Russia Hacking Allegations Driven By a Serial Liar

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Today’s lengthy Washington Post’s story makes it clear that former CIA boss John Brennan is largely responsible for driving the claim that Russia hacked the election.

But Brennan is a proven, documented liar.  He was busted for lying to Congress and the American public by claiming  that the CIA wasn’t spying on the Congressional investigation into torture … when it was.

Indeed, the Washington Post called on Brennan to be fired for lying.

And Brennan lied when – as Obama’s counter-terrorism advisor – he said that in the past year there had not been a single collateral death from drone strikes. (He later changed that slightly to say there was no “credible evidence” of such deaths.)   But there was abundant and credible evidence of collateral deaths from drone strikes.  As just one example among many, a March 2011 CIA drone attack in Pakistan killed some 50 people, including tribal elders who were gathered for a tribal conclave.)

Trevor Timm pointed out at the Guardian:

Internal intelligence documents leaked to McClatchy later confirmed Brennan to have lied at the time ….


When Brennan was approved by the Senate, many of his friends told the media he wanted to get the CIA out of the drone business and hand operations over to the Pentagon, but of course once he assumed his office, he seems to have reversed course and kept the drone program under CIA control.


Brennan also fed the public wildly inaccurate details about the Osama bin Laden raid in 2011, and despite condemning leaks of classified information from others, he has often leaks classified information himself to suit his own needs.




This is the type of spy … who lies because he doesn’t like to tell the truth.

Indeed, Brennan’s CIA even created hacking techniques to frame other countries for hacking incidents.  

Why is the media taking Brennan’s claims at face value?  Especially when some of the other claims of Russian hacking have officially been debunked?

As Pulitzer-prize winning reporter Seymour Hersch said in January in a story questioning the whole Russian hacking story:

[If I had been covering the story,] I would have made [John] Brennan into a buffoon. A yapping buffoon in the last few days. Instead, everything is reported seriously.

Postscript: The other intelligence official behind many of the Russian hacking claims – James Clapper – is also a confirmed liar.

And see this and this.

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Squilliam Fancyson's picture

I have always advocated for lies to become an administrative offense and it ought to be fined when two witnesses argue against the offender, which in fact is a bible law. The fine should not be too high to avoid misuse.

For those who say rich people would laugh at my demand and would start collecting "truth infractions" as a pastime, I say, in my world there would be no rich people (or octopi like me), at least no super rich.

francis scott falseflag's picture


The FSB photographed Brennan in the Maidan about a month before the coup.

He had several steamer trunks full of Ben Franklins in his hotel room. 

redmudhooch's picture

They're pushing this Russian nonsense because obama was spying on Trump during the campaign for political purposes. If they can convince us that Trump was colluding with Russia then the spying wouldn't be illegal.
Obama was spying on everyone, judges, politicians, me, you, literally everyone.
That is why they're fabricating this nonsense, simple as that.
See Dennis Montgomery at Freedom Watch...

Squilliam Fancyson's picture

While I partly agree with you, I believe there is never one single reason for any major political action. After all the motto is "never let a good crisis go to waste".

MeetTozter's picture

The Brennen/Clapper X-Trump Files - "I want to believe."

chindit13's picture

To those to whom it may apply....

Since the Russian hacking, the IC has been gathering material on the many shills and cut-outs the FSB and SVR have in countries such as the US, Canada, UK, Germany, etc. If you---the generic 'you'---are one, you should know that all of your particulars are known, including name and address, daily routines, spending habits, bank accounts, individual 'proclivities', etc. The guilty would be well advised to consider relocation to the comfy confines of Putinistan, because at any moment.....

Lurk Skywatcher's picture

because at any moment... you could be scooped up, re-edumacated, and turned into a semi useful retard like chindick13.

Able Ape's picture

How to determine if someone is a serial LIAR:

gordo53's picture

The government is full of liars.  Truth is the rarity.  In the intelligence game, misinformation is a tool and a weapon.  The CIA never, ever tells the truth.  To them (and many others) truth is a sign of weakness.

goober's picture

Very simply all about manipulating any situation to the desired outcome. A sort of mind control and of course PRAVDA/MSM is part of the team to make it all happen.

Brennan, Clapper and Comey should all be tarred and feathered or waterboarded, take your pick. Them and of course BHO and Holder have created this fucking mess and still manipulating it all behind the scenes. At a minimum they all deserve to get a dose of theIr own medicine as they deliberately harmed others, so they shoud receive the same. That would be fair and just !

This is not really about Trump particularly. It is about losing their power to an outsider, simple as that. These people are all simply criminals and shoulld be dealt with accordingly. The fools that follow and worship them are the same people who are making threats and enciting violence and they too are criminals. Time they all get a dose of their own medicine. Fuck em all !

vietnamvet's picture

According to the NY Times ... so take this with two grains of salt ... a bigger liar is our double-dealing terrorist-supporting Cheeto-In-Chief Trump:

What makes this so easy of course is the Trumpet's loose lips and a retarded brain that believes folks aren't really tracking the shit spewing from his mouth.


Dead Indiana Sky's picture

Hillarious that you link the NYT.  Bravo!!

whosyerdaddy's picture

I can sum up all philosophy in one sentence: The TRUTH is all we have, EVERYTHING ELSE IS JUST A LIE.

Bob Dylan said "there is no truth outside the Gates of Eden". Great great song.

Are we really going to topple a government on the squishiest of mental masturbations?

silvercity's picture

The TRUTH is all we have

So, how is one to know what is true and what is lie? Do you suggest that one simply believe you?

whosyerdaddy's picture

You are too stupid to reply to, but I did because you're too stupid to know it.

silvercity's picture

I am too stupid...but you have no answer.

whosyerdaddy's picture

I have the answers. It is after all you who are asking the questions grasshoppper.

Northern Flicker's picture

That makes 3 of them.

Comey should be investigated for covering up information supplied by whistleblower Dennis Montgomery in 2014.

According to Freedom Watch, the information shows the Obama administration was conducting widespread domestic spying for years; including 156 judges, the Supreme Court, and congress, Trump and many, many others. This information has been in the hands of James Comey for several years, but he did nothing.  If this is true, Comey also lied to Congress in saying that Trump wasn’t “wiretapped.”  (In this regard, he is no different than James Clapper and John Brennan, who also denied widespread domestic spying to Congress.  They are all guilty.) 

goober's picture

Deceit and lies were the hallmark of th BHO regime from top to bottom. They are manipulators and criminals of the highest order. I realize they are not the first , but they were and still are the worst by an order of X 10. Everything was an obfuscation based on a lie and distortion to manipulate an outcome. These are some seriosu sick and dangerous motherfuckers, all of them !

We are at the exact same spot where we were when our revolution occurred for the same reasons, control and power over YOU !

Goldennutz's picture

Now we know why gaywad Justice John Roberts voted in favor of Obama care.

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

Comey and Bob Mueller are both Clinton back pocket people.  Honestly, what does anyone expect these 2 bought-and-paid-for shills to say?  Only rabid dogs bite the hand that feeds

silvercity's picture

All of Washington DC's government class is committed to Russiagate as long as Trump is President. If Trump resigns you will never here of it again. That is all it is about.

roadhazard's picture

Dear Geroge,

ALL of Congerss knows the russians fucked with the election.  But you keep whining, son.

francis scott falseflag's picture

'All of (the under 18% approval-rating, US ) Congress knows the Russians

fucked with the election.'



"Shocked.  I'm shocked to find there is knowledge going on in Congress."


PETER LORRE  (handing cash to RAINS)

"Your whinings, Sir."

silvercity's picture

That certainely is what they all say, Rs and Ds.

whosyerdaddy's picture

Unlike the pols roadhazard can you offer one specific? one shred of real evidence? Didn't think so.

silvercity's picture

Evidence is over rated. Evidence proves nothing. Haven't you seen enough videos of cop shootings to know that. You cannot even prove that you exist. Evidence is trumped by authority. Kafka

whosyerdaddy's picture

You sound like a real Dimbulb snowflake. What's next? Gonna squirt a few? Accuse me of hate speech. My Descartes TRUMPS your mad-beetle Kafka, Cogito ergo sum dumbass.

Flybyknight's picture

Dear roadhazard

If you believe that you will believe anything.

roadhazard's picture

Personally I don't give a fuck one way or the other. The whole election was a cosmic joke resulting in a giant Cluster Fuck and anyone defending Trump is part of the Cluster. Hitlery was an equal part of the Cluster. America has shit itself.

But I do see with my own eyes that Congress believes Pootin fucked with the election. What You think means zero to me. 

francis scott falseflag's picture


"America has shit itself."



SoDamnMad's picture

If you keep telling the same lie long enough, people will believe it as the truth.

Russian "moskirovka" tells lies and then quickly moves on to the next lie before the investigators can put the truth out about the first lie. It is a rolling system that prevents the truth from catching up to the lies.  

Victor999's picture

I am so happy that the US government doesn't engage in such things - lies after lies after lies.  No sirree.

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

Yes, that's Goebbels line...tell a lie big enough and often enough...

Except in this case, there's a short-circuit in that line of reasoning.  The short is, the lie is being promoted by known and professional liars (i.e., people who earn their pay by BEING deceptive and dishonest).  Moreover, the lies have been told to people who have accumulated a lifetime's worth of evidence NOT to trust government.  So when some unidentified spokesman or "inside" source says something, most  rational people simply disregard it as if the speaker had just uttered gibberish.  

Or put it this way:  there's a reason that in 1964, more than 70% of citizens expressed trust that government usually operated with the country's best interests in mind.  Now, fewer than 20% believe that.   In that <20% we no doubt will find the self-serving political establishment who benefit from the lie's promotion, or we find the mentally unstable (oh, sorry, I guess that's redundant, isn't it?) .  

silvercity's picture

Everyone in government is a liar right down to the dog catcher. It is a prerequisite.

Reaper's picture

Brennan serves his masters. Lying is acceptable to his divine master and to his temporal masters.

Fools find virtue in believing liars. Russian hackers would have used similar tools as the CIA uses to cover its tracks, as revealed in Vault 7. Ergo, CIA claims of Russian hacking are not verified.

The essence of the CIA, or spying, is deceit. Brennan and Clapper are acknowledged perjurers. Ergo, Russian hacking claims are discredited by their impeached witnesses.

hootowl's picture

Brennan is a muslime.  He is permitted by his Satanic Master to lie, cheat, murder, and do anything else whatsoever, as long as it promotes and/or promulgates Satanic muslimery.

Dumpster Elite's picture

Rhetorical question: At what other time would the NYT/WaPo have taken ANYTHING that comes out of the mouths of Clapper/Brennan at face value???
Answer: NEVER!!!! (because they are now a PART of Clapper/Brennan!!! They are the propaganda arm of the CIA/NSA. Clapper/Brennan will tell you it's raining outside, when the sun is shining, if they have something to gain by lying to you. There IS such a thing as EVIL, and they personify it.)

silvercity's picture

Clapper/Brennan is not the real issue. The real issue is the Republican congresscriters who are vocal in oppossing Clapper/Brennan. And the Republican governors who are vocal in oppossing Clapper/Brennan. Where oh where are the moderate Republicans? Can anyone name one Republican politician who is vocal in oppossing Clapper/Brennan? I can't.

goober's picture

Rand Paul, Jason Chaffetz and at least 2 dozen others. Although they are not amny compared to the the other whores

silvercity's picture

Could not find any evidence on the web that Rand Paul or Jason Chaffetz are vocal in denying that Russian hacking took place. Chaffitz is running and hiding. Could not find any names of any other(a dozen or 2) that vocally state that a Russian hack did not happen. The only source I have is the web. Perhaps you have better sources?

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

Just so.  Whatever the front page or editorial page of the WaPoo says on matters of substance, it is the 7th floor at Langley doing the talking.  Google "Operation Mockingbird" and you'll begin to get the picture...

goober's picture

Yep journalism = CIA employees and stooges

DirtySanchez's picture

The problem is, the corruption is so acute, there's really no one agency to trust.

DC is a sick, twisted place. Up is down, and bright is dark.

Lots of very bad hombres, looking to grab power and money for themselves, likely turned representative government FUBAR..

mary mary's picture

John Brennan is an Irish Catholic.  He serves the Pope.

WillyGroper's picture

he's a closet wahhabist convert.

you fur shur got the top of this perverted pyramid correct.

sovereign defers to sovereign in both color & covering.   odd for the head of the C of E, doncha think?

all denominations serve him...what else comes in denominations?


mary mary's picture

Fake news.  He's Catholic.

Victor999's picture

More likely Sunni Muslim.