Schaeuble: "The Britons Were Endlessly Lied To And Deceived" On Brexit

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For the embattled British Prime Minister Theresa May, the Brexit negotiation is rapidly turning into one of the circles of hell, with the British PM, desperate for some shred of consensus, suddenly finds herself making concessions left and right, and even as she refuses to be talked into a "soft Brexit" trap, with the tens of billions in obligations it would entail, she finds she may have no choice but to yield on many other topical issues, and that's without even getting into who keeps control over euro clearing, or the appeals to the European Court of Justice. Making matters worse, in most cases May's overtures are not enough, as Bloomberg reports, because when May  proposed to safeguard residency rights of European Union citizens currently living in the U.K., EU leaders offered a "tepid reception both in Europe and at home, with EU counterparts and London Mayor Sadiq Khan stressing that many issues remain unresolved."

In short, as the BBC summarized today, "EU leaders says UK offer could 'worsen situation'"

Meanwhile, the European trolling continued, and nowhere more so than the country which as recently as a year ago was the UK's closest continental ally, Germany.

Here, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said that British people were "endlessly lied to and deceived" in last year's Brexit referendum campaign. The finance minister, speaking on the first anniversary of the Brexit vote, was scathing about the "leave" campaigners who persuaded a majority of voters to opt to quit the European Union.

"The Britons were endlessly lied to and deceived," Schaeuble told a conference according to Reuters. When the Brexit campaigners "happened to be successful, the ones who did it ran away because they said they can't take responsibility". In the days after the vote, Prime Minister David Cameron, who called the referendum, resigned, and several prominent leave campaigners dropped out of the race to succeed him.

Schaeuble said the 70 years of growth and prosperity Europe had known since World War Two was not based on pure majoritarianism but on sustainable democratic models.

"(We need) not just mechanisms that consist of my promising something to a majority," he said.

He concluded with a valid point: "Then you only have to look at the demographics to see that you'll end up with endless debates about redistribution that lead to jealousy."

What he did not touch on is that while demographics is indeed becoming an increasingly pressing issue for Europe, the underlying catalyst for the current polarized state of the world is not politicians, who were revealed as utterly incompetent in the years after the financial crisis, but the central banks who took over. What is strange is that politicians have been all too eager to take the fall for the disastrous monetary policies that have culminated with today's world, which is one wrong central bank word away from a market crash, and social turmoil.

Which in turn goes back full circle to what Albert Edwards said yesterday when he predicted that "Citizens Will Soon Turn Their Rage Towards Central Bankers." For the sake of the world, that day can't come too soon.

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Poor retard. Useless parasite.

auricle's picture

...and still being lied to by Schaeuble.

froze25's picture

How those Mussies working out for you Schaeuble in Germany, Yeah you left them no choice but to leave.

Manthong's picture


"The Britons Were Endlessly Lied To And Deceived"

Frau Schaeuble might be confusing Britons with Americans there..

Actually no, but he should be more inclusive in his statements and include Americans and Europeans.

(and I know it ain't supposed to be "Frau")


DetectiveStern's picture

I don't know about the others who voted for brexit but I voted not because of what pro-brexit campaigners or press said but because I believe the people of a country should elect the ones who write the nations laws not some unelected baureocrats. Of course Mr "elections don't matter" wouldn't understand this very basic principle.

I know in the UK we can't elect the upper house but I'd vote against those leeches as well given the chance.

mtl4's picture

He's just wheelchair QB.......not a clue how to actually play the game, EU is toast.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

"The Europeans Were Endlessly Lied To And Deceived" On Multiculturalism


bamawatson's picture

there will be No Exit !

el buitre's picture

Poor Herr Schäuble is butt hurt and thanks to the failed assassination attempt, can't stand up to relieve himself.  Perhaps he may have to say Auf Wiedersehen to the Fourth Reich from a seated position.

Creative_Destruct's picture

"What he did not touch on..."   is just EXACTLY what the supposed "lies" were !!!

At least not in this article. Either the reporting here leaves a lot to be desired, or he did not back up his assertion with facts.

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If you make so much fuckin' money , then why the fuck are you spamming this page for a living ?You useless piece of shit parasite !

Creative_Destruct's picture

"I believe the people of a country should elect the ones who write the nations laws not some unelected bureaucrats."


A major rally cry for the America Revolution was "Taxation without representation is tyranny.”. ( James Otis 1761)

But a lot of good representaion did us.... now instead of a tea tax, there are taxes on EVERYTHING.

Each rep acts like a little king/queen.

Perfect solution, it ain't. But better than the bureaucratic alternative.

lasvegaspersona's picture

Just rewatched the much parodied DOWNFALL last night. Frau is the right word...cuz I'm expert in German now.....

DavidC's picture


Schaueble, please EFF OFF!! I do NOT want to be governed by an unaccountable, unelected bureaucrat or the alcoholic, 'You have to lie when it gets serious'Jean Claude Juncker or any FUCKWIT like you!


The Ram's picture

Fuck the German Government.  They have been living in the land of Oz, aka, the EU, for so long that they cannot even see the reality of what is happening around them.  I can only hope the German people have more sense than 'Snobble'.  Earth to Germany.....the EU is a sinking ship. Jump off soon!  BTW, so is America, but we do not have a mass muslim invasion....yet.

markar's picture

The only people with any sense in Germany are the captains of industry who are quietly making deals with Russia and the East. 

chiswickcat's picture

The most annoying thing about the claim that people voted leave because they were lied to, implies that the clever remain people saw through the lies, but the Brexiteers were stupid for believing them. We all heard the same information. It's ironic but the remain campaign told the biggest whopping lies of all.

researchfix's picture

We all know that. Schäuble is a sad old man, whom nobody won´t need anymore in 3 months. Getting out of power is death for such creatures. May his body live long.


44magnum's picture

must have tribe blood in him.

The First Rule's picture

I wonder if Britian is ever going to figure out that they have the Negotiating ADVANTAGE in these talks.

They have a large trade imbalance; and if they chose, they could quite literally crush Germany's economy.

Mimir's picture

I wonder, if people like you ever are going to understand and admit, that this nonsense of trade imbalance only exit in nominal terms. As relative importance to the UK and the EU economies, the situation is inverse. That's what matters in negotiations, which you will experience in the coming months.

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

There's not a damn thing 'democratic' about the EU.  All of the EU's real power is vested in the European Council and the European Commission.

Ghordius's picture

true. in the sense that those have to be both on board to launch any EU initiative
particularly a qualified majority of national governments

but then, a majority in the elected EU Parliament is needed, too. featuring MEPs like Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen

and if the national parliaments feel they have to be consulted... well THAT's where we put sovereignty, don't we? hard to say no

Schaeuble is not trolling, ZH. He is stating a quite common view among Christian Democrats (EPP) on the Continent. (Have you checked on the Hungarian POV? On Orban's? )

kind of "brexit = self mutilation caused by propaganda exceeding it's goals and caught with their trousers down, with no plan"

stilletto2's picture

EU is the 4th Reich and brexit is the messy but necessary escape from EU fascist empire. But the Eu fascists hate escapers.  By the way every time an eu official speaks he seems top reveal his arrogance, intolerance and belligerance. Every day more Brits just want out now and be rid of the evil EU empire. Brexit was caused by the EUs arrogance.

OscarWhisky's picture

That may be true but the troughing politicians smell blood. I think there is now a strong chance of another referendum and the "right" result happens.

May is weak and the UK currently, is frankly, an embarrassment.

kellys_eye's picture

What a fcking hypocrite - not a word on the deceit and lies that TOOK US to the EEC/EU in the first place.  Typical bare-faced lying little sh1te we expect from the EU.

But 'keep it up'.  It was this attitude from the likes of him, the EU and even Obarmy - the condescension - that turned many voters and will continue to raise the British ire against the EU and all it stands for.

Mimir's picture

Which lies and deceits took you the UK into the EEC ???

Would you bother to mention just one ?

Ghordius's picture

I have one: Brits were lied to about "joining a free trade zone only". with a sidedish of "and we'll keep continentals from going political union"

the politico's joke was: "we join them to keep them separate"

from memory, all parties kept that line. as often, in British politics, nobody was interested in details

like continentals having facts pointing in a different direction, like the Treaty of Rome

40 years of lies. sedimented, cemented, rock hard. English can make loud and deaf, when it's the only language you speak. meh, nothing new

RagaMuffin's picture

From a master, is that a complaint or complement?

FoggyWorld's picture

Never, ever trust a German Finance Minister.

libertysghost's picture

One more "classic blunder" too many have fallen for, to add to these:

Zorba's idea's picture

almost as trustworthy as a german exhaust specialist

Last of the Middle Class's picture

"The sky is falling" by Chicken Little!  a.k.a. "The complete handbook for the globalist take over of all societies"

Clowns on Acid's picture

Schaeuble ! Go back to Middle Earth you feckin' hobbit !

libertysghost's picture

So he's claiming this was before OR after the Brits were lied to about the "soveriegnty they would maintain" and the "benefits" they would get before joining up with their EU lying asses? 


It's hard to keep track when you doing propaganda I'm sure Schaeuble. 

Cordeezy's picture

Americans need to watch what is going on here, before the EU the UK was one of the best economies in the world, and it was the banking capital of Europe.  Since then the UK has gone down hill by every measurement.  Now because they intertwined their economy with the lesser European economies, it is hard for them to be released from this bind.  If this ever becomes a North American Union, the same thing will happen the USA.  The strong dont bring up the weak, the weak bring down the strong then complain when the strong don't like that deal.



Mimir's picture

"before the EU the UK was one of the best economies in the world" !!!!

LOL !!!! 

Schäuble is obviously right.

Uncle Sugar's picture

Brussels only had the Brits best interest at heart.

Those Germans, great senses of humor!


gmak's picture

WHen someone comes to me and says "Have I got a deal for you", I count my fingers after shaking hands.

beijing expat's picture

Whatever he advises, do the opposite and you will be fine.

VWAndy's picture

lol A bankster bitching about of people lying? hahahaha

samsara's picture

"Schaeuble: "The Britons Were Endlessly Lied To And Deceived" On Brexit"

By Rothschild and their minions( ie the EU et al)

Mimir's picture

No, by the tabloid press and the die hard Brexiter mavericks. 

DaNuts's picture

The BBC was full of lies too and don't forget all of the experts.

gaoptimize's picture

No Schaeuble, it is you and the globalist scum leadership of the EU who have lied to the European people since you started your maniacle plan to turn a multilateral steel cooperation agreement into a tyranny.

Please watch "Brexit - The Movie" to see that step towards fascism that the USA has yet to take.

SmittyinLA's picture

I see 70 years of debt invasion and state restraint at every level, after ww2 the west said "we won now let's go full retard faggot Socialist bankrupt" in an orgy of debt and invasion