These Are America's Most Dangerous Cities

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Given that 2016 was the worst year for homicides in nearly two decades in Chicago, it comes as little surprise that the city has a reputation as one of the most violent places in the United States.

Last year, there were 762 murders, 3,550 shooting incidents and 4,331 shooting victims with an average of 12 people shot every single day.

In fact, the Windy City experienced more murders than New York and Los Angeles combined last year with the number of homicides there since 2001 eclipsing U.S. war dead in Iraq and Afghanistan by late November.

However, as Statista's Niall McCarthy notes, even though it had more murders than any other U.S. city last year, is Chicago's violent reputation entirely justified?

Infographic: America's Most Dangerous Cities  | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

According to nonprofit news outlet The Trace, Chicago is actually far behind other major U.S. cities in homicides per 100,000 residents.

It found that between 2010 and 2015, New Orleans had a homicide rate of 46.9 per 100,000 inhabitants compared to just 16.4 in Chicago.

As bad a problem as Chicago has on its hands, this metric does show that many other cities actually have higher levels of violence.

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truthalwayswinsout's picture

What the article misses is the fact that almost everyone of those cities are controlled by Niggers and Democrats.

We need Civil War II so we can fix all the problems left over from Civil War I.

XqWretch's picture

Is Tulsa a Demoncrat controlled city? Seious question...

onedb1's picture

The correlation is quite striking . Democrat run cities equate to high homicide rates. Its factual. With Tusla being the exception it seems. At this rate there won't be many Democrats left , oh didums ... 

Paul Kersey's picture

" Chicago is actually far behind other major U.S. cities in homicides per 100,000 residents."

There are third-world cities within U.S. cities, and it's best not to be a tourist there, especially after dark.

Croesus's picture

These studies never mention the demographics of these places...

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Lived in St Louis 2 years.  It's because of the Niggerians.

targayren hous's picture

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ThuleNord's picture

It's all about the correlation of non-white savages. Every single time.

goddammoron's picture

Chicago is actually brilliant.  Been here the last 20 years, downtown.  Georgeous.  Booming.  Prospering.  Raising my daughter right here. Maybe we'll ride our bikes to the Art Institute today.

What you read in the media is perfect for you if you are a Trumptard or Libtard.  Just like the sports page is perfect for you.  Just like the penny stock forums were perfect for you.

The People who die in this city, the people who flee this city, the people who are flocking to the city...under control and to the moon.  Beautiful day here in Chicago.  Absolutely f'king beautiful.

But those who don't like the weather in winter?  Might I suggest Atlanta.

Anon2017's picture

Chicago's highest crime neighborhood, Austin, has a murder rate higher than the worst countries in Central and South America. The website has very comprehensive data on murders and shootings in Chicago, so that's why I often refer to it. The website uses a more inclusive definition of homicides and by its calculations, the number of homicides in the city reached close to 800 in 2016.

Efforts to cut spending by the State of Illinois and the Federal government may well lead to more lawlessness in Chicago (and in other inner cities) in the future. Proposed defunding of Planned Parenthood in the Senate health bill, if successful, will probably mean more unwanted pregnancies and more unwanted babies born in the ghettos of the country and a spike in homicides and shootings in the future.

Freedom and liberty are meaningless slogans when large sections of most American cities are, for all practical purposes, no go zones. 





azusgm's picture

Trump has suggested he would make federal law enforcement available to Chicago for a while. I see the need, but don't like the idea of blurring federal and state even more. Maybe the DEA could mount a surge in Chicago and free up the PD who are currently working narcotics.

mike_king's picture

Portland is Dem controlled, too. It's not Democrats, it's blacks. Stop making excuses for them. They are cancer.

goober's picture

No doubt lots of excuses. How many have been killed or seriously harmed by those excuses and how many more to follow nation wide. Criminals like Kate and her troop of extremist need to be irradicated the sooner the better. And prosecute J. Kitzhaber and crew as well for the dissapearing $315 million ? There are many more crimes as well to be exposed in Oregon and of course Portland. A cesspool of extremist control feaks. Too bad people in Oregon are so fucking stupid, it used to be a great place not that long ago. And yes the far left extreme side is in correlation with BHO and crews maniac policies and serious mind fucking of the populace on steroids the last 8 years !

Washington state is even worse and all are same as Kawleefornya maniacs. Just not the same population and tax dollars to steal and work with. All are completely corrupted to the core via DEM control for far too long !

Hugh_Jorgan's picture

Guess again. The Dems are 20 for 20 here.

Tulsa and OK City are both lead by a majority of politicians that lean left. Tulsa has been an artys-fartsy center since the 1920s during the oil boom. So many inhabitants wish that Tulsa was an Austin, Tx or Eugene, OR. OK City is just a state capital and so has been in the Liberal Progressive crosshairs since 1970. OK City also has a ton of Federal employees. Tulsa also had, and may still have, the largest homosexual population for a city it's size in the US.

Tulsa and Tulsa county is somewhat better off than many similar sized cities elsewhere in the US as far as big government overreach and liberal policy, but statistically Tulsa is WAY off from the rest of Oklahoma in terms of political outlook.

charlewar's picture

you mean there is actually one crime infested, welfare mooching city NOT run by Dems? WOW!!! What a shock!

SWRichmond's picture

Our enemies are concentrated in major metropolitan areas which produce nothing for themselves; food water electricity are all transported through or outright produced in conservative areas.

Rarely in history has an enemy self-concentrated in such inherently vulnerable areas.  Eliminating large numbers of them would be child's play.  Simply take away their  f ood and utility services and the extreme lower classes, which the upper classes claim champion and "represent", would eat the upper classes for dinner.

Got popcorn?

hoos bin pharteen's picture

Historically, the cities loot the countryside to hold the city.  Plan accordingly.

Hugh_Jorgan's picture

Nope Tulsa leans left too. It's not SanFran by any stretch, but both it and OK City are led by mostly Dems and have liberal leanings. Very un-Oklahoman.

BuckWild's picture

Tulsa is a east coast city run by Joo's and Fags.

Hugh_Jorgan's picture

To put it in the most crude and base terms possible. Yes.

BuckWild's picture

You are right I am crude rude and socially unacceptable. But that is just because I don't try to sugarcoat my shit and put a gold ring in a pigs nose. I stand corrected and accept your truth about my comment.

We both said basically the same thing about Tulsa I just did it in one sentence you used a paragraph.

I lived downtown when I first moved to Tulsa. I was shocked the first night we spent there. I thought to myself "how could the east coast have so much power over Tulsa Oklahoma"?

I soon realized the Oil money brought the debauchery and elitist mentality the rich have in Tulsa. The criminals from NY moved here when oil was discovered and they came to steal, kill and destroy "Those Indians"

It is a "Study City" for the Joo's that control the government here.

Also one thing to mention.... the Black people here are mostly hard working and the kindest people I have run across in Oklahoma. On the other hand the White trash and the Rulers here are people I would only wish the worst for. I have never been ripped off more in business dealings in my life. I have lived in major cities all over and this place tops the list for criminal activity from the top down.

The racism is the worst here of any city I have ever lived in. It is real and in your face all day every day! I think Tulsa is the only place in the USA that the Black community was bombed by the whites from small aircraft. 

This mentality is still alive a well in Oklahoma!,_Tulsa

goober's picture

Not on board with the joo thing particularly. But appreciate it is well past time to speak the truth of many matters. Most people are in fact afraid to say what they really think or know to be the truth of many matters ! We are being forced to face this dilemma and its a good thing !

HopefulCynical's picture

Not on board with the joo thing particularly.

Neither was I.

HRClinton's picture

Interestingly enough, historians generally agree that World War II was triggered by the ills of World War I.

goober's picture

WW I was the play book for the entire 20th Century. And our current dilemma is just the beginning of the ending of that set of Oligarchs and economic paradigms. This actually explains a lot of it , quite genius and very entertaining

And this one is even more relevant today than a few yaers back as well. Music, script/dialogue and historical perspectives all quite excellent !

"The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design" F.A. Hayek

HRH Feant2's picture

50 years of welfare, too. The generosity of the democrats successfully destroyed the black family. And is working hard to destroy white families, too.

Future generations will curse welfare for how it destroyed culture and family. They will hate the left for generations for such idiocy and foolishness.

People are waking up. Finally. I hope it isn't too late.

glitzcity's picture

It's actually lack of economic opportunities. As awful as these numbers look, they're quite low compared to some of the cities in South America where there is no welfare or any social services.


azusgm's picture

Uh, no. Not entirely.

It's lack of proper upbringing. How many of these gang bangers come from homes with a worthy male who is continually present? They have not learned the dignity of work. They have had no decent role model as the most important man in their lives. They reach their upper teenage years without having learned that a real man who loves them works hard to put their food on the table. They leave high school without the basic understanding that jobs for them must equal a value-added aspect for an employer.

While the efforts are, at least in part, geared toward freeing up jobs for Americans, the efforts appear to be in vain. Oscar Martinez, the owner of an Austin drywall company said that his business has taken “a big hit” since the anti-immigration rhetoric has ramped up in the last year. As far as hiring Americans for those jobs, he told a local reporter that those he has hired “can’t last in this job more than half a day.”

Hugh_Jorgan's picture

Yep, a strong family and 10 Commandment morals are they keys. How far we have fallen.

takeaction's picture

I just wish they would learn to shoot like this 13 year old girl.........then no problem soon.

Sudden Debt's picture

Welcome to your future.

By 2040, America will get it's first Latino president, colored will rule America and the policies of the banana republic they came from will be implemented in America.

Can't wait to see all that shit happening

2banana's picture

I dunno if this a bad thing.

Most latinos I know are pretty conservative and hard working.

And are rasing their kids that way.

And hate lazy chimps on welfare.

Charles Nelson Reilly's picture

I would agree with this for the most part. I've got a landscaper and contractor from El Salvador I use. Guys are straight businessmen employing fellow migrants and there is zero fucking around going on. Show up on time, fix what I'm not happy with and then ask for referral business when they're done.

Tejano's picture

So you are willing to trade what's left of European-American culture and institutions for cheap landscaping. Why do you think El Salvador is so fucked up? It's because Salvadorans live there! MS-13 coming to a neighborhood near you and you think that's a good idea?

Mow your own stinkin' lawn.

goober's picture

Thanks for exposing yourself as part of the problem in USA today ! Are you just fat or obese and lazy ?

glitzcity's picture
“Change cannot occur if the displaced ruling class is left intact after a revolution against them. We have proof of this throughout South America. Every revolution by the indigenous people has left unmolested the Spanish ruling class, and every revolution has been overthrown[.]”

—Paul Craig Roberts,


The elites will love it, theyl''l make more money with Latino in charge. Look at Cruz or Rubio now.

ipso_facto's picture

'... policies of the banana republic they came from will be implemented in America...'

Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, 1957

goober's picture

I seriously doubt we can make it to 2040 with the current circumstances. I doubt your perspective plays out that simply. White people are dumb, but they are also being affected greatly by the many false paradigms created to contorl them. They are waking up but slowly and many outlier events will play out as well to speed up dissent and retaliation of events conspired toward whites.

Not sure why anybody would look forward to such ? I don't because I know long before 2040 we will see tremenedous chaos and some of it will be racially motivated and connected to economic failures. The vast majority of negatives is NOT a white latino issue. By far most violence against whites comes from blacks , latinos second.

Kat Daddy's picture

Democrats commit by far the most homicides in the USA; Blacks, Latinos, Bolsheviks; AND THEY WANT TO TAKE THE GUNS OF LAW ABIDING CITIZENS!  We have a 4 - 8 year reprieve before the Judeo-Masonic Bolsheviks take back the government. Prepare accordingly.

Kantbelieveit's picture

You aren't an ignorant racist, right? You just hate black people.

ludwigvmises's picture

The shocking truth is that despite the influx of 3 million violent, rapist and illiterate towel-heads into Europe its still safer than our inner city ghettos!

HRClinton's picture

In the US inner cities, drug related crimes act as a form of population control, to compensate for the lack of birth control. Some argue.

JimJinNJ's picture

as does the abortion industry.  that's the only reason I tolerate abortion.

Déjà view's picture

Most violent...

Except for S. Africa...ALL these cities are in New World...from U.S. on south.


European Domination
Out of the top 25 countries topping the list of the globe’s safest, 18 are European, with several of the others in the top 25 hailing from Asia or Oceania, and Canada standing alone in representing the Americas.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

I can't believe San Bernardino (1997 Murder Capital USA) wasn't on the list. Gunfire is just background noise in San Bernardino.

pparalegal's picture

Naw. No speakie English Stockton (and runner-up Merced and Fresno) has them on that one.