Visa Is Hiring An Ethereum Blockchain Engineer

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For all those hardcore ethereum bugs who got stopped out at $13 during last week's 96% flash crash (and in some cases as low as $0.10) we have some good news: Visa wants to hire a BlockChain engineer who is "experienced with Ethereum and blockchain architecture to be a part of team tasked with building distributed application."

There is just one problem: while we are confident compensation will be generous, according to the qualification requirements, "total Industry experience must be 8+ years" which is about twice as long as Ethereum has been in existence, and roughly as long as the very concept of blockchain has existed: perhaps Visa is only seeking to hire Satoshi?

By they way, did we mention that Visa is now working on Blockchain technology, is building a "distributed application" and the successful candidate "will be working in VISA Global Commercial Payments area, team will be building a new payment rail leveraging Blockchain technology and distributed ledger."

As Visa goes increasingly more publich with with aggressive expansion into blockchain - recal last year the company Introduced "International B2B Payment Solution Built on Chain’s Blockchain Technology" with virtually nobody noticing, the recent gains in ETH - if only as the rest of the world rushes in over all the "blockchain" buzz-  which has resulted in a 40x return YTD, blowing away every single other asset class, will pale in comparison to what may be coming. Which reminds us of our February post "Ethereum To Soar After JPMorgan, Intel, Microsoft And Others Form Blockchain Alliance." It did: back then Ethereum was $13.

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MillionDollarButter's picture

back then, lol.  I might apply for giggles.

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First crypto of which I became aware was bitcoin in 2012, immediately became enamored. Still to this day I admire both the creation, and the concept. However, 66 years on this planet  taught me "they" will not allow Anything to exist unfettered outside of their sphere. In undergrad poly-sci I had to read Herbert Marcuse One Dimensional Man; did not give a flyin fig about anything other than getting high and nailing women; but, for some reason, correct or not, what I gleaned from Marcuse was this --- if "they" can not destroy that which exists unfettered outside their sphere; then "they" marginalize and co-opt it such that it exists only Inside their dimension under their terms. The example used at that time, either by Marcuse or my commie prof, was the vw bus. Hippies n such had taken the plain simple bus, and turned it into a unique "mobile home". So what happened ? The auto manufacturers co-opted that concept and mass produced conversion van. The hippie vw bus became a dinosaur. Here at zh I have made comments construed by many as anti-crypto. I am not anti-crypto. BUT, I do see "them" steadily co-opting crypto. The gates to the slippery slope slide are now open. When I read blythe masters was working on blockchain crypto for 'the boys', I knew the descent would be rapid and total.


Crypto-World-Order's picture

" Anything to exist unfettered outside of their sphere"...its already existing outside the sphere numnutz....

MillionDollarButter's picture

bamawatson, anything is manipulable if you have the resources to manipulate the supply and demand.

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Just Another Vietnam Vet's picture


So the BIG BIG selling point of crypto is that only a limited fixed amount is made and NO more. Period. 


What  NO  ONE says is that the CRYPTO currencies have EVERY ONE making their own version of the stuff.


How many types and quantities of the stuff before the dilution sets in ??????????


Like varieties and sellers of tulips.........?


shizzledizzle's picture

Speaking of dilution how about sidechains? Sidechains are to bitcoin what the printing press is to the federal reserve. You can never make any "more" dust dillute the existing supply to infinity.

AnarchistRex's picture

Important to understand - sidechains and new ethereum contract tokens aren't new currencies - they are in almost every case a token created like a share in a company for the development of new software projects. 

So dilution isn't what's happening in these cases - the economy is being expanded and these tokens are traded with their parent currency - e.g. sidechains -- bitcoin & contract-tokens -- ethereum.

It is the same with the stock markets around the world - new stocks are created to raise money for a company/project and such are traded in the currency of that particular stock market.


AnarchistRex's picture

Why would dillution set in?  Having alternatives isn't a bad thing - it encourages innovation - surely you are not against innovation.  Fools rush in and buy the latest new toy without doing their homework - so I am happy for fools to 'attempt' to dilute - they'll lose their money when the coin fails -- good money forces out bad -- and in the process they'll help to support further innovation.


Fear is the mind killer.

metanoic's picture

"if "they" can not destroy that which exists unfettered outside their sphere; then "they" marginalize and co-opt it such that it exists only Inside their dimension under their terms."


The behavior the 'system' exhibits to dynamically assimilate threats has been coined the 'self expressive economy'. If you haven't seen Century of the Self by Adam Curtis I'd recommend, sounds like you would enjoy it.

Abitdodgie's picture

$ 13 That must of hurt , so much for stop losses

e_goldstein's picture

The problem wasn't that the price went down to $13.00.

The problem was that Coinbase/Gdax locked their clients out of buying at the lower prices.

mary mary's picture

Just like 911, when Wall Street locked USA investors out of buying gold.  Foreigners, of course, were not locked out.  Who does Wall Street serve?

Oswald did it's picture

Exactly.  This is the problem right now,  The "exchanges" and trading platforms are rigging the market.

cryptoe's picture

GDAX is crediting all accounts hit by margin calls or had stop loss orders executed.

skbull44's picture

When the grid goes down I'll still have my bullion to barter with...

FoggyWorld's picture

If the grid goes down the last thing you will need is gold.   Try food, water, medicines, toilet paper - all that grocery stuff that we take for granted will be gone after the shevles are looted clean.   Trucks and cars today are loaded with electronics and they will come to a permanent stop as will gasoline pumps.     People can't eat gold though silver if used the right way can be an antibiotic.   Doesn't take much though.

If you are into stashing try booze and cigarettes.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Ammo, rice, and beans...welcome to Mehico.

HappyDeathMetal's picture

Too many people underestimate the consequences of the grid going down. They think they can grow lettuce in their backyards and trade with their neighbours, and only have to fight off a few people to defend their property. In reality, it would be worse than any movie I've seen. Human flesh would be the number one food. And your supply preps? Well make sure you can fight off huge gangs, good luck. The idea silver is better than bitcoin because you can trade without electricity is silly. 

PTR's picture

I love how one of the common arguments against using cryptos are "when the grid goes down..."


Because, you know, that happens so often.


Anyway, give this a gander.  About 10 mins of basic nuts and bolts info:

Seasmoke's picture

I have 10 years experience in stacking Gold and Silver. Give me a call Visa.

AlexCharting's picture

You have experience, but its bad experience. 

seek's picture

VISA has already made significant investments in cryptocurrencies over the past several years -- you can find them funding startups back in 2015, and starting their own services last year for the B2B segment. Not a shocker they'd expand beyond bitcoin.

bigkahuna's picture

as is typical - HR does not know it's ass from a hole in the ground

wet_nurse's picture

Hate to admit it, but if someone has years of blockchain experience and needs a job, they're a loser.

toknormal's picture

Visa are trying to develop their own blockchain - like the banks did with R3. They are currently buying the Jamie Dimon cool-aid that "blockchain" not "Bitcoin" if where the value is.

Here's news for you: Blockchain is infinitely reproducible, open source, ten-a-penny tech. Bitcoin on the other hand is where the value is since no other blockchain is likely to ever have it's genesis block dated in January 2009 and the Bitcoin network currently commands more hashpower than all the world's banks could ever muster if they spent their last $1 of reserves on CPUs.

Apart from anything else, blockchains are useless for fiat counterparty transaction settlement. They're too expensive, slow and need a lot of hashpower. Visa are better off with an SQL server.

Technical Difficulty's picture

Yes, they will have to build their own network. It will be interesting to see how they push this out the get broad adoption. The first step though is interco settlements / contracts.

I think R3 was looking to go public too quickly instead of getting to a working product (speculation) and lost some of their big supporters. There are other companies that are still engaged with these institutions working out the kinks.

24Richie's picture

One likely outcome is adoption of the ethereum technology but with the US$ as the currency.

fbazzrea's picture

and so it begins... 

montresor's picture

They'll play an H1-B for some Indian with 8 years of experience on 4 year old technology and complain that Americans lack the skills! Dipshits.

fbazzrea's picture

when i think about the banksters commandeering blockchain tech to operate their financial monopolies i'm forced to give them credit for shifting energy-usage costs and server capacity capital requirements from them to us.


Dragon HAwk's picture

Gosh sounds like they want to work on Secure Annon Transactions. that will never Happen  /s

FoggyWorld's picture

Grassley is already on bitcoins case.

I am Jobe's picture


Americans need not apply. We already have H1B candidates in mind



AustrianJim's picture

They don't have "AGILE" in their job description, so it might actually be a good place to work.

Yen Cross's picture

   Fucking scumbags at Visa want to get in on the ARB vs Yellen bux

asierguti's picture

Total industry experience doesn't mean that the developer needs to have 8 years ethereum experience. It means that the candidate should have 8 years of experience in software engineering in finance.


What the job post says is that Visa is working on their own blockchain technology, that's it. There is no information about what kind of blockchain, how it works, etc. Remember, blockchain is nothing more than a highly distributed database.

I love your wife's picture

It says experience in Ethereum and Blockchain.....

adr's picture

I don't see where they say they will be using Etherium tokens. 

Who says there has to be a mined token for the blockchain to work? 

Having to buy a token to facilitate a transfer is idiotic. Especially a token that vacilates in value constantly and can only handle 7 transactions a second. Yes I know ether can do more. 

What banks are looking at is the blockchain ledger. Instead of a credit card number, the customer would get a crypto key tied to a blockchain. This would track of of their transactions. I can see banks wanting to run their own network instead of paying Mastercard or Visa to process transactions. 

The problem is why would any bank want to run on any one of the already existing cryptos and need to buy tokens. 

In the end Cryptocurrencies are a solution to a problem that never existed. The only point for their existence is to run endless scams for the creators of Cryptocurrencies 900-10000. The ICO is pure proof of that statement. 

Every post about cryptos is nothing but a shameless plug for pumping the value of a worhtless coin someone holds. 

I_rikey_lice's picture

Bingo! Banks, governments, whoever, will develop their own cryptos. Bitcoin and all the other crypto users/cultists are just beta testing different technologies to see which one is the best in the long run.

Current cryptos are definitely not a long term store of value.

Crypto-World-Order's picture

Current cryptos are making me and others rich, live in the moment , something you need to learn more often.

fbazzrea's picture

more like living on the edge... which is fine. just be sure you know which.

I_rikey_lice's picture

I don't buy into bubbles, manias or parabolic rises. 

Good for you if you bought at the lows but right now is not a wise time to buy.

TeaClipper's picture

Its a bubble when everyone on my street knows what it is and is trying to get a piece of the action. I would be surprised if there was one person in my vicinity who had any idea what a crypto currency or the blockchain is, let alone have a clue how to trade in it. The only bubble is the one you are living in.