Megyn Kelly Fails To Fact Check Sandy Hook Father's Contradictory Claim In Alex Jones Hit Piece

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Last Sunday's exposé of Alex Jones on NBC's Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly was considered by many to be a tasteless and heavily edited attempt to smear the Infowars host and vocal supporter of Donald Trump. Despite a week of heavy promotion, the segment backfired - sending Kelly's ratings further into the toilet a week after her embarrassing interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin - an encounter which director Oliver Stone said she was 'not prepared for.'

This lack of preparation was obvious in the Jones interview - as Kelly and NBC aired footage of the grieving father of a Sandy Hook massacre victim which contains a major contradiction to the official story.

Neil Heslin

Prominently featured in the exposé is Neil Heslin - a father of one of the victims. During his interview with Megyn Kelly, Heslin described what happened the day of the shooting when 20 year old Adam Lanza murdered 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary school before committing suicide.

I dropped him off at 9:04. That's when we dropped him off at school with his book bag. Hours later I was picking' him up in a body bag.


I lost my son. I buried my son. I held my son with a bullet hole through his head.



Except this does not comport with the official story

Jim Fetzer, Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota who wrote a book claiming Sandy Hook was staged, notes that based on the facts of the case, Heslin's statement that he 'held his son with a bullet hole through his head' could not have happened. According to Coroner Wayne Carver, M.D., the parents of the victims weren't allowed to see their children's bodies - and were instead shown pictures to identify the deceased. Anderson Cooper even interviewed the parents of one of the victims about not being able to see their child.



While it's entirely possible that Mr. Heslin had access to his son after the shooting, given the highly contentious nature of the Sandy Hook massacre in which every aspect of the case has been pored over and dissected - it was incumbent upon Megyn Kelly and NBC to familiarize themselves with all sides of the argument so they could have identified and explained Heslin's statement.

By airing such an obvious contradiction to the official narrative, Megyn Kelly and NBC have lent credibility to Fetzer and other conspiracy researchers who often point to inconsistent reports from the MSM to support their theories.

She lied...

While Megyn Kelly can be heard weeks before the interview on a leaked recording promising Jones that the segment wouldn't be a 'hit job,' a promo released by NBC revealed she lied - as it was obvious Kelly was going to focus on statements made on Infowars about the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, MA committed by Adam Lanza.

She's a lawyer. It was a total cross-examination... And when I said that I believe children died at Sandy Hook, as I've said for years, she kept coming back with answers saying "you believe nobody died! You believe Anderson Cooper was involved!" and I said "NO! My listeners questioned it, I had debates with both sides, and I played devil's advocate." -Alex Jones

As a result of NBC's decision to air the piece, several corporate sponsors pulled advertisements, Megyn Kelly was disinvited to an anti 2nd Amendment event, and Jones implored NBC not to air the segment on Father's Day - citing the inappropriate timing.

Sandy Hook Questions

The final report on the Sandy Hook shooting concludes that Adam Lanza, 20, was a socially awkward lone gunman with unmedicated Obsessive Compulsive Disorder whose mother gave him negligent access to firearms - however several inconsistencies in the official report have led many to speculate that the incident was a hoax or a 'false flag' staged to justify gun control measures.

Among the questions people have:

  • Why were there reports of men dressed in camouflage who fled into the woods - one of whom police allegedly detained?
  • Why does Sandy Hook father Robbie Parker appear to 'get into character'
  • Why does the Sandy Hook Elementary website have no internet archive for four years? Was the school even open?
  • Why does it appear that several charities were set up before the December 14th shooting?
  • Why weren't the Victims' parents allowed to see their children's bodies?

While several Sandy Hook questions have been debunked - such as the missing internet archive, the massacre remains a hotly contested topic across the internet.

Alex Jones' official position is that he believes children died in the shooting - in fact, during a 2014 account of a hearing before the Newtown Board of Education, an Infowars journalist "did not dispute that Adam Lanza had perpetrated the shooting."

Yet despite Jones' official position, he and Infowars have played devil's advocate along the way - presenting facts and narratives which disagree with the official story.

And while Jones has presented a number of angles to the Sandy Hook massacre, Megyn Kelly and NBC chose to distort the facts through their lens of propaganda to fit their case against the Infowars host, while airing a gaping hole in the official story in their quest to destroy Alex Jones.

This needs to be addressed

By failing to identify the obvious contradiction between Neil Heslin's account and the official story, Kelly and her network have fanned the very flames of doubt and conspiracy they sought to silence, creating more questions than answers.

For the sake of all the Sandy Hook parents who weren't allowed to see their deceased children, and to settle this new piece of fodder for conspiracy theorists which they aired, Megyn Kelly and NBC have a responsibility to address this giant contradiction to the official story.


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bugoutbagzyklonB's picture

Did anyone check out the medical examiner Wayne Carver? Weird dude.

Check out his interview where he states he hopes this event doesn't come crashing down on everyones head. Obviously a staged event.

The parents were not even allowed to see the kids and the FBI crime stats report noone died in Newtown via murder in 2012.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Why wouldn't Trump tell us it was a fraud, if indeed Sandy Hook was a fraud? 


A. It wasn't a fraud.

B. Trump is in on it.

DeltaDawn's picture

My favorite Sandy Hook anomoly is the fact that protocol dicates that people must be pronounced dead at a hospital by a doctor (unless decapitated). No medivac helicopters, no ambulances loaded, no EMTs into the school, bodies brought out in the middle of the night, no injured children treated, and no death certificates. Parents showing up and knowing that their dead or injured child is inside. I am sorry, they are not going to loiter at the firestation, they are going into the school.  There are 100+ anomolies.  



Lucretius's picture

I dropped him off at 9:04. That's when we dropped him off at school with his book bag. Hours later I was picking' him up in a body bag.


I lost my son. I buried my son. I held my son with a bullet hole through his head.

9:04, not 9:00, not 9:03 and of course NOTfive after...  BULLSHT! in plain sight.

Quinvarius's picture

Dig up the caskets.  It makes no sense that every parent would have allowed their kids to be part of a closed casket state show funeral.  Let's see what is in them and settle this.

Solio's picture

MK is qualified to work at DQ.

pine_marten's picture

I can see her as an exotic dancer with stupid naive customers she dupes and rips off at every turn.

Fuck you Megan

Solio's picture

Say what you wish, back it up with your proofs!

No proof? Forget it!


aliens is here's picture

MK is an used up middle age woman who is desperate to be on the top again. She'll pull no stop to be in the news. Phony bimbo back stabbing blond.

aliens is here's picture

MK is an used up middle age woman who is desperate to be on the top again. She'll pull no stop to be in the news. Phony bimbo back stabbing blond.

We Are The Priests's picture

If Megan wants to be on top, all she need to do is come over to my place; she can be on top all she wants.  Well, that is, unless she wants anal.  That I prefer to administer doggy style

Akzed's picture

The “victims’” photos were either photoshopped or were childhood photos of older siblings. Adam Lanza never existed, but photoshopped pictures of him exist. One photo was taken from a TX family’s FB page, as evidenced by that mom’s frantic freakout when she discovered it. That right there sinks this ship, no further torpedoes needed.

AGuy's picture

". Adam Lanza never existed, but photoshopped pictures of him exist"

Adam Lanza existed. I know someone who lives in Newtown CT that had met the Lanza Family. I also know someone that lost a child in the attack.

The issue is that Lanza was prescribed SSRI prescription Drugs (Same as James Holmes in Colorado) as well as Columbine.

bugoutbagzyklonB's picture

Really who? What was there name?

I keep seeing comments like these all over the place.

Please tell us or you are just another paid dot gov shill coming in to (((correct the record)))

AGuy's picture

Please I am not going to disclose any names, especially on a Message board like ZH. Would you post contact info of friends, family on ZH? I don't think so.

I can tell you that Sandy Hook happened. Adam was taking SSRI drugs, Just like James Holmes and the Kid from Colombine.

I hate getting involved in this crap, because I doubt anyone here will believe me as you've already made up your minds.

optimator's picture

Not one wounded survivor that could set the record straight either. 

sam site's picture

You would think they would get their stories straight beforehand.  Coroner says parents never saw their dead children.  Fake father says he picked up the body bag of his son.

Just like with so many false flag events like 9-11, a stunning sloppiness becomes apparent.  In their arrogance, the globalists take for granted the sheeples blind allegiance and comatose state.

Of course they know their handicapping agenda using vaccines, fluoride, GMOs and chemtrails is usually sufficient to guarantee a state of confusion, anxiety and a blind allegiance to the state.



Akzed's picture

Regarding the sloppiness, 90% of people won't notice and so will swallow the official story, and the 10% who do notice the anamolies being discussed will alert the authorities to their doubts by sending URL's of debunking sites and videos to their friends AND the NSA unwittingly, thereby alerting authorities to their hostility to the regime.


Reaper's picture

As an unethical lawyer, Megyn, presented evidence she knew was false.

gregga777's picture

The Feral Gangster Government's organs of state propaganda (ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, WSJ, WaPo, etc.) lie about everything. They have been LYING non stop for more than 8 months about the supposed Russian involvement in electing President Donald Trump. Then they have the chutzpah to want me to believe all of these fake shootings and false flag operations are real events? Sorry, unless I see these events in person, and the dead bodies, in real-time with my own eyes I am not going to believe them. Even then I might not believe my own lying eyes. The Feral Gangster Government's organs of state propaganda have lost all credibility. They are all traitors to the Constitution and do not deserve anything but scorn and contempt. And Megan Kelley needs another pound of makeup smeared all over her face.

Bumpo's picture

No Medivacs, helicoptors, even bodies taken to ambulances. Nothing. Just Gene Rosen practicing his lines in front of his house. WTF

Huh Reeeally's picture

And no child deaths recorded by the FBI or the state social security Master Death File.... Wait, what?

roadhazard's picture

You clowns are really fucked up.

mary mary's picture

Crisis actors.  Always crisis actors.  Being interviewed by crisis spokesmodels like MK. 

"Truly they have their reward", but "there shall be much weeping and gnashing of teeth".

iamerican4's picture

Sandy Hook was a hoax, clearly staged for one distinct reason:

The next day ZioTalmud Khazar false-Jews Schumer, Feinstein, Boxer, and Bloomberg appeared together to spuriously claim the day had come to end the right to private ownership of semi-automatic weapons by Americans - an Act of Treason.

The four ought to hang for that in and of itself, at a gang gallows at Ft. McNair, same as the crew of their papist partners who murdered President Lincoln.

Gaslighting the Goyim - and nothing but - their satanic cult psychosis taught them from birth are "sub-human animals," "Goyim," "a mindless herd of cattle" their duty is "to lie to, cheat, rob, enslave, and kill, with impunity" because they are "gods chosen by God to rule the world." See Judaism-usurping "Rabbinical Talmudism."

The Anti-Christ's pedo homo Fifth Column Beast of (((Gog))) and Babylon now upon us must be cast down as it won't be jumping into the Pit of its own accord.

God save and bless America! Please Lord.

archie bird's picture

Poor Megyn Kelly.  She's finding out that REAL journalism is hard from her snowflake/commenter gig at Fox. First her interview with Putin  tanked, and now her Sandy Hook interview doesn't get fact checked.  

Shes in the wrong business.  Hey Meg- try the Price is right, or wheel of fortune.  They maybe looking for an eye piece.

mary mary's picture

Doesn't matter.  She'll walk away with millions, and no jail time.  The joke's on "America".  As the Talmud says, "if they can't take a joke then fu*k 'em".

My crotch itches's picture

She should face repercussions, therefore, I volunteer to turn her over my knee and spank that little bottom repeatedly.

oldguyonBMXbike's picture

Adam Lanza's dad was connected to LIBOR.

If anything, I'm more inclined to believe this was Satanic ritual child murder by the elite 

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

FBI had to hide evidence much like flight 800..for the country's own good..

so truth becomes lies, and lies never just sit there, they expand and become

a mess of contradictions..just an observation.

Northern Flicker's picture

FBI also hid the evidence of 50+ cameras of what hit the Pentagon on 9-11.  It appears that it was a missile, not a plane.

gregga777's picture

It is impossible for a 757 to maneuver the way it supposedly did especially so close to the ground. Alos, it doesn't matter what the circumstances are surrounding an airplane crash, there are always the engine cores and the main landing gear beams and struts that survive. The engine cores are made of very high strength, high temperature alloys. The main landing gear beams and struts are made from very tough, special steel alloys. Yet none were recovered from the 757 that allegedly hit the Pentagon on 9/11.

Hammer of Light's picture

Old Navy will tell you flatly... there was NO 757 at Pentagon and CERTAINLY NO 767 PLANE in Shanskville. 2 planes that magically left debris field and went magically into and two perfect little holes!

Not a chance in hell did 24 tons of Rolls Royce engines simply vaporize into magical fart fairy dust. Let alone 4 black boxes that were NEVER recovered from those locations. Take is from a pilot and mechanical engineer that worked on jets at one point in his life... you CANNOT VAPORIZE TITANIUM! Let alone about 30,000 parts made out of it and not have a single piece recovered!

I know this is a Fart in CHURCH to all you never truthers out there, but that's simply the physics of it!

And this ought to shine a few on... 9/11 was a nuclear event... and it won't be the last on our soil. That's coming up next! Deep State, the same thing that hit 9/11 is about to really bring it down soon. Ain't that right there Larry "PULL IT" Silverstein? Building 7 much there Larry?

The UK - US - Israel and Saudi Arabia are the four horsemen and they're not done by a long shot.

ironmace's picture

I never thought of the 4 horsemen as being countries. Hmm.... not sure about the UK though.

Hammer of Light's picture

The UK is at the top of the Pyramid of deception. The UK - BOUGHT the state of Israel?

In 1895 Edmond James de Rothschild the youngest son of Jacob (James) Mayer Rothschild visits Palestine and subsequently supplies the funds to found the first Jewish colonies there, this is to further their long term objective of creating a Rothschild owned country.

This is not open for debate, this is how the State of Israel became Israel... nearly 60 years before they became Israel... the silent hand was at work here. This is the Silent Hand of humanity's most evil at work. The Black Nobility that is the top f the Pyramid of the UK and Central Bankers worldwide who control the entire Federal Reserve fraud mechanism of deception and are of whom who are the price discovery mechanism of mass misery.

The UK and Israel are the terrorist force inside of 'DEEP STATE", thus consequently who have sewn the wars in order to unite the UK with the US in fighting a common enemy in WW1 and WW2 and then began the silent infiltration over the course of decades into the long term apparatus of the US via stealth - I call it "deep creep".

Old Navy is telling you straight, the four horsemen are the US, UK , Israel and Saudi Arabia. 9/11 was a deep state op, period. There will never be any ability to convince me otherwise. I've seen too much raw data on this, this was Daddy Bush, Cheney, the UK - ISRAEL and the Saudi's no question.

Israel is NOT what people think it is. Israel is NOT of the ancient palio Hebrew Aramaic concept of Christ that they want you to believe they are. They are the single greatest masters of deception and this 1776 is STILL ON. WE are about to be hit AGAIN from inside terrorist forces of deep state and Israel who are the very same perp's that pulled off 9/11.

Connect the dots ~ This one is super easy to figure out. Israel is the UK and the UK is Israel. MI5 and Mi6 are involved at the deepest levels of the Mossad and are part of the 5 eyes. Dig deep, you'll find this is dead on target.

mary mary's picture

Because the UK ended up spreading the disease around the planet?  After the Vatican tried but couldn't hold on because it got "out-scienced" because it burned books and scientists?  After the Islamic "Golden Age" tried but failed because it got "out-scienced" because it burned books and scientists?

Ace Ventura's picture

Heck folks, a casual you-tube search reveals shit-tons of video evidence that sandy hook was a total 'made for TV scripted event'. One of my favorites is the aerial footage of the supposed 'families' cycling through a nearby emergency response building (fire-station or something) in a neat stream of movement. The goal being to promote the appearance of a flurry of response activity related to this 'massacre'. These actors were literally walking out one door of the building, weaving through other actors milling around, rounding to the front of the building and re-entering.....only to emerge again moments later and literally repeat the cycle. It's disgustingly obvious.

KenShabby's picture

Yep, my girlfriend thought I was nuts until I showed her that video. Even she was like what the fuck.
The tell is the guy in the neon yellow shirt. He stands out like a sore thumb as he walks around in circles like he's searching for a lost golf ball.

Organic Patriot's picture

The official Sandy Hook story, a fairy tale cooked up by BHO, Eric Holder and DHS.  Period.

Bombshelter's picture

As with 9/11.  Show us the birth certificates and the death certificates; Show us the social security records and personal bank and tax records for the 'deceased'.  show us the funeral records.  Show us the graves.  Sigh.  Or be like the coroner at the Shanksvile crash site - and metaphorically take off your overalls after 20 minutes on-site, as there are no bodies to be found.  Odd.

MrBoompi's picture

CT conveniently passed a law making it illegal to divulge any information about deaths of children, even though experts said there was no need for it and it would only prevent proper forensic or historical investigations surrounding such deaths.  This psyop was planned long in advance at the highest levels of the covert world.  

mstyle's picture

I was surprised to click on the link to the book from the University of Minnesota Professor and see it is an online PDF all ready to go!

Definitely worth a read. One really has to wonder how someone could compile that many discrepancies and weird coincidences about Sandy Hook without it 100% being a staged event. Pretty nuts...

el buitre's picture

Not half as nuts as our psychopathic deep state fürhers like Obomba, Holder, and Cheney.  According to the leading expert deconstructionist analyst, Ole Demmegard, most "terror events" in the USSA and Europe over the last five years are staged with crisis actors.  Every once and a while they hire Blackwater type killers and then pin it on some patsies like in San Bernandino.  A JFK style hit redux. Hidden professional killers - and real patsies who are killed before making it to trial. But hoaxes are cheaper and they don't have pissed off, real, grieving relatives wanting real facts and the truth like with 9/11.

The objective of these miscreants is not to kill people.  They get their fill of slaughtering people every day in Syria, Yemen, and Libya.  These are psy-ops to manipulate the public psyche in the USA or Europe.  It doesn't matter if it is real as long as the public thinks it's real and behaves accordingly.  PROBLEM>REACTION>SOLUTION.  Please, please protect us helpless assholes from these evil killers!!  OK, just give up your guns and your Constitutional rights.

Better than Bitcoin as a recent investment.

And let us not forget the blue screen Sandy Hoax role of CNN's, only the facts m'am, Anderson Vanderbelt Cooper, MK Ultra graduate and CIA intern (?).  The Truman Show presented as real life drama.

buyingsterling's picture

If you're a soulless pedophile like many in the NWO crowd, and you believe that one of the major impediments to total power (and unlimited access to children and other things you desire) is the armed America citizenry, what's 26 lives against your desire for power? It's a bump in the road.

BabaLooey's picture

100% CORRECT. 

Uncle Sammie murders thousands of clhildren globally ..........


cost of doin their bidness

Hammer of Light's picture

Kill one man you're a murderer... kill a million you're a conqueror?

shutterbug's picture

CNN and NBC change stories until it's according to their own world view and has nothing to do anymore with fact, reality or news.

Just stop watching everything from these channels and they will die a painful commercial death...

el buitre's picture

Nah.  The Fed will print up the necessary fiat to keep them going.

Occams_Razor_Trader's picture

An actor on Michael J. Fox's show Spin City was interviewed as a Father of the a child in the school- wearing a 'prop' NewTown hat and all, I call Bull Shit!