on their own two feet and taking responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. Not ONE DIME of our taxes should go towards supporting socialized free health care for those too lazy, poor, old, or stupid to look after themselves.

Trump needs to OUTLAW all socialized healthcare right now. He also need to OUTLAW the other socialist programs in this country including Medicare, VA, Medicaid and Social Security. These government-run programs are just pandering to people’s laziness and lack of personal responsibility and are totally un-American.

Medicare in particular is the worst socialist program ever introduced in this country (by another socialist Dem President – Lyndon Johnson in 1965). It’s a single payer government run program funded from taxes paid by YOU AND ME – to support old sick people we don’t even know.

Back in the ’60s the GOP fought long and hard to prevent this communistic system becoming law. As Ronald Reagan said at the time the Dems were trying to force this thing through “If you and I don’t stop Medicare then one of these days we are going to spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it once was like in America when men were free.” And look where we are now. Exactly where Reagan warned us we would be.

George HW Bush Described Medicare in 1964 as “socialized medicine at its worst” and. Same with Barry Goldwater who said: “Having given our pensioners their medical care in kind, why not food baskets, why not public housing accommodations, why not vacation resorts, why not a ration of cigarettes for those who smoke and of beer for those who drink.”

Social Security is another Communist program that needs to be abolished right now. Did you know that the U.S. Social Security program is the largest government program in the world and the single greatest expenditure in the federal budget, accounting for 20.8% of the total budget? Needless to say it was introduced by yet another socialistic Democrat President – Franklin Roosevelt back in the 1930s. And what is ‘social security’ ? It’s nothing but a program to take hard-earned money from the likes of you and me to allow lazy old people who didn’t bother to save for their retirement during their working years to live high on the hog.

The sooner Trump acts the better. I truly believe he has the balls to abolish free healthcare and start unwiding the other socialist and communistical atrocities such as social security, Medicare, Medicade and VA.
Any GOP senator who doesn't support this bill, including Ted Cruz, is a TRAITOR.

Robert Trip's picture

Fuck off.

You got yours so fuck everybody else, right?

Stuck on Zero's picture

It's easy to tell if this bill stands a chance of being passed ... big pharma stocks will skyrocket.

ResistTemptation's picture

How does love fit into this equation?

willspeaks's picture

Good question. Do you Love Liberty?, or Servitude?

Samuel Adams had a great quote at the time of the revolution. 

To Wit.

"If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contests of Freedom, depart from us in peace. we ask not your counsel or your arms.

Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you!

May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

No one has ever said it better.

It is not kind to wish servitude upon your countrymen. Life is not fair, there is no equality, except, equality under the law.

Liberty is the Prize, there is no other prize.

It is not Love to tell your neighbor that servitude is freedom.


ebworthen's picture

"My Parents were Cuban immigrants..."

Sure Ted, what does your Goldman Sach's Wife suck again?

Ted Cruz is a bullshitting poser, a complete bologne man, a fake, a fraud.

willspeaks's picture

The "War Cry" of modern liberals, "Give me what I want Mommy"

Yog Soggoth's picture

Right on. His wording is all wrong just like a shill. Screw retarded Jimmy and Sheila the one legged girl because their parents were stupid, oh and by the way all that money that you old hard working people paid into SS, What? Now why did you get 5 downvotes? We have an infestation.

bamawatson's picture

if he had the balls you reference then HOMOBAMAcare would be Completely ABOLISHED and America could be great again. We need NO government involvement !


Boris Badenov's picture

I upvoted you. I voted after I read the first sentence.

People confuse Health CARE with Health INSURANCE. 

CARE pays Doctors & Nurses when you need them.

INSURANCE pays a lot of well dressed men in suits who pretend to be accountants, but in reality are extorsionists. 

Goldwater's quote is way off the mark, he predicts that money will flow to the covered individual in any event, and in more types of events: it does not.

Even the doctors are screwed by Medicare.


willspeaks's picture

Except, Trump apparently said the the house bill was "Mean" and needed to be more generous.

So much for abolishing scocializm.

I was enjoying your rant right up until I heard one of my mentors, Barry Goldwater disparage the very idea of free beer. What sane man would propose such an idea.

willspeaks's picture

And also with that comment, he through the house freedom caucus under the bus. I stand with Rand. If he will vote for it, then I am for it. If not, let it die a hideous death.

MoreFreedom's picture

I also want people to be responsible for their own health care, and have free markets in both health insurance and health care.  But what's been released is far from free markets. 

And unfortunately I can't think of any good way to bring them back, other than just getting gvoernment entirley out of healthcare, includiing abolishing Medicare, Medicaid, and all the government run health welfare programs, and the FDA. 

It used to be if you were young and healthy you could buy inexpensive health insurance and your premiums wouldn't rise if you got an expensive medical condition provided you maintained coverage.  If you smoked or had a pre-existing conditon you paid more or your condition wasn't covered.  But government basically outlawed that. 

Now the problem is how to cover people with expensive medical conditions (many of whom got those conditions via poor choices like smoking, becoming alcoholics, riding motorcycles without helmets, etc.) and others who've maintained coverage and got sick thru no fault of their own. 

If government manadates "community rating" whereby insurers can't charge more for pre-existing conditions, premiums will be expensive.  If they don't people with expensive medical conditions will pay very high premiums.   We're basically screwed, thanks to politicians and insurers who got in bed with them.



willspeaks's picture

Newt Gingrich has been saying for years now that this is a long term project. Basicly that the majority of people have become accoustomed to government goodies and it will take better ideas to make them/us change our minds.

 I have come to believe that there is going to have to be some kind of government funded apparatus for providing health care to people who cannot/willnot provide for themselves, but it must not be administered by the government. A get what you pay for type of set up.  Then let the rest of us engage in the free market.

Am I optimistic?........... 

vietnamvet's picture

You're a fucking barbarian.  Socialist hell-holes like Canada or Scandanavia?  These countries are among the cleanest, stable, and friendly places on the planet.

One reason they don't have such hell-holes is that they take care of and invest in their people, regardless of whether they might be considered dead-beats or not.  They don't have people stressed out by lack of basic health care, housing, and even income.

Guess what moron?  You get what you pay for, which in the US means creation of REAL hell holes like Detroit, Baltimore, Newark, and other places too numerous to mention because fools like you and "conservatives" refuse to pay their share of maintaining a civilized culture.

Here's a thought: hopefully you lose whatever pitiful medical insurance you have, and you get turned into a quadraplegic vegetable by a simple genetic default in your spine, and run up million dollar debts bankrupting yourself and your family.  Enjoy the hell hole, fool.

butchtrucks's picture

Fuck off to Canada or Sweden then and see how you like it.  I'd rather live in Detroit, Baltimore, Newark ANYDAY.  There used to be a thing in this country called PATRIOTISM.  Thankfully Trump is bringing that back.

willspeaks's picture

You have  a whole lot of issues. Hope you work through them.

Wahooo's picture

AND get federal government out of the military business. There should be no federal troops or MIC welfare programs. Only Citizens should own guns.

Kantbelieveit's picture

Perhaps you should apply your harsh logic to sick children and feeble elderly. They are useless eaters, after all, and should be left to die when they can't contribute to society. It would be even more efficient to kill them as soon as they show signs of becoming unproductive. Sieg Heil!

wisehiney's picture

oBUMMer care lite

Hack and Cut it, Slash and Burn it, Kill the fucking beast.

Robert Trip's picture

Father Cruz speaking to his flock.

Didn't pay off last time and it's going a big nowhere this time.

willspeaks's picture

So, are you for Obamacare becoming Trumpcare? Same thing different name? 

Endgame Napoleon's picture

The free market does not take care of this issue because, when old, everyone gets sick at some point, making it impossible to control risk, unlike in car and fire insurance. Every policy holder does not have a wreck or a fire. That is why the old are removed from the risk pool via Medicare.

But these hybrid, means-tested solutions to cover the rest of us, like Obamacare, are just like the other means-tested social programs in America: unfair and unwieldy. I am not going to lie and cheerlead for the hyped notion of pure, free-market health insurance. As a former shop owner. I know exactly what that was. But it is better to have barebones than to be ripped off, while others get everything from free rent to free healthcare beyond the basics. Sex change operations and fertility treatments are not basics.

Ted Cruz understands the issue better than most people. The people who are affected are primarily self-employed and middle-aged. The rates are simply too high for this group. Most people do not use healthcare much until they are very old, but nonetheless, the rates go up in middle age, not that most young people can afford it, either. But they are even less likely to use it, although most middle-aged and even older, pre-65 people do not use it.

People need to be able to buy the catastrophic policies that Male business owners used to buy for affordable rates. Were they good policies? No. But catastrophic policies are all that many people can afford. They are barebones policies that are mostly symbolic, giving people peace of mind if they want to put what little money they have there. I, frankly, would put it in housing if I had it and regard the unaffordable cost of housing as Much more dangerous for childless, single people unless that are affluent.

Those catastrophic policies for males did not include things like maternity benefits, making them cheaper. Despite the talk about pregnancy benefits being reduced by overturning Obamacare, Medicaid has always covered pregnancy, not to mention the free WIC food and the array of other freebies, including free food, free rent and Child Tax Credits up to $6,269 once the kids are born.

What they want is premium benefits, covered by unaffordable premiums from women whose wages or net income are often low, but who have zero access to welfare and taxfare and all of the workplace absenteeism privileges for working moms. Moms dominate many job categories, even when their husbands have jobs with benefits. Which is one reason why many childless women have to go into self-employment, where taxes and insurance rates are higher. On top of all that stacked unfairness, women who are older and/or who don't have children have to pay for the maternity care when they will never use it.

Whether or not it adds to the assemblage of idyllic benefits for "working families," health insurance is not a feasible expense for many individuals, and they skip it, year after year. The truth is that people will continue to shirk health insurance. It is simply not affordable when you 1) lack a spousal income, or 2) the government is not supplementing your wages while you work low-wage, temp and churn jobs or ride the unpredictable roller coaster of self-employment.

Healthcare is the Last priority in the budgets of most low-income, childless people.

Below is the budget of a $10/hr worker with 4 insurance licenses, many years of experience and a bachelor's degree, working for one of the standard insurers without benefits. The unlicensed, bully-mommy cliques in the corporate office have benefits with similar pay. The standard employers do not pay their employees' commission as regularly as the less fancy insurers to put it mildly. When you meet the quotas every month, a few employers actually pay commission, but it does not bump up your income much, certainly not like the smorgasbord of welfare/taxfare for moms. Many other financial services jobs pay $10/hr in my area of the country.

$10/hr -- Monthly Take Home Pay -- Approximately $1,400/month


- $700 for rent in a low-cost, dangerous area

- $300 for groceries, toiletries and cleaning supplies

- $70 for gasoline, assuming your commute is under 1 hr, which is rare

- $70 for electricity

- $20 to $60 for state-required car insurance, depending on many factors

- $60 for a phone

If this worker buys a $140 health insurance policy just in case she gets sick, she truly is "dead broke," unlike Lying Hillary.

She Will Not do it. Here is what she cannot afford if she does:

Decent quality food

Housing in a safe area of the city

A car note

A car repair


Gifts for family and friends

A hobby


Internet beyond cellular service

Anything that makes life worth living

Not Gonna Do It.

Childless, middle-aged people end up working longer hours and in worse situations, like dangerous areas of cities, with a much higher volume of work due to all of the excused absenteeism of "working families." Someone has to do all that calling to generate and retain accounts, not that we are rewarded for it in any way in most cases unless we are managers, which is rare.

Most of the decent-paying jobs go to people with families who "need" the money. We are not going to spend our last $140, literally, on mandatory policies that do not even result in good healthcare.

Not just childless people, but families, too, cannot afford to even use the Obamacare coverage due to the deductibles. Where in the above budget is any room to meet a deductible if you ever needed to use it?

This often happens to small businesspeople who never know how much money they'll have from month to month due to unpredictable customer traffic, twice-as-high SS taxes, operating expenses, multiple rents, business loans, etc. For this group that I used to be in, quarterly taxes mean constant stress to come up with thousands of dollars, even when your Net income is low. It is not like tax time for a mom whose rent and groceries are covered by taxpayers. Tax time is fun time for her; that is when she gets the $6,269 Child Tax Credit to spend in Florida with her boyfriend. She can use it for adult luxuries because of rent and groceries covered by taxpayers. She has the excused time off, too, due to the back-watching, crony-momma clique at work.

It is not like childless, single, low-income people will be able to use the catastrophic coverage, either, except in an emergency, in which case you are s*****d, anyway, but at least, high premiums will not have eaten away what little quality of life you have in the interim.

I am for covering the sick through Medicaid, including people with serious illnesses, like cancer, so that the ones who have something to lose financially do not lose everything, but not for covering even more extras than many "working families" already enjoy, while bashing people like me who do not have families on the head even more. We have nothing either way. But it is a little less awful without Obamacare. For instance, we do not have to pay a penalty for being uninsured.

Greekziqrius's picture

Did you really write all this out? Man, you have time on your hands.

slightlyskeptical's picture

So for you and your poor family it comes down to you having to pay $140 per month? Tread lightly my friend because you can't afford any issues. Funny thing is with the tax credit, health insurance would have cost you nothing and your family could at least have no cost regular checkups before any deductible kicked in. Your boss however will probably be driving a new kick ass car due to his tax cuts at the expense of any safety net for your family. Make sure you wave and smile.

willspeaks's picture

I disagree with the first line of your post, but the rest of it seems to be well thought out.

We need to separate Health Insurance, from Health care.

There are doctors who offer unlimited office visits,tests,X rays scanings,i.e. health care for 50 dollars a month with vastly reduced medicines. That is the free market.

Insurance, by definition is to protect you from something that has not happened. That is not what we have today. The problem is that the government has distorted the market and excludeds competition. Right now you can only buy what the government says you can buy. 

That is not the free market.

ScratInTheHat's picture

Screw that! Let the Dem plan blow up and get the government out of healthcare!

nevertheless's picture

oh great, another Zionist piece of shit to the rescue. 

There's picture

There is nothing wrong with Healthcare in America that can't be fixed by breaking the Cartel that has an illegal strangle hold on the Healthcare system.

What the Providers and Insurers have done for many years is plainly against the black letter US code 15 commercial law and those operating the Cabal can be prosecuted today.

The health care costs in the rest of the developed world are 75% less with as good or better care because they will not abide the same illegality that we do.

Our problem is Not Coverage but COST.

Easy to fix. Hard to admitt.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Dead on and well said, but it's never going to be fixed.  One of the things about US healthcare is that it makes a lot of people very wealthy even outside the insurance industry.  Doctors, hospital administrators, drug companies, medical device companies, and many others all make far more selling their goods and services in the US than in other countries because of the insurance system.   If insurance went away, few would be able to pay their high prices that justify their high salaries/income, and the entire system as it currently exists would implode.  It will never change because the system is too entrenched.  The American public is not willing to endure the necessary reset, and even if they were the healthcare lobbies are far too powerful to allow it.

knotjammin2's picture

The senate nor any other group of parisites will change anything until they feel a little heat.  These money grubbing assholes thrive off the backs of the taxpayers.  It may be time to make an example out of a few and see if we can move the rest back in line.  If not we can always get more rope.  Every one of us on this site know that McConnell, Ryan, Pelosi, Schumer, Graham just to name a few will never alter the current system.  We are faced with a solution used by and reccomended by our founding fathers.  They even said we are obligated to act when our representives have crossed the line and have become tyrants. So what  or when do we act?  It's sooner than any of us think.  The system is a sham and it's up to us to change it.  Everything we are hearing out of DC is bullshit.  We are at a crossroad, no we are at the North Bridge.....waiting for that moment.  

mendigo's picture

This insurance is subsidy

1stepcloser's picture

How about get the fuck out of being the middle man government and insurance companies.  Let me see all Doctor pricing, letting me decide who sticks a finger up my ass for less....   

WorkingClassMan's picture

Sometimes you just don't have time to research every doctor, every specialist and every situation in which you'll be treated...especially if you have something serious.


Then what will you do?  Go shopping for cheaper coverage whilst you're doubled over with kidney rocks, a heart attack, etc?


Nationalize healthcare...Medicare for all...basic coverage, limited and high deductible...it can be paid for by cutting waste, cutting aid to parasite nations like Isn'treal and the House of Fraud, and kicking out illegal alien scum and cutting out insurance scumpanies...but it won't be done because of "muh profits."


willspeaks's picture

Sounds like you need to hire a "LifeCoach"

SummerSausage's picture

How are you going to cut waste when waste is what the government is best at?

Your plan essentially is to have everybody pay a monthly premium so they can go to the VA.  You think the VA model is suddenly going to improve overnight because more people are making demands on the system and a bureaucrat who can't be fired with a high school education but reading on a 6th grade level will be determining if a procedure is covered.

Beautiful. Let's have more government in every aspect of our lives because we're too stupid to make our own decisions about how to live and spend the money we earn.

dot_bust's picture

We don't need legislation to help Americans get health insurance.

We need to reduce the cost of healthcare. And, health insurance isn't healthcare.

The Federal government must do several things:

  1. Break up the pharmaceutical companies and hospital chains. Enforce U.S. antitrust laws.
  2. Stop giving out government grants for each pharmaceutical company's R&D. They're not entitled to free money.
  3. Start importing lower-priced pharmaceuticals from other countries. That's the only way that U.S. pharmaceutical companies will cut the shit and stop gouging ordinary Americans.
  4. Pass tort reform so that American doctors don't have to carry quite so much malpractice insurance.
  5. Stop hospitals from gouging consumers. The average hospital bill is a shocking example of overbilling.
  6. Stop dentists from price-gouging consumers. Dentists are among the greediest doctors in existence, and they cost people a fortune.
vietnamvet's picture

You're very close to the solution.  I would add 7) institute single-payer funding of health care and FORCE medical service and pharmaceutical providers to compete for those dollars - like a real "market" Trumpets keep braying about.

SummerSausage's picture

So your answer is VA for everybody. How's that working now?


Swamp Yankee's picture

Almost everyone in the Senate hates his guts... not a bad place to start!

new game's picture

preexisting condition. fat dumb and lazy has it's rewards...

simple shit maynard

NoWayJose's picture

I support the initial Cruz idea - he leaves Obamacare plans - so the Dems cannot criticize that. He then allows 'lite' plans - which will prove much more popular. Now cut the state line restrictions and get some real competition.

willspeaks's picture

I agree. I would have gone at this from a different tact though.

I would have said "If you like your Obamacare, you can keep your Obamacare" but we are going to offer everyone else other choices.