Obama Ordered Cyberweapons Implanted Into Russia's Infrastructure

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Authored by Jason Ditz via AntiWar.com,

A new report from the Washington Post today quoted a series of Obama Administration officials reiterating their official narrative on Russia’s accused hacking of the 2016 election. While most of the article is simply rehashes and calls for sanctions, they also revealed a secret order by President Obama in the course of “retaliation” for the alleged hacking.

This previously secret order involved having US intelligence design and implant a series of cyberweapons into Russia’s infrastructure systems, with officials saying they are meant to be activated remotely to hit the most important networks in Russia and are designed to “cause them pain and discomfort.”

The implants, developed by the NSA, are designed to hit Russian networks deemed “important to the adversary and that would cause them pain and discomfort if they were disrupted,” a former U.S. official told the Post.


They could be activated in the event that Russia attacked a U.S. power grid or interfered in a future U.S. presidential race.

The US has, of course, repeatedly threatened “retaliatory” cyberattacks against Russia, and promised to knock out broad parts of their economy in doing so. These appear to be the first specific plans to have actually infiltrate Russian networks and plant such weapons to do so.

Despite the long-standing nature of the threats, by the end of Obama’s last term in office this was all still in the “planning” phases. It’s not totally clear where this effort has gone from there, but officials say that the intelligence community, once given Obama’s permission, did not need further approval from Trump to continue on with it, and he’d have actually had to issue a countermanding order, something they say he hasn’t.

"U.S. intelligence agencies do not need further approval from (President) Trump, and officials said that he would have to issue a countermanding order to stop it," the Post reported.


"The officials said that they have seen no indication that Trump has done so."

The details are actually pretty scant on how far along the effort is, but the goal is said to be for the US to have the ability to retaliate at a moment’s notice the next time they have a cyberattack they intend to blame on Russia.

Unspoken in this lengthy report, which quotes unnamed former Obama Administration officials substantially, advocating the effort, is that in having reported that such a program exists, they’ve tipped off Russia about the threat.

This is, however, reflective of the priority of the former administration, which is to continuing hyping allegations that Russia got President Trump elected, a priority that’s high enough to sacrifice what was supposed to be a highly secretive cyberattack operation.

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Obama: "Hold my beer..."

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Putin: "You're screwed Hussain."

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Forget about the first chimp family.

We now have beautiful people living in the White House

Melania Trump Attends Mnuchin’s Wedding in Jaw-Dropping Gown

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good to see you did not bail
i applaud your effort

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I'll get kicked off for bashing Tyler eventually but I don't care.

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Damn Rooskies.

We never would have booby trapped any of their infrastructure if it wasn’t for their bad behavior.

The US is pure as the wind-driven snow.

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Another unauthorized war? Yawn. Obama's on vacation again. Ahhhh the life.

Don't think you will ever see a level of criminality like we have gone through for the past 20 or so years? 

(Laugh Track Deafening!!!!)

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O'bumbler is getting his reward for saving The Banks and the Deep State.  And sending the bill (public debt) to the small US taxpayer.


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Meanwhile, our $1Billion destroyer can't avoid a Japanese freighter.  Don't believe the hype.  USA can't get traffic lights to sync.

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Good thing our own infrastructure is immune to such attacks or they might retaliate...

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Yes and considering their coders still have a good reputation and haven't been diluted with the "best and brightest"...

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More like 'where the huskies go'!

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Why is it that democrats keep making asses of themselves?

Oh, never mind....I just saw their company logo...

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They're all the same to me...just playing games of 3D fraud a little differently.

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Yes, both parties work for the same people, but that was still a good one.

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I agree. Ben Franklin wanted a turkey as the national bird. Somehow I think he was right.

My brother raised turkeys and I once saw the tom, named Buckshot, put the fear of god in 2 rottweilers. Motherfucker would try to hump anything, even me when I was working under sis in laws car. I swatted him and he came back and put the wings to me....it hurt thus the name buckshot. I was gonna kill it...

A few days later, a lady friend dropped by with 2 rotties in her car. Dogs see buckshot and I see dogs fly out of car and figured ole buckshot was dinner.
The dogs stopped about 2 feet away when buckshot looked em square in the eye and then....gobbled. You'd a thought the dogs saw the devil himself.Then buckshot pecked them on the ass and put the wings to them. The dogs beelined yipping to her car of which the drivers door was opened and jumped inside with ole buckshot following. The dogs bailed for the back seat with buckshot right on their asses. They proceeded to bail up front and out the door with ole buckshot in pursuit. The dogs ran around the car several times before bailing back in and I closed the door before he got in. Guess I saved the dogs. Buckshot lived to see thankgiving.

True story.

Would an eagle do that?

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I'll tell you about Tippy the goat and Crown Royal sometime.

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LoL birds can be pretty fearless. My chickens run off 3 out of 4 of my dogs. They just bounce off my Australian who always holds her ground, She's my favorite ;-)

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Buckshot lived to see thankgiving.

But did he live to see the day after Thanksgiving :-)

Franklin may have been correct in his day, but I think if we were to rename the national bird today, it should be the common house fly. 

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No spam. Just a link to article about wedding.  

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Thanks, Alt-Right Girl, but we don't need any more of the alt-right psyop here -- we're all stocked up.

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She is holding one of those 'gun-dildos'... bad girls... watcha gonna do when they come for you...

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Is that a Brazilian that I see through her dress? 


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Obama's efforts to trigger WW 3 with Russia will be successful - beginning with war in Syria in July.  End game is a nuked Damascus, Russians capture Jerusalem, and then nuke and obliterate the US. 
Gold and silver manipulation pales in comparison to this conspiracy...

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I'm sure Russia has already returned the favor to the US infrastructure.

China too.

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My fiber-optic Christmas-tree came straight from China and it plugs into any USB port. I suspect it ought be examined. They sell them on Amazon.

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And in this opposite-world, does the Vatican finally capture China (without Mongolia of course)?

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Putin: "Pull my finger".

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the WORST PRESIDENT IN THE NATION'S HISTORY....just wait until all the rest of the lice eggs hatch and infect America with his love........

Later that day.....

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Negative Ghostrider...

"Worst President in History" is a title that should be reserved for Czar Lincoln the Terrible.

No other even comes close.

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"Worst President in History"

Please...  Woodrow Wilson.

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Windows and Apple stocks take a hit?

Russians can always install Qubes OS (it's what Snowden uses and is free) if they want to avoid being collateral damage.

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      read about Astra Linux

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Obama is the devil in disguise.

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Which parts are the disguise?

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No - the Devil is Obama in disguise.

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Isn't it great we're the only guys on the planet that can do this? Imagine what could happen if they could retaliate.

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Our moral superiority makes such concerns irrelevant.

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The story on the USS Fitzgerald does not add up.

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Well, the iceberg turned around to assist the titanic too.

The folks that built the Fitz should have broken a bottle of champaign on the hull before it was launched. They would have known then there was a problem.

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Probably shouldn't name boats Fitzgerald or Titanic anymore...

Just sayin'.

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I kinda hope the Fitzgerald was a taste of our own medicine, and I say that with my only son headed off for the coasties because he's always wanted to be an extreme rescue guy. He'd be excellent at that but he does know the score.

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Strongly doubt that USA operation was successful.

Russian software are almost all domestically built, and they are paranoid about spyware/spy-hardware, so just don't believe that nation with nuclear weapons would not have proper precautions in place...

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Being you can't find this on any other media I'd say it's bullshit to start with brought to you by ZH's russian friends.

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I can find this story in other media. The Russian conspiracy is apparently much bigger than you thought.


Report: Obama ordered cyber 'implants' for Russian network in ... USA TODAY-Jun 23, 2017 President Obama, angered by Russian hacking during the 2016 elections, authorized a covert cyber operation to deploy "implants" in Russian ... Obama reportedly ordered implants to be deployed in key Russian ...
Ars Technica-Jun 23, 2017 Obama Ordered 'Cyberbombs' in Response to Russian Hacking ...
Newsweek-Jun 23, 2017 The Post's new findings in Russia's bold campaign to influence the ...
In-Depth-Washington Post-Jun 23, 2017 Eye-Popping WaPo Report Explains Why Obama's Retaliation ...
Blog-Slate Magazine (blog)-Jun 23, 2017 Obama's secret struggle to punish Russia for Putin's election assault
In-Depth-Miami Herald-Jun 23, 2017
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The only way roadhazard's comment makes any sense is if he is referring to the prior one about Russkie software development and resiliency.

But trying to make sense of some people's comments can be a fool's errand.

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Smells like psyop, anyhow.