The Ultimate Regulatory Reform: Abolish Fractional Reserve Banking!

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Authored by Antonius Aquinas,

The Trump Administration has presented the first part of its plan to overhaul a number of Wall Street financial regulations, many of which were enacted in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.  The report is in response to Executive Order 13772 in which the US Treasury Department is to provide findings “examining the United States’ financial regulatory system and detailing executive actions and regulatory changes that can be immediately undertaken to provide much-needed relief.”

In release of the first phase of the report, Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin stated: “Properly structuring regulation of the U.S. financial system is critical to achieve the administration’s goal of sustained economic growth and to create opportunities for all Americans to benefit from a stronger economy.  We are focused on encouraging a market environment where consumers have more choices, access to capital and safe loan products – while ensuring taxpayer-funded bailouts are truly a thing of the past.”

Some of its highlights include:

  • Community financial institutions – banks and credit unions – are critically important to serve many Americans
  • Capital, liquidity and leverage rules can be simplified to increase the flow of credit
  • We must ensure our banks are globally competitive
  • Improving market liquidity is critical for the U.S. economy
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau must be reformed
  • Regulations need to be better tailored, more efficient and effective
  • Congress should review the organization and mandates of the independent banking regulators to improve accountability

Not surprisingly, most of the banking industry expressed support for the report, critics (mostly Democrats) pointed out that it would lead to the type of practices that produced the 2008 panic in the first place.  Both opponents and those in favor as well as the clueless financial press fail to grasp the underlying cause of not only the recent crisis, but the majority of those which have occurred for the past century.

Quite simply: the fundamental cause of the 2008 financial crisis was fractional-reserve banking (FRB).  FRB is the practice whereby banks keep a “fraction” of the funds deposited by customers in their vaults lending out the rest at interest and “profit.”  Banks are thus inherently unstable since if all depositors came at once and demanded their money (a “bank run”), banks could not be able to redeem their deposits.  Moreover, FRB encourages banks to engage in exceedingly speculative and risky behavior which creates unsustainable bubbles throughout the economy.

The nation’s central bank, the Federal Reserve, was created by the banksters and politicos to enshrine this immoral and economically ruinous practice into the heart of the American financial landscape.  Any “reform” of Wall Street’s financial practices that does not address FRB by doing away with it and the institution (the Fed) which enables it to exist, is doomed.

The banks, in collusion with the Fed, are able to expand the money supply through this process while enriching the banksters’ balance sheet.  On the macro level, the creation of money through FRB is the genesis of the destructive boom-bust cycle.

This is why banks and the entire financial system are so prone to reoccurring crisis and no regulation, reform, or Treasury Department “findings,” can make such a system “stable.”  The only true reform is to abolish FRB and establish a monetary order that requires all financial institutions to keep 100% reserves of depositors’ assets.

The Treasury Department’s recommendations are mere window dressing by the very banksters whose opulent livelihoods are predicated on FRB.

The elimination of FRB would go beyond a beneficial financial revolution, but would affect the foreign policy of the USSA.  Without the ability to create money via FRB, the murderous American Empire could simply not exist, nor would the nation’s draconian domestic security state.

With his selection of crony capitalists and members of Goldman Sachs to his economic team, it is apparent that President Trump does not understand the true nature of the nation’s financial woes or what precipitated the last financial crisis and what will assuredly lead to a far bigger mess down the road.  If he did, his next Executive Order would be to implement steps and procedures to eliminate the scourge of fractional reserve banking forever.

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I completely agree.  Therefore - it WILL NEVER HAPPEN!


The End

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Fractional Reserve Banking = Legalized Theft.

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This video series is the best explanation of our monetary history and the mess we're in I've seen. Slow at first but worth the watch.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Thanks for pointing out that link, bwh1214.

After watching, I may decide to add it to

Excellent Videos on Money Systems


The article above correctly pointed out:

"Without the ability to create money via FRB, the murderous American Empire could simply not exist, nor would the nation’s draconian domestic security state."

Then the first comment under this article correctly concluded that is why it will NOT happen ...


People who recommend various impossible ideals regarding "what money should be"  tend to indulge in wishing for political miracles, while they deliberately ignore what money IS!  The vicious spirals of the funding of the political processes have automatically been getting worse, faster, for a long time ... While it is easy to come up with some lists of impossible ideals regarding "what money should be,"  those almost always utterly disregard how and why what money IS.

Indeed, quite ironically, mainstream economists tend to deliberately ignore what money IS as much as possible, while they advance the ideals of "what money should be."  Meanwhile, also quite ironically, the publicly significant "alternative" schools of economics tend to similarly recommend their preferred favourite sets of impossible ideals, as a range of various bogus "solutions," which are still based on their regarding "what money should be"  in ways which side-step what money IS, and how and why what money IS actually IS that. 

"The murderous American Empire ... EXISTS"  because governments are the biggest forms of organized crime, which are dominated by the best organized gangsters, who are currently the banksters. It is NOT possible to actually have any better money system without a better murder system to back that up. Similarly, one can rightly assert that any "sound money" would require "sound murder," or that any "honest money" would require "honest murder." The inherent difficulties with respect to having sounder and more honest murder systems to back up sounder and more honest murder systems are how and why actually doing so is practically impossible.

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Fractional reserve banking as it is practiced today should be illegal, as it entails the creation of new money IE counterfeiting.

However, fractional reserve banking, as it was practiced in the free banking era, should be allowed. IE a bank could lend gold that had been deposited while still keeping the depositor's credit on the books available for withdrawal at any time. The Scotts came up with a system whereby bank runs were stopped by having depositors agree in writing to the scheme and acknowledging that at any time the bank could issue them IOUs rather than gold (at interest) for a year--enough time for the bank to collect on its loans. In practice, other banks would buy up those IOUs, usually at a discount, sometimes at face value, allowing the people to get their money if they really needed it. Bank runs stopped and the system became very stable.

If you want to blame a system for the 2008 crisis, blame the Federal Reserve System and their perverse loan issuance methodology.

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Agreed. Fractional reserve banking would just be a risky investment at most without a central bank. Everyone wants to legislate the symptoms rather than the sources of the symptoms. Common theme in the US.

VWAndy's picture

 What was the penalty for not making good by the date in the terms?

Sam.Spade's picture

Give me a break!  Is the author paid to be a shill for the banksters or is he just a fool?

Hasn't he heard of regulatory capture?  Allow the government to create debt money and all that will happen is that the uber-wealthy in this country will buy control of the treasury and use the money for their own ends.

Or has he been missing what has been going on in our Federal government?  Hasn't he noticed that every government from the military to the FDA is now controlled by the industries they are supposed to 'regulate'?  Why in the world would any thinking person look at the creation of money is any different?

No, there is only one solution to the problems that are tearing up our society:  NO MORE DEBT MONEY.

Use money that is created by work in the past such as gold, silver, titles to the same, or Bitcoin.

Anything else is just preparing a fall-back position for the banksters to use when the Fed is finally abolished.

Radical Marijuana's picture

The True Monetary and Banking History

(Part 1: Monetary Origins)

Of course, that presentation does not want to understand
how "precious" metals became "money" in the first place,
and so, does NOT understand the deeper issues about
energy and environment, regarding the "economy!"


About the 16:16 mark of that video, the producer says

"I have left the origins abstract." And indeed, he did so!


Sam.Spade wrote:

"Use money that is created by work in the past

such as gold, silver, titles to the same, or Bitcoin."

The "work in the past" was previous organized robberies.


Look at Graeber's views regarding the anthropological interpretation of the history of "money."

David Graeber, DEBT: The First 5,000 Years

Jimmy Jimmereeno's picture

Any reasonably economically informed person knows that fractional-reserve banking is not "legalized theft" and that it is not the boogeyman of our economic system.  Furthermore, the statements that FRB causes the condition that, "...Banks are thus inherently unstable..."  and, "encourages banks to engage in exceedingly speculative and risky behavior..."is a falsehood.

What the author in his ignorance does not address is a) legal tender laws and b) the absence of but also the necessity of a gold-coin standard whereby citizens are able to freely convert their specie holdings to gold bullion coins or vice versa.

If a gold-coin standard is instituted and legal tender laws are abolished, then the issues dealt with in the above essay are eliminated.  Then, also, the economy begins to function in a fully rational-and-economic way:  Capital is saved and invested as its owners deem proper and the whole system functions efficaciously.

Mr. Universe's picture

Ding Ding Ding! Winner winner Chicken Dinner!

Any reasonably economically informed person knows that fractional-reserve banking is not "legalized theft" and that it is not the boogeyman of our economic system. 

Winner of the most ill informed post on ZH for today.


DieselChadron's picture

Funny.  I do not agree at all.  The article totally botched their description of fractional reserve banking.  Fuckin read basel 3.  Banks do not loan out customer deposits.  Banks actually create brand new federal reserve notes every single time they make a loan.  Currently, banks are allowed to make roughly 9.5 times the capital base (all proceeds from common stock sales + retained earnings) in loans funded by brand new federal reserve bank notes.  That's how they make so damn much money.  They create dollars from thin air and rent them to the people.  

The old Tyler would never have published this bullshit.  ZH has been compromised.

el buitre's picture

Munchkin is Yale satanic Skull and Bones.  Probably sacrifices children and drinks their blood.

Teletubby's picture

ZH started with good intentions, and once was a fantastic forum for insight on investing. Sad that it seems to have evolved into infowars light. Still some good reads, but nearly zero insight any longer on investing. Seeking Alpha for that I suppose, and ZH for yuks..

Zorba's idea's picture

Thanks Diesel for nailing the naked truth about our stinking fiat and the "players". We the people...are the played. Damn it all to hell.

Sam.Spade's picture

Right church, but you're still standing in the back. 

The problem is not just the FED.  And it's not just fractional reserve banking, either.

It's debt money (meaning any money made from future promises rather than past work). 

If we allow ANY institution (including the government) to create debt money then we allow them to buy our world out from under us.

Please consider this:

"In 2008, the FED increased spendable money (cash and checking account deposits) by $225 billion. Someone spent that money when it was first created. When they did, they could have paid the operating budget for every U.S. intelligence organization (including the CIA, NSA, and NRA), the U. S. Army, Department Of Homeland Security, and the Department Of Justice, with money left over to buy half of all U. S. TV advertising and pay every political contribution made to or in the name of every Federal candidate in that year."

                                                                  From Thieves Emporium

Why have we developed such a wealth gap in this country?  Because the super-rich have free access to unlimited debt money.  They can get loans at zero percent and use those funds to buy up all the real assets:  Land, factories, government officials, media companies, police forces. 

Even the mortage on your house. 

All of it.  Everything. 

They will soon own it all, bought with debt money.

Can you do that?  No?  Of course not. 

Only the uber-rich can.

And you wonder why we are stumbling down the road to fascism?

Money creation is not a simple subject, but, if you don't learn how they do it, your children will end their lives as debt serfs in the most totaliarian tyranny the world has ever know.

Where to start?  Get your hands on a copy of The Creature From Jekyll Island by Griffin and read it cover to cover.  Or, if it's too much to start with, read Thieves Emporium instead.  Touching on all the basics, it uses fast-paced fiction to keep you interested until the very end.

You can even read it free for because The Daily Bell liked it so much they serialized it.

But, whatever you do, start reading NOW.  Because otherwise, when the crisis hits, the banksters will get away with selling us another form of snake oil and then the coming struggle will be for nothing.

Rated 4.8 in 1454 reviews:

Rated 4.6 in 122 reviews:

Or read it for free starting at

hedgeless_horseman's picture


The reserve ratio for ECB banks is...wait for it...1%.

I just hope I live to see the bank runs, and the resultant lamp post decor, but Mr Yellen says not in our lifetime.  

Tejano's picture

It's not really lying if it's directed at the goyim.

logicalman's picture

The reserve ratio for TBTF banks is 'whatever it takes'

Would be nice to be able to make up your bank balance as the day required, don't you think?

How come it's illegal if I try to do it?

any_mouse's picture

If their required reserves are not sufficient they borrow overnight from another fractional reserve bank with an excess dollar balance.

Who sets and watches that required reserve amount? The FED.

The big fox supervises the little foxes while they raid the nest eggs.

It is all just a con man's trick of distraction.

Mr. Universe's picture

Until the music stops and you notice that they didn't leave a chair for you, Jimmy Cayne.

We Are The Priests's picture

And the BIS is completely immune from prosecution for any/all criminal activities they engage in.  And let me tell you, they be some serious criminals.

peopledontwanttruth's picture

Yeah in every country they have no supervision

any_mouse's picture

The BIS is the first group in after a nation falls into chaos.

We're here to help you with loans (that will make you debt slaves forever) to rebuild.

What's the difference between a Negro slave and a Debt slave?

Negro slaves were emancipated. [When it was convenient to do so.]

SeuMadruga's picture

And at least negroes knew they were slaves...

Nobodys Home's picture

I have mandatory direct deposit. I run to the bank every two weeks. I take out everything but my check paid bills, my addiction to JMbullion and a few extra bucks for emergencies that I understand not many people can deal with.

any_mouse's picture

You have a clearing account. Good. Deny them your excess dollars.

My "clearing" bank wants to hold my money so bad.


Nobodys Home's picture

Yep. I also try to change my tax deductions throughout the year so I'm not loaning my fiat back to the dickwads that create it.

el buitre's picture

From the looks of her, I give her about three months off life support.  Our life time.  WTF?

Alananda's picture

HH, will the Texas meeting you put on and its produce come available in some form, at some reasonable cost, to those of us who could not travel to the gathering of "our" tribe?

SeuMadruga's picture

He meant the coming disaster'll be so swift that we won't even notice what killed us all...   :-(

VWAndy's picture

 Without the fiat nobody in this government gets paid this well. Sorry kids they are not ging to fix it. Not if it means massive layoffs and paycuts for everyone left in government.

peopledontwanttruth's picture

There's no fixing this mess. Where would a person reasonably start. It's so convoluted at this point.

It's easier to give birth than resurrect the dead.

VWAndy's picture

 Its truely a mans world. It comes down to force in the end. Sorry to have to give ya the bad news. That said. Force can take many a form? What form of force would it take to move the object in question? We are not talking about pushing a car. What are we actually trying to move?

SeuMadruga's picture

Not a car. A Fiat !  ;-)

Radical Marijuana's picture

The established monetary system has become like a metastasized cancer, or a parasite thoroughly intertwined with its host. Any treatments which could kill the cancer or the parasite would simultaneously kill the host. Meanwhile, the ways that public governments enforce frauds by private banks are actually becoming exponentially more fraudulent.

As far as I can tell, I can only wait and watch as Globalized Neolithic Civilization automatically becomes increasingly psychotic. Almost everything is operating through fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting systems, which are obviously becoming more fraudulent at about an exponential rate, as numerous charts republished on Zero Hedge frequently show. ... Although the laws of nature are not going to stop working, natural selection pressures have driven the development of artificial selection systems to become as dishonest as humanly possible, while those are endeavouring to continue to become exponentially more dishonest. The fraudulence embodied in Fractional Reserve Banking has been amplified to astronomical sizes, such that attempting to correct that is like attempting to stop an already totally metastasized cancer, or already totally intertwined parasite. The tragic trajectory is for that to kill itself, along with almost everyone else ...


There's no fixing this mess.


Where would a person reasonably start. It's so convoluted at this point.


It's easier to give birth than resurrect the dead.

The established debt slavery systems are based upon being able to back up the debt controls with the death controls, i.e., money is measurement backed by murder. The MAD Money As Debt systems' major component is Fractional Reserve Banking, which amounts to legalized counterfeiting, due to those frauds by private banks being enforced by the powers of public governments. Those debt slavery systems have already generated numbers which are debt insanities. The most reasonable expectations are those are going to provoke death insanities, which will eventually manifest on many orders of magnitude greater than ever before in human history, because the existing systems have become globalized electronic monkey money, backed by the threat of force from apes with atomic weapons, which have become runaway MADNESS!

It may be theoretically possible for something relatively "new" to be reborn after the death of the old. Indeed, the main ways that may happen are that the runaway debt insanities will provoke runaway death insanities, as the conditions which may make it possible for some "new" systems to emerge ??? However, since the only things which exist are the dynamic equilibria between different systems of more or less organized lies operating robberies, and since only that which actually exists can actually evolve, any relatively "new" systems shall necessarily still be enforced frauds, or relatively "new" ways that money manifests as measurements backed by murders.

Although the laws of nature are not going to stop working, the excessive successfulness of controlling Civilization through applications of the methods of organized crime have resulted in Civilization manifesting runaway criminal insanities. That is especially the case because systems based on enforcing frauds for generation after generation end up being dominated by the best available professional hypocrites, and that includes the ways that there are no publicly significant opposition groups which are not similarly controlled by being dominated by their own varieties of professional hypocrites.

Pretty well everything regarding public discourses about "economics" is drowning in its own bullshit, because its successfulness as forms of organized crime have corollaries that those who are most socially successful through doing so are simultaneously selected to become the best available professional hypocrites, who love to propose and promote their favourite versions of the impossible ideals regarding "what money should be," which tend to deliberately ignore the rational evidence and logical arguments regarding how and why money actually IS what it IS.

When someone dies of cancer, or dies due to parasite, the laws of nature do not stop working. Similarly, Globalized Neolithic Civilization is manifesting runaway criminal insanities that are headed toward series of psychotic breakdowns, due to endless exponentially increasing enforcement of financial frauds being absolutely impossible. Those psychotic breakdowns of Civilization shall be the results of the laws of nature working throughout ... However, at the present time, it appears to be politically impossible for enough people to better understand that. Rather, Fractional Reserve Banking, by making "money" out of nothing as debts, demands that those who benefit from those enforced frauds working as symbolic robberies do NOT publicly admit and address what they are really doing. Indeed, the collective MADNESS of the Money As Debt systems requires that the vast majority of people do not understand THAT, as well as have been conditioned to feel like they do not want to understand THAT.

Fractional Reserve Banking creates negative capital, which annihilates free market capitalism. That is already about 99% a fait accompli. Making money out of nothing actually works as frauds which are enforced. When one considers the overall ways that those operate as enforced frauds, then those are NOT violating the laws of nature. However, those systems are publicly presented in ways which deliberately ignore the conservation of energy and misunderstand the concept of entropy in the most absurdly backward ways possible. Money is a matter of law, but the ONLY connections between the laws of men and the laws of nature are the abilities to back up lies with violence.

Fractional Reserve Banking operates as integrated and sophisticated systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence. However, those who made and maintained those systems of symbolic robberies thereby benefited more and more from doing so, to the degree to which fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting systems dominate almost everything that Civilization does. Not only does Civilization NECESSARILY operate according to the principles and methods of organized crime, but it also therefore manifests the corollaries that the biggest and best organized gangsters dominate society with their bullshit stories, which allow them to publicly present themselves as not being criminals due to the overwhelming degree to which they have successfully enforced their frauds. AGAIN & AGAIN, not only does Fractional Reserve Banking operate as manifestations of the ways that governments are the biggest forms of organized crime, dominated by the best organized gangsters, but also, those entrenched systems have surrounded themselves with layers of controlled "opposition" groups, that tend to stay within the same frame of reference of bogus "solutions" based on various impossible ideals regarding "what money should be."

The first level of deeper analysis is to recognize that banker dominated governments are expressions of triumphant organized crime. The next level of deeper analysis is to recognize how and why that necessarily happened. What follows from those insights are that any genuine solutions to those real problems would require better organized crime, because the only way to have any better money systems would be to have better murder systems to back those up ... Unfortunately, doing so continues to be politically impossible when the only things which exist that are publicly significant are the central core of triumphant organized crimes, surrounded by layers of controlled "opposition" groups, all of which are being operated by the best available professional hypocrites.

Fractional Reserve Banking depends upon people continuing to think and communicate in ways which take for granted the DUALITIES, false fundamental dichotomies, and related impossible ideals, which have been built into the dominate natural languages and philosophy of science. In order to better understand the issues underlying Fractional Reserve Banking theoretically demands starting to use more UNITARY MECHANISMS, which better understand human beings and Civilization as manifestations of general energy systems. While that is theoretically possible, it continues to be politically impossible for the foreseeable finite future of Globalized Neolithic Civilization, which is currently the result of thousands of years of being able to enforce frauds, while about exponentially advancing physical science and technology have enabled about exponentially increasing fraudulence.

Globalized electronic frauds, backed by atomic weapons, are PROBLEMS which are way worse than any particular manifestation, such as the debt slavery systems inherent in the structure of Fractional Reserve Banking. At the present time, I am not aware of any publicly significant genuine SOLUTIONS, but only various bogus "solutions" which continue to be based on taking for granted impossible ideals. The principle of the conservation of energy does not stop working, despite enforcing frauds demanding that people deliberately ignore and misunderstand that principle as much as possible, in order that they may relatively benefit from the resulting symbolic robberies, in ways which can be buried under bullshit that those are somehow not robberies, because of the ways that the biggest and best organized gangs of criminals were able to legalize their own crimes.

It is theoretically necessary to cope with Civilization based on prodigious progress in physical science to similarly achieve progress in political science, through series of intellectual scientific revolutions and profound paradigm shifts, such as expressed by recognizing how and why governments are NECESSARILY the biggest forms of organized crime, dominated by the best organized gangsters, the banksters. Thinking like that demands making more use of UNITARY MECHANISMS, instead of continuing to think using DUALITIES. However, anything like that certainly looks like it will continue to be politically impossible, since the most socially successful people are now those who are the best available professional hypocrites.

IRONICALLY, warfare was the oldest and best developed forms of social science and engineering, whose social successfulness became based upon the maximum maliciousness, in the forms of the maximum possible deceits and treacheries. That kind of successful warfare then became the basis for successful finance based on enforcing frauds, such as how Fractional Reserve Banking actually works.

IRONICALLY, politics both is, as well as should be, applied human ecology. However, that meant the most extreme forms of the death control systems were the murder systems, which backed up the money systems. Political economy is INSIDE human ecology. However, Globalized Neolithic Civilization expresses THAT by having the most fraudulent money systems being backed by the most deceitful murder systems. Moreover, Globalized Neolithic Civilization also expresses THAT by being operated by the best available professional hypocrites, promoting impossible ideals, not only by those closer to the core of central banks, etc., but also in the surrounding layers of the publicly significant controlled "opposition" groups.

In THAT context, the article above was yet another superficially correct analysis, which grossly understates the seriousness of the situation, whose most extreme issue are HOW TO OPERATE THE HUMAN MURDER SYSTEMS AFTER THE DEVELOPMENT OF WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, IN ORDER TO CONTINUE TO EFFECTIVELY BACK UP THE MONEY SYSTEMS, WHICH HAVE BECOME AUTOMATED ELECTRONIC FRAUDS ???

While there is no reasonable doubt that Fractional Reserve Banking systems are ENFORCED FRAUDS, and those have structures which demand exponentially increasing fraudulence, to continue to double down on making more and more "money" out of nothing debts, or for debt slavery to generate greater and greater overall debt insanities, there are no reasonable grounds to expect that anything else could plausibly happen in the foreseeable future other for THAT to continue to get worse, faster ... until that provokes death insanities, out of which conditions there might be able to emerge some "new" systems ???

"There's no fixing this mess. It's easier to give birth than resurrect the dead."

ebworthen's picture

U.S. Mint stopped putting Silver into Quarter Dollars in 1964, one year after J.F.K. was assassinated.

Nixon unhinged from the Gold standard 1972.

FED founded one year before WWI.

End the Central Banking cabal!

Hang the money-changers!

logicalman's picture

The Creature from Jekyll Island should be required reading in high school.


Nobodys Home's picture

It should be. But seeing it never has been, it never will be at this point of indoctrination.

hoist the bs flag's picture

that... and Fire in the Minds of Men ( James Billington) and Tragedy and Hope (Carroll Quigley)

Nobodys Home's picture

Not quite true. Mint still does special sets with silver. just not for circulation. But I agree: Hang the dead assholes that sold us out to the fed in the first place and the pricks that continue to do so!!

el buitre's picture

The Fed is just a frontman for the Exchange Stabilization Fund and the BIS.

joego1's picture

The Donald is the King of Debt by his own admission. I doubt he see's the the light.

Cabreado's picture

Ah, leaving it up to the Dear Leader to fix it, eh?

Cabreado's picture

"abolish FRB"

Won't happen... the prescribed (and simple) course is via (now thoroughly corrupt and Defunct) Congress, and nobody even knows/cares what Congress is anymore.


The People failed.

Nobodys Home's picture

We doan need no steenking FRB!!!

tion's picture

I need someone to teach me how to attach a claim to a bond on a civil suit, along with a few other things. I think my flavour of remedy may only be available to one of the People. For how long will the People stand by, failing to excercise remedy, growing grey with their grumpy grumbling?